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How to Stop Worries, Anxieties and Depression

When I stop the world, I get into the stream of divine consciousness that the Welsh call Awen.  This word is not one that translates directly, but to me it means divine inspiration.  It’s like being an open channel most or all of the time. It’s a wonderful time to be creative and creative hands are healing hands. From the ancient wisdom of the elders, I learned that our hands are energetically linked to our heart and when we are moving and using our hands, we are healing our heart.  

To stop the world, I lean back into silence and solitude.  To begin with, my ego fights back, gets all antsy about being isolated and lonely.  But then, I stop engaging on that level and stop the world.  I sink into the peace.

Feeling lonely is only an emotion, an attitude, a state of mind, a choice, a judgement.  Like many other emotions, it’s not real. 

Stopping the world is a wonderful superpower to have.  You stop time.  You do this whenever you meditate or engage in any activity that brings your consciousness to a deeper level, like painting does for me.  And it’s maybe dancing, reading a book, listening to music or something else for you, those times when you drift off into a no-time zone. Because when we’re immersed in one thing in the now moment, we are stopping the world.

Stopping the world is another way to describe what I call conscious presence, when we’re totally aware and focused on the now.  That’s how you stop time.  Take your attention to what you see, hear, feel, smell, taste or touch right NOW.  Remain in the now moment with your perceptions and you stop time.  Focus completely on an object before you or study the back of your hand in minute detail, every crease, every hair, every freckle, every pore. There is no past or future when you do this. Therefore, there are no anxieties, because they are worries about what’s going to happen, and there’s no depression, because that’s ruminations about what has been.  In the now, everything is fine.    

When I stop time, then I find myself naturally existing within that stream of consciousness that feeds my soul.  Circumstances have led me to be out of contact with others, alone in my world most of the time, long enough to let go and let the power of that creative flow pour into my being, flood my mind, engage with emotions and coalesce as ideas and realisations.  Gosh, it’s so much better when my ego gives up and stops complaining.  All of a sudden, there are no problems, no obstacles, they just melt away.  Loneliness becomes peace, isolation becomes stillness, loss becomes bliss.

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Finding Your Inner Peace: Second Skill for Life

Once we are adept at conscious breathing, finding our inner peace is possible.  This ability is essential to serenity and sometimes survival.  Imagine how precious it is to have your very own sanctuary or ashram to go and sit in any time you need a moment’s peace.  You do, it’s waiting, it’s inside you. 

Peace is that moment when you stop everything; you breathe, let go and just be.  It’s stopping time, stopping the world.  It’s entering your inner self.  It’s wonderful.  Peace can be a key towards really connecting to the energies of nature.  To approach a tree energetically, we first find our inner peace and express it to the tree, along with our love.  To stand in nature, soaking in the landscape, breathing in the air, feeling the breeze and the sun’s warmth and connected to our place of peace within has got to be the best thing ever.  But we don’t need to be in nature, we can be anywhere because this perfect place is already inside of us.  We could be in hospital, prison, lost, alone, in pain.  If we know how to find our inner peace, everything can change in an instant.

The way to our inner peace is different for each of us, some find it as easy as breathing, some struggle for years and never seem to find it.  There are so many different methods that it’s impossible to state them all here.  I wrote a post on November 20th entitled ‘Finding Peace, Simplicity and Truth’ which involved calling on Archangel Michael and asking him to bathe you in his blue and white light, this is one easy and beautiful way to find peace.  Another way is to make a meditative visualisation.  Breathe consciously and enter a state of deep relaxation.  Then, ask to go to your centre of peace.  Your awareness will enter a place inside your being that you feel pulled to. You can also ask you guides to help you with this.  Once you have found your centre of peace, you know you can go there any time you need.  I have two such places inside me, one is deep in my abdomen, in the cradle of my pelvis, the other is accessed by entering my Soul Star chakra above my head, where I enter the ashram of my soul. 

Enjoy the wonderful tranquility and peace it brings.  Go there lots and lots because each time you do, you are creating an energetic pathway that will grow stronger and stronger the more you use it.  Eventually, you’ll be able to enter this state instantly and remember it’s there every time you need it.  You will be able to stay calm in the face of adversity and cope with all kinds of difficulties. 

Imagine if you had been taught conscious breathing and how to find your inner peace as a small child.  How much easier do you think your life might have been?  Do you know a little one who might benefit from learning these things from you?