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Spa Day: Healing my Inner Child and Embracing my Divine Goddess Self

Yesterday was an amazing day.  I went to a spa for the first time ever.  As I entered the spa, there was a hexagonal pool bubbling like a boiling cauldron but I made my way to the jacuzzi to find a moment of peace and calm.  From there, I called in my guides, soul and soul group out loud because I had the whole place to myself.  More than anything, I was so joyous to be in water again.  Water is my element, I love being in water with a passion and the current pandemic situation has made that difficult over the past year.  Water talks to me, yes, literally.  When I’m immersed in water, whether in the shower, bath, sea or swimming pool, I can connect to its vibration, it can be emotional and it gives me many insights, sometimes we have a two-way conversation.  Yesterday, I was buoyant in mood and my inner child was coming out to play.

In the jacuzzi, whilst connecting with water’s vibration, I started a healing process to completely clear the forty-two remaining shards of my wounded inner child, bringing it all into a whole and healed energy that I placed in my heart chakra. Wow, it was wonderful and deep and no sooner was it done than my inner child came out to play. I became like a child again, playing in the water, laughing out loud, full of love, joy and fun. It was wonderful to be in such bubbly water, especially the energetic spa pool with its multiple waterfalls and powerful jets churning up the water. I realised that fate had wisely determined that I come alone, I had asked a few people but ended up without a buddy. Had I been with a friend or if another client had entered the spa during this time, I would have preserved my adult decorum and not cavorted in the water like a seven year old having the time of her life. I had not played like this or had so much fun in ages.

After an hour and a half in the spa, it was time to go for my two treatments, a back massage and facial.  Oh boy!  I entered a new world and whole different energy.  This was peace, calm, serenity.  The soft lighting, warm sensuous scents and gentle music lulled me into a deep place as the masseuse began her art.  Having never had the experience before, I had no frame of reference but I was not prepared for what unfolded.  I began to recognise and embrace my inner goddess.  All women are divine goddesses but, in that moment, I was a conscious goddess and felt honoured by the gift I was being given.  It was, more than any other word, reverent.  I felt like she was acknowledging the worthiness of my body and soul.  I was amazed that a total stranger, albeit one doing her job, was touching me with her whole self, I could sense that she put herself wholly into what she did.  She was so caring and loving and giving, I felt divine.  When she proceeded with the facial, I expected her to slap on a face mask and leave me for twenty minutes, but no.  The entire facial was akin to a Japanese tea ritual, every motion was deliberate and beautiful, every touch was caressing and ceremonial.  The mask came with a face massage, even the hot flannel was moved across my face as though it was a ritual honouring my goddess self.  I have been thinking about setting up a spiritual community and retreat centre and it occurred to me on that couch that I need to run a Divine Goddess Intensive retreat and ensure every woman has an experience like this.  In fact, I’d like to include make-up, hair and portrait photography and give every woman a photo of herself as the divine goddess she is, so she never forgets it. 

Never would I have guessed when I went off to the spa this morning with my gift voucher that I would be having such a day, healing my inner child, embracing my inner goddess and shamelessly playing in water.  Needless to say, I’m going back soon.

Photo: This experience took place at The Cliff Hotel & Spa, Cardigan. Here is the spa pool.

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Message from the Water Elementals: 1

‘I am present bringing love and joy today, eager to express the delightful energies of the water elementals who exist throughout the landscape.  We are bringing you qualities of love, holding wisdom and memories that are coming to the fore within your consciousness now.  I am one who has stepped forward to represent the loving expression of the water elementals. 

Water is fluid energy, a vibration which, when expressed at the physical level, becomes the substance you call water.  However, at the cosmic level, the vibration you call water is not expressed as a physical substance, it is a high level vibration which you may call light or outer space.  The vibration determines its nature within each level of expression and, upon the Earth, bodies of water hold many wondrous qualities.  For instance, they act as recorders to capture and contain each and every moment.  This has been understood as the akashic record.  Through water, all that has occurred can be accessed. 

Water is a substance capable of consciousness and the elemental energies associated with water, such as myself, are expressing this energy with joy throughout the Earth, connecting light vibrations, through this element, from the cosmic realms and into the Earth.  Then, expressing from the Earth and into the cosmic dimensions, drawing down from above and bringing forth from below, ascending and descending in a dance of creative love. 

Our purpose is to enliven the purity of water, which is present as molecules in every space that exists.  The density of these molecules is greater in bodies of water such as oceans, rivers and lakes, but water molecules are present in your body, they are present in the atmosphere, they are present even in dry places upon the Earth, in many forms, in the sap of plants, locked inside crystal forms and in the bodies of all living creatures.  All is connected as one. 

Water is a vibration, a substance of light and in the physical, it manifests with qualities that you can experience.  This enables your being to be immersed in its presence, such as when swimming, bathing or showering. When you are in touch with the element of water, you gain the ability to connect deeply with our energies and tap into the wisdom and understanding that water holds within itself.  This is possible simply by focusing your attention upon the subject or question you wish to answer.  If you wish to know how water formed upon the Earth, simply immerse yourself in water, connect to our energies and ask the question.  You will become aware of whatever you seek with an open heart and an open consciousness. 

Much can be gained by opening your awareness to our presence.  We are bringing forth the teacher qualities of water to help your journey, moving towards the new Earth ascension.  We are changing also, the element of water is evolving into a new form, raising the vibration of its energy further.  The watery quality of this energy is present in the etheric but not in the physical form that you associate with it.  Watery space may be around you and within you, holding our vibration, and yet it may not have the physical qualities of wetness that you expect, for the molecules may be spaced apart and vibrating so that the energy is holding a different quality of expression. 

I am known by many humans as a nymph, my role is working with bodies of water in the landscape, supporting the flow of water to enliven a location in nature and connect with the elements of earth, fire and air, in balance and harmony.  Nature is enlivened and the harmonious balance of our energies, as we dance and weave throughout the landscape, brings beauty and richness that allows all life to thrive and blossom.  When you enter an area of landscape where this process is being expressed beautifully and perfectly, you may feel our presence, you may also experience a sense of peace and beauty.  When you enter an area of landscape where there is a misalignment with our energies or those of other elementals, then you may realise a sense of disconnection, a kind of imbalance, even a ‘sick’ feeling within the landscape.  This may lead to physical sickness for some people who live in such regions.  However, even within cities and areas where there is a build up of unnatural environment, there will exist elemental energies working tirelessly to express healing properties to bring balance and calmness to the location and all who experience it. 

Being in nature is an important experience for enlivening the energies within your being.  As you breathe, you draw in the rich food of enlivened, harmonious energy that we weave as we bring the cosmic vibrations and the inner Earth energies together.  This is a vital food, a fuel for humanity, for humans to draw into their multi-dimensional systems.  It is as vital as the food you eat for sustenance.  Your wellbeing is determined by drawing this energy into your bodies.  Some people resonate with certain energies within the landscape, perhaps the woodlands where the tree spirits are strong or the coastal lands where the sea is expressing its energies.  Perhaps the rich atmosphere of the air elementals in the high mountains or the earthy green, lush valleys.  The fiery sun in the stillness and silence of the deserts, all the landscapes bring unique qualities and when you are open you will be drawn to the locations that feed your light body best and recharge your battery, enabling you to be healthy and express a purer existence.  Let yourself immerse into these energies, cleansing all that you are, bathing you in love and light. 

We, the water elementals, are constantly available for a deeper connection to express the many qualities we offer, for, in connecting with you, we fulfil our purpose upon the Earth and we wish to support your awakening, as we move forward towards a world where we co-exist together in awareness, creating the truth that we are.’