Ananda Amenet Reid: Healer & Psychic

Four Branches of Service

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing has been Ananda’s practice for many years. As an intuitive healer, she embodies a heart-centred intention to heal, responding to what is needed by feeling the energy. The energy flows through her and she allows her light body to be a conduit as her soul and spirit-guides oversee the process. Ananda responds to healing needs at a distance for the most part, because she find it’s the most powerful method for her.
Ananda Amenet is a psychopomp, which means she supports the souls of those who are coming to end of life. She enables them to cross over with beauty and love. Ananda also helps lost souls find their way to the light. This applies to humans and animals.
Ananda is passionate about utilising the Goddess consciousness, supporting reconnection with our divine truth, integrating divine feminine and divine masculine energies and embracing ourselves as a soul.
Through personal experience, Ananda is a strong advocate for supporting the integration of our souls into our entire being, through sacred soul initiation. This enables access to the skills, wisdom and tools from all our soul’s expressions and our ability to embody our soul’s purpose upon the Earth.

Working with the Consciousness in Nature

Ananda works with the Elemental Kingdom who are teaching her how to become an ambassador, a bridge, between their kingdom and humanity. Humanity is in need of understanding and support to find new ways to live without consuming Mother Earth.
We deplete, devour and exhaust nature and the earth without realising the consequences. We chop down trees, divert waterways, dig up land without understanding the energetic impact of our actions. It doesn’t have to be like this but nobody seems to have the solution.
Thousands of years ago, we walked side by side with elemental beings but they slipped back into the etheric world and we lost contact. Nowadays, there are many people who have received an invitation to reconnect with the Elemental Kingdom. We are creating a new world where everyone can sense elemental beings and choose to act with their guidance and co-operation. The time has come to walk side by side again. They are here to help humanity live on Earth without consuming beyond endurance.
Ananda Amenet’s transformational Shamanic Trance Intensive five day retreats are designed to realign people with their natural connection to the Elemental Kingdom, to live in co-creation with the consciousness in Nature.


Everyone can channel, it’s a part of our human condition. We are light beings who contain the pure, loving energy of the divine source so we are capable of communicating directly with all that is. Beyond our earthly perspective is a reality we call the inner planes, the spirit world or heaven. This reality contains many dimensions and is inhabited by many energetic beings.
To channel, we open our energy to access the consciousness, love and energy of the divine source, allowing it to pour through our being. The energy flows effortlessly and we often call this inspiration, intuition or gut instinct.
Ananda Amenet was guided to advance her channel so that beings from the inner planes can communicate through her. She uses this gift during shamanic and energy healing and when working as a channel, allowing higher beings to speak through her. Ananda was taught to channel by Master Kuthumi, an ascended master on the inner planes, over a three month period of intense daily practice. To channel requires faith and trust in one’s connection with the divine. Ananda receives messages from a variety of inner planes beings which she sometimes publishes on her blog.

Psychic Artist

Along with being an avid reader from an early age, Ananda was naturally inclined towards drawing. Art and English were her two favourite school subjects. So, it’s no surprise that she went to art school. From there, Ananda completed a degree in Graphic Design and became a Secondary school teacher of art and design where she imparted her passion to many young people. Later, she shared her forward-thinking ideas for art education with art teachers throughout Britain, when she became a public figure advocating for art education.
In later years, painting became a place to find stillness, peace and calm. Ananda was drawn towards painting in gouache and focused on the subject of the divine feminine.
Then, as her mediumship abilities grew, the dearly departed of some of her clients wished to channel a painting through her as a gift to their loved one. The painting, as all art does, projects energy, in this case, the energy of love and healing is constantly transmitted through the painting. Consider how wonderful it must be to receive a physical gift you will always have from your loved one who has passed into the realms beyond the veil.
Nowadays, Ananda is painting an oracle deck channelled and overseen by her primary guide, Lord Merlin.

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