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How Often Would You Like Me to Post?

I don’t know if this is going to work but I really hope it is.

Dear reader, I’ve spoken to you directly but never engaged so actively with you before, even though I’ve often wished to. So, this is exciting and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. I really hope you get in touch below.

I’m so grateful that you’re here, reading my posts, perhaps following me and I’m here to let you know you matter.  Without you, I wouldn’t be doing this blog or developing my service in the way that has unfolded.  Thank you sincerely from the depths of my heart. 

And to DiosRaw and Sarita A, “thank you, thank you thank you!”  You are the ones who stop and say “Hi!”, you are the ones who let me know you’re here.  I see you.  I am truly grateful, your presence makes my heart smile.

To all who are reading this, I’ve been wondering of late what your preferences are with how often I post. Whether you’re a follower of my site or just stopping by, please would you take a moment to let me know what you think about that. 

I write five posts a week, daily, not including Saturdays and Sundays.  But that’s random, I don’t know if that’s too much or not enough.  Well, I can’t imagine it’s not enough because most people have more to do on the weekends and we all need a break from social media, don’t we?

But is it too much in a busy world full of information? 

Below, you will find a little poll, it will take a couple of seconds.  Please let me know your preferences with how often I post, it’s anonymous.

And if you would like to say more, just leave me a comment below or send a private comment via the ‘Contact’ page.

Thank you so much for doing this, I really appreciate hearing your voice.

Love and blessings to you all, Ananda x   

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I Will Not Fix You

Do you ever get caught up with other people and their lives, because you know you can see something they can’t about the things that are hurting them?

With our nearest and dearest, it can be so tempting to point it out, and usually, that’s going to end badly.

Or we keep tight lipped and watch our dear one floundering around, completely missing the understanding we can see right in front of their nose.

Perhaps, we convince ourselves that we are doing the right thing, the best thing, to tell them what we see, we feel we are helping out.

And yet, this is not always welcomed, especially when they are not ready to hear it, when they don’t see it that way themselves.

And how do we know we were right or wrong?  How do we know what their soul’s truth is?  Maybe it’s their soul path to find this out for themselves when the time is right.  Maybe we will come to see that, actually, we are interfering and our view is simply that, a perspective coming from our personal filter.

Have you ever thought, I’ve been struggling with all this trouble in my life and if somebody who loves me can see what I’m doing wrong, please point it out to me!  

But then, if somebody does, we feel so attacked, we feel small, like we were stupid to be going about without seeing it all that time, that other people must have realised and we didn’t?

And maybe it hurts to be told about what we perceive as our faults.  What we perceive as our weaknesses.  Having someone point out where we are going wrong, where our patterns create dissonance in our lives, that’s going to be difficult to take.

And yet, saying nothing and watching our loved one keep falling down, remaining in pain and suffering because they are oblivious of what we see, that’s a tough one.

Have you noticed, it’s so much easier to understand other people’s lives, their patterns, their wounds, the mistakes they keep making, so much easier to see it in others than in ourselves.

Here’s a little prayer I came across that really speaks to me.  It’s learning I needed, it’s wisdom that speaks volumes, I hope it helps you too, because the last line says it all.  Quite often it’s much harder to walk beside our loved ones and let them make all the mistakes they need.  Let them be oblivious.  To know that that is their path and they’re entitled to it.  To remain constant and unflustered when our loved ones cannot see the healing they need and know that’s okay for them, they are on their own journey and to be alongside is enough.

And, for those of us who are healers, who have dedicated our lives to helping others, we are especially in need of pondering on this wisdom.

A Medicine Woman’s Prayer

I will not rescue you.

For you are not powerless.

I will not fix you.

For you are not broken.

I will not heal you.

For I see you, in your wholeness.

I will walk with you through the darkness

As you remember your light.