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Message from Lord Buddha: 2

‘Be at peace.  Your peace is an expression of the absence of your fears.  All that is darkness within you is transforming into love, for you are becoming one with your divine self.  I am Lord Buddha and I speak to all who wish to embrace the truth of their soul.  You are one with your soul and your soul is always at peace and expressing the purity of the divine.  Your soul is unsullied by the many fears, worries and anxieties that provoke you in your daily life.  Therefore, open your arms, open your heart and embrace your soul now, for your soul will be as a guiding light, a shining star, showing you the way to peace and love. 

In this moment, I, Lord Buddha, place my loving hand upon your head so that the energies of peace from my being may stream into your being. Take a moment now, close your eyes and be still. Go inside and feel the energy of peace, a deep peace, a peace so deep that only love can live there. Feel this energy entering your being now, notice inside your being, where is it that the energy settles? That is the place where you will always find the deepest peace. Even when your life is like a storm, this point of peace within you is the eye of the storm. However chaotic your life may feel, you will always find peace within you. This is my gift to you, beloved children. I am Lord Buddha, I express my love and peace to you in this moment and in every moment that you request it. Simply say my name and I will be with you. So be it.’

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Message from Lord Buddha: 1

“Beloved, this is Lord Buddha, bringing you forth a message.  I wish to discuss your ascension transformation expression. It is acceptable to fail with all you are doing.  Believe, henceforth, and your experience will improve. Imagine a diver, diving off a high diving board.  He is learning and practicing and he is getting the complicated dive wrong many times, over and over again, until finally, he makes the perfect dive.  Once his body knows how, he will make that dive over and over again.  It is important to let go, to trust completely, to grow and gain confidence.”