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House of Cards

What do you do when everything’s a mess?

Chaos does not create order

Chaos creates more chaos.

Sometimes, you just gotta pull the plug

Bring down your house of cards.

Let it fall

What you fear, the collapse,

It’s not going to be as bad as you think.

Let it come

Let the rubble fall

Let it fall until it settles

Then, have a good look around.

You are alive

You are still standing

It can’t get any worse

You have nothing to protect now

Nothing weighing on you

Nothing more to fear

Your worst fear has materialised

And now you are free

Now, you can choose differently

And rebuild anew.

From the ashes of destruction

Soars the phoenix of rebirth.

Sometimes, it’s about one little problem

Sometimes, it’s our entire life.

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Celebrating the Resonance of Life

Time for my third and final post of the week on the subject of celebration (as tomorrow is Transformational Question Friday). 

And today I am celebrating Life!  Let’s go big or go home, as they say.  I don’t know about you, but for me life can sometimes be a bit of a roller-coaster, full of up days and down days and boy, do I get dizzy with it all sometimes.  And yet, even when I’m in the thick of a rough, tough week I know that so much of that problematic stuff, those thoughts and emotions, are coming from inside me.  Or are they? 

I spend a lot of time looking at life from the point of view of being energy.  We know that everything is energy, I do believe those science bods have decided this is definitely the case.  So, we are energy, everything is energy and that’s all there is.  It’s not easy to think of our solid, flesh and blood selves as energy, I admit, but hold that idea for a moment and let’s see where we can go with it. 

We also know that energy is vibration.  Everything is vibration.  When we are experiencing something that has the same or similar vibration level as us, it resonates with us.  The more something or someone resonates, the nearer the match to our own vibration.  When there is a mis-match, we get a sense of dissonance, it feels out of synch with us and we feel uncomfortable.  We learn to recognise the feeling of being uncomfortable and that’s life giving us a chance to make different choices.  

So, what can lead us to feel dissonance?  Anything that is of a lower vibration to us.  What if we are at a low vibration ourselves?  Then, other low vibration energies are a fit and we resonate with them rather than feeling dissonance. When we are at a low vibration and we come into contact with low vibrational situations, thoughts, actions, people, events, then they feel comfortable to us because we match them. We don’t get the signal to stay away because there is no dissonance. So, if you are feeling dissonance, going through times when you are out of synch, then you are resonating higher.  

It’s only when we are at a higher level of vibration than the dissonance that we detect its presence and know that something is out of alignment.  This is a gift, and it means that the low dissonance is not inside of us, it’s not a part of us, we are the high vibration and we remain the high vibration. We may choose to focus on and own that dissonance, but it is not us and we haven’t lost our own vibration, we remain at that same high level.

Life is amazing, life is looking after us all the time.  Just by being energy, being vibration, life ensures we are kept informed of our needs, whether or not we pay attention.  It also means that when we detect dissonance, when we are brought into contact with the vibration of a situation, event, thought or object that is not resonating for us, we are learning to understand that we are not that feeling, we can refuse to own that dissonance.  Just let it be there, respect it as a guest that has come to show us something, don’t fight it and don’t own it. Continue to vibrate at the same high level.  If we are wise, we learn to move away from whatever is bringing this lower vibe into our life. When we can’t move away, know the dissonance will pass, the dissonance is a teacher and a gift.  Life is a teacher and a gift.  Well worth celebrating, I’d say.        

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Conversation with my Soul and Ego

Beloved Soul, please help our beloved Ego right now.
Our Ego is struggling with this situation and these conditions and needs to feel our love.
Our Ego needs to know that, together, we have got this.
Let us show our Ego that she is not alone.

Beloved Ego, please accept the help of our Soul.
Our Soul wishes to pour her divine loving presence over and through you.
She sees that you are struggling with troublesome thoughts and feelings right now.
She is ready to oversee the burden for you.

Be at peace, Ego, for we are a multi-faceted, integrated being.
We are one and you will never need to carry everything on your own again.

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A Message from the Collective Angelic Presence

We are with you in ways beyond your comprehension and our love extends to all upon the Earth.  Our hearts are open.  We are the collective angelic presence, available to you all.  We come forward to speak with the greatest love, to remind you that we are amongst you and supporting you throughout all your trials, throughout all your challenges, throughout all your days and nights. 

