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Message from Lady Nada: 2

‘It is with great honour and love that I come forward to speak with you, beautiful beings upon the Earth.  You are divinely gifted and inspired to fulfil your destiny, your potential, by expressing the love you hold in your heart for all about you.  Beloved ones, your truth is love, your soul destiny is to love yourself completely as the multifaceted being of light that you are.  Your truth is being revealed as you embrace the loving light vibrations that are streaming into humanity and the Earth at this time.  I am Lady Nada and I come before you to enliven your hope, your faith and your trust, as you step forward this day and every day, to be the best that you are. 

Your path is held within your being, it is expressed as a code within your energies.  Your soul has always been aware of your path and is now ready to unfold the path that awaits you.  This is achieved by expressing love and allowing love to grow at the very centre of your energy, within your heart, for you are stepping onto a path of transformation and growth, towards the light and love of all that is the Creator.  Beloved ones, there are so many energies and beings of light with you, sending their light and energies to you.  Your path is illumined with the brilliance of the light of the heavens, for this is the time that has been spoken about when ‘as above, so below’.  This is the time when all that is heaven is upon Earth and all that is upon Earth is aligned with the truth of heaven.  Be at peace, beautiful children of Goddess Gaia, for you are moving forwards towards such love and peace.  It is magnificent.  My heartfelt love is always with you, I am Lady Nada.’

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Message from Lady Nada: 1

‘My greetings to you, beautiful magnificent beings of light.  It is with great love and honour that I step forward today to make my presence known, I am Lady Nada.  Some may know me as Mary Magdalene, which is one life of several that I experienced through incarnating upon the earth.  My love for humanity is vast.  I understand, through experience, the challenges and hardships of living with the density and restricted conditions of the earth, and yet, experiencing physicality and duality upon the earth is a great blessing, an opportunity for learning and growth.

There are many who are supporting humanity now as great changes and growth occurs for all.  There is great joy and expectation for the continual release of programmes and limitations that have caused restriction.  Many souls upon the earth are awakening to the realisation of their divinity and integration as a multi-dimensional being of light.  This exciting time for humanity is being supported and overseen by many beings of light and love, such as I, Lady Nada. 

I realise, through this process, for some, there is still suffering and pain as energies continue to be worked through, experienced and released.  During these moments you are able to request support from the Creator or any light being, angelic, Archangelic, Ascended Master or star being who you wish to call upon.  You will be supported through the experiences waiting for you. 

The greatest gift that can be given to you in order to experience the release of fears and pain is acceptance.  This may not sound easy and in many cases, it is not.  But it is simple and effective to breathe out your pain, your fears, worries and anxieties and breathe in the energy of acceptance.  Simply state, “I accept” as you breathe in and “I release” as you breathe out.  You may wish to specify, “I accept unconditional love” as you breathe in and “I release my anxieties and fears” as you breathe out.  “I accept support” as you breathe in and “I release resistance” as you breathe out.

You may go within yourself and search for a place within your energies, within your being that feels completely still and silent, a place of deep peace.  It does exist for you and for everyone.  When you take a moment to slow your breathing, to still your mind and body and to surrender to that place and feeling, you will connect.  As you go inward often, you will find it easier and easier to connect to the beautiful feeling of deep peace.  Practice this and find sanctuary from all the energies that cause your personality to suffer.

You are choosing peace.  You are beautiful in every sense.  You are perfect and fulfilled in every moment, you are waking up to your truth and when you do, when you finally open your eyes for the first time on the new dawn of the first day, you will know who you truly are and you will know the divinity in everything, including yourself.  I am always here, beautiful beings of light, to hear your call and bring my light and love into your heart.  Be at peace, I am Lady Nada.’