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Jewel Icon

Take a close look at the picture above.

What do you see?

A work of art? A piece of jewellery?

I see a jewelled icon. Like something biblical or religious, maybe from over a thousand years ago. From medieval times, perhaps, and made of jewels, enamels, gold, silver, pearls, mother of pearl.

Something out of this world, and yet it also reminds me of the Virgin Mary somehow. I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s that I almost expect to see her represented in the centre, after all, it does seem to depict layers of auras, haloes with rays of light emanating from the core.

The detail is incredible, the beauty, wonderful to behold.

Russell Kightley created this image of an animal cell.

“The image was created 20 years ago for an educational poster for BioCam. It took six weeks of full-time work to create using Painter (Fractal Design’s Painter as it was, now it’s managed by Corel).” BioCam is a company that sells biology wall charts and posters for education.

The image is a generalized animal cell designed as a basic biology educational tool with no specializations or arbitrary use of colors.

“To back up my understanding of cell biology, I read many research and review papers and checked electron micrographs, paying particular attention to the dimensions of organelles and other elements to ensure that everything was as close to scale as possible,” Kightley said. “I had to create a generalised model featuring all of the organelles studied in high school biology, since the BioCam wall chart would be used in schools, so there was considerable collaboration there to achieve the right balance and clarity.”

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Today, it’s my birthday and I’m 60.  This age feels like something of a threshold, perhaps to unleash the Crone within.  We’re already friends, but now I enter the period of embodiment.

I do believe I have never before felt quite so accepting of my age, nay, welcoming and embracing of it, than I do now. 

That’s probably because of all the healing I’ve done and, of course, welcoming my soul into my integrated self so that little things like ageing don’t seem to matter so much anymore.

But also, I have to say that the older I get, the more settled with myself I feel.  The more empowered I have become, the more liberated from the norms or the opinions of others and society in general.  The better my life has become.  So, I suppose it’s fair to say that growing old suits me and I ‘fit’ myself and my life better and better every day.

It feels like these are the good years I’ve been working towards for a long time.  This is my time, this is when I get to be and do what I felt was my soul path all along.  Here I am, embracing the path of the shamanic healer, the psychic, the channeller, the medium, the storyteller, the lore carrier, the artist.  Gosh, just how lucky I am!  And I truly feel immensely grateful for all the gifts I found along the way.

So, I’m certainly not kicking being 60, I’m simply being present with myself, sensing that age is an illusion.  It would be nice to have a special celebration day for every person once a year, but without the need to make it about the number of years, just about the wonder of being alive.    

Only a truly magical place could be right for this magical threshold of a birthday. The most magical place I know is the place you see in the photo above. This is Three Cliffs Bay photographed from Pobbles Beach on the Gower peninsular. Half a mile from the house I grew up in.

This recent night-time shot shows the Milky Way in all its glory and you can also see bioluminescence in the sea, a rare event to witness.  This is where I spent my 14th birthday with friends, the same week I left Wales and my heart was torn apart by the loss of this profoundly magical landscape and the deep, abiding power it contains. 

Now, I’m back living in this area and that’s worth marking by returning to this stunning beach for my 60th birthday celebration, the place that is my forever ‘Cynefin’.

The word ‘Cynefin’ is a Welsh word that is swaddled in so many layers of meaning, difficult to translate.  It’s meaning encompasses a very personal sense of place, belonging and familiarity.  A place where one feels an instinctive belonging and deep connection with the landscape.  A place of power and magic that is where my heart belongs.    

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The Goddess and The Wheel

The Goddess is complex and has many faces.  The ones most talked about are Maiden, Mother and Crone.  Personally, I see the Goddess in the turning of the Wheel of the Year and assign three moons to each Goddess aspect on the cycle, making four.  Maiden, Mother, Crone and one more.  I call this fourth face Bride, sometimes, she is the Sorceress.  The energy feels like this:

The first face is the Maiden, the story of divine feminine starts with her. 
She is Sleeping Beauty or Snow White. 
She’s a Winter’s landscape, like the land beneath snow.
She is waiting to grow into her power.
The acorn waits in the dark earth for the Spring sun to kiss it awake.
The acorn grows into the oak just as the Maiden grows into Bride, Mother and Crone.
Her womb is waiting to bleed.
The Maiden sits in the season of Winter on the Wheel of the Year, for she is first.
 And the Celtic New Year begins at Samhain, last day of October.
Winter precedes all other seasons, just as the dark void gave birth to light.
Everything starts in the dark, as the baby is born from the dark womb.
The elemental energy of the Maiden is Air, for hers is the first breath.  
She is assigned the moons of November, December and January.