We wish to express to you the ways in which we fulfil a supporting and loving role with you and for you.  Firstly, please know that everyone has personal angelic guides and supporters.  They are with you constantly, they are by your side.  Any need you express will be their focus.  They give to you, through love and light, whatever your needs are in any given moment, should you ask. 

Sometimes, when you ask, your conditions will change instantly and you will feel the connection with your angel guides. You will know that your prayer has been received and responded to.  Sometimes, you will not notice anything change because the change will be gradual and seem natural from your perspective.  Sometimes, it will seem that nothing has been heard, that your asking, your prayer, has not been responded to.  This is never the case. There are times when the response is not as you expect, for instance, you may ask for the removal of difficult conditions that are manifesting for you such as sadness, depression, pain or anxieties.  You may ask for these conditions to be removed and you may find that the conditions are still present.  When the conditions can be removed, they will be removed.  But there are times when your soul and your higher self, who know exactly what you need for your healing and your fulfilment, if they see that these difficult conditions are serving  you, are teaching you or are giving you an opportunity to release what needs to be released, they may not be removed by us, for we would never wish to take away your opportunities for growth and will not act against the wishes of your highest self.   

The opportunities to increase your light and move into healing are paramount to your wellbeing.  There are times when your difficult conditions may be removed temporarily in order to provide a moment of peace and rest for you, a kind of sanctuary, where you can take some moments removed from the difficulty that you perceive and this may be so with chronic pain or depression.  There are, quite often, other ways that we can support you, even if difficult conditions remain.  We may support you to be more comfortable with the conditions present, to feel more supported and loved, to understand those conditions. 

We often hear your questions, such as “Where am I going?  What is my destiny?  Will I meet a romantic partner soon?  Will my project work?  How long do I have to wait?  Why can’t I get better?”  There are many questions constantly being asked, and of course, it is the case that our response is quite often, from your perspective, subtle.  You may see an affirming sign if you are open to receive.  Our tendency, through the love of the Creator, is to support you in finding the answer within yourself.  So, instead of asking us a direct question and expecting a direct response, it helps if you begin a dialogue with your personal angelic supporter on the subject and this will enable you to explore the subject of your question.  Simply ask the question, perceiving yourself talking to your personal angel and allow your angel’s response to come up in your awareness, like an internal dialogue. Quite often, doing so will bring you to your answer.  All answers already exist within you, there is nothing that does not exist within you.  When you ask the Creator a question, you always already have the answer inside of you.  So, this approach is a way to reach that answer within you.

We are especially present in strength when you are experiencing the most trying and overwhelming situations.  Perhaps a terrible tragedy has occurred, quite often involving the loss of a loved one, for instance.  That loved one may be a close member of your family, a close personal friend or a beloved pet, for you make deep connections of the heart with many living beings.  When the transition that you call death creates a significant grief for you, it can be seemingly beyond endurance at times.  Whenever you experience any situation that seems to take you to the edge of your endurance, please know that we are with you, surrounding you, and should you remember our presence in your thoughts, it is within the realm of your ability to connect to the feeling of our presence, to experience the serenity, love, compassion, the deep connection that we share with you.  We are committed in service to you.  We are stepping forward and requesting your conscious awareness of our presence so that you may fully embrace all that we express, all that we are.     

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A Perfect Storm

Do you ever feel that your life is like a storm? Chaotic, tempestuous, catastrophic, disordered, explosive turmoil? Maybe a person or situation in your life is causing this kind of disruption. Perhaps it’s something going on inside you, an eruption from within. It may be the odd moment of mayhem, it may be an all-out raging tornado, tearing your life apart.

What if I told you that even in the midst of the most violent and chaotic storm, everything is unfolding to perfection?  The perfection of what your soul is yearning for. 

Have you ever stood outside amidst a wild storm? Some of us actually go seeking such an experience. Talk about feeling alive, wow, it’s literally electric. Personally, I find it shamanic to experience every kind of weather and a storm, particularly, calls to me. The Wild Storm cannot be denied, it is right there in your face, slapping you. It demands to be experienced. It is a full-body, no-holds barred experience. It lets you know you are alive. You haven’t lived until you have danced in a storm, screamed with the howling wind, drank the lashing rain and relished the metallic taste of the air.

