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4 Steps to 100% Personal Power

1:  Conscious Presence

2:  You are your Soul

3:  Live your Truth

4:  Own all that you are

It’s difficult to address each of these steps separately because they are so intertwined.

Being your soul means living in a state of conscious presence.  When you own all that you are, you are living your truth. 

We have all experienced being immersed in the moment at some time or other.  This is conscious presence and is attained by increasing the time we are living in such a mindful state of awareness.  Be aware of that and when you notice yourself immersed in past or future thoughts or distracted by your mind, let your consciousness return to the present moment as much as possible.  This is especially helpful for reducing and stopping the internal dialogues that keep us imprisoned within a narrative or fixated on limitations.

To be our soul can be achieved by experiencing a soul integration, that is, energy work that initiates and ignites our soul’s synthesis with our physical being.  The Soul Integration workshop available here does just that.  Essentially, we invite our soul to be the director of all that we are, our multi-dimensional, multi-faceted self.  This is energy work that can be achieved through intent.

Living our truth means we release boundaries, limitations and restrictions.  We become aware of how much of our perception as personalities is in need of releasing.  Once our soul is in the driving seat, this is going to happen naturally.  Living our truth embraces all the healing, cleansing and purifying we need as a multi-dimensional being.  It means embracing integrity and honesty.  It means accepting ourselves and loving ourselves.

Owning who we are is claiming our entirety, all of it, without discrimination or judgement.  We claim the bits we don’t like as much as those we do.  We claim the darkness, the pain, the suffering, the worst of our character and the best, because self-love cannot exist without it all.  We claim everything we have ever been, done, felt and thought and everything we are now.  We stop waiting for better.  We stop aiming for enlightenment or ascension or to be healed.  We claim and own who we are now.  We are divine and we claim and ground our divinity now.  Once we do, we have accessed supreme liberation and there’s nothing like it because it heals us and enables pure unconditional self-love to emerge. 

Truly, each of these four categories could be written about in a big book all of their own. There’s so much to say and understand, to intellectually grasp the sum total of all they have to teach. But intellect will only get us so far. If we wish to embrace them energetically, as is required for embodiment, invite each of these gifts into your heart, ask your guides, soul and soul group to support you. Meditate on each, simply creating and repeating a powerful affirmation:

“I am my soul and I am living in conscious presence as I claim and own all that I am and embody my truth.”     

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Being in Conscious Presence

“Let not your heart regret a single moment that you have lived, nor need you tarry in the past any longer.  It is the present moment that holds your fulfilment.

Be at peace, for you are upon the path that your soul is choosing.”

I am waking up those energies within my being, my soul’s core, that have called mastery into my consciousness. Mastery has been present with me for some time. I painted a dragon called Mastery on my shamanic drum recently and when I wrote the words ‘Mastery Soul’ on the side, realised I had received the name of my new service, only the other way around, Soul Mastery.

Mastery brings energies that are reflected in the name, this is a word for me to explore on every level, to sit with, feel into. What does the word mastery bring deep into my being? What does it ignite?

Empowerment.  A huge amount of assuredness, confidence and skill.  A great deal of abilities.  But I think that from a spiritual point of view, mastery is about mastering one’s conscious presence.  Conscious presence is a term that’s coming up for me a lot.

This state of being is a natural remembering and returning. It is an unlearning. Unlearning patterns to the extent that one embodies a state of conscious presence without even trying. Mastery is not about trying or attempting, mastery is about moving with the flow of self, of being. It is about not getting in one’s own way, in any sense.

Becoming the soul, becoming the observer.  Becoming the Creator.  Becoming the eyes of the Creator.  Inviting and allowing that.  The Creator is looking and experiencing from the perspective of this piece of consciousness that is me.  As though the ocean is focusing its awareness through a droplet of water that spins off from its body into the air, in a moment of separation, and the ocean is experiencing that sensation. 

Mastery is ‘being’, realising, because we can’t become something we already are. It’s a question of taking off the filter that makes us see the world from a place of limitation, and ourselves from a place of limitation.

I have taken off a filter, I’m not sure how many filters there are, I think I’ve taken a few filters away, not even knowing that I was doing so.  I believe that came out of soul integration coupled with inner child healing and abandonment healing. 

When you are in this state, everything’s so easy. I don’t know yet how well I can attain this state when I’m with other people. Because, right now, I’m experiencing this state almost all the time and I’m on my own. I’ve just moved to live on my own for the first time in my life and don’t know anybody where I now live. Apart from the odd brief conversations with my neighbours and other random strangers, the only person I’m with is myself and that’s what I needed.

