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The Last Post

A writer fabricates a narrative by linking events together. Every story is coloured and defined, a comedy or tragedy, depending on how the writer interprets events and the connections between them. Without this, there is no story, only a landscape of disparate words. A landscape that is broad, infinite and mysterious, just as our inner landscape is one of divine magic and mystery.

To accept that inner magical landscape, we must abandon the idea of making any sort of connection between one idea and another. We grasp nothing.

Opening ourselves up to the mystical landscape of our soul and its wordlessness, that is the greatest healing.

Words don’t go far enough. There’s magic in words, they are spells, hence ‘spelling’, but for deep healing we have to get beyond words and into the abstract. We need to bypass the intellect which gets caught up with words. What’s called for is a deeper, wordless knowing.

That’s the kind of healing journey I’ve been on, the kind that heals from within, the only holistic healing there is. The kind that teaches you that everything exists inside you, everything. And it’s no longer words, it’s knowing.

When you’re reborn through that kind of healing, you are born to yourself. You are your own mother and you are foetus and newborn babe all at the same time. You are all that you ever were, are now and will ever be. Nothing is the same from that moment on. And there’s really nothing left to say.

So it is, this is my last post. My blog is ending here and now, this website will soon be taken down. Those who need me will find me, the universe will take care of that.

One day, there may be a new website, but right now, nothing more needs to be spoken, nothing is waiting to be said. I have entered that inner, magical landscape and from here, I am learning to paint my truth without words.

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Art From The Heart

There was a time when I wasn’t very confident about my artistic ability. I was still learning techniques but the main problem was confidence in myself.

I couldn’t even get myself to draw or paint for a while. But then, I went to do an art workshop at Findhorn and it released my creativity. That got me painting but it was still years before I became good at it. Art has been there most of my life and I’ve dipped in and out sporadically. There have been times when I did nothing for years. I’ve taken it for granted and thought of myself as a mediocre artist.

That changed after my niece, Chloe, asked me to paint a deck of oracle cards. Forty-four paintings on the same project, it seemed like such a massive task.

Two and a half years later and I’ve painted twenty-three cards. Those twenty-three paintings have changed my painting ability. I’ve become so much more skilled technically and my confidence has grown.

Sometimes, it seems magical, like I’m not even the one doing the painting, I just dab the brush around here and there, sit back to look, and wonder how those marks are working better than I had envisioned. It’s not always like that but it’s true to say I’m a much more accomplished artist than I was twenty-three paintings back.

The paintings are in different styles, they are all bearing the signature of my hand, but quite a range of techniques. A big range of subjects too, some daunting, but I’ve managed to take on some challenging tasks.

“Paint me a woodland full of animals”

“I’ll do my best…”

“Paint me a crowd of people surrounding a breaching whale”


The more difficult the subject, the more my confidence grew, so that I don’t know there’s anything I wouldn’t tackle, which is just as well, because card twenty-four is a face one way, but when you turn it upside down, you get a whole other scene.

However, the twenty-second card became a bit of a game changer. A new style, a personal story, a triumph. To me, it blew everything else out of the water.

Now, I want to paint more and more in this one style, and it’s working with the theme of the womb, healing work that I’ve been doing with Jen Peters, part of the birthing process that I’ve been experiencing.

But I have a commitment to finish the oracle project as well, so now I’m painting the rest of the cards and starting new paintings, big ones on canvas, and they’re for sale.

I no longer take my art for granted and I’m no longer a mediocre artist. Now, I have to paint. Painting is my breathing.

The funny thing is, I’ve been asking, “What is my gift to the world?” and painting was there all along and I ignored it. I wasn’t ready to see it before. I am now. Painting is my language and I have a lot to say.

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Awesome Starts Today!

Let’s say that something momentous is fated to happen in your life.

And you don’t yet know this.

Maybe there’s a feeling, occasionally, that arises in your chest and, although indescribable, you sense hope, power, creativity and magnificence in it.

But it’s not attached to anything.

Deep down, you’re still yoked to a belief that you’re not capable of greatness.

And whilst that is so, your potential remains dormant.

And let’s imagine it’s not only you, it’s many people.

All carrying the ‘not good enough’ wound.

Or ‘I’m not worthy’.

Imagine the potential of all that greatness.

Imagine the loss of all this not being realised.

How many people grow old and die

Living an ordinary life

Because they never found the true potential their soul was holding for them?

Let’s turn this thing around now!

Keep telling yourself how amazing you are.

Look in the mirror and say it every morning.

And if you don’t believe it,

Sit down and write a list of all your accomplishments and successes.

Every one.

