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Meditation for Awakening from The 144

As I understand it, the 144 are a collective consciousness, including some who have lived upon the Earth, that exist on the inner planes and hold and express the 144 vibration, which is the frequency of absolute oneness. They also hold the vibration of ‘Christ Consciousness’ which is energy of the highest and purest form of love possible, that of the Creator’s soul.

This channelled message from The 144 is a meditation and activation. I advise that you read it as such and ground the energy in the physical at the end by sending it through the soles of your feet into the core of the Earth to anchor. Ask Mother Earth to receive it and send it out as a gift for the Earth and humanity.

“We are beloved of your beauty and truth, for we know that you are so much more than you perceive yourselves to be.  We wish to come forward and share with you the beautiful truth of our gift, which is the greatest love that can exist and to know that this incredible, magnificent love exists within you now, it always has and it always will.  We, the 144, wish to support you in accessing the power of your love through our gift to you. 

So, we ask you now, please be still in this moment and sit in meditation or relaxation, and in doing so, let your breathing become slow and natural, as you sit with your spine straight. 

We come before you now, please call us forward, we the 144, and we shall surround you with our energies.  We wish to share our beautiful energies with you now and gift you the highest of all love energies, which is the energy of the soul of the Creator, the divine source, and which is within yourselves, now and always.

You are a being whose natural state, whose natural aspect is of love, of this deep, pure love, and you are also containing the energy of infinity.  You are infinite beings of light whose nature is of the highest vibration of love.  As we are in your presence, we project to you the golden liquid light which is like golden light water flowing through all that you are. All of your being, all of your energies are receiving this liquid stream of golden light, the golden stream of awakening.  This energy is a blending of the highest love of the Creator’s soul and infinity.  And you may say, as you receive this energy and feel, sense or acknowledge the energy cascading through your being now;

“I am the synthesis of love and infinity. 
I am the synthesis of love and infinity.”

And as you receive this beautiful energy that flows throughout your being in this moment, please take a moment to consider what you wish to unfold from your being in this moment.  What do you wish to unfold in your realities in this moment, when love and infinity are your nature? 

You are embodying, awakening, accepting that this is your reality, this is your truth more than any other understanding or expression of your reality that you may perceive.  You may feel that your physical day to day life is your reality, and yet, in this moment, as you experience the flow of the golden stream of awakening, the flow of liquid love and light from the Creator’s soul and the energy of infinity of which you are made, with these energies now being received fully, through our gift to you, you may begin to perceive that this is your truth, this is your natural state of being.  This is more true than your day to day physical reality. 

You can connect with this energy and embodiment at any time, simply by calling us forth, the 144, and requesting the gift of the golden stream of awakening to flow through your being.  Envision the golden light, like a stream, like a waterfall or rain, washing through your energies.  And envision embodying it as it goes through not only your being, but all of the moments of your day, whether it is activities you engage in or the realities that you are experiencing, the environment that you step into, such as your home.  All that you express, all that you give, all that you receive, all that you are, all that you say, all that you do.  Let the golden liquid light flow through it all.    

And as you experience this beautiful energy unfolding, you may repeat;

“I am the synthesis of love and infinity. 
I am the synthesis of love and infinity.”

“I unlock the power of my love. 
I unlock the power of my love.”

You are calling forth what you wish to embody within your being, awakening to receive this, calling forth what you wish to embody and unfold in your realities. 

Stay with the energy for as long as you wish, enjoy the incredible beauty and truth that is being brought to you.  Repeat this experience as often as you feel called, to bathe in the energy.  Let it come, let it be expressed and accepted. 

We wish to extend our most devoted, loving presence to you.  We are the 144.”