I needed a reset. I needed to be with myself so much more than I realised, to find out who I am, to let myself be myself. Those are some of the filters that I’ve taken off. The filters of having to be something other than my natural self because of other people influencing me and me responding to them whilst compromising myself. Sometimes, we need other people to reflect us, to learn from. Sometimes, we need space to breathe.

I will keep myself in conscious presence and then step back into a world of people at some point, but not yet. It’s like entering an experiment. We’ll see. It doesn’t matter what happens. From whatever happens, I move forward, and that’s all we do in any moment. We experience, and from whatever happens in that moment, we move forward. No presupposing, no assumptions, no judgements, no expectations, no thinking ahead or working it out. Just being.

[The image I felt best summed up conscious presence is that of my shamanic drum. It depicts my soul with her wings outstretched and her channel wide open. The black dragon, Mastery, protects her. This dragon exists in the energetic and made itself known to me a couple of years ago.

A few days ago, I asked my soul family to tell me something about the dragon energy of my soul story and this is what they said:

“Your soul is a dragon-walker. She has had a strong and abiding energy link of utter depth with one dragon since that dragon was born. He is Mastery, the black dragon that you are aware of. He remains present in your life and his energies are connecting with you more often. And they will continue to do so, for you are waking up those energies within your being, your soul’s core, that called Mastery into your consciousness. Mastery brings the energies that are reflected in his name.”

And it is from there that I decided to delve into the word mastery. The words at the top of this post also came from my soul family, I feel they are words for us all.]


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Being A Psychic Medium

Our light shines like a beacon across the cosmos.  We are like fireflies in the night.  Each insect is going about its own business, seeing only the little world in front of its nose, assuming fireflies have noses.  When you see a landscape at night covered in fireflies, it’s magical to perceive such beauty, little tiny lights, dipping, blinking on and off, sending signals of love into the night sky.

Wouldn’t it be marvellous if we could see our light bodies?  Fireflies we are.  And we can fly, not only are we fire, we are flying fire, beings of light that are not tethered to the Earth. 

For myself, I fly in my imagination, I can fly everywhere and anywhere in my imagination.  We can enter a deep state of meditation, an altered state of consciousness and move through the frequencies of our brainwaves to something that is so expansive that imagination and reality merge.  We are entering a world of divine magic and have the potential to travel with our energy to another place.  When that happens, we may find it difficult to tell the difference between what’s fancy, what we imagine, and what is a ‘real’ experience on some level. 

Have you ever heard of remote viewing?  Some people can use their minds to travel to locations and perceive what is there whilst sitting in a room hundreds of miles away.  They recall events that took place, objects they saw.  There’s well documented information about remote viewing experiments carried out by the US military.  They gave individuals co-ordinates where nothing is marked on a map, co-ordinates of secret military installations.  For a person to be able to describe that installation would be impossible unless there was something really going on.

I equate the remote viewing phenomenon as a parallel to what happens for me when I’m doing energy healing.  I connect to the energy of a person through their name, essentially.  Sometimes it helps to have a photo, but it’s not necessary.  The essential part is my connecting in with my guides, my soul and soul group and aligning with the Divine Source and Mother Earth.

I ask my spiritual support team to take me to the person, and they know where we are going ahead of time.  I find myself experiencing the energy of that person, sometimes I feel myself travel, other times it just happens that there they are in front of me. 

I don’t believe that I’m visiting their physical body, I’m visiting their energy body or light body.  We all have an energy body and it’s free to move about and travel.  My energy body is visiting their energy body.  Our energy bodies are integrally linked to our complete selves, which includes our physical selves.  When I’m having an experience with their energy body, their physical self and conscious self isn’t present so they aren’t necessarily going to pick up on what is going on, although I’ve noticed sometimes people report feeling warm and blissful at the time, also becoming sleepy is common. When people meditate and deliberately tune in during my healing, especially the shamanic intensive, they can receive all sorts of insights, sometimes we receive the same images at the same time. 

Whatever I provide for that energy body, such as cleansing, purification and downloading of healing templates, all that energy is received by the physical person because I ground the energy to be experienced in the life of the physical person as well as at every other level. 

Twice, I’ve been doing healing with a person and arrived with my energy body to find that their soul was passing into the light.  You might say, “well, your healing isn’t very good then, is it?” Quite often, people ask me to do healing at the point at which somebody is seriously ill, and there are times when there’s nothing I can do to make them better because it’s their time to go.  But it is a blessing to be there at that moment because there’s so much one can do in the energetic to support their soul during the process of leaving their body.

