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If I had to describe my life at the moment I would say it’s patchy. I go through patches of super-consciousness and patches where the flow is gloopy. And yet, even in the mire of gloopiness I can receive the most illuminating insights that contribute to change for the better and my awareness of the journey.

The place where this narrative is decided upon, the narrative of ‘change’ and ‘better’, is defined not without but within. It’s happening in my choosing to view it through the filters developed from that part of my self that is illusion, that perceives only illusion, but thinks itself and the world is the real deal. So engaged in Self and the world, it has a dialogue running constantly to pin ‘reality’ into place and create story around it that feeds everything I want or fear it to say.

I am the observer and am seeing this play out, not only in myself but in others. And it’s a real game-changer. I am living both ways simultaneously, playing the illusory game whilst being removed and aware that a part of my self is engaged in this game. I know I’m not the only one, I believe we are all caught up in this dynamic in one way or another. Have you noticed this? I believe that to notice is what some call ‘waking up’.

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You Are Beautiful

You are beautiful, yes, you. Inside and out, body and soul. Everything about you is perfect.

What are these words? Beautiful and Perfect? They are limiting values, judgements, yes? Opinions. How can this be true?

Open up your mind, your heart. Look again at the world around you and everything in it. Feel your love flowing out from your heart like a soft, warm sun, extending outwards. See everything from your centre, from where the sun of your love extends. Is not everything beautiful? Is not everything perfect? There is only this, there is only now, there is only the extension of your love into everything, for it is everything.

Stay in this moment as though you have stopped time here. Pause. Check in with your heart, yes the sun of your love is shining brightly upon all you perceive. What do you feel? What do you realise from this place? Everything is one thing in many colours, all is the colour of love.

With the radiant sun that comes from your heart shining bright, turn to look at yourself. You are love. The trees are love, the sky is love, people are love, everything is love and you are everything. You are not separate, you never were, the extension of your love unifies you with all.

Be aware that all this is emanating from your heart, you are the centre, you are the creator and the mover of love through the universe right now. And the first thing that you love from this motion, the first to be touched by this powerful love emanating from your heart is you.

This is exactly as it needs to be, love yourself first so you can create and express your sun. The greatest love you can ever give is to yourself. The greatest love you can ever receive is from yourself.

Are you not beautiful and perfect from the centre of your loving self?

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The Special Moons Of October

If, like me, you’re a moon lover, you are in for a treat this month of October.  It’s one of those rare months when there are two full moons.

Tonight, Thursday 1st October is the first, it’s the unique Harvest Moon, the name given to the full moon nearest to Mabon or Autumn Equinox.  Then, on 31st October, we get a second full moon called the Hunter’s Moon.  This is also a blue moon, being the second full moon in the same month.  That this takes place on the night of Halloween, or more precisely the Celtic festival of Samhain, (pronounced ‘sow-en’ as in the female pig with ‘en’ on the end) is extra special.

The Harvest moon and Hunter’s moon are the two moons of the year that usually rise closer to sunset, meaning we get more moonlight and that’s why farmers and hunters use these nights to get their work done.

There is a dark or hidden face of the Goddess that sits on the Wheel of the Year. This face can present itself at any point of the year as it appears with the blue moon.  Usually, there are twelve moons within a solar year but since the sun and moon’s cycles do not coincide, sometimes there’s an extra moon in the year.  This occurs because a calendar month is longer than a lunar cycle, so if a full moon takes place very early in the month there can be a second full moon at the end of the same month.  The thirteenth full moon of the year, the second within the same month, is associated with the dark or hidden face of the Goddess.

At the time of the blue moon, we can really connect to our own hidden, dark or shadow self.  It is a mistake to associate this with negativity, we are all part of the world of duality, we do well to embrace both the dark and light from which we are made, the yin and yang, for without one, the other does not exist.  Embracing this part of ourselves and working with the Goddess in this mysterious and deep aspect is extremely valuable.  This is clearing work and we all have unneeded energies to clear. It can be difficult as, in her hidden face, she is likely to bring challenges, but hugely rewarding in the longer term.

Personally, I associate the hidden face of the Goddess at the blue moon with the divine feminine energy of Sheela Na Gig, she definitely has the Crone energy about her and I will write more about that in my next post.  However, depending upon which quarter of the year the extra moon falls, she can be Maiden, Bride, Mother or Crone and also bring qualities that are passive, teacher or challenger energy.  Whichever she is, she comes to reveal aspects of ourselves that we may consciously or unconsciously be trying to hide.

