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Waking Up

Quite often, the posts I write don’t represent where I’m at, they’re me working things out for myself.  It’s a part of a process where intellect is engaged, part of moving through the energy to realisation.  So, when I state something, it doesn’t mean I’m there yet, it means I know I’m working through that energy.

I watched a film recently, it was one I’ve watched at least five times, an old favourite I never seem to tire of.  Every time, it gets me in the heart, which is not surprising since it’s a film all about the heart.  And more than that, it’s a film about claiming your darkness, and I hadn’t really noticed that before because I hadn’t watched it just at the moment when I was ready to see it before.

As usual, this time, the emotions started to surface, ones I often struggle with.

And there it was.  After my recent post ‘Allowing Life to Be’, I realised what I needed as I watched the film.  I realised that those struggling emotions of yearning and desires and loneliness, a desire for a deep, abiding loving relationship that expresses as a sacred union at all levels, this is not a lack in me, not something to fight or struggle against, not a bad or negative feeling. It doesn’t represent a deficiency or failure. It’s okay, it’s a part of me.  It’s who I am, and all of a sudden I claimed it.  I embraced my needs and desires and moved the energy from dissonance to resonance. 

Then, I realised there was more that needed to be claimed, I needed to claim the darkness, the loss, abandonment, lack of love I’ve experienced, deeper than I’d ever claimed it before.  Instead of feeling it was something that had happened to me, that it was a problem, that it was the opposite of what I wanted, I claimed it all.  I claimed the darkness as mine. 

Now, I own it.  I can no longer be hurt because it’s something I allow as who I am.  All those emotions that weren’t love became love, love for myself.  I loved myself to freedom.

Guilt, resentment, blame, anger, sorrow, all became love.  And that love became peace.  The peace brought stillness and release, it brought acceptance and trust.  I accepted me and at the same time, I healed myself some more.    

Waking up is a series of moments of realisation, of claiming and acceptance of oneself.      

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Your Story

We all have a story. Some of us were born to live it and then to tell it. Some of us may never choose to share. But it’s there.

For some, it’s an anchor, defining us. Perhaps, limiting us, and yet, should we expand beyond it, it becomes a testament to our growth, our healing and fulfilment.

Don’t be your story, don’t get stuck there.

By telling your story, whether publicly or privately, you can free the energy, then move forward anew.

It has played a part in creating you, and yet, your truth is so far beyond it to make it irrelevant.

Allow your truth to find you and then look back at your unique journey and story with a knowing smile.

Knowing that’s not you anymore, knowing your story no longer defines you. Knowing how far you’ve come.

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I Am Present

Even if I seem distant,

If I seem quiet,

Know that I am present.

Unconditional love stays at source

And will not follow into darkness.

I am waiting.

Holding the light.

I will not give false platitudes,

But make silent prayers for you.

I place my whole being into the hands of the Creator

And trust that you make space for the Creator within you.

I will stay with the source, loving you as the source loves you.

I will not give the comfort that your wounded child craves,

But my soul glorifies in the presence of your perfect soul.

You may choose what you will,

Wander where you wish,

Even into darkness, confusion, chaos.

I will not move into the abyss with you.

I remain at the place of truth.

Whether or not you see me, whether you hear or feel me,

I am present.

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Your Greatest Gift to the World

“The greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.”   Lao Tzu

Whatever we do for ourselves, it affects everybody and everything.  There is nothing that happens in isolation, all things are connected.  We are all on the web of life. 

It matters not if it’s love or fear, compassion or anger, peace or aggression.  Whatever it is we express, it resonates throughout all-that-is.  It is the gift we give the world, humanity, Mother Earth, the Creator.

When we focus on loving ourselves, we increase the love in the world.  When we focus on healing ourselves, we increase the health of the world.  We might feel like a tiny grain of sand on a vast beach but this grain of sand can put out the eye of the mightiest beast.  This grain of sand can choke the throat of doubt.  This grain of sand can smooth the pains of the world.

Do not under-estimate your might, your power, your strength.  Do not under-estimate your worth and your significance in the scheme of things.  Do not under-estimate your influence.  You influence your family, you influence your friends, you influence your work colleagues, you influence strangers that cross your path, you are the most important person in the world.  We all are.  We are not equal but we all have equal influence. Because influence isn’t media coverage or who talks the loudest, it’s energy. And energy is every thought, every word, every action we make. Every moment counts. 