I have found myself in a situation where somebody was transitioning to the spirit realms and there were angelic presences and loved ones in spirit present.  My presence, as a living person, meant I had the capacity to offer something that the non-living energies couldn’t, to pray, to appeal for the absolution of the soul.  We have the capacity, as living humans, to ‘ask and you shall receive’.  That’s a part of the free will of humanity.  Because we have free will, it’s only when we ask that spirit intercedes.  So, as a psychopomp, a person that helps soul transition, I am able to act on behalf of the transitioning soul by carrying out prayers and providing absolution for the soul, which means clearing karma and updating soul contracts, calling for support and making it possible for that person to have a beautiful, peaceful and loving passing into the light.  Also, to ensure that their loved ones in spirit are called in, if that hasn’t naturally happened. 

Sometimes, It also involves working with the living relatives, visiting their energetic bodies to support them with the process, clearing emotions that might be holding back their loved one from passing, supporting them in understanding what’s happening with their loved one, having a conversation between the loved one and their relatives.  There’s literally a conversation that sometimes needs to happen, which the relatives are not able to perceive consciously but the soul of the person passing can communicate with me, and this happens with animals too.  I can find out where they’re at and what they’re going through, receive any messages to pass on.  Then, I can travel to the family members and share that information with them energetically.  This is received at an unconscious level and translated into physical reality as a state of peace or acceptance, to some degree, so that they feel ready to let go of their loved one.  That change can be witnessed.  For instance, quite often I am called in by one member of the family, but most family members don’t know that I’m involved.  They are likely not aware of what a psychopomp is or what they can do.  When it comes to connecting with their energy body, since I don’t have their conscious permission, I ask for the permission of their soul.  They don’t know we had a conversation about their grief or that I shared with them the comforting words of their departing loved one.  Despite this, I have been told by the family member who engaged me that the feelings and behaviours of the other family members changed after my visit, becoming more peaceful and accepting. 

When I do a healing and find that a person is going through the transition we call death, after I return from supporting their soul, I think, “Oh my goodness, wow, that was an incredible experience but was that coming from me or did that really happen?” and then I’m waiting to hear from the relative who engaged me.  I’m not going to go to a relative and say, “Hey, I just visited your mother, aunt, uncle, and guess what, they’re actually dying right now.”  I’m not going to do that, that would be irresponsible.  So, I wait and in every case the relative has come to me and told me that their loved one just passed away.  That kind of confirmation feels very much like the same kind of experience one might have with remote viewing.  I can tell you, when this stuff happens, I’m probably more shocked about it than anybody, it never ceases to amaze me. I trust it now, but it still amazes me, every time.  

When you do distance healing for people, when what shouldn’t work evidently does, you have a choice, accept it or walk away.  I have done my fair share of being sceptical, questioning, denying, being embarrassed about it, hiding it and generally feeling like a wacko, and now I cannot deny it any longer and don’t need to justify it to myself or anybody else.  Working with souls as they pass over, whether human or animal, is one of the biggest blessings of the work I do.  It feels like such privileged and important work to be involved with.

This information is shared because I didn’t come across much information about what psychic mediums feel, sense and do when I was learning to interpret my early psychic experiences. I hope it’s helpful and affirming to hear this if you are on the path too. What I say here doesn’t say anything about anybody else’s experience, only mine. I truly believe that what I do is something anybody can do, if we choose it.  

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Who Are We? Where Are We?

Our bodies appear to be our true selves and yet, they are not.  They are simply the shell, the container or casket, through which our energetic light bodies enable a physical experience of the dimensions of reality that exist upon the Earth.  We are the energy.  We are multi-faceted, we exist in many different expressions or aspects of self, even though, at the end of the day, we are only one expression, which is love, a vibration, a frequency, a sound if you will, of love and light, which is the purity of the divine source.  And that pure frequency has the capacity to manifest around itself many facets of being, all of which are energy and one of which is dense enough to coalesce into what we call matter, the solid form that is our body. 

Most of our expression is not physical, it is energy, such as our consciousness, our emotions, our spiritual energy.  Our ego-personality is not physical, it is a mental-emotional expression within the context of our environment.  So, we are complex and we can look at ourselves from numerous perspectives or as the entirety of a multi-faceted expression of being. 

We would benefit from remembering the multiple aspects of who we are when involved in exchanges with others.  Who is present in that argument?  Who is present when those words were said that hurt us?  Who is present during exchanges?  Is it our ego-personality that is receiving this exchange, is it the ego that is expressing what is important to it?  Or perhaps it is the energy that within us is called the observer or the witness.

It is helpful to be aware of where we are, where we position our awareness.  Are we inside ourselves, receiving the energy, or are we outside, as though watching, witnessing an overview?  The observer can step to the side and be as though they are the witness of what is said and what is happening to us.  That allows us to be outside of our sense of self and therefore to not feel judged, attacked or defensive.  In fact, we cannot be hurt when we are not accepting what is given to us, whether through language such as words, body language or the actions or emotions of others.  And of those others, how much are we aware that what they are giving us is about them?  About their truth, their issues, their egos, and nothing at all to do with us. 