We are now at Imbolc, last day of January. 
The season when light returns and the earth wakes from slumber.
Powerful season of Fire and renewal.  
The sun has kissed the Maiden and she has woken up.
Everything is stirring in nature, in her season.
The birds and beasts are mating and trees and plants are thrusting out their leaves.
Here sits the Bride, assigned three moons of February, March and April. 
She is the May Queen whose potent, fiery blood brings transformation at Beltane.
Just as Spring transforms the land.
She is red and white, purity and blood, for her womb is fertile and not yet pierced.
She is the Enchantress.

The Goddess energy passes on at Beltane.
When the womb of the May Queen is pricked.
Life is growing within her dark womb.
The season of the Great Mother Goddess is here.
Divine Mother rules the moons of May, June and July. 
She reigns through Summer, season of abundance and blessings. 
She is the cornucopia of plenty. 
She births the land as the magical child, the seed of humanity.  
She reigns until July’s end, whence comes the festival of Lughnasadh.
Festival of the Child of Light, which is us, dear listener.
For we, and all beings upon the Earth are her children.
The earth is rich with flowers, corn and fruit during the season of the Great Mother.
The element of Earth is her gift to us.

At August’s start, power passes to the Crone.
Wise Woman, she is Elder. 
She, who is Keeper of the Wheel of the Year.
Turner of the wheel.
She oversees the process of change.
She sits at the spinning wheel with the silver thread in her fingers. 
Her element is Water, for water is a record keeper, as is the Crone. 
To her are assigned three moons of August, September and October. 
Her womb is not barren, it is the void.
Cave of inconceivable power.
It is the gaping gash of Sheela Na Gig.
She beckons us to enter.
To go inside ourselves and know who we are.
She sits in the season of the ancestors.
At Samhain, the ancestors are honoured. 
And the Crone passes her power back to the Maiden.
The wheel begins again, not a circle but a spiral.  

For this reason, as a woman in her Crone stage, it is mine to gift my power to the Maiden, imparting wisdom and teaching skills to one who is starting on the same journey I have travelled.  Already, the honour and opportunity has befallen me, more than once, in teaching my shamanic craft.  I hope that all women in their crone-years, the years we call peri-menopause, menopause and beyond, will gift some of their power to the Maiden, for she is a Bride-, a Mother-, a Crone-in-becoming. 

We Crones are the ones who have travelled the full stretch of the road and passed through all four stations.  We are in our full power.  And if we don’t value that, if we don’t honour ourselves for all we are, who will? 

The Wheel of the Year


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What Are You Choosing Now?

The world is dreaming you as you dream the world into being.

What are you choosing?

I keep coming back to this question, what are you choosing now?

Because this is a big question for us all.

Everything we are, everything we choose. Everything that the world is, we chose it. We are always constantly choosing what is. Individually and collectively.

All the mess in the world, it exists because we dreamed it up, we chose it and we keep on choosing it. All the mess in our lives, the same. We are far too worrisome, too anxious, too negative and too fearful to be choosing peace, love, calmness at this stage in our evolution as humanity.

We are sad, angry, frustrated, hurt, despairing, tired, unfulfilled, doubting, distrusting.

We are not living everyday joyous, abundant, compassionate, serene, loving, peaceful, calm, trusting lives. We would love to be doing so, but we’re not.

So, we really need to keep asking ourselves this question, “what am I choosing in this moment?” and make conscious choices.

We can choose peace, love, serenity, fulfilment, beauty, abundance. And we can keep choosing those powerful energies.

Even the most conscientious of people who really wish for all those things for themselves and the world are still choosing fear, doubt, distrust, they are upset with the state of the world. They are fearful for the future. They are hurt by the stories in the news and despairing for their children. What they don’t seem to realise is that their energy is the energy of negativity and dissonance and the fact that they are sending it out IS as much the problem as anything else. One of the energies they feel is blame. They blame the politicians, the powers that be, the industries, the corporations, the uneducated masses, the ignorant, the pharma, the consumer culture, they blame themselves, another energy is guilt. In sending out the energy of blame and guilt, WHO is sending out the energy of acceptance? Love? Peace? Balance? Trust? Who is holding these key energies for the Earth and us all every day? WHO?

The people who care, the peacemakers and activists, their kind of care is a problem, they look at the world, at their lives and see lack, hate, power-over, they see destruction of the planet, consumerism, greed, death. They send our their energies of fear, worry, sadness, anger, lack, guilt, blame, mistrust, and they action their thoughts and feelings by sending out the dissonance of conflict and opposition.