And stick it on the mirror.

[Image: ‘Ripples And Reflected Leaves’ art by Amenet Drago]

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Emergence: two

Hopi Indian Chief White Eagle has recently shared a message about the current world situation. In the light of my recent post ‘Emergence: one’ I felt this was quite relevant, providing further understanding of the coming times:

“This moment that humanity is living through can be considered a door or a hole. The decision to fall into the hole or go through the door is yours.

If you consume information 24 hours a day, with negative energy, constantly nervous, with pessimism, you will fall into this hole.

But if you take the opportunity to look at yourself, to rethink life and death, to take care of yourself and others, you will go through the door.

Take care of your home, take care of your body. Connect with your spiritual home. When you take care of yourself, you take care of others at the same time.

Do not underestimate the spiritual dimension of this crisis. Adopt the perspective of an eagle that sees everything from above with a broader vision.

There is a social demand in this crisis, but also a spiritual demand. The two go hand in hand. Without the social dimension, we fall into fanaticism. Without the spiritual dimension, we fall into pessimism and futility.

You are prepared to go through this crisis.
Grab your toolbox and use all the tools at your disposal. Learn to resist by the example of the Indian and African peoples: we have been and continue to be exterminated. But we never stopped singing, dancing, lighting fires and having joy.

Don’t feel guilty for feeling lucky in these difficult times. Being sad and without energy doesn’t help at all. Resilience is resilience through joy!

You have the right to be strong and positive. You have to maintain a beautiful, cheerful and bright posture.

This has nothing to do with alienation (the ignorance of the world). It is a strategy of resistance.

When we walk in the door, we have a new view of the world because we have faced our fears and difficulties.

This is what you can do now:

  • Serenity in the storm,
  • Keep calm, meditate daily,
  • Make a habit of encountering the sacred every day.

Demonstrate resilience through art, joy, trust and love.”

(Image: “View of Sunrise, as seen from Stonehenge at Summer Solstice” by Andy Reid)

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Creativity and Play

When creating, we are co-creating with the Divine Source.

Through creativity, we speak our truth and express our authentic self. This is the path of the soul. And this is healing in action.

Creativity is play and being playful is a spiritual activity.

When we play, we relax. In relaxation, we naturally connect with the divine flow.

When we laugh and have fun, ego naturally falls away. We are living life in conscious presence, we are accepting the flow of life.

The universe is our playground and the soul journey transforms life into play and laughter, if we invite it to and allow it.

Let past and future drop away….it’s time to embrace creativity and play!

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How to Stop Worries, Anxieties and Depression

When I stop the world, I get into the stream of divine consciousness that the Welsh call Awen.  This word is not one that translates directly, but to me it means divine inspiration.  It’s like being an open channel most or all of the time. It’s a wonderful time to be creative and creative hands are healing hands. From the ancient wisdom of the elders, I learned that our hands are energetically linked to our heart and when we are moving and using our hands, we are healing our heart.  

To stop the world, I lean back into silence and solitude.  To begin with, my ego fights back, gets all antsy about being isolated and lonely.  But then, I stop engaging on that level and stop the world.  I sink into the peace.

Feeling lonely is only an emotion, an attitude, a state of mind, a choice, a judgement.  Like many other emotions, it’s not real. 

Stopping the world is a wonderful superpower to have.  You stop time.  You do this whenever you meditate or engage in any activity that brings your consciousness to a deeper level, like painting does for me.  And it’s maybe dancing, reading a book, listening to music or something else for you, those times when you drift off into a no-time zone. Because when we’re immersed in one thing in the now moment, we are stopping the world.

Stopping the world is another way to describe what I call conscious presence, when we’re totally aware and focused on the now.  That’s how you stop time.  Take your attention to what you see, hear, feel, smell, taste or touch right NOW.  Remain in the now moment with your perceptions and you stop time.  Focus completely on an object before you or study the back of your hand in minute detail, every crease, every hair, every freckle, every pore. There is no past or future when you do this. Therefore, there are no anxieties, because they are worries about what’s going to happen, and there’s no depression, because that’s ruminations about what has been.  In the now, everything is fine.    

When I stop time, then I find myself naturally existing within that stream of consciousness that feeds my soul.  Circumstances have led me to be out of contact with others, alone in my world most of the time, long enough to let go and let the power of that creative flow pour into my being, flood my mind, engage with emotions and coalesce as ideas and realisations.  Gosh, it’s so much better when my ego gives up and stops complaining.  All of a sudden, there are no problems, no obstacles, they just melt away.  Loneliness becomes peace, isolation becomes stillness, loss becomes bliss.