At the centre of the storm is absolute stillness.  From space, a storm moving over the Earth is the most beautiful thing to see.  The centre is as clear and calm as the most perfect summer’s day.  A storm is nature’s way of refreshing itself, cleansing and healing is occurring amidst all that damage and chaos and it’s the same for us.  And when the storm passes, everything is at its greenest, so fresh and cleansed and perfect, the air feels alive and uplifting. 

All too often, when our life is a storm we feel at a loss, we can feel like we’ve been forgotten by the supportive energies of the universe, abandoned.  We are never forgotten, we are never in the wrong place, we are always in our perfection.  It is not our purpose to have a perfect life if perfect means everything is always sunny and lovely and happy and contented and nothing ever goes wrong.  Sad can be perfect.  Anger can be perfect.  Chaos can be perfect.  Perfect is whatever we need, whatever teaches us and heals us, even though it may look like it’s ripping us apart.  Sometimes we need to be ripped apart in order to heal.  Perfect is what uproots our weeds, disrupts our complacency, kicks us up the bum when we need a good bum-kicking.  When the Wild Storm comes into your life, step out into it and howl, dance, cry, rage, scream, run, throw your head back and laugh.  Be the storm, live the storm and find the perfection of this gift. It is given to you because you matter, because you are loved by the universe, because you are worthy of being healed, taught, cleansed and uplifted. Because you are moving in the right direction. This storm is guiding you towards wholeness, towards unconditional love, and that’s a special kind of perfection.   

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Diving For The Light

Like many others, I’ve had the kind of life where I lived in darkness a lot of the time.  A difficult childhood that felt lonely and full of fear.  An adulthood marked by dysfunction, trauma and wounding; from my childhood, the family legacy of generational abuse and probably trauma from past lives as well.  Such a lot to process and this is a part of the reason I didn’t have children, I knew deep down I needed to clear myself of all these burdens and their disruptive patterns so that I didn’t pass them on anymore and it took way longer than my child-bearing years to do it.  For the most part, I did good.  And I learnt how to dive for the light.

We usually say ‘reach for the light’, don’t we?  Reach for the stars.  Diving for the light is different, diving for the light means going down into the dark to get to the light.

Imagine you are treading water in a deep mountain lake in the middle of a moonless night.  The only way you have any sense of where you are is because the bottom half of your body is in water and the top part is in air.  Now, imagine taking a great, deep breath and diving down. 

There was a day when I nearly watched my husband drown. He was in the sea and there were others on the beach and in the sea. The tide was coming in and there was a sand bar. The sand bar made the waves bigger and rougher, they looked playful but what was not visible was the rip tide under the surface. My husband and a young girl became caught in the rip tide, they were desperately trying to swim to shore, touch their feet on the bottom, but as much as they tried, they didn’t move an inch. I watched and saw them both get tired. I screamed to him to grab the girl and swim out to sea, to break away from the rip tide, not fight against it, but he couldn’t hear me above the sound of the waves and the noise of people playing all around. Nobody else seemed to notice them, so I screamed louder at everybody around me, I screamed out and pointed that my husband and the girl were drowning, because they were. They were both rescued but not before they each accepted that their life was going to end there and then, they had nothing left to fight with. It hadn’t occurred to my husband to swim out to sea, it seemed completely contrary to common sense, he continued striving for the shore and was going to die trying to reach it.

Sometimes, we have to do the opposite to what our instinct says in order to find what we need to survive.  And that’s what it means to dive for the light.  We dive into the darkness because that is where light is born.  It means being able to accept the darkness, being able to love the darkness.  It means we don’t get upset with the hard days of pain or sadness, we embrace them.  We don’t feel like victims but like survivors.  We don’t feed our story of trauma but allow it to unfold.  We don’t hide our wounds but celebrate them. We don’t stay in the dark, because we know how to find the light in it.   

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Fear in Balance with Love

A while ago, I wrote about darkness and light and how we consist of a mixture of both.  I talked about how important it is to embrace our dark side as a valid and essential part of who we are, about the imbalance we experience when we embrace our light side and ignore or avoid the dark part of our nature. 