This October 31st, she is appearing in the season of the Crone, the Wise Woman Elder archetype of the Goddess energy, and at Samhain, no less!  This is kick-ass timing and we are the ones getting our ass kicked. What an incredible synchronicity and I am so excited!  Samhain is the festival of the ancestors, the time we especially acknowledge our lineage and all the wisdom and learning that has gone before us and been handed down. The veil between the worlds is at its thinnest on this night.  We are our ancestors, this is especially true if you consider past lives, we lived as them, in all probability.  And when you factor in the eternal ‘now’, because when you take the illusion of time away it’s all happening now, you could say we are living all those lives, past and future, right now, all at the same. I don’t know how that works either, but I do believe it.

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Message from Lord Melchizedek: 1

‘My greetings are extended to you, I am here with you and my name is Lord Melchizedek.  My purpose in speaking with you today is because there are many amongst you who are not aware of the wondrous changes taking place upon the Earth and amongst you all.  And indeed, it is not necessary that all understand these changes, for the energies that are being emanated throughout humanity now will impact the vibrations within your beings and transformations will happen, changes will occur, just the same.

There will be fortuitous moments and moments of remembrance and awakening when all, when they are ready, will find new possibilities opening up upon their path and they will make choices to change themselves and their lives.  It is not necessary that their mind, their mental self understands the wider context of change and transformation that is going on for all now. 

Within the inner planes there are many beings supporting each and every one of you, for each and every one is blessed and valued and as supported as the next.  For the Creator is within you all, there is none who do not contain, in equal measure, the Creator’s essence, not even those who may seem as far away from the Creator’s love and will as it is possible to be. 

Many upon the Earth are still clouded and overwhelmed by the dark fog of illusion that has clung to their energies, but this it a time when the knowledge and understanding for change and growth is quickening.  This is a time when new opportunities for moving into the light and experiencing reality from within oneself is blossoming.  There is a seed of change inside each and every human being living upon the earth plane.  And even as each and every person grows towards a new clarity and expression, it increases the potential for each and every other person to grow. 

My role involves being aware and expressing the loving vibrations of the Creator for you all.  Your ability to experience the vibrations of energy that many light beings are placing upon the Earth now, anchoring into Mother Earth for you all, is growing stronger and stronger.  Please understand that as you ask for healing of your physical, emotional and mental bodies, this you are receiving, however, it may appear as though you are not, for to release your suffering and pain, you are required to experience the energies that are hurting you and as they rise through the layers of your being to the surface to be released, they are being expressed in their fullest.  The energies of the Universe are bringing these conditions towards you now, to enable the energies that are buried deep within to re-surface.  For it is only then that you may choose anew to release the energies of illusion instead of being caught up with them, like a fish tangled in a net.  When conditions draw down your pains, whether physical, emotional or mental, when you find that situations are triggering your reactions and bringing your fears to the fore, then, beloved child of the Earth, see this as the opportunity it is, the answer to your prayers and breathe through the feelings.  Let the thoughts float through you.  Do not fight them, be still, find a deep centre of peace that exists within you and make a decision to let go of your control and need to engage with this painful energy.  In this way, you will be removing the layers of fog that have surrounded you for so long, holding you down where peace, truth and serenity cannot touch you.  Now is the time, beloved beings of light, for you to step fully into the light surrounding you and within you and I, Lord Melchizedek, am present, one of many whose loving guidance is supporting you.’

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Daughters and Sons of Gaia

The following words are either quotes from the book ‘Universe of the Human Body with Gaia Touch Body Exercises’ by Marko Pogacnik, which I thoroughly recommend or musings from reading it. All the insights expressed here are his and I share them to laud his powerful and timely contribution towards our collective ascension.

“If we are cut off from our heritage of inhabiting the planet as daughters and sons of Gaia, the whole purpose of our existence as embodied beings is destroyed and we become weak.”

“The more in touch we are with Gaia, the more feminine energy predominates our existence. The less connected and in touch with Gaia, the less it predominates.”

Get in touch with your animal nature, genetically, we are 98% animal. Our animal nature enables relationships as family. Animals are our kin and ancestors. We are not separate from animals, the Animal Kingdom is a part of us, is inside us. The symbol for our animal nature is Cernunnos.

Get in touch with your plant nature, it is understood that humans contain plant DNA through a process called horizontal genetic transfer. Our spine acts as our plant stem and our chakral column enables us to root into the earth beneath us and reach up to the cosmos above. Connecting to our plant nature will aid us in choosing healthier nutrition and a purer expression. Our inner plant nature is the most primal part of us and is a very vital element of healing. The symbol for our plant nature is the Tree of Life.