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Make Space For Divine Magic Every Day

Where does divine magic reside?

Everywhere, but especially

In the spaces in between.

Between our words, our actions, our thoughts.

Divine magic is connectedness.

When the mind isn’t deeply engaged in a task,

When its relaxed, free to meander nowhere in particular,

That’s when we become available,

When the non-ordinary realms can connect into our open and undirected energies,

That’s when the magic happens.

That’s how we channel.

When/where do you feel most connected to the inner planes?

Maybe when you’re lying in bed at night or first thing in the morning,

Maybe in nature, when you’re experiencing the expansive energies of the great outdoors.

Do you ever wonder, “How can I get in touch with my spiritual guides?” Or maybe you wish to know your soul family, or the angels, fairies, tree spirits or ascended masters? Perhaps you’d like to invite a dragon or unicorn guide into your life…

By cultivating space between our thoughts, we leave room for the invisible realms to connect and communicate with us.

Let’s make space for divine magic every day,

Let your mind be free to meander, daydream, ponder, zone out

Allow yourself to wander in and out of consciousness.

Let go

We need more spaces between our thoughts to let divine magic flow in.

[Image: ‘Divine Spark’ art by Amenet Drago]

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Amenet Drago & Mastery the Black Dragon

I first received my soul name in the summer of 2018. I was waking from sleep and heard “Amenet” spoken, strong and loud. I knew instantly that it was the name of my soul. When I received my sacred soul initiation a few months later, the name came through again. I did some research into Amenet, since I hadn’t come across this name before that I could remember.

The first information I found was about Amunet, the ancient Egyptian Goddess, female counterpart and twin flame of Amun. She is the original primal divine Goddess whose name means ‘she who is hidden’. This title refers to her being hidden in plain sight. She is everywhere, present in everything, and yet, only the initiated can see her presence because she is hidden within.

The ancient Egyptians didn’t use vowels when writing, so her name is spelled in numerous forms; Amunet, Amenet, Amaunet…

In the Akan culture, the same deities are known as Amenet and Amen. Akan is primarily present in Ghana and Ivory Coast, with an ancestry clearly rooted in ancient Egypt. Amenet is the supreme Great Mother and with Amen, they are the embodiment of Divine Union.

I am not suggesting that my soul is that of a goddess, except from the understanding that I believe we are all divine beings, so I do like to think of myself as such, but not exclusively so.

I recall several ancient Egyptian past lives, it feels like ancient Egyptian culture is the time my soul has loved the best and I remember clearly when my Earthly personality was called Meritamen, which means ‘blessed of the hidden one’.

During 2019, I made a vision quest and after that, a black dragon started to make itself known to me. I began to feel his presence during meditations. I felt a kind of awakened memory of extreme affection and deep knowing with this powerful being, so I tuned in and received his name, Mastery. After that, it was as though he was often around in the background.

Fast forward to late 2020 and I was painting my newly acquired shamanic drum. I knew intuitively that my dragon friend, Mastery, was going on the drum’s image and as it turned out, so was my soul, Amenet, in her Egyptian form. As I tuned into the energies, four words came forward to be painted along the rim of the drum; Soul, Dragon, Mastery and Amenet.

I knew these words were intimately bound to my soul calling, and somehow, they arranged themselves into Soul Mastery and Amenet Dragon, but when I painted the last word, I intuitively stopped before I painted the last letter. Soul Mastery became the name of my soul mission and I realised that Amenet Drago was the true name of my soul, although I sense that Drago is more a title than a name. They are now an intricate part of my identity.

Later, I asked my soul group, the collective from which my soul extends, to tell me about the relationship between my soul and Mastery the black dragon. They told me of a distant time on Earth when people and dragons walked together. A time we know as Lemuria. It was not like nowadays, humans were not restricted to the physical realms, they had a great many more abilities than are awake in humanity currently. A dragon and a person could create a partnership that was deep and abiding. They would achieve many marvellous things together and my soul was such, a Drago or dragon walker.

Eventually, as humanity faced a corruption of their energies, the dragons retreated to the inner planes, but the deep bonds remained. I believe there are many people alive today on Earth whose souls are calling in their beloved dragons again. The dragons are here in the energetic to be with our souls and help us fulfil our soul purpose. My dragon is working with my soul as we support souls who are transitioning through the process we call death.

