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Here You Will Find

A range of personal distance healing and wellbeing services

Plus online workshops that will skill you up to embody the best ‘you’ possible

This is where you can reconnect with the peace you deserve, the love you are, the truth of your being, the healing that is yours to claim and the hope you are searching for

This is where your journey takes a fork in the path and heads towards your own personal rainbow

“I was blown away by the healing I received and all that Ananda has done for me.  I could feel a sense of lightness returning to my being.  I feel very honoured and emotional.  The shamanic healing and all the information has given me so much.” E.B. Isle of Wight, UK

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Is Here For You

Shamanic & Energy Healing

You are in the right place if you are looking to support your health or if you are struggling on your path

You are in the right place if you’re stuck with emotional, mental or physical difficulties that are not resolving

You are in the right place if you are feeling out of balance, off centre or unstable

You will find out more about Ananda’s shamanic healing offerings here and if you’re not sure, please don’t hesitate to talk with Ananda here because she is waiting for you, you are here for a reason

“Whilst working with Ananda I was able to connect with my healing in real time as Ananda did distantly, we were synchronising beautifully.
That day, I woke with a feeling of innocence and joy, parts of me that felt missing since experiencing a deep trauma, which felt very healing for my soul.
All of my pains have vanished, even all the burning and throbbing in my legs, so much that I had to think about what was bothering me before. I have found breathing space, clarity and peace.”
R.L. Cardigan, UK

Online Workshops & Courses

You are in the right place if you are looking for skills, courses and workshops that will support your personal growth and the expansion of your soul journey, no matter whether your spiritual adventure is newly discovered or long trodden

You will find a range of online workshops that combine powerful and enlightening channelled content with energy work, through meditative activations

Your experience will be transformative and cathartic, unfolding for you weeks, months, even years after the workshop has ended

Soul Mastery online workshops are designed to go deep and change your life as you integrate with your soul and embrace a range of healing and fulfilling energy skills and tools such as grounding, protection, manifestation and self-healing. All is geared towards your empowerment and supreme liberation

“The Soul Integration course was illuminating.  I feel that I was given tools which will enrich me and that the course is a catalyst, like ripples in a pond when a stone is dropped into it.  Ananda’s voice is so soothing and calming and quickly puts one into a meditative state.” F.H. UK 

Psychopomp Services

We all struggle at times of loss, especially when facing the loss of a loved one, whether a friend or family member, whether human or your animal companion. It can be such a struggle and that’s where Ananda offers support

You may wish to offer support for your loved one’s soul as they cross that threshold we call death. Ananda will journey from a distance to work with the soul of your departing loved one, as well as family or friends who are struggling with the loss

And if you are experiencing the presence of spirits in your home, call Ananda in and she will, at a distance, find out why they are there and support them in moving peacefully into the light if they are ready to go

“Ananda was the shining light that helped my aunt’s soul finally be released. The night after Ananda did the journeying work my aunt was finally free and at peace. I was having strong confirmations from family members of their own healing. I felt so confident in her incredible gifted abilities and comforted by the transformations she facilitated for my dear family members. What a gift you are Ananda, thank you so much.” H.H. Pembs. UK 


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