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The Sensual Sacredness of Sexual Presence

“The value of the personal relationship to all things is that it creates intimacy and intimacy creates understanding and understanding creates love.” – Anais Nin

Sexuality and sex are not the same.

Sexuality is a nuance. An energy. A power.

Sexuality is worn like a softly clinging gown.

It’s an attitude, but not one that’s contrived, not like flirting, nothing so obvious or intentional.

Sexuality cannot be switched on and off, it oozes in every movement, every moment.

It’s natural. A desire to sip from the cup of life.

A sensual embrace with touch, taste, scent, caress, kiss.

It’s an art that ignites in the furnace of passion.

And whether it’s passion for a lover or the salacious delight of eating a succulent fruit, the juices flow and sexuality wishes only to bite into life and tear it apart.

She who embodies sexuality knows she is Goddess.

She is a force, a fire.

She is in love with everything.

She is everything.

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Exposure – The Rawness of Truth

A couple of days ago, I posted a very personal account of a childhood sexual experience.  When I started to write that post, I was intending to write something else entirely, something general about children and play and how that can sometimes involve exploring their bodies from a place of innocence, trust and openness.  But all of a sudden, an experience I had that was the opposite of that poured out of me, it clearly wanted to be said. 

It’s not the first time I’ve written openly about this event but it’s the first time that I was able to write without any sense of the emotional hurt or confusion, the first time that it came with such clarity and detachment and I think that was the reason it had to be done, to show me I am now in a different place with it.

Of course, writing it for oneself is one thing, sharing it is another thing entirely and I would be lying if I said I was nonchalant about that.  Actually, it was a close thing that I didn’t pull it just before it was due to publish.  And now it’s out there I’m reminding myself it’s not my concern who sees it and how it’s taken.  It’s my truth, not anybody else’s.  This is now a big test of owning my truth and letting go of what others think.  Because what others think of me has been such a big hurdle throughout my life and it’s still something I’m conscious of. 

All this brings up the issue of disclosure, when it’s okay, when it’s not okay, and who’s to judge.  It feels like this is about revealing hidden secrets from the past, exposing what others have kept hidden because they had the authority.  Now the lid is off, those that had the ability to impose from their position of strength, they created a record of my life, upbringing and experience that was out of synch with what I felt, saw, sensed and believed.  And yes, it’s all a question of perception and probably truth is somewhere in the grey areas between those perspectives.

As a healer, I experience many people who have similar stories.  Maybe the details are different but, for them too, lies from the past are being exposed.  Perhaps lies from your past have been exposed or are in the process of being so.  And I know it’s a very painful process, especially if we’re suddenly faced with a huge realisation that goes against everything we once believed. 

How painful this process is can be impacted by us.  It depends how much we fight it.  It’s easy to fight back because we don’t want to know, we don’t want this truth, it hurts.  And it may involve finding the healing that enables us to accept, acknowledge, face and embrace the truth.  And then the ability to heal and integrate it into our hearts.  This can be done in minutes or years, depending upon whether we’ve woken up the knowledge and skills we need, whether we’re ready to claim it all, the good, the bad and the ugly, or not.  If it’s coming up, it’s because our guides and spiritual support are with us and they’re available to call on, they’re rooting for us and know that the only way out is through.  Be brave, dear one, it’s time, we are waking up and we are more supported than we can ever imagine.    

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Deep Sharing of Sexual Healing

I’m going to approach a very delicate and possibly taboo subject for some. I’m going to talk about when children enter into sexual exploration. When I was between the ages of eleven and twelve, I was coerced into an engagement with an older boy of about fourteen, who used me as something of a personal human teaching aid for what to do with girls sexually. I was initially lured in with a totally innocent imaginary game play, I think they call that grooming today, but this was long ago. By the time I was fully engaged, hook line and sinker, by the time he wanted to look ‘down there’, my saying no was feeble. He only had to threaten to leave, which he did once or twice because I did say no at first. But he kept coming back, he was persistent and nice to me and I caved in and let him.

But then, there was a next time and a next time and, in my head, I had already committed the sin, already said yes, so couldn’t really go back now.  Because by this time, I was taking the blame on myself instead of putting it on him.  So, it progressed to touching, and that developed and became frequent and went on for some months, from time to time.  There was nothing further, no penetration, and when it stopped I missed the contact, the feeling special and being liked by someone, being treated nicely, because he wasn’t one that threatened to get what he wanted, it was the opposite, he was only ever nice to me during those times and if I didn’t let him continue, his threats were to go back to ignoring me, teasing me and treating me meanly, as he usually did. 

In the long run, it did mess with me.  I had been ‘woken up’ to my body too soon, too young.  And I had been taught to associate sexual stimulation with being comforted.  Over the years, somehow, and probably to cope with the guilt, shame and blame I held for myself that it happened, I buried the memory so deep it was no longer there at all.  Until I was in my late thirties and it resurfaced when I was going through a bad time.  When I remembered, I was furious with him and felt so dreadful I wished I was dead.  It took some effort, but eventually I found a way to work through it.

That’s the kind of sexual contact between children that shouldn’t happen.  He was only trying to find out what girls are like, what you do and how they respond.  In doing so, he abused me because he saw me as someone who it was acceptable to use.  He was my brother and the lack of value shown to me was a message that was projected on me by my parents’ behaviour towards me.  We all knew, in my family, that I was free game, that I didn’t matter, that I was available to be abused.  He knew it and I knew it.

Over the years, and thanks to my sexual beginnings, I’ve decided that it’s wrong that grown ups project their fears and wounds about sexuality upon children.  We are afraid of introducing the subject to children too early.  That’s because we fear sex and think of it as an activity laced with problems, especially where children are concerned.  For me as a girl growing up, the messages were mostly about fear of getting pregnant and that it would make me a slut.

This is the story of my whole life. My birth mother was sixteen when she got herself pregnant with me and she had me adopted. My (adopted) mother, finding out that I had been sleeping with my boyfriend when I was seventeen, called me a slut and said I was just like my mother. I realised that when an adopted child does something wrong, an adopted parent can always remind themselves that this child is not theirs, this child is tainted by the genes of some other person who fucked up. Never more so than when it comes to sex because that’s what created them in the first place. Couldn’t she be grateful that this other person’s terrible misfortune had given her the opportunity to have the child she craved and couldn’t have for herself? Apparently not.

So, you see, it’s been a rocky start, understanding and growing as a sexual person, which we all are. And I have had to work through dysfunctions that came out of it that make me understand how some people develop sexual perversions, although I’ve never gone down that road myself, except, perhaps in my head. The kind of ‘wrongness’ in images that used to turn me on became a measure of healing for me, over time. And for some time, I’ve been healed of all the wounds and traumas my young self suffered through her sexuality.

Now, sexuality is, to me, a sacred energy. It’s my divinity. It’s the most beautiful thing possible for two humans to express with each other, through each other. I have an open and pure attitude towards sexual energy, whether it’s during the action of intercourse or in simply being a sexual being, in movement, charisma, in the very essence of one’s being. I see sexuality as beautiful, not tainted and dirty. I see it as a prayer, as a devotion, as the purest of love pouring out and over one’s self and beloved. I am blessed in being able to express that now.

And I share all this because it’s important, because these are difficult conversations we need to have. Because my story really isn’t that uncommon. Because we need to grow and change. Because I am saying that all this brought me to a better place and it is the same for you.