On New Year’s Eve night as 2021 ended, I received guidance from my soul group explaining how Mastery and I are here to support the Truth Maker souls who are choosing to transition at this time from their Earthly existence to the inner planes. As they transition, they are creating powerful energies of truth which are grounded for humanity’s ascension. This work often takes place during my sleep and when I’m engaged to journey as a soul guide.

I humbly ask that I, as my personality, Ananda, will always be the conduit of love and peace that my soul, Amenet Drago, and my dragon, Mastery, require to fulfil their truth and purpose.

[Image: ‘Dragon Cloud’ – Photo of a storm cloud in the form of a black dragon over cacti, taken by Michael Shainblum, Tucson, Arizona]

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Talking With Plants: The Japanese Knotweed Conversation

A while ago, I considered purchasing a house with lots of Japanese knotweed growing in the garden. I’ve heard the horror stories but don’t easily succumb to fearful talk. So, I tuned into the plant diva of Japanese knotweed to find out more.

Japanese knotweed, or JK as I came to address this incredible plant, turned out to be welcoming and forthright. Far from a destructive nightmare, JK is a high vibration, powerful healing plant consciousness, waiting to co-create with humans.

When I opened my channel to communicate, first, I offered a heartfelt apology for previously pointing out the presence of JK plants opposite my house that were subsequently poisoned. Here’s the communication I received:

“It is with delight that we hear your voice and we are accepting of the apology and learning that you have faced. We wish to support you in changing your activities, your thinking and your attitude towards our beautiful plant. The plant that you call JK, and we accept that name, is a plant with a great deal to offer humanity and we do understand the concerns that humanity has over the growth rate of our plant and the resilience and robustness of our plant, that is seen as resistance. We have a role, a job to do upon the Earth. A role of collaboration and co-creation with humanity and we wish for our voice to be heard. We wish for persons like yourself who will make a place for us to be heard, and this is our desire.

We wish to reassure you that if you choose to make your home within this garden, it will be a beautiful place and you will find the ability to make connection, not only with ourselves but many other incredibly giving plants whose voices are waiting to be heard.  We are grateful that you have spoken to us in the way that you have, and that you have opened your heart to us, to work together, for we wish to let you know we have much to share and much to teach.  And you may find that, far from being a liability, our presence in your life may be amongst your greatest blessings, thus it is to have a garden full of our presence.  We wish to enliven you to such a possibility.  Whether or not you live at this place and use your time in the garden to connect with the nature beings and plant devas there, we are always available, we are always wishing to hear your voice and for you to hear ours.  We thank you for your true apology, we understand the difficulty that humans face with their perceived limitations concerning plants and their nature.  Let us, together, work to make changes to that attitude, for the relationship we offer has a potential energy and power to open up many peoples’ thinking about their relationship with plants and we are grateful that you have stepped forward to connect with us and to become an ambassador for us in the world.  We are the consciousness, the plant deva of the Japanese knotwood, and we offer you our love.”  

Did you notice they referred to themselves as Japanese knotwood rather than knotweed?
The healing power of this edible plant is phenomenal. JK supports pain control, constipation, cramps, bloating, IBS, cancer, Lyme disease, autoimmune issues, brain injury and memory, mood disorders, wound healing, blood pressure, prevention of blood clots, respiratory and lung infections, regulating blood sugar levels and much more. Most of this is down to a couple of active elements in its make-up, resveratrol and emodin.

Young stems that grow in Spring are the edible part, tasting like sour rhubarb. JK can be eaten raw or cooked. Use as you would rhubarb, in savoury or sweet dishes. It works great with strawberries in a tart or fruit pie. Also as pickles, chutney or jams. Try it grilled, tempura style or sautéed in oil and don’t overcook it.

JK eaten raw with cream cheese and raisins

When harvesting in the wild, there are some lookalike plants you will need to avoid, so make sure you know what you’re doing. In many areas, JK is treated with strong chemicals, so ensure your source is indisputably untreated. Avoid roadsides, due to exhaust pollution. It’s not for you if you’re anaemic and it’s not good to eat too much at a time.

