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It’s Finally HERE!

So excited! Finally got the dates for my new
SOUL INTEGRATION six-week online workshop.
Book your place and read all about it.
I cannot wait to meet you there to support this invaluable energy download, bringing to you the entire spectrum of your soul with four and a half hours of deeply experienced activations, because it’s something that literally changed my life.
I am now honoured to facilitate the same profound and empowering experience for YOU.

The SOUL INTEGRATION workshop will be followed by a workshop on activating and accessing your TWIN FLAME
The TWIN FLAME workshop is only available to those who attended SOUL INTEGRATION because the soul initiation awakens and ignites your twin flame.

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SHAMANIC NATURE offers a five-day shamanic trance intensive retreat. This event involves vision quest, ceremony, sweat lodge and opening up to the elemental kingdom to listen and co-create together. There are three days of full-on trance intensives followed by two days of working with the elemental kingdom.

SOUL MASTERY specialises in online workshops to support understanding and accessing the truth of your being. Currently taking bookings for the six-week SOUL INTEGRATION workshop which includes receiving your sacred soul initiation. For full information go here.

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I welcome you with love and blessings, Ananda-Amenet

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Shamanic & Energy Healing

Shamanic healing has been my practice for many years.  As an intuitive healer, I embody a heart-centred intention to heal, responding to what is needed by feeling the energy.  The energy flows through me and I allow my light body to be a conduit as my soul and spirit guides oversee the process.  I respond to healing needs at a distance for the most part, because I find it’s the most powerful method for me.
I am a psychopomp, which means I support the souls of those who are dying to cross over with beauty and love and help lost souls find the light.  This applies to humans and animals. 
I am a Daughter of Hathor which entails utilising the Goddess consciousness, supporting reconnection with our divine truth, integrating divine feminine and divine masculine energies and embracing ourselves as a soul.
Through personal experience, I am passionate about supporting the integration of our soul into our entire being, through sacred soul initiation, enabling access to the skills, wisdom and tools from all our soul’s expressions and embodying our soul’s purpose upon the Earth.             

Healing Our Bond With Nature

I work with the Elemental Kingdom who teach me how to become an ambassador, a bridge, between their kingdom and humanity. Humanity is in need of understanding and support to find new ways to live without consuming Mother Earth.
We deplete, devour and exhaust nature and the earth without realising the consequences. We chop down trees, divert waterways, dig up land without understanding the energetic impact of our actions. It doesn’t have to be like this but nobody seems to have the solution.
Thousands of years ago, we walked side by side with elemental beings but they slipped back into the etheric world and we lost contact. Nowadays, there are many people who have received an invitation to reconnect with the Elemental Kingdom. We are creating a new world where everyone can sense elemental beings and choose to act with their guidance and co-operation. The time has come to walk side by side again. They are here to help humanity live on Earth without consuming beyond endurance.
My Shamanic Trance Intensive five day retreats are designed to realign people with their natural connection to the Elemental Kingdom, to live in co-creation with the consciousness in Nature.


Everyone can channel, it’s a part of our human condition. We are light beings who contain the pure, loving energy of the divine source so we are capable of communicating directly with all that is. Beyond our earthly perspective is a reality we call the inner planes, the spirit world or heaven. This reality contains many dimensions and is inhabited by many energetic beings.
To channel, we open our energy to access the consciousness, love and energy of the divine source, allowing it to pour through our being. The energy flows effortlessly and we often call this inspiration, intuition or gut instinct.
I was guided to advance my channel so that beings from the inner planes can communicate through me. I maintain a calm and peaceful state of mind and step out of the way. To channel requires faith and trust in one’s connection with the divine. I receive messages from a variety of inner planes beings which I often publish here on my Blog page.

