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Abundance is Who We Are

What is abundance to you?  Is it having everything?  Is it being rich?  What is being rich?  Is it having lots of money?  Perhaps it’s those moments when something touches your heart, when you see something differently? 

Abundance is all of those and more.  If we are divine beings, if we are complete, then we are abundant.  And yet, the idea of being divine or complete may be even more of a challenge than considering ourselves abundant.

Many grow up with a feeling of lack or scarcity.  A sense of limitation, of poverty in some sort of manner, whether material or emotional or something else.  If we grew up feeling we weren’t good enough, then we experienced lack.  Lack of love and lack of worthiness.  And abundance is the opposite of that.

Abundance is limitless love, limitless worth and regard, abundance is being enough, having enough, always more than enough.  Abundance is not limited to one, it is unity consciousness.  We can only be abundance because we are energy beings that are not, in truth, separate, we are collective energy of the divine source scattered but always connected.  As the divine source, we are everything and therefore we are abundant.

Imagine that you can hear angels singing.  Imagine what that might sound like.  There is such harmony, resonance, beauty, richness, sweetness, peace and love emanating from this sacred choir of angels.  So much so, it would easily bring tears to your eyes, tears of joy and bliss.  The sound is complex because it weaves together multitudinous levels, tones and vibrations.  You begin to realise that you are not hearing the sound with your ears but with your entire being, with every cell and particle of your body, mind and spirit.  This is the sound of the universe.  You realise, more and more, that this is the sound of all-that-is and that your personal sound is present within this celestial orchestra too. 

The sacred sound flows through your being, stirring every part of you.  Notice how it resonates for you, with you.  See if you can pick out the sound that is originating from your core.  What does the harmony that emanates from your core sound like?  Is it not truly beautiful?  Does it not resonate perfectly with the angelic choir?  And as you tune in again to the whole, are you not aware of the expansiveness of this united harmonious sound?  You are hearing the sound of every soul, every living being or energy, visible or invisible.  Every note is different and diverse and yet, the entirety and wholeness of this sacred vibration is unified, whole and complete, as are you.

You are as equal and important as any other note that is present in that immense celestial choir.

How did you experience the sound?  Was it energy moving through your being?  Was it expressed as an emotional experience?  Did you sense the energy and power of the vibrations viscerally within your chest cavity?  The universal frequencies may be so subtle as to be beyond the human experience, and yet you still receive them as your soul. 

The song you heard, the multi-layered melody of the spheres of which you and all-there-is is a part, this is the sound of divine abundance.  Divine abundance is your very essence, your very nature, your very truth.  And divine abundance is everywhere all the time, manifesting.  It is the material with which matter is created, it is the source of all creation, for that is the nature of sound. 

Divine abundance flows through you constantly and is available to you always.  If you are perceiving lack or limitation of any sort, then you are perceiving illusions created from deep wounds and those wounds can be healed instantly by bathing in the sounds of the spheres, the harmonies of divine abundance of which you are constantly a part.  You are never not in the flow.       

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Embracing Spring and Understanding Life and Death With The Angelic Presence

“The Earthly plane is such a beautiful place, such a beautiful experience.  There is a great deal of detail that is available upon the Earthly plane that is not experienced through our expression of being, that of the Angelic Presence.  For, upon the inner planes the sharpness of detail that you experience is not present, our experience is of a soft, diffuse light, akin to seeing from within a fine mist of light particles.

There is so much wonder in the incredible unfoldment of life that exists upon the Earth.  This is a special time of year for experiencing and witnessing life unfolding.  As the sun increases and the days become longer and warmer, so the animals and plants upon the Earth are busily increasing their energies and expressing their transformational gifts as they engage with the potency of life. 