JK syrup and a biodegradable drinking straw made from last year’s JK stalks

When it grows again next Spring, I’m hoping to test whether chronic migraine can be added to the list of helped conditions, I’ve got a good feeling about this.

Have you ever tried opening up to communication with plants? Personally, I love connecting with the ones we (unfortunately) call weeds. Dandelion and nettle are encouraged in my garden, I look on them as loving and giving friends.

(Images: All images from

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Emergence: one

This is my orchid. Every year at this time, in time for Christmas, two flowering stems begin to emerge. Once they are fully open, the flowers last for a remarkable three months. And then they begin to wilt and die.

I love the entire process from the first moment of noticing the new growth to the eventual decaying of the blooms. It’s emergence, the story of life and death is told through it all.

And I turn myself to face all that I feel is emerging, without judgement or fear.

Recently I heard from a reliable source that there is much upheaval ahead, that such upheaval is the coming journey of our beloved Mother Earth and therefore, will involve us all.

What I heard could be scary and I don’t know if it’s going to unfold that way or not, but it got me thinking. It goes against my expectations, I anticipate another thirty years of living on this Earth, maybe. And hope to meet more beautiful souls, to love and be loved by, moving forward on my soul path, living my life, lots of painting, fulfilling dreams. We all expect there to be a future. But what if there isn’t?

I had to think about that. Then I realised, deep in my heart, that it doesn’t matter. I have never felt afraid of the transition we call death and know it won’t stop me doing whatever work my soul is here to do, whether from this side or the other.

If life is destined to get chaotic, then chaos will emerge. If everything comes crashing down, I trust it is required to happen that way. If not, contemplating such a possibility brings riches of its own.

Whatever’s emerging, it’s all as precious as watching the blooms of my orchid unfold. Even if it seems as though darkness is emerging, that we are facing the darkest and most threatening times of all. Even then, with our invisible roots extended into the Earth and hearts full of love and peace, we don’t need to be afraid. We have nothing to fear, there never was, is or will be anything to fear, no matter what.

The wise Grandmothers are telling us, do not meet fear with fear. Fear is like a disease, it’s catching and spreads like a contamination.

Fear is everywhere, people are being activated by it. People are turning on each other through their fear. Everything is polarised. So, stay in your heart, remain connected to the web of light, do not move into fear yourself. Whatever happens, whatever you encounter, do not succumb to judgement or fear. Allow, accept, remain in your peace, know how to connect with your inner peace and stay with your heart foundation which is love. You are a divine being.

If we engage the future with fear, we will end up attracting exactly what we fear. Stay calm, stay engulfed in peace and love, don’t engage with fear, now or ever.

As my orchid emerges, I will share the story of her flowering with you and we will learn together to embrace beauty, even through darkness, even as life transforms into death.

Are you scared about the future? Why are you scared? How does fear help you? How does fear hinder or hurt you? How can you transform your fear into peace, love and acceptance? How does doing that feel?

Image: “This is my Orchid” by Ananda Amenet Reid

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Your Soul’s Original Intention

Master Hilarion is an Ascended Master.  He oversees the 5th Ray of Light of an orange colour.  Master Hilarion aids and supports scientific processes on Earth, bringing spiritual truth to all scientific forms.  He also supports people in connecting further to their soul.

Master Hilarion decided to visit the Elemental Dimensions because he intuitively knew that there, he would find great wisdom and understanding about the soul.  With this intention in mind as he entered the realms of the elementals, a fairy being stepped forward to greet him.

This fairy being revealed her name as Yosha.  During their encounter, Master Hilarion merged with her soul and the following words are the voice of Yosha, as recounted by Master Hilarion whilst being channelled through Natalie Glasson:

“In the truth of the Creator’s Universe, there are no boundaries between souls.  Souls merge all the time throughout the Universe of the Creator.  The energy you are now doesn’t belong to you.  It remains as you recognise it now because of your intention.

Is there a core within you which belongs to you alone, describes you and identifies you?  The answer to this is both yes and no.  Your soul was born from an intention, a vision, thought or expression of energy.  That energy merged with other aspects of the Creator, building a truth and wholeness.  More qualities, energies, love, light and intentions appeared, forming the soul more fully.  

