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Giving Up and Embracing

These, I am giving up

Speculation, opinions, assumptions

Expectations, judgements, gossip

Deflection, manipulation, resistance

Control, perfection, intolerance

These, I am embracing

Acceptance, patience, stillness

Trust, candor, silence

Compassion, composure, peace

Allowance, openness, love.

In every way

Towards myself and others

In each moment

Let this be my stance

Let it be effortless

So let it be

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Soundscape: A Parliament of Rooks

Hello! Today, it’s my second soundscape post. The first brought you the sound of the sea at full moon and today, I bring you one of my local sounds of Spring, the sound of the rooks courting and building their nests in my neighbourhood rookery. And yes, the collective noun for rooks is a parliament, isn’t that cool? They do sound a bit like the hectoring and hullabaloo of the politicians in the House of Commons, Westminster, London.

Best appreciated by hearing their wonderful sounds, not all can appreciate the sound of the crow-type birds, I am one who embraces crows, as a rule, being as a crow is one of my personal shamanic animal guides. The rooks nesting near my home have reminded me that it is the attitude we take to the things we might call problems that determines whether they remain problems or are transformed into blessings. So it is that I count the noisy rooks as one of the many blessings in my life.

Of note, I mention near the end of the recording that it’s a February morning, it wasn’t, it was last Friday, a March morning. Quite often, being retired from the day job and in lockdown, I don’t remember what day of the week it is, but that’s the first time I actually got the wrong month! I take it as a good sign, it means I’m living in the now, where months don’t exist. Happy Spring everyone!

A Parliament of Rooks