There is no such thing as selfish.  This is a concept designed to make you feel guilty for not putting others before yourself.  Who taught you that?  A generation who still carried guilt for two world wars?  It matters not.  The past is healing and we are the ones who are healing it by the choices we make.  What matters is that we, now, today, have the good sense to look beyond the filter that sees illusions and limitations.  You are here to make yourself number one.  You are number one.  This is the most loving, most giving, most precious thing you can do for the world.  To put yourself first.  To love yourself completely.  To honour yourself entirely.  To accept yourself absolutely.       

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Make Space For The New

What is it all about when everything is going wrong?  Problems everywhere. 

You’re moving through life, and it’s maybe through a storm or a lull, and maybe you’ve finally got past all the moves you needed to make in order to bring yourself into the right stream.

And yet, everything is going wrong.  Or maybe just one thing is going wrong but it’s a fundamental thing that affects everything.

What’s that about?

If you were aware that your soul is constantly helping you to align with the divine source, talking to you, showing you the way to go, how would you see things differently?

Maybe you would.  Maybe you would stop and sense where you are forcing things through instead of letting them flow.  Maybe you would begin to notice where you are holding resistance to change.  Maybe your soul is saying, “Let’s not do that anymore, it really isn’t serving us” and yet, you really feel like THAT’S not going to happen. 

A part of you is just not ready to give that up, to change that behaviour or belief.  But let’s face it, you know, deep down, that’s not serving you anymore. You know that the reasons you are stuck doing this are not coming from your highest good. So, the universal energies keep putting obstacles on your path, especially around that particular thing, because eventually, you will get it. 

And if we don’t, if we persist, we get ill.  We begin to internalise the dissonance, the energy that’s going against our divine nature, going against the flow.  It goes into our being, into our body, and our body carries it, so we can keep doing whatever it is that isn’t serving us but that we can’t let go.

Let it go.  It’s that simple. 

It’s time to make space for your new life, your new you. The one you’ve been waiting for, hoping for. It’s here, so don’t fight it now. You’ve levelled up, you can’t continue doing that other stuff anymore. Now, you really need to listen to the flow of life, constantly placing you where you need to be, doing what you need to do, to stay with your fulfilment. It’s time to make space for the new.   

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The Angelic Presence Speaks About Our Birthright

“Where there is love, there is hope, for we are beyond your understanding in our perfection, and yet, we are your servants of the light, for our source is the same.  We come through the ether to connect with you now.  We are the most loving and devoted Angelic Presence.  We send our deepest, most profound and unlimited love to you.

Sisters and brothers of humanity, it is our wish to inform you of your birthright, for even though you are children of the Earth, even though you have created a deep and abiding relationship with the energies of Goddess Gaia, you are star children of light.  You are pure, perfect love and your vibration is capable of rising to harmonise with ours and with the divine source.  For you are an expression of the divine source manifested within the physical dimensions upon Earth.  Beloved children, sisters and brothers within the light, how grateful we are for all those who feel, sense, acknowledge and connect with our vibration, creating harmonies and peace, healing and truth upon the Earthly plane.  There are those of you who can hold our energies within your consciousness and express them throughout the Earth for your brothers and sisters of humanity.  You may express through creativity in the physical, through painting, writing, through movement, singing, music.  You may use crystals to support the energy.  You may use other physical forms.  You may place our loving energy into many forms, it can be stirred into substances that are eaten or drunk. 

There are many upon the Earth who use food and cooking to express a beautiful and sacred, deep love.  You are aware that it is in the process, the process of painting, the process of writing, the process of making food together, perhaps with the young ones in the family group.  The process of playing, the process of sharing music and dance, the process of drumming together.  Whatever you are doing, when you connect with our light and send it out through your thoughts, words and actions, you will feel the divine magic.   There are many ways and the most sacred harmonies and vibrations come through when all that is done comes from the heart and from a foundation of love and gratitude.  Gratitude for life, for each other, for yourself.  Gratitude for the abundance and blessings that are constantly flowing to all those who have opened to accept such limitless bounty.”

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Mother Earth’s Message about The Warrior’s Path

“All that is love surrounds you.  All that is love is within you.  I am Mother Earth, I greet you, beloved child of the Earth, my beloved daughters and sons, for you are one that hears my call.  I ask you to remain open and connected with me in every moment, every day, and I will support you.  My love flows freely and beautifully through our channel of connection. 

