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My Personal Soul Integration Changed My Life

The journey through my soul integration was the point at which I opened up to my truth.  Everything changed from that point.  I met my soul for the first time, not knowing really what my soul was until that day.  Meeting my soul was incredible, nothing can describe it.  My soul appeared to me in the form of a woman who emanated the most powerful energies of love, wisdom, serenity and peace.  And I knew this was the truth of me.  Wow, what a realisation. 

I learned my soul’s name and met the star beings that were the source of my soul, my soul family.  From then on, my relationship with my soul group has grown and grown, they are now ever present and hugely supportive and loving.  I feel their love and support so deeply and I invite their presence every time I meditate, provide healing or enter into any kind of spiritual activity.  I only need call them and they are present.  I feel a part of something so big, so pure and profound, one can never truly feel alone after experiencing the interconnected merging that a soul initiation brings. 

During my soul initiation, I downloaded all the skills, gifts, talents, abilities and wisdom that my soul was holding.  These were accumulated not only throughout my past lives but tens of thousands of past lives experienced through other beings that my soul expressed alongside myself.  I became it all, I accepted it all into my being.  Afterwards, it was almost immediate that I began to notice changes in my abilities, such as increased psychic awareness, greater confidence and ability in my painting and art, numerous past life recalls and new people coming into my life who were soul connections.  I also experienced increased personal power and a sense of freedom to be me.  There was also an acceleration of healing that meant stuff needed to be released and that was not always sunshine and roses, it was, however, necessary and needed to happen. 

On a day-to-day level, one of the biggest blessings has been my connection with the voice of my soul, the ability to feel, sense and acknowledge my soul’s wisdom and guidance in day to day decisions and actions.  Learning to feel into my heart space, to trust my intuition, to know the difference between that initial gut instinct, which is so often not our soul but our ego, and the slower, more profound, more loving vibration that comes from the soul.  I have found out that the trick is, if it’s my soul’s voice, I know it without question.  If I’m not sure, if I have to ask, then it’s not my soul.

Are you feeling called towards integrating with your soul?  It’s such important work to be doing for ourselves throughout 2021.  When we are integrating with our soul, we are the entirety of ourselves, who wouldn’t wish to embrace the fulness of our truth?  Follow the link and check out my Soul Integration workshop coming soon.    


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Message from your Soul Group: 4

‘We are with you expressing our devotion and love, your beauty and radiance is wonderful to behold.  We are foremost amongst the support that gathers for you now, as your future becomes your moment of expression in the now.  Our purpose in supporting you is to emanate the Creator’s love and energies through our beings, we are more than can be explained to you, we belong within your hearts, for we are the collective consciousness of the soul groups that are expressed amongst you all.  Our loving presence is divinely given. 

We wish to inform you further about the loving vibrations of our hearts to yours.  We are always present when you request our support and love to flow through your beings, for you are one with us.  Our loving guidance is more important and more available to you than ever before.  We wish to encourage you to be in touch with our vibration, simply ask that your soul group is present with you and it will be so.  If you sit in silent peace with our energies, with your intention to be connected to us in your hearts, you will find our love is with you so strongly that you may feel overwhelmed by the love and peace, our beautiful, serene energy that engulfs your being entirely. 

This is a time for all that is not love to be released and for all that is love to be embraced.  It is time to embrace who you are, to know who you are within, for you are our beloved ones who walk on the Earth and share in her loving vibration, as she reaches out to you all.  Her love for you is indescribable and immense, she is emanating great and powerful intentions to be with your highest loving selves.  It is of great value and importance that you open up your energies to receive all the love and strength that is flowing to you and wrapping around your being.  For there is much strength and clarity available to you in this moment, and forthcoming moments, when you are completely opened up to receive.  Please allow yourself to let go of all that shields you from the many beauteous expressions of the highest vibrations of the Creator that are coming to you and through you now. 

Simply choose to be present in the divine flow of the Creator’s love and light.  Simply choose what you wish to create and how you wish to be, to manifest your loving light on the Earth at this time.  The grace of divine fulfilment is yours.  The ever-flowing stream of divine abundance surrounds you and engulfs you in its presence.  Let not your fears prevent you from opening your heart, for you are under the protection of our loving embrace.  We are your soul group, we are the source of your soul, from whence your soul has originated.  We are supporting all that you are.  Call on us for cleansing, healing, support and guidance, it is our delight and joy to be in support of your soul, our gratitude and love extends to all that you are for the journey you are taking upon the Earth.’