Don’t you see? If this is how we view the world, this is the world we create, this is the world we made.

The solution is inside us.

There is nothing wrong with Mother Earth, she is doing fine, she is not suffering, that is the illusion we project on her but really, it’s our suffering. She is the most powerful thing on the planet, heck, she IS the planet! There has always been change, there has always been extinction, that is not down to us and Mother Earth is not at threat, not even by us. Mother Earth is trying to help us though, because we are her children. We are family and she loves us. Mother Earth has solutions to everything we do, she can deal with plastic, in her timeframe, too massive for us to imagine, she can lock it up in the Earth. She is raising her core temperature herself, as she has many times before, she can rewild the concrete jungle and reforest the world in a few short years. She is not afraid to shake things up, hurricanes, volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, fire and flood are moods to Mother Earth and she embraces death and life equally. She understands death better than we ever will, whilst living in our physical forms. She doesn’t equate death as a problem, like we do, she doesn’t judge.

We are the only species on this planet who needs to get with the programme. There is only one way to do that, only one solution, we each find it inside ourselves. It is not outside, but inside.

If we each turn inward and focus on the love in our hearts, we are already winning. Not only that, but the key is that what we focus on loving is not our soul mate, family, humanity or Mother Earth, it’s ourselves. We cannot truly love anybody or anything else authentically unless we have found that authentic love inside ourselves, for ourselves, first. It has to match, resonate with our inner truth, then, something magical sparks to life. And when each person does that and then turns outwards from that place within, they can choose to create the world, the life, that keeps eluding us. A world of harmonious resonance, loving, trusting, peaceful, accepting, affirming, fulfilling and alive.

Go inside and choose beauty, love and abundance. Choose acceptance. Start with yourself and work outwards. Don’t come outside yourself and try to change the world until you have changed yourself first. Yes, we need everybody, we all have different roles, we need activists and peacemakers, we need voices raised loud and strong, but they need to come from souls who have found the love inside themselves, who can access those pure, resonant energies of love and peace whilst putting to bed fear and distrust, as they change the world together.

Make yourself the supreme, independent authority and source of all the love you receive.

Seek and find within yourself, for it is certainly there, all the love, confidence, peace, nurturing, acceptance, approval, security, validation, power, beauty and the abundance that you could ever imagine, all coming from yourself, to yourself.

You are the sole source of all that.

Now, imagine a world where everybody is doing just that, and yet, at the same time, don’t trouble yourself with what anybody else is doing, just do you, beautifully.

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The Elemental Kingdom Speak of Abundance

“We are here bringing through the love of our united countenance, which is beyond all that is known through the medium of a physical Earthly existence.  We are delighted to be present, we are energies that wish to be expressed and we are the consciousness in nature, known to you as the Elemental Kingdom. 

And this is a time of great abundance.  The energies of abundance are all around you.  And we wish to bring your attention to the process of drawing those energies from nature into your being, for you are abundance, you are a living part of all that is the Earth, of all that is upon the Earth.  You are the beloved children of Mother Earth, and your heritage, your inheritance upon the Earth is to express and create from a place of richness, diversity, beauty and abundance. 

Those qualities exist always within your being, they are who you are, they are every cell of your being.  And yet, it is the case that many upon the Earth do not recognise this, do not embrace and embody this truth.  When you are with nature, a rich, diverse and abundant nature, such as is experienced in the Springtime when there is such growth, the separateness that you perceive which is not the truth of you, or of nature, prevents you from knowing that this is who you are too. 

And you may easily gather this energy into your being simply by sitting under the warm sun, the cool breeze, the rain, the clouds, the frosts, the storms, the pleasant sunny days, in the fields, the hills, the mountains.  In the valleys, the woods, the beaches.  Upon the rocks, the earth, upon the grasses, the flowers, under trees, with your feet in streams, or pools or the sea.  In any place of nature, you may draw into your being, through your breathing and intent, abundance, the energies of our abundance in nature, to enliven the abundance that you already are, that exists in every cell of your being, for it is your truth.  To enliven that truth.  To ignite and activate that truth through our energies, for this is our love expressed to you, this is our gift to you.  Let it be received.”            

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Beltane Story

Today is Beltane and here is a rare Saturday post.  When I was a child, I began to receive glimpses of one of my past lives, the one that I learned about first.  I remembered being a young woman living on an island off the coast of present-day Wales, called Ynys Mon, otherwise known as Anglesey.  I was there in 60AD. I will try to recount a little of what I remember. 