This message is for you, hear me, for I wish to ask you to express your understanding of my call to others.  Your call will be heard.  Your most expansive attitude is called for, it is important for many to hear my message. 

Please bring to mind the warrior’s path.  The warrior is a fighter and may fight for many reasons, for many causes.  You may fight within yourself or you may express your fierce attitude outside yourselves and upon others, towards a perceived enemy.  The warrior never shirks, for they embody their warrior spirit and many warriors stand together with others, creating an army, a force, an energy of fight. 

I wish you to contemplate, what is fight? Fight is an energy that may be in your hearts and sometimes it appears for good reasons, for good causes, sometimes it appears creating chaos and disharmony, suffering and pain. Fight, as an energy, is not in alignment with the divine source, fight is a dissonance, it is never in alignment with the divine source to stand in opposition, in any way, with another energy. However, it is not wrong to do this either, it is simply a choice and a path. We can fight from a place of love, but love does not express itself well through the tension that is created when we are fighting, love expresses best from a place of peace and stillness within. And our energies are constantly being directed, during 2021, towards co-operation, connection and harmony. Conflict and fight create a dissonance and an opposition with the unifying energies of oneness that are to be embraced for a stronger connection with myself, Mother Earth, and with the divine source.

Please contemplate the ways in which you are a fighter, whether it is in opposition to your own self, your behaviours, words and actions, your body, your emotions, your pains and conditions. These limitations are to be welcomed, to be embraced. And as you learn this, you learn also that the limitations that are imposed upon you throughout the world, forces and organisations that appear to create negative energies and imbalances, even upon my own body, the Earth, these are to be welcomed and embraced for the gifts they bring. They are creating opportunities for release and healing. They have a purpose, a value and where acceptance, openness, connection and co-operation are offered, then, the absence of an adversary allows the energies to flow, opening up to synthesis and unity. But in creating an opposition, an opponent, this is consolidating the energies of strength and power in resistance, in contention, creating a wider gulf and a stronger obstruction.

Let these words be heard, for many upon the Earth who love my energies, my expressions, my beautiful planet, my soul and myself, Mother Earth, many who wish to remain deeply connected with the divine source, are remaining in opposition to the energies of unity and oneness that are flowing through the Earth and humanity now. We are asking humanity to open their hearts, to accept and connect with even those they perceive as the enemies of all that is good.”

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Saying “Thank You”

What if every time we hit a shitty day, we said “thank you” to the day?

What if every time we bumped up against a challenge, we said “thank you” for that challenge?

What if every time our life went pear-shaped, we said “thank you” to life?

What if every time we felt like we were immersed in darkness, we said “thank you for this gift”?

What would it mean if we did that? 

That we recognised the gift of suffering?

That we understood that we choose everything?

That we realised that all circumstances are nudging us forward on our soul path, towards our destiny?

That perfection can be found in suffering and pain?

That we can embrace our place on the web of life where all suffering is a part of the beautiful interplay between life and death?

That every challenge, every shitty day, every moment of pain, every piece of bad luck, every misfortune out of our control is a blessing?

When we start saying “thank you” to the Universe every day for our suffering, something magical happens.  Our life transforms.  We start seeing the beauty in what was previously a misalignment in our life.  We are miraculously aligned with the divine source in every moment. 

There are no more bad days, there are no more difficult moments.

Being with the way it is, rather than the way we think it should be, allows for the gift of presence.

Acceptance of ‘what is so’ gives us full permission to truly make a difference. 

There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, there is only love.  Dark or light, good or bad, it’s all love.

Surrender, stop struggling, stop choosing to be disconnected from the source, we are one.   

When we embrace our suffering, we can access its source, then, we align with our healing.

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Letting Go And New Beginnings

I’m a bit of a control freak and so are my mother and husband, the two key influences of my life.  I realise we are all control freaks with different focuses.  My mother is a master control freak in many ways but specialises in controlling people and situations.  My husband can sure give her a run for her money, but his specialities are processes and systems.  For myself, I have tried to control anything that triggers feeling overloaded, attacked or rejected.  I realise we are all trying to avoid our triggers, the triggers that fire off our childhood wounds and traumas and that’s what our controlling ways are all about.  Most people feel out of control as a child, in one way or another, we are not the ones in the driving seat of our lives at that time. We don’t necessarily realise that those childhood fears are still driving us.           