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Be True To You

Hands up all those who give healing to others, whether you do it for a living or because you have friends and family who need it and you can support them?  Now, keep your hand up if you remember to regularly provide for yourself a focused healing when you need it.  Who’s still with me?  I have a feeling we lost a few people there and maybe you were one of them. 

If so, you are not the only one who’s not so good at looking after yourself because I had to put my hand down too.  I’ve recently become more conscious of it, in fact, it keeps coming up on my radar, every time I speak to someone about including them in my nightly healing session, I remember to include myself, but do I ever?  Nope. 

Maybe, like me, you have a wingman.  These days, I’m lucky to have my very talented, Reiki Master soul sister in my life, we give each other healing regularly so we know we’ve always got each other’s backs, and I don’t have to ask, she checks in with me and if she picks up that I need a boost, she’s on it.  Therefore, I feel very blessed and looked after and her loving support is a huge privilege.   

Sometimes I get migraine aura and sometimes my energy’s a bit flat, what with separating from my husband and moving house during lockdown.  I do meditation once or twice a day to connect with my guides, soul, soul group, for integrating my healed inner children, to cleanse my chakras and regularly activate the templates and energies that are brought to my attention.  So, I’m probably ahead of the game. 

But I’m talking about something more, I’m talking about self-love being expressed through our actions.  I’m talking about caring about ourselves and showing it to ourselves.  In some ways I do, in others, there’s room for increasing the expression of loving myself.   

Sisters and brothers, I do believe we need to pay attention and find some time to be there for ourselves in different ways.  Think of all the times we put pressure on ourselves, not getting things done, not checking in with people often enough, not eating properly, not taking me-time when we could, not scheduling the things we love the most that make us feel alive before all the chores and demands of others.   

Here’s where I shine and fill my chalice to overflowing:

  • When I go out into nature most days and breathe, feeling the cold air on my skin, connecting with the sky and distant hills, walking along the windswept beaches or through the still and nourishing woods.
  • When I make time for something creative in my day.  This could be painting or drawing, making something crafty like painting a stone or making a mobile from driftwood.  It could be cooking something delicious that feels creative, rearranging a room or just the corner of a room.  It could be planting up a new area of the garden or decorating some plant pots.  It could be writing a short story or poem.  Let’s find our creative and let it flow, it really does feed the soul.
  • When I’m called to provide a full blown shamanic intensive healing for somebody it fills me to bursting with energy and gives me a deep sense of purpose.  It enlivens my sense of self-actualisation, I feel I am being my best self, all my gifts are called into service in a meaningful and fulfilling way and that’s food for my soul and enriching for all of me.
  • Recently, I decided to set aside two days at the full moon and two days at the new moon as a time of personal seclusion and self-focus.  I did this once so far, the first day was absolute bliss, one of the best days ever.  The second day I woke up with the worst migraine and spent the day in bed, but maybe that’s the kind of self-nurture my body needed.  My next two moon seclusion days start tomorrow and I’m super excited because of all the things I’ve got planned; drumming, naked voice singing, making a mandala out of natural materials like leaves, wood and stones in the garden and a number of activations and downloads of spiritual energy.  I think I’m going to download the Oneness Template.  And who knows what else is yet to come forward.  Yes, this is such a fulfilling, exciting and nurturing thing to do, total self-love in action. 

Here’s where I need to focus my attention to support my self-care better:

  • Putting my laptop, book or phone away and going to sleep earlier than silly-o’clock.  Getting plenty of sleep and then rising early enough to seize the day.
  • I still have work to do in developing my attitude and behaviours around food and nurturing my physical self. This is a big issue for me, after a lifetime of imbalance.  I get somewhere for a while and then lose it, swinging from success to failure, and even in saying that, I can feel I need to make some attitude changes.  I do sense it’s been waiting for inner child healing, it’s behaviour attached to beliefs from childhood trauma, but I feel I’m getting there slowly. 
  • Not putting pressure on myself for all the things I don’t get done.   
  • Getting out into the wider world for more exploring and roaming in nature, roll on the end of lockdown.   

How about you?  Where do you express your self-love and how do you nurture yourself?  Do you feel you are putting your own needs forward, in balance with everything else in your life?  What are your personal ways for making yourself feel loved and cared for, for feeding your soul?  Where might you be able to make some improvements?    

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Imagination: Third Skill for Life

Can you imagine a world without imagination?  Do you see what I did there?  It says it all, imagination is critical in creation and creation is our primary purpose as human beings.  We are creative beings, that’s how come we have free will.  It means nobody, not even the ultimate Creator can interfere with what we choose to create and we create all the time.  We create simply by investing energy in our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, ideas and all that we do.  Which is everything we do all the time, mostly without being particularly conscious of it. 

