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Shamanic Trance Intensive

As a shamanic practitioner, I wish to understand trance and look to history for inspiration.  I look towards those ancestors who lived before agriculture, the hunter gatherers.  A time when shamanism was synonymous with everyday life.  For thousands and thousands of years, humans have appreciated that there’s another state, another experience available within the human sphere, beyond our physical expression, and it happens during trance. 

Trance is a part of our lives even today, but we rationalise it as something ‘other’.  To our forebears  it was as real as what we call ‘normal’ everyday life.  They saw how powerful this state of consciousness is, they understood the possibilities and embraced it.

I’m especially interested in learning how to intensify the trance state in today’s world without the aid of hallucinogens.  I’ve realised there are numerous ways we can go deep into trance, especially when we layer the methods. 

Breathing is a hugely fundamental tool, as is repetitive percussive sound at about four beats per second.  These are my usual techniques when I’m doing shamanic work.  Another layer is sensory deprivation, wearing gear that renders us unable to see or hear.  Of course, if we are free-floating in a large tank of salt water in the dark, that’s going to do it, but that’s too impractical for the most part, so I’ll give that a miss since my bath isn’t big enough.

The shamanic trance intensive retreat kicks off with a vision quest, a powerful way to induce trance in itself.  One of the ways it does this is to induce a state of fear.  The idea is spending anything from a night to five days and nights alone, without human contact, with little or no food and only water to drink, with no comforts and staying awake the whole time, in a state of meditation and contemplation.  Staying with ourselves.  And that’s the scariest bit, having nothing to distract us from ourselves.  We live in a world where there’s so much to fill us up so that we’re not having to be with ourselves, TV, radio, music, books, phone, computer, social life, activities, food, alcohol.  We keep ourselves engaged to avoid having too much emptiness when who-knows-what can emerge from within us.  Vision quest is all about being with ourselves good and proper.  And that’s something that can take us into trance.  Some crazy things happened to me on my first vision quest, things like hearing the rain make melodious music and feeling a lot of presences with me. 

Sweatlodge is all about breathing and heat and fire.  Sweatlodge is ceremonial.  Ritual and ceremony are also trance-inducing through the power of repetition, focus and  building the intensity of the energy.  Sweatlodge is a purifying experience but also brings us into a deeper state of consciousness.  Like vision quest, sweatlodge induces increased levels of fear because it can be difficult to breathe and manage the heat and one can feel trapped in a small space.  The heat can be challenging and along with possible dehydration, it’s easy to find oneself becoming dizzy and light-headed.  Trance-invoking percussive sound and chanting are also used during sweatlodge.

Trance dancing and drumming in a repetitive rhythm around a fire is a powerful experience, especially at night.  Group shamanic trance dances always induce deep and profound trance states and are ideal for undergoing shamanic journeys. 

Finally, I’m learning currently about postures and what they contribute towards shamanic trance experience.  It was back in 2018 at a London workshop that I first found myself working with movement during meditations, activations and journeys.  I’ve found correlations from a number of sources that endorse either body movements or postures during meditation or journeying to create a potent focus and energetic alignment for a particular purpose.  This work can create powerful and intensive trance states and I intend to write a more detailed post on the subject in the future.

The intention of trance is to achieve as deep a state of consciousness as possible, in order to open oneself up to the non-physical world.  In doing so, it’s possible to really boost one’s capacity to experience otherworld reality and beings.  An even stronger connection with ones’ spirit guides is reached.  That’s why the trance intensive retreat spends several days creating deep trance states, so that participants can intensify their connection with elemental and nature beings such as tree and plant spirits, landscape guardians and the energies of earth, air, fire and water.  These beings don’t exist at a physical level and therefore we can’t communicate with them that way.  They exist at the emotional energy level and by inducing a non-physical energy stance, we are able to experience and communicate with these and other beings.  Nature beings and elementals are teachers and have gifts to give.  Where plants are concerned, this is paramount for healing.  Where elementals are concerned this is a way to achieve healing, balance and harmony for humanity and planet Earth.       

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Finding Your Inner Peace: Second Skill for Life

Once we are adept at conscious breathing, finding our inner peace is possible.  This ability is essential to serenity and sometimes survival.  Imagine how precious it is to have your very own sanctuary or ashram to go and sit in any time you need a moment’s peace.  You do, it’s waiting, it’s inside you. 