Your essence is born from the synthesis of the Creator’s light.  You are a creation of synthesis.  This means that there is an original intention within your soul which has been magnified, empowered, expanded and explored.  This original intention, when discovered and accessed, is akin to a key which allows you to exist in harmony with your soul, fulfilling your needs and evolution.  The greatest purpose of a soul is Creator synthesis.  Each soul has a different synthesis intention to discover, explore and express the Creator fully.

Accessing the original intention of your soul can enable your manifestation and creation abilities to be magnified and empowered.  We, the fairies, wish to share with you a prayer of truth which we invite you to share with others.

‘I invite my soul, soul group, guides and the Creator to hear me now.  I wish to discover my soul’s original intention.  The intention that acted as a seed for the energy that I am now, as my truth and highest essence.  Please filter with clarity into my mind, awareness and heart, my soul’s original intention.

I know that this intention will be simple and may not even seem that profound, as everything that is the Creator is always simple.  I am willing to accept the simplicity of my soul’s original intention.  I invite myself to become aware of my soul’s original intention in the coming week.  Thank you.’

(Take a moment to rest and receive, continue to take moments to rest and receive throughout your week.)

Hilarion, please remind souls that when they access their original intention, whether they are conscious of it or not, it can bring great realisation about life, the spiritual journey and purpose.  Then, when they manifest, projecting their energy from their soul into their reality, they will have the power of their soul’s original intention which will advance their manifestation skills and encourage them to experience fulfilment.”

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“These Are The Jewels”: A Message From The Andromedans

“We are the Andromedans and our purpose is to serve the Creator and support Mother Earth and all her children upon the Earth. 

Our desire for you is growth and movement towards oneness, towards ascension, for you are present to support yourself and others in this way.  Your greatest gift and tool is love, the vibration of loving energy that you emit from your core. 

All those energies that have not been easy for you to embrace, your truth, your power, these are the very energies you are here to teach to others.  You are finding tools, methods that exist upon the Earth that allow such wisdom to be emanated.  Every expression that is sent out through any form of media is enhancing the energy, the resonance of its truth. 

Beloved one, think upon all your hardest lessons, all that you have and still are struggling with, these are your jewels, these are the jewels that you have come to uncover and distribute to your brothers and sisters.  And you will find the way, the means and the words. You know that energy is key.  Begin with the practical process of creating that which you have already uncovered. Share with others your methods for becoming more and more in touch with your truth, with self love and being an open beacon of love, these are the gifts that you are here to share.  Let it be so.  We are the Andromedans, we remain present in loving service.” 

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Increasing Self-Love and Removing Lack Consciousness

the following is a channelled message and meditation from Lord merlin

Lack is a fear where love is absent and it spreads through many expressions within your life, within your realities.  The fear is of a scarcity of love, for where there is self-love, then lack cannot exist, where there is abundance, lack cannot exist, and yet there is abundance all the time, everywhere, streaming through your life and all lives.  Unless you connect with the energy of abundance that is enhancing your fulfilment in every moment, then you will live in the illusion of lack. 

There are reasons that you have experienced this deep belief and programming of lack. Quite often, this was programmed from a young age by the adults that guided you, from the world views that guided them.  Humanity has embraced a sense of lack for a very long time and the greatest lack, the most deep of all lacks, is your sense of separation from the divine source.  Whilst humanity deeply believes that there is separation, that you are not connected to the source, not of the source, then lack consciousness will be expressed throughout humanity and fears of scarcity will continuously surface. 

You experience the resurfacing of your fears or beliefs in lack and scarcity, and it may be lack of food, love, money, friendships, hope, recognition, lack within yourselves, of not feeling good enough, lack of connection with the divine source. Even though there are many days when you look upon the world around you and are fully conscious of the many gifts that you are given and the plenty that surrounds you.  The beauty of nature, the home that you live in, the people who love you, the food you eat.  And all that is there for you, in the little and the greater ways. Despite those days of gratitude and abundance, the inner sense of lack goes deep, it is deeply rooted in a lack of self-worth and self-love from early in your lives and a sense of separation from the divine source. 

