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Mother Earth’s Message about The Warrior’s Path

“All that is love surrounds you.  All that is love is within you.  I am Mother Earth, I greet you, beloved child of the Earth, my beloved daughters and sons, for you are one that hears my call.  I ask you to remain open and connected with me in every moment, every day, and I will support you.  My love flows freely and beautifully through our channel of connection. 

This message is for you, hear me, for I wish to ask you to express your understanding of my call to others.  Your call will be heard.  Your most expansive attitude is called for, it is important for many to hear my message. 

Please bring to mind the warrior’s path.  The warrior is a fighter and may fight for many reasons, for many causes.  You may fight within yourself or you may express your fierce attitude outside yourselves and upon others, towards a perceived enemy.  The warrior never shirks, for they embody their warrior spirit and many warriors stand together with others, creating an army, a force, an energy of fight. 

I wish you to contemplate, what is fight? Fight is an energy that may be in your hearts and sometimes it appears for good reasons, for good causes, sometimes it appears creating chaos and disharmony, suffering and pain. Fight, as an energy, is not in alignment with the divine source, fight is a dissonance, it is never in alignment with the divine source to stand in opposition, in any way, with another energy. However, it is not wrong to do this either, it is simply a choice and a path. We can fight from a place of love, but love does not express itself well through the tension that is created when we are fighting, love expresses best from a place of peace and stillness within. And our energies are constantly being directed, during 2021, towards co-operation, connection and harmony. Conflict and fight create a dissonance and an opposition with the unifying energies of oneness that are to be embraced for a stronger connection with myself, Mother Earth, and with the divine source.

Please contemplate the ways in which you are a fighter, whether it is in opposition to your own self, your behaviours, words and actions, your body, your emotions, your pains and conditions. These limitations are to be welcomed, to be embraced. And as you learn this, you learn also that the limitations that are imposed upon you throughout the world, forces and organisations that appear to create negative energies and imbalances, even upon my own body, the Earth, these are to be welcomed and embraced for the gifts they bring. They are creating opportunities for release and healing. They have a purpose, a value and where acceptance, openness, connection and co-operation are offered, then, the absence of an adversary allows the energies to flow, opening up to synthesis and unity. But in creating an opposition, an opponent, this is consolidating the energies of strength and power in resistance, in contention, creating a wider gulf and a stronger obstruction.

Let these words be heard, for many upon the Earth who love my energies, my expressions, my beautiful planet, my soul and myself, Mother Earth, many who wish to remain deeply connected with the divine source, are remaining in opposition to the energies of unity and oneness that are flowing through the Earth and humanity now. We are asking humanity to open their hearts, to accept and connect with even those they perceive as the enemies of all that is good.”


I am my soul, I give to the Earth all that I am. I give my truth, strength and purpose, before all that gives me happiness and joy. It is my desire to walk the green path, this is my ascension journey towards light, love and unity, bringing clarification and truth to humanity. Love and truth blossom beyond doubt and fear to create that which we perceive as impossible, that which we call miracles, this is the realm upon which the future is built. I am my soul and I walk into this future with complete trust. I embrace this moment, thinking not of tomorrow, for as each moment is grasped with a wholehearted enthusiasm, so the divine flow unfolds miracles and impossibilities. When there is no opponent to face the beautiful truth and blossoming trust, when fears and doubts are cast aside, when hope and faith blossom in the garden, when love lights the way, then I am my soul and my truth is love. I embrace my heart as it speaks. I bring hope, faith, Illumination and trust. I bring love. I bring to the Earth a space into which I step with many others to listen, to be silent, to hear the voice of Mother Earth, to let her speak, to pay attention. I open my channel to Mother Earth in co-operation, co-creation, communion and unity. I bring to the Earth creativity, colour and beauty, expressing transforming frequencies and vibrations. Working in alignment with the crystalline kingdom and the elemental kingdom, I bring forth energies that create a new understanding. This is the dawning of human co-operation with each other and the landscape, the planet, the macrocosm and microcosm, everything created and connected at the heart, the unified heart that is the heart of all. That heart is like a crystal. I am my soul and I bring to the Earth all that I am.”

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