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Different Kinds of Values

It is the case that in some shamanic cultures, those people believed to be ear-marked to work with spirit are the ones that the Western world quite often marginalises. 

People who are a balance between feminine and masculine energy, perhaps a feminine male or masculine female, sometimes they are called ‘Two-Spirits’. In Western countries, such people are quite often painted as abominations against God (hilarious idea, what are people thinking? God is love, not hate). In certain tribal societies across the world, these people are special, honoured, gifted, understood to be the most balanced of us all, perhaps even nearest to the nature of the divine source, and they make the most powerful of shamans.

People who have differences from the norm, the kind of differences Western medical professionals would medicate and treat, and certainly they used to be institutionalised for. Such people are seen as gifted with spirit senses, with a natural ability to cross the veil and walk with spirits.  They are held in high esteem and their ‘illness’ is valued, as it marks them as healers and wise souls.

People who experience illness or events that take them to the brink where life and death meet, perhaps they even cross over into the spirit realm briefly, those folks are changed from that moment.  Nobody knows what to make of that kind of event in the West, but in some cultures it is believed they have been selected by the spirit world as worthy to face such a deep and profound transformation, one that means they will never be the same again.  From that moment, they are called to service, perhaps having a healer’s touch or a psychic’s vision, a medium’s senses, a shaman’s power.

Interesting, is it not, the way we choose to value people, or not value them.  So different across the rainbow cultures of the world.  Is it random or do some cultures know something the other cultures don’t?          


I am my soul, I give to the Earth all that I am. I give my truth, strength and purpose, before all that gives me happiness and joy. It is my desire to walk the green path, this is my ascension journey towards light, love and unity, bringing clarification and truth to humanity. Love and truth blossom beyond doubt and fear to create that which we perceive as impossible, that which we call miracles, this is the realm upon which the future is built. I am my soul and I walk into this future with complete trust. I embrace this moment, thinking not of tomorrow, for as each moment is grasped with a wholehearted enthusiasm, so the divine flow unfolds miracles and impossibilities. When there is no opponent to face the beautiful truth and blossoming trust, when fears and doubts are cast aside, when hope and faith blossom in the garden, when love lights the way, then I am my soul and my truth is love. I embrace my heart as it speaks. I bring hope, faith, Illumination and trust. I bring love. I bring to the Earth a space into which I step with many others to listen, to be silent, to hear the voice of Mother Earth, to let her speak, to pay attention. I open my channel to Mother Earth in co-operation, co-creation, communion and unity. I bring to the Earth creativity, colour and beauty, expressing transforming frequencies and vibrations. Working in alignment with the crystalline kingdom and the elemental kingdom, I bring forth energies that create a new understanding. This is the dawning of human co-operation with each other and the landscape, the planet, the macrocosm and microcosm, everything created and connected at the heart, the unified heart that is the heart of all. That heart is like a crystal. I am my soul and I bring to the Earth all that I am.”

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