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Talking With Plants: The Japanese Knotweed Conversation

A while ago, I considered purchasing a house with lots of Japanese knotweed growing in the garden. I’ve heard the horror stories but don’t easily succumb to fearful talk. So, I tuned into the plant diva of Japanese knotweed to find out more.

Japanese knotweed, or JK as I came to address this incredible plant, turned out to be welcoming and forthright. Far from a destructive nightmare, JK is a high vibration, powerful healing plant consciousness, waiting to co-create with humans.

When I opened my channel to communicate, first, I offered a heartfelt apology for previously pointing out the presence of JK plants opposite my house that were subsequently poisoned. Here’s the communication I received:

“It is with delight that we hear your voice and we are accepting of the apology and learning that you have faced. We wish to support you in changing your activities, your thinking and your attitude towards our beautiful plant. The plant that you call JK, and we accept that name, is a plant with a great deal to offer humanity and we do understand the concerns that humanity has over the growth rate of our plant and the resilience and robustness of our plant, that is seen as resistance. We have a role, a job to do upon the Earth. A role of collaboration and co-creation with humanity and we wish for our voice to be heard. We wish for persons like yourself who will make a place for us to be heard, and this is our desire.

We wish to reassure you that if you choose to make your home within this garden, it will be a beautiful place and you will find the ability to make connection, not only with ourselves but many other incredibly giving plants whose voices are waiting to be heard.  We are grateful that you have spoken to us in the way that you have, and that you have opened your heart to us, to work together, for we wish to let you know we have much to share and much to teach.  And you may find that, far from being a liability, our presence in your life may be amongst your greatest blessings, thus it is to have a garden full of our presence.  We wish to enliven you to such a possibility.  Whether or not you live at this place and use your time in the garden to connect with the nature beings and plant devas there, we are always available, we are always wishing to hear your voice and for you to hear ours.  We thank you for your true apology, we understand the difficulty that humans face with their perceived limitations concerning plants and their nature.  Let us, together, work to make changes to that attitude, for the relationship we offer has a potential energy and power to open up many peoples’ thinking about their relationship with plants and we are grateful that you have stepped forward to connect with us and to become an ambassador for us in the world.  We are the consciousness, the plant deva of the Japanese knotwood, and we offer you our love.”  

Did you notice they referred to themselves as Japanese knotwood rather than knotweed?
The healing power of this edible plant is phenomenal. JK supports pain control, constipation, cramps, bloating, IBS, cancer, Lyme disease, autoimmune issues, brain injury and memory, mood disorders, wound healing, blood pressure, prevention of blood clots, respiratory and lung infections, regulating blood sugar levels and much more. Most of this is down to a couple of active elements in its make-up, resveratrol and emodin.

Young stems that grow in Spring are the edible part, tasting like sour rhubarb. JK can be eaten raw or cooked. Use as you would rhubarb, in savoury or sweet dishes. It works great with strawberries in a tart or fruit pie. Also as pickles, chutney or jams. Try it grilled, tempura style or sautéed in oil and don’t overcook it.

JK eaten raw with cream cheese and raisins

When harvesting in the wild, there are some lookalike plants you will need to avoid, so make sure you know what you’re doing. In many areas, JK is treated with strong chemicals, so ensure your source is indisputably untreated. Avoid roadsides, due to exhaust pollution. It’s not for you if you’re anaemic and it’s not good to eat too much at a time.

JK syrup and a biodegradable drinking straw made from last year’s JK stalks

When it grows again next Spring, I’m hoping to test whether chronic migraine can be added to the list of helped conditions, I’ve got a good feeling about this.

Have you ever tried opening up to communication with plants? Personally, I love connecting with the ones we (unfortunately) call weeds. Dandelion and nettle are encouraged in my garden, I look on them as loving and giving friends.

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Message from the Arcturians: 1

‘Beloved beings of goodness and light, you are blessed, for you are a vessel of the Creator.  We are speaking from the energies of truth and love upon Arcturus.  We wish to provide you with support and energies to help your channel and raise your voice.  Please open your energies to our light which is surrounding you the moment you ask, for we wish to deliver a download of energy to increase your channel and purify the vessel that you are. 