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Message from your Soul Group: 3

‘Greetings dear one, it is with great joy that we step forward to speak with you today.  You are a beloved child of life and love, you are present in this incarnation with a purpose, a mission in which we are a part.  We are your soul group and we speak with you, our beloved one.  Our purpose is to express all that is the Creator through our light and creative illumination of wisdom and truth. 

Your soul has chosen to be present upon the Earth during most interesting and valuable times, we are constantly with you and receive every experience that is yours to know.  We are joyous to be present with you now. 

It is our desire to remind you that your soul expresses love as your over-riding energy and gift upon the Earth.  You are opening your heart to love throughout your expression as a personality upon the Earth.  Be aware, your soul wishes you to know that opening your heart to love means making space and silence for others to express their love with you. In this way, great manifestations and transformations can occur through the unity of energy that is created. 

We are overseeing your journey forward through this incarnation and every incarnation.  You are gifted with tools and understanding to connect with our energies at any time and express them through your being as a mouthpiece and understand all you perceive upon the Earth through our eyes and ears, for we are able to elevate your experiences, please be aware that you may call upon us at any time. 

Your soul is kin to us, we are delighted to be a part of your journey.  We are your soul group and our loving light is always with you.’   

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Message from your Soul Group: 2

‘Greetings beloved beings of light, you are welcomed to this moment of joy for we are worthy to express our love for you. We are the collective of all soul groups, so we are your soul group.  We are speaking with great love and we are devoted to support you on your journey upon the Earth.  Our love is always with you, we are one with your soul.  Your soul is perfect, carrying a deep energy of purity and a strong vibration of love.  Your soul has been learning throughout your lifecycles, learning about self-love and integration with the Creator and the Creator’s love, through means of physical manifested interplay.  The density of experience upon the Earth enables a great depth of experience through duality.  Your soul has learned through lack of love and being loved, through extreme experiences and feelings that bring forth the learning your soul has craved for.  We receive everything that your soul experiences, as does the Creator.  Support is offered to your personality, however, we wish to allow the unfoldment of experience in order for awakening remembrance to take place.  Your personality continues to experience the impact, the effect of duality as you interpret the energies as good and bad days, positive and negative experiences, in truth they are all one, there is only love and your experience that feels as though there is a lack of love is a self-created expression or a need to release fear, some of which has been held throughout the experience of many lifetimes. 

There is always love, there is only love.  The single drop of water that is tossed up by the ocean wave, it is separate but it is always the ocean.  And its separation is an illusion, simply an area of density of water, of ocean, for water particles are everywhere, always connected, despite the illusion of separateness.  We wish to remind you that you are always the energy of love which expands from your centre, you are always connected to the core of the Creator and to us and to your soul. 

There are many realisations and enlightenments possible through the experience of duality and that is why a soul’s experience upon the Earth is so valuable, for it leads to a powerful experience of transformation when awakening takes place.  You are blessed and emboldened to express through creative means the energies that are realised when fear is released and love is embraced.  Claim your truth.  This is what is meant by stepping into the power of your enlightenment.  Your greatest gift is the ability to let go and accept all that you are beyond duality.  You are light and love.  You are an emanation of our energy and the Creator’s.  You are a beacon for many.  You are capable and complete, ready to move into a new phase, the next phase of your journey, now.  Please begin to embrace all that surfaces, for you are capable of knowing that which comes from the purest source, take this as your guidance in making the next steps forward.  Believe in yourself and trust in the truth of yourself.  Stay with each moment, making that moment the most pure and authentic, pouring your focus, your energy and love, your power to express the Creator, into each moment.  You are blessed, we are with you, all is well.  Our love never leaves you, we are your soul group.’   

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Message from your Soul Group: 1

“We are the collective consciousness of all soul groups, so we are your soul group and we are sending our energies of love and support to you. You can open up to us and enter your soul star chakra if you wish to connect deeper.  We are your family and we are always supporting you.  We wish to express our love and remind you how well you are doing.  You may benefit from letting go of any worries, anxieties, stress or fears about your progress, your progress is in alignment with your soul’s plan.  We love you and are with you.  You are making progress more than you realise.  You are supported more than you realise.

We encourage you to have faith and trust.  We encourage you to accept, surrender, let go and be a vessel for the Creator.  Allow the Creator to take you over, allow the Creator to fill you up, to express fully through your being in every moment, there is no greater joy.  Your personality will shine through, since the Creator is not in domination, but with you, is you.  You are ready to embrace your divinity, to let go and trust in every sense and in every moment.  And remember that in every moment, you are a window through which the Creator is looking.  In as much as you can fully embrace it, become it, you will attain that which you seek and become the truth that is within you.”