I didn’t grow up on Ynys Mon but nearby Snowdonia, travelling to Ynys Mon for sanctuary because things were unstable in Britain.  There was no England, Scotland or Wales at the time, only Britain, we called the land Pryd or Bryd back then.  There were Romans in Britain, they had come to claim our lands. It was said they traded British people as slaves throughout their empire, as well as British dogs and horses, which were highly prized throughout the continent.  I could go on about all the horrible things they did but I won’t, suffice it to say, they were the enemy to me and mine.  British tribes, across the lands were making individual decisions whether to go in with them, try to keep their heads down or downright resist.  I lived in an area that resisted and, luckily, the mountainous landscape made things difficult for the Romans. So, a fighting resistance was created. My brothers, mother and father left to fight and support the resistance.  Only I stayed to tend the homestead.  But the day came when I had to pack up and leave.  I travelled with my animals and others of my tribe to Ynys Mon, for that was the safest place we knew. 

I already knew the island, my mother had taken me many times since childhood to visit the Temple of the Goddess cradled below what is now called Holy Mountain. I made my way to the head Priestess who knew me well.  Soon, I was immersed again in the wisdom, mysteries and blessings of the Goddess.  I loved it there.  Ynys Mon was known as the stronghold of the Druids.  There were a number of Druid strongholds throughout Britain but this was the main headquarters.

It is believed today that British people were Celtic then.  I must explain, people in Britain were, for the most part, British, and belonged to an ancestry that led back to the oldest days in the island.  What was Celtic was the new culture, fashion and style that people adopted.  It came from the continent, brought in by traders, travellers and a handful of wealthy settlers.  Clothes, artefacts, attitudes and behaviours had taken on a continental flavour but we didn’t know the word ‘Celtic’ back then.  

We celebrated the yearly festivals, more than the four we know today, my favourite was Beltane.  The sacred festival fell from dusk, when fires were lit to ignite the dark, to the next dusk when fires were quenched to invite back the night, safe in the knowledge that light and heat had been kindled for another year.  There were fires everywhere throughout the land, big and small.  They were often built in avenues and everyone drove their animals along the middle as they invoked the fire spirits to purify the animals. 

The festival atmosphere started a moon earlier and lasted the entire moon’s turning, since many came from far and wide and stayed long with friends over the festival.  It was a joyous, raucous time of celebration and passion.  It was also the time of hand-fasting and twelve-month bonding when couples entered into a trial marriage of a year and sealed or broke the bond at the year’s end. One Beltane, I entered into a hand-fasting with a man who was a Druid of the island. We had a strong soul connection and our union was destined. He died in the carnage when the Romans attacked in 60AD, as did all but a few. I was one of the few. I lived to be old in that lifetime and through many more lives, holding inside that terrible trauma, clearing it at last in this life time.   

Back to the Beltane fires. There were several people in those days who could still perceive the little people, they were the spirits who looked after nature and water and fire and some folks could talk with them.  During the festival, I saw the fire spirits dancing in the flames and amongst us in our dancing circles.  At Beltane in the season of Spring, we honoured the living fires.  We asked the fire consciousness to protect, purify and bless us.  As we left, we each took a piece of Beltane fire home to restart our hearths. Taken from the main fire, it had been circled and blessed by the Druids and Priestesses.  Beltane was the only time we put out our hearth fires, so we could light it again with the blessed Beltane flames. And that fire was kept alive in our hearths and hearts throughout the coming year, until the next festival of fire.     

Beltane Blessings to you, my dear reader.  May you kindle fire in your life today and invite the fire spirits to keep the passions ignited in your heart.        

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Happy Easter From Me and the Panda Lambs

It’s Easter Monday, and for Easter I bring you Panda Lambs!  Yes, these little black and white beauties are currently gambolling in the field next to my house, aren’t they adorable?

I didn’t realise the name ‘panda lamb’ was a thing.  I saw these guys in the field and it was an obvious thing to call them, so then I googled it and turns out panda lambs are an actual thing!  Love it!

For Easter, my little neighbours are bringing us some very lovely energies.  Lambs carry the vibrations of purity, innocence, gentleness, joy and play.  These little fellas are wonderful to watch, they love bouncing and can leap really high, they love running around with each other and look very much like they are enjoying the joys of Spring.  

I have always associated animals that are black and white with the two worlds, the upperworld and lowerworld, the dark and the light.  They bring in both energies and that’s balance.  With balance comes justice, truth, stability, centredness.