At the time and since, I have felt some unease about how we might use the light to transform the dark, which is essentially lack of love, otherwise known as fear.  On one hand, I’m saying embrace fear, I’m also saying heal and transform fear with light.  But if darkness is okay to accept, why do we want to heal it with light?

I’ve been sitting with this and asking for clarity.  Clarity has been forthcoming and now I see that fear is a bit like stress.

Have you heard that there’s good stress and bad stress?  For instance, some stress gives us an edge that makes us better people, physically stronger, sharper vision, clearer perception and senses, generally a bit nearer to having the attributes of a super-human.  When we are in crisis situations, some people fall apart and some come into their own.  When we perform on stage in front of a crowd, some freeze but most raise their game.  When we are caught in a life or death situation, we lift that tree trunk and save our beloved as the water rises.  That’s stress and it makes us super-heroes.  When stress is greater than the resources and skills we feel we possess, it builds up until something breaks and that’s the kind of stress we don’t want.

Turns out, fear is like stress.  Some fear is healthy, a good thing, it helps and protects us.  But if we feed our fear, constantly telling ourselves “what if?” and assuming the worst, then that kind of fear takes over and we think, feel and act according to limitations and restrictions that are not healthy.  Our goal is not to remove fear altogether but to not empower it, something we’re in the habit of doing every day.  

Let’s stop a moment and think of all the ways life gives us either an opportunity to empower fear, or a choice to not empower it.  The Covid situation is a good one.  There are those that are empowering the fear of severe illness or death.  There are those empowering the fear that the situation is a political strategy to control humanity.  There are those who are paying little attention to any of it, wearing their masks but essentially getting on with their lives whilst accepting the situation as it is. What I’m trying to say is that none of this is about what is going on outside, it’s all about what happens inside of us, the way we feel, the emotions and thoughts we feed.

So, what happens when love and fear come together?  When we recognise fear and blend it with love the two energies enter a state of natural balance.  In most circumstances, there is either love or fear, a predominance of one over the other, but when we bring them together and blend them as one, we get balance.  All we need do is recognise fear in ourselves when it arises and then bring in love.  Call in the energies of love and recognise them permeating through you, recognise that there is love even in the fear itself.  Ask the energies to blend as one and see it happen inside you and around you, send it out into the world.  When we do this, we create equilibrium within our being.  This is the same as a return to our natural essence.  We need balance on the earth right now, more than anything else, because with it, the energy transforms and shifts. It opens us up to releasing all that needs to be released, to experience a greater freedom and liberation.

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Message from the Council of Nine: 1

‘Beloved children, you are with our energies now.  We are the Council of Nine, we come forth to express our love and support to you.  Your loving vibration upon the Earth is truly appreciated and valued and many are stepping forward to support the Earth’s ascension and the unity of humanity, indeed, there are many beings of light surrounding the Earth who are supporting this ascension process. 

It is a beautiful time for all who are incarnated upon the Earth.  You have all chosen to be present at this time, you are ready to open to your truth.  There is much that can be accomplished by being aware of all that unfolds within your realities and your greatest resource for this unfoldment is acceptance, the energy of acceptance surrounds you now and is fully available for you to access, as and when you notice any form of resistance occurring in your being.  Allow the energy of acceptance to flow into and around your being.  Be ready to open your heart and accept all that you are and all that you experience.  There is much that will and is unfolding at this time that is difficult to accept and difficult to acknowledge.  Much is being released from the Earth and humanity and, indeed, within your own experiences.  We are always present to support your navigation through moments that are testing and you will find that embodying the energy of acceptance, even when you feel it is something difficult to accept, this is your greatest ally. 

We are strongly supportive of your personal journeys and wish to inform you that many changes are possible as every human is expanding their template of reality and truth.  This means you are growing towards a new destiny of greater love and light than could formally be envisaged and sometimes, moving towards love and light involves stepping into the shadows, for shadows are born of light, they do not exist in the dark where there is no light. 

Be brave and step forward, always with acceptance in your heart in place of fears, doubts, resistance, anxieties and worries.  Embrace even the challenges that face you, for they are teachers and they are ready to move through you and be released.  You are loved unconditionally at all times and we speak from the heart of the Creator’s soul when we say you are loved beyond your understanding.  We are the Council of Nine, we thank you.’