So, to go deep and repair these most profound wounds, I, Lord Merlin, wish to provide an activation for you now (recorded live):

Meditation Activation to Embody Self-Love and Oneness With All by Lord Merlin

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Message from Lord Buddha: 2

‘Be at peace.  Your peace is an expression of the absence of your fears.  All that is darkness within you is transforming into love, for you are becoming one with your divine self.  I am Lord Buddha and I speak to all who wish to embrace the truth of their soul.  You are one with your soul and your soul is always at peace and expressing the purity of the divine.  Your soul is unsullied by the many fears, worries and anxieties that provoke you in your daily life.  Therefore, open your arms, open your heart and embrace your soul now, for your soul will be as a guiding light, a shining star, showing you the way to peace and love. 

In this moment, I, Lord Buddha, place my loving hand upon your head so that the energies of peace from my being may stream into your being. Take a moment now, close your eyes and be still. Go inside and feel the energy of peace, a deep peace, a peace so deep that only love can live there. Feel this energy entering your being now, notice inside your being, where is it that the energy settles? That is the place where you will always find the deepest peace. Even when your life is like a storm, this point of peace within you is the eye of the storm. However chaotic your life may feel, you will always find peace within you. This is my gift to you, beloved children. I am Lord Buddha, I express my love and peace to you in this moment and in every moment that you request it. Simply say my name and I will be with you. So be it.’

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Message from Lady Nada: 2

‘It is with great honour and love that I come forward to speak with you, beautiful beings upon the Earth.  You are divinely gifted and inspired to fulfil your destiny, your potential, by expressing the love you hold in your heart for all about you.  Beloved ones, your truth is love, your soul destiny is to love yourself completely as the multifaceted being of light that you are.  Your truth is being revealed as you embrace the loving light vibrations that are streaming into humanity and the Earth at this time.  I am Lady Nada and I come before you to enliven your hope, your faith and your trust, as you step forward this day and every day, to be the best that you are. 

Your path is held within your being, it is expressed as a code within your energies.  Your soul has always been aware of your path and is now ready to unfold the path that awaits you.  This is achieved by expressing love and allowing love to grow at the very centre of your energy, within your heart, for you are stepping onto a path of transformation and growth, towards the light and love of all that is the Creator.  Beloved ones, there are so many energies and beings of light with you, sending their light and energies to you.  Your path is illumined with the brilliance of the light of the heavens, for this is the time that has been spoken about when ‘as above, so below’.  This is the time when all that is heaven is upon Earth and all that is upon Earth is aligned with the truth of heaven.  Be at peace, beautiful children of Goddess Gaia, for you are moving forwards towards such love and peace.  It is magnificent.  My heartfelt love is always with you, I am Lady Nada.’

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Message from Mother Earth: 3

‘I am Mother Earth and I come forward with love, gratitude and great hope for all my children.  We are journeying together towards a new expression of love.  I undergo the same processes of incarnation and expansion, as my energies evolve, as you do.  We each have a soul, your soul is moving into your body space at this time and you have not experienced such closeness and connection with your soul than is available to you now.  My soul is called Goddess Gaia.  Goddess Gaia is the eternal being of light at the centre of my earthly body.  She is overseeing the ascension process that impacts us all.  Goddess Gaia is holding the love and light and the template of our new expression, which is magnificent.  We are becoming a planet of love and you, my beautiful children of light, you are beings of light that emanate from a foundation of love.  This is always your reality and now you are losing the fog of confusion, of fear and illusion that has surrounded your consciousness for many generations.  Now you are waking up and learning to see what is true, in terms of yourselves and myself.  

We share beautiful loving light that is at the heart of us all.  I share my loving light with you in every moment.  We have agreed together, you and I, to ascend at this time, waiting for this momentous experience that is now unfolding.  There is nothing to fear, there is only hope and love.  What unfolds will depend upon what you choose, for you are one with the Creator, you are creative expressions capable of manifesting anything you choose.  We are beginning a journey to create paradise on Earth, for the truth is, this reality has always existed and as the energies of darkness, the fog of confusion, the illusion of the mind, the fears within the hearts of many, as these dissolve away and are replaced by light and love, so you will see that the incredible paradise you have always yearned for is around you now and always.  Beloved child, be at peace and know all is well, we are walking together and if I am not walking beside you then it is because I am holding you in my arms.  Be the light that you are.  I am Mother Earth and I am with you.’