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Finding Magic Every Day

When we are looking for the profound, for transformation, for momentous change or growth, awakening or enlightenment, don’t discount the simplest of experiences, events or moments.

Have you ever enjoyed a sunset or sunrise and found tears are streaming down your face?

Profound is what we get when the peace and stillness inside us connects with a special moment in the outside world.

And it can be the most mundane, everyday of things.

The trick is to learn how to master inner peace and mental stillness.

Keep engaging with the magical everyday.

Open up to the moment.

Still the mind.

(Image: ‘Setting Moon at Dawn, Seen from the Garden, Mynyddygarreg’ photograph by Amenet Drago)

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You Are Beautiful

You are beautiful, yes, you. Inside and out, body and soul. Everything about you is perfect.

What are these words? Beautiful and Perfect? They are limiting values, judgements, yes? Opinions. How can this be true?

Open up your mind, your heart. Look again at the world around you and everything in it. Feel your love flowing out from your heart like a soft, warm sun, extending outwards. See everything from your centre, from where the sun of your love extends. Is not everything beautiful? Is not everything perfect? There is only this, there is only now, there is only the extension of your love into everything, for it is everything.

Stay in this moment as though you have stopped time here. Pause. Check in with your heart, yes the sun of your love is shining brightly upon all you perceive. What do you feel? What do you realise from this place? Everything is one thing in many colours, all is the colour of love.

With the radiant sun that comes from your heart shining bright, turn to look at yourself. You are love. The trees are love, the sky is love, people are love, everything is love and you are everything. You are not separate, you never were, the extension of your love unifies you with all.

Be aware that all this is emanating from your heart, you are the centre, you are the creator and the mover of love through the universe right now. And the first thing that you love from this motion, the first to be touched by this powerful love emanating from your heart is you.

This is exactly as it needs to be, love yourself first so you can create and express your sun. The greatest love you can ever give is to yourself. The greatest love you can ever receive is from yourself.

Are you not beautiful and perfect from the centre of your loving self?

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Message from Lord Merlin: 1

‘Loving greetings to all who shine upon the Earth. You are divinely inspired to offer your service with love and devotion for the good of all, for your ascension and the planetary ascension, affecting Mother Earth and humanity, and all the energies that exist upon or surrounding the Earth.  I am Lord Merlin, and I speak to you today with love in my heart and bringing you the gift of power and truth.  You are standing upon a threshold and your destiny awaits. 

Beloved beings of light, be at ease, for you are guided at every step.  Each moment is precious and as a jewel of light and love, enriched by the divine magic at your call.  You are expressing divine magic through your being with your breath and your intent to share the beauty and truth of the Creator.  When you express yourself, you are creating a version of divine magic incarnated, which contains power and love and emanates these energies to all who behold your word, including yourself.  This is the power and potency of your word. We are infusing these qualities and more into every word you utter and will continue to do so.  You are a vessel that the Creator has chosen to transmit divine magic into the physical realities for many to access and this can be achieved in many ways, simplest of all, by breathing with the intention of expressing divine magic for all through your breath, grounding it into Mother Earth and gifting it to Mother Earth for all on Earth. 

Beauty is as much a part of your lifepath as is love.  You hold the energies of beauty within you and have the capacity to allow them to radiate out from your being at all times.  Please focus upon the light, love and beauty that you transmit in every moment, for this is your gift to the world and your expression of the Creator and this is your path of service.  You are moving to exist within a vibration of light energy at a higher level, at the highest level available to you.  And you are a beacon, through your light many will know love, beauty, truth and healing.  Many will come to know and understand divine magic and recognise this energy within themselves.  You are concerned with mundane fears, doubts and worries.  They are to be released now, please breathe through them and release them whenever they arise for you.  Every time you do this, you are removing resistance, fear, outdated conditioning and limitations that are no longer needed in your pure existence. 

I know that you are sometimes plagued with feelings, emotions and desires, and yet all you desire is within your grasp.  It is a part of your soul’s journey that is surfacing into your consciousness now, however, it is causing some difficult emotions, as you feel a pull and then your mind and emotions embrace negative and limited thoughts and feelings about worthiness and doubts about what is possible.  These can also be released through your breathing.  You do not need to fear the future and the destination of your journey.  You are placing your energies where they are needed when you focus upon creative endeavours to bring forth into expression the divine magic, beauty and love that is in your heart.  This, you may do in a multitude of ways and this is your focus.  Let yourself shine, be strong and trust that your soul is overseeing your journey.  I am Lord Merlin and my love is with you as I support your progress towards ascension.’