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Together with her spiritual support team, Amenet Drago holds the energy of transformation for souls who are crossing over into the light, so that their journey through the veil may be as beautiful and effortless as possible.  Visit HERE for more details 

A range of personal shamanic and energy healing services are available HERE including soul retrieval and shamanic extraction

“I was blown away by the healing I received and all that Amenet has done for me.  I could feel a sense of lightness returning to my being.  I feel very honoured and emotional.  The shamanic healing and all the information has given me so much.” E.B. Isle of Wight, UK

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soul guide, end of life practitioner, Amenet Drago

Soul Guide: End of Life

  • at-a-distance spiritual support for souls who are entering the sacred process of transition, as they cross into the realms of spirit

  • shamanic guidance for the dying soul and their loved ones throughout the process of passing over. Whether they are preparing to depart, during or after the transition, Amenet Drago will support the soul journey

Find out more about Amenet Drago Soul Guide services HERE
Start a conversation with Amenet about your needs HERE

“Amenet is the shining light that helped my aunt’s soul finally be released. The night after Amenet did the journeying work my aunt was finally free and at peace. I was receiving strong confirmations from family members of their own healing. I felt so confident in Amenet’s incredible gifted abilities and comforted by the transformations she facilitated for my dear family members. What a gift you are, Amenet, thank you so much.”H.H. Pembrokeshire, UK

shamanic healer, shamanic practitioner, soul guide, end of life practitioner, Amenet Drago

Shamanic Healing

  • a range of highly skilled and powerful shamanic services, including shamanic journeys for guidance and healing, shamanic extraction and soul retrieval, as well as clearing and banishment of dark energies

  • all shamanic offerings are performed at a distance and to suit your personal requirements

  • suitable for emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs, whether you are looking for direction or stability and balance in your life

Find out about Amenet Drago Shamanic Healing services HERE
Start a conversation with Amenet about your needs HERE

“Whilst working with Amenet, I was able to connect with my healing in real time as Amenet did distantly, we were synchronising beautifully. That day, I woke with feelings of innocence and joy, parts of me that felt missing for years, ever since I experienced a deep trauma, which felt very healing for my soul.
All of my pains have vanished, even all of the burning and throbbing in my legs, so much that I had to think about what was bothering me before. I have found breathing space, clarity and peace.”
R.L. Cardigan, UK

“The Soul Integration course was illuminating.  I feel that I was given tools which will enrich me and that the course is a catalyst, like ripples in a pond when a stone is dropped into it.  Amenet’s voice is so soothing and calming and quickly puts one into a meditative state.”F.H. UK



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