Quite often we are not aware, quite often we are not placing ourselves in a state in which we can become aware, because we are too attached, we personalise because we are the person receiving.  And we receive it from a place of “me” – “you are doing this to me”.  And yet, quite often, when we act and when others act, everything that we express, whether with words or in other ways, it is, in fact, nothing to do with the other person, it is entirely about us, coming from inside us.  But we tend not to even notice this, we are so involved with who we are and with our own protection, emotionally, mentally and physically, that we fail to be aware that both ourselves and the other person are doing exactly the same.  Entirely involved with their own sense of self, their own protection, emotionally, mentally and physically. 

It would be a wise learning to be able to notice, during every interchange, every interaction, what is being given to us through the form of energy, through words, expressions, behaviours and emotions that are coming from another person, in dialogue with us.  And to notice how little of that is for us to own, how much of it is really belonging to the person, about the person who is giving it out.  So little is really about us.  There is no blame here, we are all the same.

It’s not always easy to tell, it’s something we need to learn to recognise.  And it’s difficult to learn to become the witness, the observer, to step aside, to notice this exchange happening, so that we can receive it only as an experience that we notice, rather than one that we accept into our energy and own. 

It is worth the effort, the continued awareness and practice, for it changes everything, it frees us.  It allows love to blossom and ego to quieten.  Ego is no longer threatened, has nothing to fight against.  Ego can rest, be at peace, let it go.  And we are learning to become our truth, our soul.  We are learning to expand our sense of being.  Once you see it, it’s so simple, so obvious.  It seems strange that we don’t do this already because it is so healing.  It heals relationships of all kinds.  We are strange, us humans, we can work out how to do so many wonderful things and yet, we cannot work out how to see the truth of ourselves and each other, by looking past the end of our egoic nose.                                                                           

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Message from Lord Vishnu Krishna: 1

This afternoon, I went to sit alone on the bench in the garden with an expanded view of the countryside to the distant hills.  Whilst there, I noticed the nettles in front of me were vibrating very fast, as though shivering.  I noticed none of the other plants, leaves or grass around me were moving.  The movement was not like the kind of thing the breeze would do and only three patches of nettles did this, the rest did not.  As I watched, I felt my awareness settle into a deep meditative state and knew it was time to open to a channelled message. As the message came through, I did not understand why I was given both Vishnu and Krishna in the name. Later, I did some research and discovered they are aspects of the same being. I am assuming the presence that came through expressed their combined energy:

‘I am Lord Vishnu Krishna and my purpose in bringing my light vibration into your dimension is to illuminate the lifeforce energy that courses through all that exists. 

Beloved one, you are awake to the energies surrounding you, you feel, sense and acknowledge that which many do not perceive. It is time to extend your sensitivities to a deeper level. In order to achieve this, become still in nature. Open your heart and allow the vibrations that you perceive to be revealed to you. This may happen visually or it may be an internal experience, one of sensing, perhaps a sound, perhaps a physical sensation in the body, perhaps an inner knowing. This is the universe communicating with you, this is life expressing itself at its most fundamental level.

There is consciousness in everything, not only living creatures and humans, upon the Earth there is consciousness in everything, every rock, every plant, every cloud. Consciousness may not be as you understand it but the energy of being is conscious, nonetheless. Once divine primal expression becomes, that is, once it has manifested into a form, a substance that has unique qualities, then every part of the manifestation that exists in the universe contains the consciousness of the Creator and its own individual expression of being is recorded within it. Furthermore, certain energies such as those of plants and trees, may be partnered with a conscious energy being that you would call an elemental or nature being and their consciousness is connected to the plant as well as existing separately.

It is time to begin to sense the intelligence in plants as well as trees. It is time to understand the entirety of their expression and to embrace their beautiful natures, for they have not been treated with respect. They have been and still are abused and misunderstood, when, in fact, people would do well, for themselves and the Earth, to open their hearts and connect with the energies of all plants and trees, in order to work together with those energies, with respect and love.

So much more can be achieved with regard to healing and the many other gifts that plants bring to humanity, such as nutrition. Imagine if you woke one morning with an ache in your belly and you could simply connect with the energy of the plant consciousness in order to know how to make that ache in your belly disappear. Imagine. That is one tiny example of the creative and constructive ways humans and plants can find solutions together without destruction, working with plants in co-operation and open to their guidance. It sounds easy but many people choose to treat plants with disrespect and take what they need without consideration for the cost upon the Earth and upon the plant and tree consciousness.

The time has come to proceed differently, the time has come for the child-like behaviour of humanity to cease, it is time to take responsibility and act with honour and respect for nature in all manner of ways.  I am Lord Vishnu Krishna.  I thank you.’