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Meditation Skills and Daily Meditation

When we meditate, there are some key elements that empower what we put out and receive.

In addition to the usual seven bodily chakras, let me introduce the soul star chakra, about 30cm above our head, which is the seat of the soul.  And above that, by about another 30cm, is the stellar gateway chakra which is the gateway to the realms and dimensions of the Divine Source.  About 30 cm below our feet in the earth is our earth star chakra which connects with the soul star chakra.  By using our earth star chakra, we ground energy into physical embodiment.  We also send our intentions into this chakra to manifest them.  The soles of our feet have chakras which connect us to Mother Earth and aid us in grounding and anchoring the energy we wish to bring into physical reality.     

When we meditate with our spine straight, we activate a rod of golden light that flows through our spine, through our chakra column and extends down into the core of the Earth below us, connecting us with Mother Earth, and up into the Heart chakra of the Divine Source above us.  This is called Alignment. When the energy is flowing, we sit suspended and in alignment with Mother Earth and the Divine Source. 

We can also call in our guides, our soul and our soul group.  Connect to their energies, their love and support and it will empower your meditation session and the rest of your day.

During your meditation session, if you engage in activations or invocations, such as sending healing to yourself or another, or manifesting or any form of activation, you will need to ground that energy into the physical for it to manifest quickly and powerfully.  This is a crucial part of the process of bringing energy into our lives fully. 

To do this, we send the energy through the soles of our feet, down into our earth star chakra (for ourselves) and also into the Earth (for others).  You can send it to the core of the Earth where Mother Earth is waiting to receive it.  Gift the energy to Mother Earth to be anchored and ask her to send it back through the Earth for humanity.  By doing this, you are not only fixing it in the physical for yourself, you are sharing the same loving energy as a gift to all your brothers and sisters that walk the Earth, they will each receive the same energy.  Isn’t that beautiful? You can read about this here.

Here is a simple meditation applying these techniques which you may choose to incorporate into your daily practices.  

Daily Meditation

More Meditation Tools

I recommend that you use each of the following meditation tools several times to integrate and consolidate the energies fully, simply follow your internal guidance.

Activation to Embody Self-Love and Oneness and Overcome Lack Consciousness by Lord Merlin

The following meditation came from Lord Merlin for working through the energies of lack and scarcity consciousness and was recorded live, in the moment it was channelled. Please find the message from Lord Merlin associated with this tool here:

Activation to Embody Self-Love and Oneness With All by Lord Merlin

Light Technology Cleansing and Purifying Meditation by the Andromedans

The following meditation was given as a channelled message from my soul group, the Andromedans. It is a light activation to provide cleansing and purification, removing any residue of unwanted energies that may be attached to our body. This meditation was recorded live. It starts slow, due to the channelling process, stick with it, it soon begins to pick up speed and flow. When you begin the recording, the Andromedans will instantly activate their light technology for you and you will receive the full benefit of the cleansing and purifying process.

Light Technology Cleansing and Purifying Meditation by the Andromedans

Soul Integration Meditation

A simple meditation to support the integration of your soul.  You are your soul, but do you feel connected to it?  Do you yearn to have a daily relationship with it?  Do you know what skills, abilities, wisdom, love, compassion and healing your soul holds for you and how to access all its gifts?  Do you know what it is that your soul is here to achieve on Earth?

Our soul extends from the divine source through our soul group and expands into twelve aspects. In this lifetime and all the lifetimes that we have experienced as a consciousness, we have been one of the twelve aspects of our soul. When integrated, we are all of our soul, all twelve aspects and we are every incarnation ever expressed by the entirety of our soul. Each of those aspects has lived countless lives and gained wisdom, embodied empowering skills and abilities, attained healing, expanded into love and compassion and we are all of that when we are integrated.

Following integration with our soul, we are able to access our twin flame.  If you wish to activate your twin flame, please use the soul integration meditation first and follow on with the twin flame activation.  I suggest that you repeat the meditations as you feel called, to solidify and consolidate the activations. 

Soul Integration Meditation

Twin Flame Activation Meditation

Once we have integrated with our soul, we are able to awaken, activate and access our twin flame.  Activating your twin flame means connecting to the truth of your divinity, awakening the energy within you that is in alignment with the divine source, that carries the divine feminine and divine masculine energies.

Activating your twin flame means awakening to your truth, becoming aware of all that you are, the energies that are in your being which you have not realised until now. It means coming into alignment with the divine source, oneness with all and thus speeding up your ascension.

Your twin flame is always within you but it needs to be activated for you to access it. Your twin flame ignites new energies, new awakenings and memories within your being.

Your twin flame may be activated within another human being, should you choose this. You may either call forth a divine intimate relationship or companionship or enhance an existing intimate relationship or companionship with the twin flame energy. When activated, it allows you to explore aspects of divinity, union and ascension in unity with another person.

Twin Flame Activation Meditation

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