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House of Cards

What do you do when everything’s a mess?

Chaos does not create order

Chaos creates more chaos.

Sometimes, you just gotta pull the plug

Bring down your house of cards.

Let it fall

What you fear, the collapse,

It’s not going to be as bad as you think.

Let it come

Let the rubble fall

Let it fall until it settles

Then, have a good look around.

You are alive

You are still standing

It can’t get any worse

You have nothing to protect now

Nothing weighing on you

Nothing more to fear

Your worst fear has materialised

And now you are free

Now, you can choose differently

And rebuild anew.

From the ashes of destruction

Soars the phoenix of rebirth.

Sometimes, it’s about one little problem

Sometimes, it’s our entire life.

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Let’s Do Simple

Recently, I’ve been wondering why we make everything so complicated.  Why can’t things be simple?  Surely, this is a matter of how we see things, interpret things?  Perhaps, ‘complicated’ is something we inadvertently choose?  Of course, we would love things to be simple!  What if they are, or could be?  But we get embroiled in life mentally and emotionally, and before long, we are tangled up in the crazy convoluted world of our daily lives. 

It occurred to me, the thing that takes us from calm and simple to crazy and complicated, is it longing? Is it because we are carrying a deep, intrinsic drive, a longing for something we don’t perceive we have? Peace, success, happiness, contentment, love, enlightenment, the end-game, something that we never seem to reach, no matter how hard we try, or what we do. Is this the yearning for connection that is oneness with all that is? To feel one with nature? With those we love? With ourselves? With the divine source. Instead, there is a deep sense of separation, of being an island, it is as though we are caged within a cage of our own making.

What if all the chaos in our lives only exists because we summon it?  What if we chose simple instead, can we even do that?  To be simple, we must be naked, honest, direct, trusting.  We must be vulnerable.  We must let go of our drama, our analysing and judging.  Perhaps, ‘complicated’ is easier to achieve than peace…   

My life has been getting somewhat complicated lately and when it does, I’ve been reminding myself that, actually, everything is real simple. And it helps because it is, once I stop and remember, everything complicated has a chance to fall away and I realise that the complexity was coming from inside me.

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A Perfect Storm

Do you ever feel that your life is like a storm? Chaotic, tempestuous, catastrophic, disordered, explosive turmoil? Maybe a person or situation in your life is causing this kind of disruption. Perhaps it’s something going on inside you, an eruption from within. It may be the odd moment of mayhem, it may be an all-out raging tornado, tearing your life apart.

What if I told you that even in the midst of the most violent and chaotic storm, everything is unfolding to perfection?  The perfection of what your soul is yearning for. 

Have you ever stood outside amidst a wild storm? Some of us actually go seeking such an experience. Talk about feeling alive, wow, it’s literally electric. Personally, I find it shamanic to experience every kind of weather and a storm, particularly, calls to me. The Wild Storm cannot be denied, it is right there in your face, slapping you. It demands to be experienced. It is a full-body, no-holds barred experience. It lets you know you are alive. You haven’t lived until you have danced in a storm, screamed with the howling wind, drank the lashing rain and relished the metallic taste of the air.

At the centre of the storm is absolute stillness.  From space, a storm moving over the Earth is the most beautiful thing to see.  The centre is as clear and calm as the most perfect summer’s day.  A storm is nature’s way of refreshing itself, cleansing and healing is occurring amidst all that damage and chaos and it’s the same for us.  And when the storm passes, everything is at its greenest, so fresh and cleansed and perfect, the air feels alive and uplifting. 

All too often, when our life is a storm we feel at a loss, we can feel like we’ve been forgotten by the supportive energies of the universe, abandoned.  We are never forgotten, we are never in the wrong place, we are always in our perfection.  It is not our purpose to have a perfect life if perfect means everything is always sunny and lovely and happy and contented and nothing ever goes wrong.  Sad can be perfect.  Anger can be perfect.  Chaos can be perfect.  Perfect is whatever we need, whatever teaches us and heals us, even though it may look like it’s ripping us apart.  Sometimes we need to be ripped apart in order to heal.  Perfect is what uproots our weeds, disrupts our complacency, kicks us up the bum when we need a good bum-kicking.  When the Wild Storm comes into your life, step out into it and howl, dance, cry, rage, scream, run, throw your head back and laugh.  Be the storm, live the storm and find the perfection of this gift. It is given to you because you matter, because you are loved by the universe, because you are worthy of being healed, taught, cleansed and uplifted. Because you are moving in the right direction. This storm is guiding you towards wholeness, towards unconditional love, and that’s a special kind of perfection.