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Seeing the Light Through Struggle

When something unpleasant comes up, what do you do? Do you hold it inside to avoid creating unpleasantness for others? Or do you express your feelings and go through that unpleasantness in order to work it out and clear the air? And what if you get caught up with the other person in a whole world of hurt and recrimination? What if you can’t work it out together?

I recently found myself in this position, we do, from time to time. I went through all my hurt feelings, explored the dialogues I might have with the other and finally saw that my hurt was coming from inside me, not from the actions of others but from what those actions brought up in me.

What was the learning here?

Sometimes, it’s as though someone is purposely trying to push our buttons, creating drama and trouble. Even so, our reaction is down to us. How do we show strength, so not to be a push-over, and yet, rise above it?

I asked for guidance, helping me to see the underlying message for me. I realised old hurts were being triggered. I realised I had choices, that new directions were possible. Still, I didn’t know if I was going to say anything to the other person. It would take a little time for the feelings to resolve within me. Sometimes, I was calm about it, sometimes the feelings would rise up. I noticed that when I’m calm about it, the problem’s no longer there.

It’s always a good idea to stay with those feelings for a while, because they shift through a process of change and a day or two later, we might not feel the same. Sometimes, we need to talk about it, no matter how painful it may be. Sometimes, we don’t.

I found that the message and healing for me was the realisation that this is igniting a journey of transformation inside me. To remain in a place of connection, not fear, for hurt is a form of fear. This was an opportunity for me to turn within and reconnect with the light within my being, and just like that, I was reminded of a moment, two years ago, when the light flooded through my being like a cascade of the deepest, most incredible love and enlightenment. I knew that moment was with me still, once experienced, never lost, and here was a reminder to open to it again and embrace that light within.

At the time, a friend who witnessed my enlightening experience gave me this poem which I share with you now. It’s a reminder that, even if we don’t hold onto those powerful moments of growth, even if we plunge into darkness again, we don’t lose the moment. It’s called ‘Annunciation’ by Marie Howe:-

Even if I don’t see it again — nor ever feel it
I know it is — and that if once it hailed me
it ever does–

And so it is myself I want to turn in that direction
not as toward a place, but it was a tilting
within myself,

as one turns a mirror to flash the light to where
it isn’t — I was blinded like that — and swam
in what shone at me

only able to endure it by being no one and so specifically myself I thought I’d die
from being loved like that.

(Image: “Turbulent Waters” by Amenet Drago)

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Winter Solstice 2021: The Sun Stands Still

At 15.58 UK time (GMT) today, it’s the very moment of Winter Solstice 2021.

At exactly that moment, the sun stands still between its going and coming, leaving and returning.

The word ‘solstice’ means ‘sun stands still’.

The sun stands poised at the extent of darkness, gathering itself for the reappearance of the light.

This is the moment of renewal.

We rekindle the spark of light in ourselves and each other.

We are reconnecting to the light that is within and without.

You may think, in many ways, that these are dark times for Earth and humanity

But there has never been so much light shining throughout the Earth as now.

Gifted by the divine, increased with deepest love by archangels, ascended masters and star beings who are on the journey with us.

Let your heart embrace the renewal of the light,

Now, more than ever before.

This is a time of year when many people across the globe are opening their hearts to love,

To giving and receiving,

Sending cards of loving gratitude to each other.

Gathering together in celebration with family and community.

This is the time to tune into that powerful vibration of love,

To connect with the tremendous Christ light that begins to flow down to Earth and humanity from the moment of the solstice.

So, I ask you now,

At the moment of solstice at 15.58 GMT today,

Draw all the light into your being and send it to the leaders of the world, those who are visible and those who are invisible,

The ones that shape the future, they can create peace.

Together, we will open their hearts and minds.

Together, we will seed love,

Together, we will transcend fear.

Together, we will change the world.

My blessings to you this festive season,

May love pour into your heart,

May your heart open to receive the loving light that’s waiting to enter,

May the infinite blessings of the divine source pour over and through your being, cleansing, healing and enriching you.

My gratitude is with you, thank you for being present in my life,

Amenet Drago

(Image: “The Green Bough of Renewal” by Amenet Drago)

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Stories of the Heart

Two stories have come up on my radar, both BBC i-player Storyville documentaries.  The first is about a sweet elderly gentleman, as he is dubbed by the elderly women in the film, several of whom fall in love with him.  He’s somewhere between 80 and 90 years old, this is the age requested in the newspaper advert of the detective agency looking for a mole to live in a nursing home for three months.  The agency has been engaged by a woman whose mother is in the home and she believes the staff are mistreating her mother and stealing from her.

Equipped with appropriate spy cameras in his spectacles and pen, our man is on the case.  Truly, he’s such a sweetheart, he makes friends with so many of the residents in his attempt to uncover what’s going on.  The outcome is not as expected.

Nobody has a bad word to say about the staff but our mole uncovers something else entirely.  Firstly, he discovers that an elderly woman with dementia is going around and taking things, so that’s why things were going missing.  The real crime is how many residents are sad and lonely because they’re getting little or no visits from family.  In the case of one woman who thinks her mother is still alive, the staff frequently arrange phone calls to her from themselves, they pretend to be her mother just to comfort her.  She pleads with her ‘mother’ to come and take her home.  It can’t be easy for the staff to hear her heartfelt pleas but they keep ringing, just the same.

