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How Often Would You Like Me to Post?

I don’t know if this is going to work but I really hope it is.

Dear reader, I’ve spoken to you directly but never engaged so actively with you before, even though I’ve often wished to. So, this is exciting and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. I really hope you get in touch below.

I’m so grateful that you’re here, reading my posts, perhaps following me and I’m here to let you know you matter.  Without you, I wouldn’t be doing this blog or developing my service in the way that has unfolded.  Thank you sincerely from the depths of my heart. 

And to DiosRaw and Sarita A, “thank you, thank you thank you!”  You are the ones who stop and say “Hi!”, you are the ones who let me know you’re here.  I see you.  I am truly grateful, your presence makes my heart smile.

To all who are reading this, I’ve been wondering of late what your preferences are with how often I post. Whether you’re a follower of my site or just stopping by, please would you take a moment to let me know what you think about that. 

I write five posts a week, daily, not including Saturdays and Sundays.  But that’s random, I don’t know if that’s too much or not enough.  Well, I can’t imagine it’s not enough because most people have more to do on the weekends and we all need a break from social media, don’t we?

But is it too much in a busy world full of information? 

Below, you will find a little poll, it will take a couple of seconds.  Please let me know your preferences with how often I post, it’s anonymous.

And if you would like to say more, just leave me a comment below or send a private comment via the ‘Contact’ page.

Thank you so much for doing this, I really appreciate hearing your voice.

Love and blessings to you all, Ananda x   

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A Quota Of Questions

Why are you here? 
Are you looking for something? 
Am I speaking your language? 
Do the words on this site resonate for you?
Are you looking for kindred souls, for your tribe? 
Have you suffered a loss, are you grieving? 
Are you going through physical health conditions that are difficult and frustrating to cope with? 
Are you interested in hearing other people’s perspectives on the spiritual journey we’re all on? 

Do you see me?  Not in person, but do you recognise my soul by what you find here, in hearing my voice?

Let me tell you, I am speaking from the heart. 
I am on a mission, my mission is to use the gifts I’ve been given to the best of my ability.
To honour my soul purpose. 
I know who I am. 
I am a healer, a storyteller and a medicine-carrier. 
I am here, on Earth, to share with many the truth of our being, which is divinity and oneness. 
We are moving towards this embodiment, through the soul journey, together.
Maybe you’re on the same mission.

I don’t have all the answers, Goddess knows I don’t!
Like you, I’m still working it out.
Like you, I’m still healing.
I feel vulnerable and lonely sometimes and yet, I know that’s alright.
I can sit with it, lean into it.
We are the same, you and I.
We are love learning to be love.
The way we learn is by connection.
We are a mirror to each other.
I guess I’m busily being a mirror here.
Opened up so that others can see themselves in my reflection.

I would like to say “I see you” but I don’t, yet. 
I need some connection with you to see you. 
I need to hear your voice (written or spoken).
To have some banter.
To feel you opening up your heart.
To know you feel me opening mine. 
It’s good to be here, having a presence in the energetic web of communication that is cyberspace.
But I don’t wish to be a voice in the dark.

I am calling out to you to drop a few words my way, once in a while.
Let’s get to know each other a bit.
I wish you to feel comfortable and safe in this space. 
Comfortable and safe to open your voice.
I am speaking out into the void and what I speak is me working things out for me. 
Sometimes, I’m addressing you directly, but never before as directly as this. 
I want to get to know you.
I hope we can connect.
It might be a bit scary for both of us.
But that’s what being human is all about. 
Are you up for it? 
Give me a shout.   

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Full Moon Review: A Blogger’s Ponderings

Here I am, the night of April’s full moon contemplating and evaluating where I’ve been, where I’ve arrived and where I’m heading.  This is very apt, I was supposed to be moving into my new home today but instead, we haven’t exchanged contracts yet, let alone set a completion and moving date.  It’s looking like it might be another week away yet, maybe more.  It is very much a cusp moment.  After I move all my furniture into my new house, my first ever independent home, I’m going with my husband to his new house for a few days, even as we separate, in order to help our two cats settle with him.  Weird, perhaps, but we love each other greatly, we are not separating through lack of love or care for each other, we are remaining each other’s number one best friend.  We’re going to be 77 miles apart, so won’t see much of each other once we’re both settled in our respective new homes. It’s a big deal after 38 years of being together as a couple and quite a moment of change for both of us.

At the same time, I’m working hard at setting up my service, Soul Mastery, and putting together the final touches for my first offering, a six session course on soul integration to start in June.  So, a lot of new beginnings.  It’s feeling like reaching out to the universal energies and humanity, really, in a way that I can be using the gifts of my soul for a purpose that’s larger than the sum of myself.

I couldn’t help but reflect back to a post I wrote on March 11th called ‘Change Is Coming’.  That post marked the sewing of the seed, I feel.  And that led me to consider what my site here is doing in the way of reaching out, and I really must admit I am clearly not writing these posts for others, for the most part, but really for myself.  I am a niche writer, my subject is very personal and probably has a small audience.  I have 138 people who follow my blog, a tiny number compared to many blog sites, I know, but then again, put 138 people in a room together and it’s quite a crowd.  That said, my post statistics show very little traffic, anything from no views to a rare 13 at best, usually 2 to 4 if I’m lucky.  And when it comes to likes, rarer still, with comments as rare as hen’s teeth.  No, I am certainly writing for myself here. 

And I know it’s not about statistics, but this is a moment of review, so it’s also okay to look at it this way.  I’m guessing that other bloggers can identify, there are no other measures for us of how many people care to read us except views, likes and comments, after all.  So, if I ponder to myself, what’s the point?  Why am I doing this?  If I wish to promote a business, why not drop this and use Instagram and Facebook posts instead?  After all, I do quite often feel like I’m talking to an empty room.  And I’m more than aware of the role of ego in blogging, the idea that every one of us that publishes like this must actually think we have something to say that other people would like to hear, a bit grandiose, perhaps?  But that’s okay too.  It’s a funny world, the world of WordPress.  

Ultimately, this is about trust, it’s about allowing the flow and keeping out of my own way enough for the flow and the universe to take over.  It’s for them, the divine flow of universal possibilities.  It’s not about you, dear reader (helloooo!  Anybody there?!) so I don’t have to worry about views, likes and comments, thank goodness, nor pay any attention to my ego, who likes them.   

I like being here.  I like writing these posts, I like the process, the way it makes me think and work things out.  I like the way it brings things out of me I might otherwise never have said or thought or shared.  It matters that it’s public and not stuck somewhere nobody could ever see.  It doesn’t matter if only one other person reads it, or maybe that nobody reads it, it’s out there and it could be found, I’m not in control of that and that’s just fine.