We are gladly always available to you, in service of your mission on Earth, we wish to enliven and increase your capacity, it is our gift and blessing to support all those on Earth in raising their energies for ascension.’

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Message from the Elemental Kingdom: 10

“Greetings and love we extend to you, we are the Elemental Kingdom.  We wish to talk to you about sound and gesture.  Please tune in to the sounds you are hearing through the wind in the leaves of the trees, does it sound like a conversation to you?  If you think so, you would be in understanding and your perception finely tuned, the tree speaks to you and the wind supports it.  Listen further. The wind is energising and activating, enlivening the energies.  The wind enlivens and energises all of nature, especially trees and plants.  It increases their vibration, raises their energy, supports healing and the anchoring of their energy.  The wind and air elementals are busy in supporting this process.  They oversee the interplay between air with foliage and fauna.  The wind and fauna are capable of communicating through this means. 

You are guided to take note and observe these exchanges.  Greet a favourite tree and respond to its shimmering leaves, which are the tree’s greeting to you, make a shimmering gesture and sound back to the tree.  This kind of gesturing and connecting communication is creating a stronger bond between you and our kingdom.  Nature speaks in many ways but not many humans know how to listen and yet, it is your inherent ability and inner wisdom that will guide you.  We are making good progress and your collective channel is expressing greater potential for us.  We ask you to visit a tree in the coming days to connect with our energies and be guided, we will enable further learning and growth and a deeper connection between us, as you do so.  Thank you, so be it, we leave you with love and gratitude for your presence.  The Elemental Kingdom.”   

How to approach a tree:

Allow yourself to be attracted to a tree, preferably in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Stand beneath the edge of the branches and calm your mind. Breathe deeply and ask the tree if it is willing to speak with you. Wait for an answer or positive sensation like a tingle. Then ask if you are allowed to sit against its trunk. Again, if the answer within your mind is positive, continue forth. Ask the tree if it is willing to be your special spiritual teacher, sharing its wisdom with you and teaching you the essence of meditation, stillness, harmony and healing. If the answer is positive then ask the tree to channel its energy into your being, first to heal your being, then to build a deeper connection and bond between you. The more you practice the better your results.

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Message from the Elemental Kingdom: 7

“Greetings, we are the energies of nature.  We wish you to receive the love and light given to all from the Creator’s magnificence, we place this incredible gift into your being.  Please open to the light and love, receive it, embrace your destiny, you are here to serve through many pathways. 

We wish to awaken all your gifts and talents to be expressed.  You are becoming a bridge that spans the gap between our elemental kingdom and humanity.  We are ready to teach and open all your senses to our potential and power, all of which is an expression of our devotion and love and comes through us from the Creator.  We are here to help humanity to open eyes and ears and all senses of intuitive perception, in order to co-create the new Earth ascension blueprint with us and Mother Earth.  Humanity is waking up to love and compassion and bringing their energies into a state of unity.  As this occurs, we wish to guide humanity towards new ways of understanding and interacting with the elemental kingdom and nature, so that a beautiful relationship occurs for all, in love and light. 

This is an important time and every moment, every interaction has meaning.  We are opening the heart of Mother Earth for you, to increase our love for you and yours for us.  As the energies between us equalise and balance, we are able to support stronger connections with you all.  You are a pioneer, step forward and show your brothers and sisters of humanity how this can be done.  Be patient, beloved one, every step is supported and guided and you are on the correct path.  When we come forth to speak, our voice will be heard by many, and yet, this is the beginning.  Please continue to let your intuition guide you, do not be impatient for techniques and methods to be revealed, every moment that you are in connection and communication with us is supporting and strengthening your capacity to channel with ease.  Let not your fears be expressed as impatience, there is no pressure for progress to be made.  You are learning, as you can perceive, to remain open and let your mind step aside.  You are making progress but require practice to increase your confidence and improve the flow.  We are supporting you.  Please attempt to connect with our energies every day and focus on our existence and presence as often as possible, we are strengthening our connections with you.  We open our hearts to you in gratitude and love.  The Elemental Kingdom.”