Peace is that moment when you stop everything; you breathe, let go and just be.  It’s stopping time, stopping the world.  It’s entering your inner self.  It’s wonderful.  Peace can be a key towards really connecting to the energies of nature.  To approach a tree energetically, we first find our inner peace and express it to the tree, along with our love.  To stand in nature, soaking in the landscape, breathing in the air, feeling the breeze and the sun’s warmth and connected to our place of peace within has got to be the best thing ever.  But we don’t need to be in nature, we can be anywhere because this perfect place is already inside of us.  We could be in hospital, prison, lost, alone, in pain.  If we know how to find our inner peace, everything can change in an instant.

The way to our inner peace is different for each of us, some find it as easy as breathing, some struggle for years and never seem to find it.  There are so many different methods that it’s impossible to state them all here.  I wrote a post on November 20th entitled ‘Finding Peace, Simplicity and Truth’ which involved calling on Archangel Michael and asking him to bathe you in his blue and white light, this is one easy and beautiful way to find peace.  Another way is to make a meditative visualisation.  Breathe consciously and enter a state of deep relaxation.  Then, ask to go to your centre of peace.  Your awareness will enter a place inside your being that you feel pulled to. You can also ask you guides to help you with this.  Once you have found your centre of peace, you know you can go there any time you need.  I have two such places inside me, one is deep in my abdomen, in the cradle of my pelvis, the other is accessed by entering my Soul Star chakra above my head, where I enter the ashram of my soul. 

Enjoy the wonderful tranquility and peace it brings.  Go there lots and lots because each time you do, you are creating an energetic pathway that will grow stronger and stronger the more you use it.  Eventually, you’ll be able to enter this state instantly and remember it’s there every time you need it.  You will be able to stay calm in the face of adversity and cope with all kinds of difficulties. 

Imagine if you had been taught conscious breathing and how to find your inner peace as a small child.  How much easier do you think your life might have been?  Do you know a little one who might benefit from learning these things from you?

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Conscious Breathing: First Skill for Life

I’ve decided to begin a mini-series of posts which cover the fundamental skills, tools and practices that enable us to move forward as multidimensional beings.

Today, it’s conscious breathing, something most of us use and I hope many children are getting to learn this basic but powerful practice, because it does so much for us and is the backbone of so many spiritual techniques.

Breathing is the only bodily system that can either be consciously or unconsciously operated.  When we focus on our breathing, we can use it to take us into a state of calm, even to a state of altered consciousness that enables our entry into realms beyond everyday reality.  So, when we do this and then call our guides, our soul, soul group, angels, or whichever kind of support we choose, we are open and more receptive because of it.    

The key to conscious breathing is the speed at which we breathe, not the depth or amount of breath we take in.  If we slow our breathing down as much as we can whilst remaining relaxed and comfortable, then we will automatically trigger a natural bodily system that makes us calm and peaceful, even when we are anxious, stressed or emotional.  It’s like having a magic switch.  And we only need do this for a short number of breaths before we experience improved physical body sensations, emotions and thoughts.  Thoughts can be the last and more difficult to achieve but once the body starts to calm down, the mind will soon follow, especially if we back up the breathing with some affirming statements like “I am now existing at the centre of my inner peace”.

I recommend using slow conscious breathing many times a day until your body gets so used to it that it becomes unconscious.   Try a counting technique, breathing in over a count of five seconds, holding the breath for a count of five and breathing out over a count of six seconds.  If that’s too much of a stretch to start, use a lower count that works for you and work up to it.  Do this little and often throughout the day to keep your body and mind calm and relaxed.  Use it in the evenings to ease yourself into a sleep-state.  Just a few rounds of this kind of breathing at a time will make the world of difference.  I have known people using this technique to find it a real blessing, making a difference in their ability to cope with pain, whether emotional or physical, over-thinking and worry, anxiety and depression, the list goes on.  People say it empowers them.  Try it and see what it does for you.     

Conscious breathing is easily coupled with visualisation, prayer, activations, invocation, healing and shamanic journeying, to name but a few methods of expanding our energy whilst receiving and sending love and light.  It’s a personal tool for improved wellbeing as well as the first fundamental skill of the spiritual warrior, lightworker, healer and all who are on their soul journey.