Letting go is the opposite of being in control.  Letting go is relaxing, relinquishing the need for control because we have opened to trust. Don’t you just yearn to relax, to let go? Doesn’t that possibility sound so releasing, healing, loving and nurturing? We can learn to trust others, the world and ourselves, learn to trust life. To do so, all we need to do is choose it and keep on choosing it. 

Over the past three years, my guides and soul have been teaching me about letting go.  They use a number of key words; accept, allow and surrender.  And trust.  They have been preparing me for a future that’s about to unfold. 

It hasn’t been easy, I still sometimes notice my controlling ways being triggered. I can also allow, accept and surrender in many ways too. It materialises in little, everyday ways as well as the attitude I bring to my life, to let go and surrender where I’m going, what I’m doing, who I am.

Right now, I’m selling my house, leaving my husband and stepping out into an unknown future with relatively little to live on.  I have no idea where I’m going to live or how I’m going to survive.  On paper, it looks a bit dodgy, in reality, it’s perfectly fine.  All I need do is keep the fear that comes with the details out of my head and hold my mission of service to life itself in my heart.   

I’ve been alive 59 years and have never lived on my own before, never stood on my own two feet without someone else there who thought their mission was to look after me, and it’s been nice, being looked after, up to a point.  But that point meant relinquishing myself, pleasing others, not knowing who I was or living my own life and that no longer is a part of my path.

I find I’m not terrified, actually, I can’t wait. I am excited to see what comes, to make my own decisions, to feel a sense of personal freedom I have never known. I trust the universe to provide what I need. I know this is my path and that I am being held by invisible hands. I am ready.

Whatever 2021 has in store for you, I hope you find the trust in yourself to let go of your fears. We are at a time when letting go of our fears is being experienced in every way, individually and en masse. When fears are released, they first have to be expressed, they come to the surface and manifest in our lives and that can be terrifying, like coronavirus.

Fears come up anyway from time to time, when triggered, and we cannot go through life controlling things so that they are not released, no matter how hard we try. So, next time, when your fears come up, sit with them, don’t fight against them. Listen to what they have to say but don’t judge, just listen. Accept, allow the feelings and the thoughts to happen because they probably have something to teach you, then say; “I release you with love in my heart.” And let go.

May this New Year bring a magical and healing new beginning for you, full of unconditional love for yourself, dear and beautiful soul.
Love and blessings, Ananda Amenet x

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Darkness and Light: Embracing our Whole Selves

Light and darkness has been surfacing a lot lately and I started pondering, what do we mean by light and darkness?  What is it?  As I asked the question, the answer came.  It’s time to take a deeper look. 

I perceive myself and you as a light-being, a soul made of light. The light that we are is an extension from the source. Let’s imagine that the light from the source, of which we are made, is white light. As we live our lives and experience ourselves and the world, we manifest and create our reality. Sometimes, what we create is vibrating in harmony with the source, let’s call that pink light. We also create experiences, energies and expressions that are limitations, boundaries, blockages. Not negative, they simply do not harmonise with the source. The dark side is anything that creates separation from the source, our wounds, our sense of separateness, not accepting our truth, all created by ourselves. Let’s call this blue light. Darkness and light, the blue and pink light, are both made from the source but have been created by us because we have free will to use the source and manifest our own creations.

We are inclined to shun our dark side when we would do better to accept and explore it, welcome it. Through acceptance, what is dark transforms to light. It is a teacher, we are learning who we are, unfolding our truth and the dark energies we create are showing us the way. If we ignore the dark side of ourselves and simply try to bathe in our light, we are shunning a big part of who we are and if we do that, we become unbalanced.

We exist in two worlds, the physical and energetic, and we exist with two kinds of energy, the dark and the light.  When we focus on the light, we expand, we experience the limitless quality of our existence, connect with our divine nature and this is enlightening, but that is not all we are.  By exploring our limitations and blockages we can be guided by the energy, accept our physical nature and recognise that working with the dark is what reveals the light. 

When we go into our darkness, we bring our light to it. Let’s not be afraid of our dark side, let’s embrace it, it is a valid and important part of who we are. Whether we created our darkness or someone else did, let’s accept it and hold space for our darkness to heal and integrate. By recognising and accepting our darkness, we are healing ourselves.