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Ffion is Coming!

I have made a new friend who makes my heart sing. We met online and our connection was obvious at first encounter, although I should say, even though we both resonated towards each other, it was she who chose to activate our relationship.

Her name is Ffion and she is a mystical, magical, powerful, serene, active and direct Welsh lass. She’s breathtakingly beautiful with long wavy red hair, freckled face and beatific smile.

She’s a witch, heavily into crystals and herbalism and has a cat called Cheetah. Like me, she’s in alignment with the elemental kingdom and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re the ones responsible for us coming together. She’s decisive, persistent and determined, just as the warrior goddess trains herself to be. And she’s coming to visit me next week, not just to visit, but to stay!

I am so excited, the moment we made a connection, the magic began to flow.  She is a master of transformation and that energy immediately came into my life.  She is going to help me with my own magical work, with my painting and channelling, with creating and facilitating my workshops.  She is going to be present, from now on, in every aspect of my life.

Don’t worry, I will introduce you to her, so stay tuned to meet my wonderful new friend, Ffion.


If there’s a word that describes Amenet’s offering to humanity, it’s power. Everything comes through so powerfully. If there’s a word that describes what brings that power through, it’s love. Amenet embodies a foundation of love and love is the vehicle that transports all she does. Amenet is a lightworker and darkworker. She walks as confidently in the shadows as she does in the sun. She knows that the shadows contain the greatest gifts and that they are created from the light. Without light, there are no shadows. Her work is rooted in truth. Her role of service is dedicated to helping others become the truth of their being, which means embodying their soul on Earth and moving forward on their journey of fulfilment. She has been gifted with extraordinary skills and abilities; an intuition as sharp as a razor, a channel as wide open as the night sky. An innate understanding of energy that enables the most profound relationship with the invisible world all around us, the world of spirit. And the ability to heal what is ready to be healed. She knows how to call in the invisible world and deliver healing to support your journey to fulfilment. She sees what others don’t see, she knows what others can only guess at. Amenet brings divine magic to all she does and invites you to engage with magic too. If you step forward to work with Amenet, you are opening up to transformation. You are inviting an acceleration of your growth and are likely to experience fundamental changes in your life, not always what you were expecting, always what you needed most. Amenet is a vehicle through which spirit moves, so you are really engaging with the universal energies and divine source that moves through her on your behalf. You are inviting their participation to answer your questions and bring the support and healing you are ready to embrace. Amenet has travelled through sixty years upon the Earth, hers is a story of being unwanted, unloved, through adoption, abandonment and rejection. She had to fight to survive abuse and learn to find her truth. She did it the hard way. It was the way that was needed to ensure she understands you and your journey, for she knows that you have walked through some dark shadows too. Amenet knows you have a story of struggle and growth, sometimes it feels too much to bear, sometimes it’s like being on top of the world. She can truly say she has been there too. She has the eyes to really see you. She has the ears to really hear you. She can look into your heart and see the soul that you are. She will help you remember who you are, that you are a being of love made of light. When everything is taken away from us, even love or worthiness, we have no other option but to go on a journey of rediscovery until we remember our truth. Our truth is that we are divine beings, the embodiment of love. The only way to embrace that truth is to walk through the dark shadows until we claim it all.

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