The emotional pressure begins to take its toll on our elderly gentleman-spy who is struggling with the sadness and hurt he sees as his newfound friends talk about being abandoned by their so-called loved ones.  Even the lady whose daughter complained doesn’t seem to visit her mother.  As our intrepid gent reflects, perhaps her attitude towards the staff is a deflection of her own feelings of guilt concerning her mother’s situation.

The second story is that of the corruption in Romanian hospitals that was uncovered following a fire in a nightclub where 12 people died and then another 37 people who went to hospital later died.  Not from burns but because the conditions were so terrible that they became infected in their wounds and died.  The level of scandal and corruption that’s revealed is mind-boggling and horrific to imagine because it goes hand in hand with personal stories of people suffering or dying as a consequence.  One character is a newly appointed Minister of Health who is really trying to sort out the mess and fix the problem, but the level of corruption is so deep that it’s soon clear he has no chance, and then there’s an election and he’s out of the job as all his efforts are wiped away.

The reason I’m telling you about these stories, and sorry for the spoilers, is because they touched my heart so much I was, once again, reminded that my life is a million miles away from that kind of hurt and it does me good to remember it. There are many, many people in the world who live every day with such conditions that I cannot even imagine.

All I put out about spiritual growth and love and peace and such, it just paled into insignificance for a moment there, in the sight of the everyday difficulties these people endure.  I’m glad these stories came up on my radar to help remind me of who I am, how lucky I am and to be humble and remember that some people are just trying to find a way to get out of bed, put one foot in front of the other and survive. 

I know that those sweet, elderly people who are in their final years are feeling lonely and abandoned because of what’s going on inside their heads and how that makes them feel and they’re doing the best they can with what they’re given.  I know that those people whose bodies are disfigured and whose limbs are missing due to the fire and those that lost their children, they are also choosing whether to let that define them or not, and that’s their soul’s journey.  They all have my sincere blessings and so many others whose stories I don’t know.  During this life, some are dealing with the toughest conditions for what their soul needs, some are taking on massive challenges that have the potential to transform many, maybe even a nation, maybe even the world.  Love and blessings to you all, whoever you are, whatever your life brings.         

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Soundscape: A Parliament of Rooks

Hello! Today, it’s my second soundscape post. The first brought you the sound of the sea at full moon and today, I bring you one of my local sounds of Spring, the sound of the rooks courting and building their nests in my neighbourhood rookery. And yes, the collective noun for rooks is a parliament, isn’t that cool? They do sound a bit like the hectoring and hullabaloo of the politicians in the House of Commons, Westminster, London.

Best appreciated by hearing their wonderful sounds, not all can appreciate the sound of the crow-type birds, I am one who embraces crows, as a rule, being as a crow is one of my personal shamanic animal guides. The rooks nesting near my home have reminded me that it is the attitude we take to the things we might call problems that determines whether they remain problems or are transformed into blessings. So it is that I count the noisy rooks as one of the many blessings in my life.

Of note, I mention near the end of the recording that it’s a February morning, it wasn’t, it was last Friday, a March morning. Quite often, being retired from the day job and in lockdown, I don’t remember what day of the week it is, but that’s the first time I actually got the wrong month! I take it as a good sign, it means I’m living in the now, where months don’t exist. Happy Spring everyone!

A Parliament of Rooks

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Message from your Soul Group: 2

‘Greetings beloved beings of light, you are welcomed to this moment of joy for we are worthy to express our love for you. We are the collective of all soul groups, so we are your soul group.  We are speaking with great love and we are devoted to support you on your journey upon the Earth.  Our love is always with you, we are one with your soul.  Your soul is perfect, carrying a deep energy of purity and a strong vibration of love.  Your soul has been learning throughout your lifecycles, learning about self-love and integration with the Creator and the Creator’s love, through means of physical manifested interplay.  The density of experience upon the Earth enables a great depth of experience through duality.  Your soul has learned through lack of love and being loved, through extreme experiences and feelings that bring forth the learning your soul has craved for.  We receive everything that your soul experiences, as does the Creator.  Support is offered to your personality, however, we wish to allow the unfoldment of experience in order for awakening remembrance to take place.  Your personality continues to experience the impact, the effect of duality as you interpret the energies as good and bad days, positive and negative experiences, in truth they are all one, there is only love and your experience that feels as though there is a lack of love is a self-created expression or a need to release fear, some of which has been held throughout the experience of many lifetimes. 

There is always love, there is only love.  The single drop of water that is tossed up by the ocean wave, it is separate but it is always the ocean.  And its separation is an illusion, simply an area of density of water, of ocean, for water particles are everywhere, always connected, despite the illusion of separateness.  We wish to remind you that you are always the energy of love which expands from your centre, you are always connected to the core of the Creator and to us and to your soul. 

There are many realisations and enlightenments possible through the experience of duality and that is why a soul’s experience upon the Earth is so valuable, for it leads to a powerful experience of transformation when awakening takes place.  You are blessed and emboldened to express through creative means the energies that are realised when fear is released and love is embraced.  Claim your truth.  This is what is meant by stepping into the power of your enlightenment.  Your greatest gift is the ability to let go and accept all that you are beyond duality.  You are light and love.  You are an emanation of our energy and the Creator’s.  You are a beacon for many.  You are capable and complete, ready to move into a new phase, the next phase of your journey, now.  Please begin to embrace all that surfaces, for you are capable of knowing that which comes from the purest source, take this as your guidance in making the next steps forward.  Believe in yourself and trust in the truth of yourself.  Stay with each moment, making that moment the most pure and authentic, pouring your focus, your energy and love, your power to express the Creator, into each moment.  You are blessed, we are with you, all is well.  Our love never leaves you, we are your soul group.’