Soul Guide: End of Life Offering

Amenet Drago, Soul Guide, End Of Life Practitioner, Shamanic Healer

Soul guide and spiritual support for you and the dying souls of your loved ones

There are souls on the Earth who are passing into the spirit realms, leaving their bodies behind. These souls are returning home, somewhere we will all return to, one day.

The souls that are passing over at this time are known as Truth Makers and they are leaving their bodies as they undergo an accelerated ascension shift. They are doing so, not only for their soul path, but for everybody upon the Earth.

Whether a person becomes unwell or is involved in a situation that brings about their death, their soul has chosen a quick ascension. This is not a decision made by the mind or personality, but by the soul. The Truth Maker Transition is not a conscious decision and cannot be chosen by the personality.

As the soul leaves the physical body and returns to the spirit realms, a transformation of awakening truth is experienced and it’s a very blissful experience for the dying soul.

Whilst going through this transition, especially with the support of a soul guide who is tuned into the experience, the soul is able to anchor their experience of incredible truth into the Earth and into the consciousness of humanity, as a light download that accelerates the ascension of all beings.

The soul that is Amenet Drago chose to be present upon the Earth at this time to guide Truth Maker souls, to support transformation and anchor truth whilst enabling the powerful ascension experience that the soul embodies.

Amenet Drago embodies key skills, abilities and tools, in partnership with her companion soul dragon, Mastery. With the support of twelve spirit guides alongside Amenet’s soul group, she and Mastery hold the energy of transformation for those who are crossing over, ensuring the soul journey is beautiful and effortless. The transitioning soul is held in a space of blissful all-knowingness, enabling them to complete their personal ascension journey upon the Earth.

Soul Guide shamanic journey: what to expect

Amenet Drago works from a distance. She enters into a shamanic trance-like state to travel in her energy body with her companion soul dragon, Mastery, and with the support of her guides. She offers support and guidance to the soul who is journeying through the veil, from Earth to the inner planes. She may also visit and energetically support loved ones who are struggling with grief or with letting go.

Whilst guiding a transitioning soul, Amenet makes prayers and seeks absolution upon their behalf, as required. She calls in the departing soul’s loved ones in spirit to meet them and fully supports the release of karmic debt, soul contracts and unhealed or unfulfilled soul intentions. She calls upon the divine light of the highest vibration to immerse the soul in love. Amenet nurtures deep respect, honour and love for each soul that she supports.

Amenet Drago supports and guides animal souls as well as human souls.

The recommended contribution for receiving this service is £45, however, an appropriate contribution can be discussed and agreed upon enquiry.

Please contact Amenet Drago HERE to ask for more information or to arrange support

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Soul Mastery: Amenet Drago’s shamanic drum
what people say

“Whilst my mother was in hospital, I got word that she was fading fast and didn’t think I would make it in time.  I was in bits and pieces, conflicted between wanting to see her one last time and wanting her to be painless and free.  I called Amenet and she journeyed, at first, to visit me.  I instantly received such peace and stillness and no longer felt distressed about letting mom go.  Later, Amenet told me all about being with mom as she passed and it was so beautiful and precious.  She didn’t get to speak with mom, but she met and talked to my dad who was there, he died several years previously.  It was wonderful to know they were together and receive his words.  I cannot express how much it meant to have Amenet’s support for myself and my mom, I am eternally grateful.”  – P.B. Bristol, UK   

“In a dark space of grief, despair and confusion, Amenet was the shining light that helped my aunt’s soul finally be released from her physical body. It was perfect and simple from my side because all Amenet needed from me were the names of the people in the physical who might be holding onto my aunt.

The night after Amenet did the journeying work, my aunt was finally free and at peace as she left this world. Before Amenet even had time to report back the next morning, I was already receiving such strong confirmations from the family members of their own healing. So, when Amenet gave me her full report, I felt confident in her incredible gifted abilities and comforted to hear about the transformations she facilitated for my dear aunt and family members. What a gift you are Amenet, thank you so much.” – H.H. Pembrokeshire, UK   

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