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Abundance is Who We Are

What is abundance to you?  Is it having everything?  Is it being rich?  What is being rich?  Is it having lots of money?  Perhaps it’s those moments when something touches your heart, when you see something differently? 

Abundance is all of those and more.  If we are divine beings, if we are complete, then we are abundant.  And yet, the idea of being divine or complete may be even more of a challenge than considering ourselves abundant.

Many grow up with a feeling of lack or scarcity.  A sense of limitation, of poverty in some sort of manner, whether material or emotional or something else.  If we grew up feeling we weren’t good enough, then we experienced lack.  Lack of love and lack of worthiness.  And abundance is the opposite of that.

Abundance is limitless love, limitless worth and regard, abundance is being enough, having enough, always more than enough.  Abundance is not limited to one, it is unity consciousness.  We can only be abundance because we are energy beings that are not, in truth, separate, we are collective energy of the divine source scattered but always connected.  As the divine source, we are everything and therefore we are abundant.

Imagine that you can hear angels singing.  Imagine what that might sound like.  There is such harmony, resonance, beauty, richness, sweetness, peace and love emanating from this sacred choir of angels.  So much so, it would easily bring tears to your eyes, tears of joy and bliss.  The sound is complex because it weaves together multitudinous levels, tones and vibrations.  You begin to realise that you are not hearing the sound with your ears but with your entire being, with every cell and particle of your body, mind and spirit.  This is the sound of the universe.  You realise, more and more, that this is the sound of all-that-is and that your personal sound is present within this celestial orchestra too. 

The sacred sound flows through your being, stirring every part of you.  Notice how it resonates for you, with you.  See if you can pick out the sound that is originating from your core.  What does the harmony that emanates from your core sound like?  Is it not truly beautiful?  Does it not resonate perfectly with the angelic choir?  And as you tune in again to the whole, are you not aware of the expansiveness of this united harmonious sound?  You are hearing the sound of every soul, every living being or energy, visible or invisible.  Every note is different and diverse and yet, the entirety and wholeness of this sacred vibration is unified, whole and complete, as are you.

You are as equal and important as any other note that is present in that immense celestial choir.

How did you experience the sound?  Was it energy moving through your being?  Was it expressed as an emotional experience?  Did you sense the energy and power of the vibrations viscerally within your chest cavity?  The universal frequencies may be so subtle as to be beyond the human experience, and yet you still receive them as your soul. 

The song you heard, the multi-layered melody of the spheres of which you and all-there-is is a part, this is the sound of divine abundance.  Divine abundance is your very essence, your very nature, your very truth.  And divine abundance is everywhere all the time, manifesting.  It is the material with which matter is created, it is the source of all creation, for that is the nature of sound. 

Divine abundance flows through you constantly and is available to you always.  If you are perceiving lack or limitation of any sort, then you are perceiving illusions created from deep wounds and those wounds can be healed instantly by bathing in the sounds of the spheres, the harmonies of divine abundance of which you are constantly a part.  You are never not in the flow.       

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Swimming in the Divine Flow

From the perspective of being an artist and previously, a teacher of art history, I’ve long wondered if the unconscious pursuit of art is to find God, or at least, try to understand God.  Recently, whilst watching the film Effie Gray, the character John Ruskin says just about the same thing and it got me thinking.

Is our exploration of the divine, our desire to pin down the Creator, ever going to be possible?  Because we are limited by our ability to perceive such an expansive and limitless energy.  And yet, we do have the potential to be able to touch the divine because we hold the energy signature within ourselves, every single one of us.  We came from the divine, we are of the divine, we just happen to have got so very out of touch with that expression of our being. 

To be in the divine flow allows us to experience a greater level of this incredible energy. And if we go deeper, we experience resonance. Is it at the point that we know oneness-with-all that we are resonating strongest?

The written word cannot go where art goes, art and music, they both have an abstract quality that frees them. Art is a symphony of colour and shape and music is being bathed in vibrations that awaken something buried within our nature. Both engage the emotions rather than intellect at their best. And as much as it is possible to channel the divine source through words, it’s not as easy to get out of the way and the palette we have to work with is smaller. Mozart channelled the divine source beautifully through his music, as does Lisa Gerrard today. And l’m sure Rumi did in his poetry with words. And yes, I feel that every true artist does that, from prehistoric cave paintings to Banksy.

I sense that this isn’t one for the intellect and yet, as I write now, my writing is of the intellect. This is a deeper realisation, an embodiment. Perhaps that’s why it has to be art. I think specifically of Vincent Van Gogh. I would have liked to have met him. I feel he had a profound passion for the divine burning within his soul, so strong that it burned him in his flesh. I can see very well how his painting was a search for the greatest truth, for the divine in life.

The next time you are looking at a work of art by an artist who has dedicated their life to their art, especially abstract art where ‘subject’ is not in the way, imagine you are looking at the divine. Imagine the frequency of the divine source is accessible to you through that image. Allow yourself to immerse yourself in it, walk into it. Put intellect, judgements and prejudices aside, just for a moment, and swim in it. And then, know that you can do the same with anything. With any scene, landscape, situation or experience because it’s all divine source.

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Going Within

We are noticing and releasing every word we utter that reaffirms our limitations.

Every word we utter that confirms our limiting story.

Every word we utter that repeats old ideas that are illusion.

Every word we utter that is not our truth, that is not feeling comfortable within us.

We are not our story.

We are like a tardis, we are much bigger on the inside than the outside.

Inside, we are expansive, we are eternal and infinite.  We are divine, we are One.  We are fulfilled.  We are limitless, we are empowering and empowered.

Let us go deep within and speak from there.  Let us find our divine centre, our foundation of love, let us find our truth within.  This is the only journey, the adventure we are here for, the wild ride we came for. 

May my stories, blockages, illusions and limitations be released and healed. 

Every time I utter a word from a place of untruth, I feel it, I get a moment of realisation, a moment of bodily recognition and yet, I voice it just the same.  I pledge this to myself; I will hear my inner voice that wishes to move into my divine truth, my place of clarity and be the ‘I am’ I am from the centre of my divine core. 

I will ask, “What does my truth say?”

If I follow this sense of knowing that has been surfacing recently, that has been noticed by my soul, it will cut my conversations by half.  I will have a lot less to say in idle conversation.  I will not constantly ground myself into the victim, the judge, the burdened one.  I will not repeat over and over stories of my wounded childhood.  I will not state what I like and don’t like, what I believe and don’t believe, what is good and what is bad.  I will not feed my wounds or feeble versions of my self that are not coming from a place of expansion and empowerment. 

Instead, I will stand in the divine flow and embody divine presence.  From there, I will express my ‘I am’.

For, those times that I notice when my truth is not present, when I utter words that steal my potency, those are the times that I am not aligned with the divine source.  Those are where my blockages lie.

I am a chrysalis and a new creature is waiting to emerge.  I sense she is unfolding, nearly ready to fly on the soft breeze, in the divine flow.  She wishes to be in that flow in every moment, for that is the food that feeds her soul, that enables her to create all that her soul desires.  That is her fulfilment. 

I am open to the flow of the divine source, I open up and receive.  I invite this into my life now.  The divine flow pulsates through my being, I feel it and embrace it.

And from this place, I act.  I invite the divine presence within me to inspire, to guide me, to be present with every action. 

Divine presence, be present in my actions now. I am one with the divine source, together we co-create.  

(The painting above is the one I made to be the logo for my healing service and it seemed the perfect accompaniment, you can’t get more expansive within than having the cosmos inside your belly. The painting is of the Goddess energy I call Kali Na Gig, the challenger Goddess that resonates with the Wise Woman or Crone.)