We ask you to be witness to the many miracles of life that unfold before you this season.  To see them with new eyes, as if for the first time.  To be aware of the incredible delicacy and joy of life and even the vulnerability which sometimes creates what you might call death.  And this is simply a moment when the manifestation of physical life upon the Earth has not been fully realised or sustained, for there is no death.  When you see the lifeless body of an animal or bird, you will see that only the protective shell is present.  The spirit, the soul, the energy of consciousness that is that being has not died.  And it is only from the point of view of witnessing upon the Earth that it appears to be a sorrowful event. 

We are always present at such times through the many means we have.  We support animals, we support plants and trees and we are present for humans, of course.  We are always supporting the processes of life and the transition that is death.  Our love holds these profound extremes in synthesis, in harmony and balance, for without one, the other cannot exist.”                                                                                      

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The Angelic Presence Speaks About Our Birthright

“Where there is love, there is hope, for we are beyond your understanding in our perfection, and yet, we are your servants of the light, for our source is the same.  We come through the ether to connect with you now.  We are the most loving and devoted Angelic Presence.  We send our deepest, most profound and unlimited love to you.

Sisters and brothers of humanity, it is our wish to inform you of your birthright, for even though you are children of the Earth, even though you have created a deep and abiding relationship with the energies of Goddess Gaia, you are star children of light.  You are pure, perfect love and your vibration is capable of rising to harmonise with ours and with the divine source.  For you are an expression of the divine source manifested within the physical dimensions upon Earth.  Beloved children, sisters and brothers within the light, how grateful we are for all those who feel, sense, acknowledge and connect with our vibration, creating harmonies and peace, healing and truth upon the Earthly plane.  There are those of you who can hold our energies within your consciousness and express them throughout the Earth for your brothers and sisters of humanity.  You may express through creativity in the physical, through painting, writing, through movement, singing, music.  You may use crystals to support the energy.  You may use other physical forms.  You may place our loving energy into many forms, it can be stirred into substances that are eaten or drunk. 

There are many upon the Earth who use food and cooking to express a beautiful and sacred, deep love.  You are aware that it is in the process, the process of painting, the process of writing, the process of making food together, perhaps with the young ones in the family group.  The process of playing, the process of sharing music and dance, the process of drumming together.  Whatever you are doing, when you connect with our light and send it out through your thoughts, words and actions, you will feel the divine magic.   There are many ways and the most sacred harmonies and vibrations come through when all that is done comes from the heart and from a foundation of love and gratitude.  Gratitude for life, for each other, for yourself.  Gratitude for the abundance and blessings that are constantly flowing to all those who have opened to accept such limitless bounty.”

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The Angelic Presence Share Understanding of Their Light and Ours

“We are giving our light and love to all who seek it and who make space within their hearts, within their beings.  We are the angelic presence.  Our light is a guide for many.  We shine into the darkest of nights, into the shadows.  And in illuminating the darkest corners, light creates shadows, for shadow and light play together, they are intertwined in their expressions of being and cannot be separated upon the Earth, and yet, we ourselves exist as pure light.  We are beings of light that wholly embrace our pure light energy, and thus, we are present for humanity and for all creations of the divine source. 

We wish to inform you about the purpose of your light, for it illumines your true being, which is an energy that abides within.  For you are not your body, you are not your personality, you do not truly exist as the shape which you perceive when you look in a mirror or the face that looks back at you from the glass.  You are not your thoughts, you are not your feelings, you are not your actions, you are not your wounds, you are not your history, you are not your story. 

You are, like us, beings of light.  You have chosen to express in a dimension that allows you to appear through these conditions in order to experience that which your soul desires to learn, so that your soul may absorb all understanding of the divine source.  You are simply experiencing opportunities to realise the divine source in every moment.  And yet, you are an extension of the divine source. 

Imagine that a drop of water, cast off by an ocean wave, is trying to comprehend the nature of the ocean it perceives all about it.  The water drop is unaware that it is the ocean, temporarily suspended in apparent separation, and yet there is no separation.  The air is filled with fine droplets of water and it is an illusion that the drop of water is singular.  It is a condensed mass of the ocean that appears singular, but there is no space between the drop of water and the ocean that does not contain fine water droplets, just as there is no separation between you and the divine source. 