Easter itself is a time of joy and hope as the light is clearly with us again and the warmth is increasing.  Growth and birth are all around us in nature, the birds are nesting or hatching, there are little furry babies being born in burrows and dens, along riverbanks and in woodlands.  And of course, the lambs are gambolling in the fields.  Trees are showing the first signs of sprouting bright green leaves, Spring flowers are brightening up the garden and the hedgerows. 

Easter is a time of rebirth, raising energy and vibrations, new plans and ventures, being in nature much more.  Easter’s message is one of transformation, potency, power and rising energy. 

May you feel the energy rising in and around you, experience the gift of transformation and embrace your personal power as you step into your centre.  Happy Easter!   

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A Collective of Bees

I love bees!  This is going to be a week of celebration and today I am celebrating bees.  They are amazing and have so many treasures to share with us.

They have an intimate relationship with the sun, they know exactly where the sun is in every moment and live their lives connected to its sacred presence.

They dance!  They do the waggle dance to talk to each other, sharing where the food source is.  The dance is intimately related to the angle of the sun, they change the dance in response to the sun’s movement.  Oh yes, they are dancing sun worshippers.  And that dance is very telling, outside of primates, honey bees have the most complex symbolic language on Earth. 

That takes us on to their attitude of unity consciousness.  They are a collective, a tribe and they act as one.

They are diligent, they are hard working and fully committed to their life journey, whether worker, drone or queen.   

They embrace the sweetness of life.  Bees are busy pollinating one third of the world’s food supply, that makes them incredibly important to nature and humanity.

In ancient Egypt, they were considered royal.  In fact, the first evidence of beekeeping is in ancient Egypt, 5,320 years ago.  Wow.

Bees make honey as well as wax which is used in cosmetics and for making many things like candles. Honey is used to make mead.  Something they coat the hive with is propolis which is used in pharmacy as an antibiotic. 

Bees are gentle warriors, that is the females are, they are the only ones with stingers.  They don’t sting unless they are defending the nest, because if they do, they are going to lose their life.  But what people don’t realise is that they don’t need to die.  Honey bees don’t die because of stinging, they die because we automatically swipe them away, tearing them apart from their embedded sting.  It’s a big ask, I know, but if we keep still when a bee stings us and let it remain on us for about a minute, it will carefully remove it’s sting from inside our skin and fly away intact.  That way, we get the sting removed too, sadly, the venom is still delivered.

Bees live in a matriarchal society with one queen.  There is one male to every one hundred females. 

This fact is really fascinating, bees, with their five eyes and one million neurons per cubic millimetre of brain, have been shown to recognise individual human faces better than some humans!  Your bees can recognise it’s you!  No wonder folklore says they must be informed of the death of their master, they will know if some other critter turns up to take their honey.  

So, what have bees come to teach us?  They teach me to respect life, to live in the moment, to live for each other as a whole.  They teach connection, unity and co-operation without fear of losing the self or losing out to others.  They teach about abundance, that focusing on the now is bringing all we need towards us in every moment, even if we cannot see it.  That life is sweet if we let it be.  That many gifts can be the product of our labours.  That communication and interaction means coming together and dancing with each other. 

I found a bee in the sea once, floating alive on the surface of the water.  I scooped it up and carried it onto a sunny rock to dry off and then went back for my swim.  When I came out, the bee had flown away.  Later that day, sitting on the sand with my book, a bee landed on the page of my book and walked onto my hand.  It sat with me for a while, soaking up the heat of the sun together, and then it flew away.  I felt it came to say thank you and ever since, I have felt a special affinity with these wonderful beings.              

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Soundscape: A Parliament of Rooks

Hello! Today, it’s my second soundscape post. The first brought you the sound of the sea at full moon and today, I bring you one of my local sounds of Spring, the sound of the rooks courting and building their nests in my neighbourhood rookery. And yes, the collective noun for rooks is a parliament, isn’t that cool? They do sound a bit like the hectoring and hullabaloo of the politicians in the House of Commons, Westminster, London.

Best appreciated by hearing their wonderful sounds, not all can appreciate the sound of the crow-type birds, I am one who embraces crows, as a rule, being as a crow is one of my personal shamanic animal guides. The rooks nesting near my home have reminded me that it is the attitude we take to the things we might call problems that determines whether they remain problems or are transformed into blessings. So it is that I count the noisy rooks as one of the many blessings in my life.

Of note, I mention near the end of the recording that it’s a February morning, it wasn’t, it was last Friday, a March morning. Quite often, being retired from the day job and in lockdown, I don’t remember what day of the week it is, but that’s the first time I actually got the wrong month! I take it as a good sign, it means I’m living in the now, where months don’t exist. Happy Spring everyone!

A Parliament of Rooks