And we couldn’t do diddly squat without our imaginations.  This makes our imaginations critically important to us, the world and others, and yet, we are pretty poor at using it.  We are not good at focus and we are not good at control.  Everything that happens does so because someone imagined it.  We bring our will to our thoughts and feelings, send that combined energy out and hey presto, with focused intent and control, we create. 

This is why imagination is the next skill for life.  Children are great, the best, absolute masters at imagination.  They can teach us a lot.  They know how to play with it, how not to limit it or create boundaries or blockages. They let it flow and go for it, big style.  When children stop doing this it’s because adults are teaching them to rein it in.  Big mistake.  When we start to limit our imagination, when we stop believing in magic, we have created a limited world that lacks magic.  Some people live in an expansive, magical world, most of us don’t because we were taught to rein it in. 

Imagine a world where little children are encouraged to expand their imaginations and not rein it in.  Imagine if, instead, they are shown how to focus their thoughts and will, invest their feelings in that focused point and send the resulting energy out into the world in a controlled way.  Do you know what they would get?  Anything they choose.    

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Message from Lord Merlin: 1

‘Loving greetings to all who shine upon the Earth. You are divinely inspired to offer your service with love and devotion for the good of all, for your ascension and the planetary ascension, affecting Mother Earth and humanity, and all the energies that exist upon or surrounding the Earth.  I am Lord Merlin, and I speak to you today with love in my heart and bringing you the gift of power and truth.  You are standing upon a threshold and your destiny awaits. 

Beloved beings of light, be at ease, for you are guided at every step.  Each moment is precious and as a jewel of light and love, enriched by the divine magic at your call.  You are expressing divine magic through your being with your breath and your intent to share the beauty and truth of the Creator.  When you express yourself, you are creating a version of divine magic incarnated, which contains power and love and emanates these energies to all who behold your word, including yourself.  This is the power and potency of your word. We are infusing these qualities and more into every word you utter and will continue to do so.  You are a vessel that the Creator has chosen to transmit divine magic into the physical realities for many to access and this can be achieved in many ways, simplest of all, by breathing with the intention of expressing divine magic for all through your breath, grounding it into Mother Earth and gifting it to Mother Earth for all on Earth. 

Beauty is as much a part of your lifepath as is love.  You hold the energies of beauty within you and have the capacity to allow them to radiate out from your being at all times.  Please focus upon the light, love and beauty that you transmit in every moment, for this is your gift to the world and your expression of the Creator and this is your path of service.  You are moving to exist within a vibration of light energy at a higher level, at the highest level available to you.  And you are a beacon, through your light many will know love, beauty, truth and healing.  Many will come to know and understand divine magic and recognise this energy within themselves.  You are concerned with mundane fears, doubts and worries.  They are to be released now, please breathe through them and release them whenever they arise for you.  Every time you do this, you are removing resistance, fear, outdated conditioning and limitations that are no longer needed in your pure existence. 

I know that you are sometimes plagued with feelings, emotions and desires, and yet all you desire is within your grasp.  It is a part of your soul’s journey that is surfacing into your consciousness now, however, it is causing some difficult emotions, as you feel a pull and then your mind and emotions embrace negative and limited thoughts and feelings about worthiness and doubts about what is possible.  These can also be released through your breathing.  You do not need to fear the future and the destination of your journey.  You are placing your energies where they are needed when you focus upon creative endeavours to bring forth into expression the divine magic, beauty and love that is in your heart.  This, you may do in a multitude of ways and this is your focus.  Let yourself shine, be strong and trust that your soul is overseeing your journey.  I am Lord Merlin and my love is with you as I support your progress towards ascension.’ 

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Message from the Elemental Kingdom: 3

“Let that which you have done for us in love and peace be given to all.  We are wise and ready to be with you, walking by your side.  We express our love for the Creator and Mother Earth through creativity, as do you. 

Our emotional energy is atuned towards creative expression. Our greatest love, passion and desire is expressing creativity through movement, sound, light, colour, energy, for by this means we create sacred beauty upon the earth.  And only when you see and feel our works with your hearts and souls do you come close to perceiving the magical splendour that truly exists.  Each element of the earth, each pebble, each shell, each leaf, snowflake, feather, cloud, raindrop, wave in the ocean, grain of sand, each is created through the consciousness of the Elemental Kingdom with great joy and love.  Each tiniest emanation is a precious jewel and as much care goes into the creation of a grain of sand as for the greatest mountain.”