It is a beautiful understanding to absorb and embrace, and it is the truth of you.  It is the essence of what is you when you look within.  There is no body, there are no organs, there is no blood, there is only divinity.  And that divinity is love and that love is light and all that you are is that divine love and light, the light of love.  That is our nature too, we, the angelic presence, we are the same.”

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A Message from the Collective Angelic Presence

We are with you in ways beyond your comprehension and our love extends to all upon the Earth.  Our hearts are open.  We are the collective angelic presence, available to you all.  We come forward to speak with the greatest love, to remind you that we are amongst you and supporting you throughout all your trials, throughout all your challenges, throughout all your days and nights. 

We wish to express to you the ways in which we fulfil a supporting and loving role with you and for you.  Firstly, please know that everyone has personal angelic guides and supporters.  They are with you constantly, they are by your side.  Any need you express will be their focus.  They give to you, through love and light, whatever your needs are in any given moment, should you ask. 

Sometimes, when you ask, your conditions will change instantly and you will feel the connection with your angel guides. You will know that your prayer has been received and responded to.  Sometimes, you will not notice anything change because the change will be gradual and seem natural from your perspective.  Sometimes, it will seem that nothing has been heard, that your asking, your prayer, has not been responded to.  This is never the case. There are times when the response is not as you expect, for instance, you may ask for the removal of difficult conditions that are manifesting for you such as sadness, depression, pain or anxieties.  You may ask for these conditions to be removed and you may find that the conditions are still present.  When the conditions can be removed, they will be removed.  But there are times when your soul and your higher self, who know exactly what you need for your healing and your fulfilment, if they see that these difficult conditions are serving  you, are teaching you or are giving you an opportunity to release what needs to be released, they may not be removed by us, for we would never wish to take away your opportunities for growth and will not act against the wishes of your highest self.   

The opportunities to increase your light and move into healing are paramount to your wellbeing.  There are times when your difficult conditions may be removed temporarily in order to provide a moment of peace and rest for you, a kind of sanctuary, where you can take some moments removed from the difficulty that you perceive and this may be so with chronic pain or depression.  There are, quite often, other ways that we can support you, even if difficult conditions remain.  We may support you to be more comfortable with the conditions present, to feel more supported and loved, to understand those conditions. 

We often hear your questions, such as “Where am I going?  What is my destiny?  Will I meet a romantic partner soon?  Will my project work?  How long do I have to wait?  Why can’t I get better?”  There are many questions constantly being asked, and of course, it is the case that our response is quite often, from your perspective, subtle.  You may see an affirming sign if you are open to receive.  Our tendency, through the love of the Creator, is to support you in finding the answer within yourself.  So, instead of asking us a direct question and expecting a direct response, it helps if you begin a dialogue with your personal angelic supporter on the subject and this will enable you to explore the subject of your question.  Simply ask the question, perceiving yourself talking to your personal angel and allow your angel’s response to come up in your awareness, like an internal dialogue. Quite often, doing so will bring you to your answer.  All answers already exist within you, there is nothing that does not exist within you.  When you ask the Creator a question, you always already have the answer inside of you.  So, this approach is a way to reach that answer within you.

We are especially present in strength when you are experiencing the most trying and overwhelming situations.  Perhaps a terrible tragedy has occurred, quite often involving the loss of a loved one, for instance.  That loved one may be a close member of your family, a close personal friend or a beloved pet, for you make deep connections of the heart with many living beings.  When the transition that you call death creates a significant grief for you, it can be seemingly beyond endurance at times.  Whenever you experience any situation that seems to take you to the edge of your endurance, please know that we are with you, surrounding you, and should you remember our presence in your thoughts, it is within the realm of your ability to connect to the feeling of our presence, to experience the serenity, love, compassion, the deep connection that we share with you.  We are committed in service to you.  We are stepping forward and requesting your conscious awareness of our presence so that you may fully embrace all that we express, all that we are.