Psychic Art

I’ve been an artist ever since I was a child, art was a subject I could identify with at school.  So, it’s no surprise that I went on to art school.  From there, I completed a degree in Graphic Design and became a Secondary school art teacher where I imparted my passion to as many young people as possible and later, to their art teachers, en masse, when I became a public figure advocating for art education.
In later years, painting became mine to own for myself, a place to find stillness, peace and calm.  I found myself being approached and inspired to make art by loved ones in spirit, the dearly departed of some who approached me for healing. Paintings were made to aid their healing journey.  Over the years, I have painted images from my meditations, dreams and expressions of the divine feminine.
Nowadays, I’m painting an oracle deck and my ‘clients’ are channelled energies who inspire the subject and the painting process.  You can find a gallery of some of my paintings on the side bar (PC) or below (mobile).   

Posts and Channelled Messages

Living Our Truth

Here’s a difficult question today, and it’s not even ‘transformational question Friday’ (for those that don’t know, we have a little Friday theme going on). This question is challenging us to a new kind of self-truth. “In what ways are you living a lie?” Ouch, did that hurt? Maybe your answer is, “Not at all!” […]

Being Our Truth

There is nothing more fundamentally important, when it comes to being your truth, being your authentic self, being you, than embracing your soul within the totality of your being and receiving your soul’s wisdom, skills, talents, abilities and gifts. Be yourself. Your truth. Your power. Your wisdom. Your expression of divinity on the Earth. Learn […]


If I had to describe my life at the moment I would say it’s patchy. I go through patches of super-consciousness and patches where the flow is gloopy. And yet, even in the mire of gloopiness I can receive the most illuminating insights that contribute to change for the better and my awareness of the […]

About Ananda Amenet Reid

Ananda Amenet’s working background encompasses education, mental health and psychological therapy.
She first worked as a secondary school teacher and advocate for art education.
Occupational Therapy later became her vocation, initially at a mental health hospital supporting people in crisis. Soon after, she joined an NHS community team providing in-depth skills to people with psychosis.
After 13 years in mental health, Ananda went back to University and became a psychological practitioner in a national mental health service, offering psychological therapy to people experiencing depression and anxiety disorders, then working as clinical manager until she retired.
Over the years, she has trained in Art Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Mindfulness, Counselling, Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Psycho-Social Interventions, amongst other modalities.

Spiritual practice has long been a part of Ananda’s adult life and much of her childhood enabled the foundations for a spiritual approach, by means of her unusual personal experiences and natural aptitudes.
Initially trained in crystal therapy and healing, Ananda started shamanic practice when she was 33 years and is now in her 60th year. When she retired from psychological therapy in December 2017 it was always her intention and desire to fully embrace her spiritual journey, to the extent that it is inseparable from every part of being alive, and so it has become.

In April 2018, Ananda received a sacred soul initiation and embraced all the skills, tools, abilities and wisdom that her soul held. Then, she noticed that when she did shamanic healing, the departed loved ones of those who asked for healing came through powerfully and often made themselves known even before the booking was made. They became big players in guiding the healing process and some stayed around for a while.
Following on, Ananda became an accomplished psychopomp, a role that inspires in her deep respect and honour for the souls she works with, whether animals or people. Meanwhile, her channel really opened and psychic abilities hit the roof.
Ananda started to meet ascended masters and star beings in meditations and journeys who became her teachers, including her own soul family.

She started receiving communication from the elemental kingdom and Mother Earth who continue to teach her.

Now, Ananda is running five-day retreats that are shamanic trance intensives. They involve vision quest, ceremony, sweat lodge and opening up to the elemental kingdom to listen and co-create together. There are three days of full-on trance intensives followed by two days of working with the elemental kingdom.

Ananda has also developed online workshops to support others in understanding and accessing the truth of their being, including receiving their own sacred soul initiation.

“We each receive our own personal gifts and abilities, tools and wisdom, I feel the result is we find our soul’s purpose and open up to the truth of our being. This is just the beginning of the soul journey. I feel blessed. I am so grateful that I met and integrated with my soul.”
Ananda Amenet Reid