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Waking Up

Quite often, the posts I write don’t represent where I’m at, they’re me working things out for myself.  It’s a part of a process where intellect is engaged, part of moving through the energy to realisation.  So, when I state something, it doesn’t mean I’m there yet, it means I know I’m working through that energy.

I watched a film recently, it was one I’ve watched at least five times, an old favourite I never seem to tire of.  Every time, it gets me in the heart, which is not surprising since it’s a film all about the heart.  And more than that, it’s a film about claiming your darkness, and I hadn’t really noticed that before because I hadn’t watched it just at the moment when I was ready to see it before.

As usual, this time, the emotions started to surface, ones I often struggle with.

And there it was.  After my recent post ‘Allowing Life to Be’, I realised what I needed as I watched the film.  I realised that those struggling emotions of yearning and desires and loneliness, a desire for a deep, abiding loving relationship that expresses as a sacred union at all levels, this is not a lack in me, not something to fight or struggle against, not a bad or negative feeling. It doesn’t represent a deficiency or failure. It’s okay, it’s a part of me.  It’s who I am, and all of a sudden I claimed it.  I embraced my needs and desires and moved the energy from dissonance to resonance. 

Then, I realised there was more that needed to be claimed, I needed to claim the darkness, the loss, abandonment, lack of love I’ve experienced, deeper than I’d ever claimed it before.  Instead of feeling it was something that had happened to me, that it was a problem, that it was the opposite of what I wanted, I claimed it all.  I claimed the darkness as mine. 

Now, I own it.  I can no longer be hurt because it’s something I allow as who I am.  All those emotions that weren’t love became love, love for myself.  I loved myself to freedom.

Guilt, resentment, blame, anger, sorrow, all became love.  And that love became peace.  The peace brought stillness and release, it brought acceptance and trust.  I accepted me and at the same time, I healed myself some more.    

Waking up is a series of moments of realisation, of claiming and acceptance of oneself.      

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Seeing Beyond the Mundane

We talk about magic as illusion

What if magic is divine truth?

And when I say magic, I mean the feeling you get when you see a shooting star.
When an unbelievable synchronicity just happened.
When the moon hangs so low in the sky it looks like you could touch it. 
The moment you meet your beloved for the first time, the back of your hands brush together and you feel electric currents all through your body. 
When a wild bird lands on your hand. 
When you watch the sun come up from the top of a mountain.
When a brilliant idea just appears out of nowhere in your mind.
When you know, just know without question, that something is indisputably right.    

Magic makes your eyes enormous, your mouth agog, your heart flutter. 
Magic makes you want to do a little happy dance. 
Magic lights up your face and your entire being glows. 
Magic fills you with the most wonderful loving energy. 
Magic energises you and you believe in anything, everything, you believe in yourself.     

And let’s consider that mundane reality is the illusion we conjure up by our expectations.

What are your expectations?

What if people who believe in miracles get miracles?

What if people who see the impossible live the impossible?

What if people who conjure magic experience magic?

Are you ready to live divine magic?

Are you ready to give up the illusions of the mundane, one by one?

For a life less ordinary, a life more full of divine magic.

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Meet Granma Wisdom

Have you noticed a few recent posts about a character called Granma Wisdom yet?  That’s becoming something of a theme, and it happened like this.

I was making my bed when I noticed a dialogue going through my head, it was the first Granma Wisdom post, which you will find here.  And as I started to pay attention, I thought; “Hey, this is gold!  I need to be writing this down.”  So, I dropped what I was doing, grabbed my laptop and captured it.  The next day, another one popped out.  I realised something was happening.  I wondered if I would get one a day?

Thing is, I used to be a schoolteacher and I guess I’ve always had thoughts and ideas about the kind of things children need and don’t usually find in a society and culture like ours.  I mean learning skills like breathing techniques, visualisation and meditation from an early age.  Hearing about the alternative explanation for life and death that we get from a spiritual perspective.   

And there it was, not for the first time, the idea to write a book for parents and children that introduce a new, more spiritual way to understand things.  And that’s who Granma Wisdom is.  She’s a wise seer who is teaching her grandchild all she knows, because her grandchild is holding the gift of the seer too.  And through her words, maybe parents will know how to explain some of these ideas to their children, and maybe children will understand because Granma Wisdom’s words are close to the world of divine magic that children already hold in their hearts. 

I don’t know if it’s going to be a real book yet, too soon to say, but the door is open, the magic is welcome and I am present to receive and follow whatever path is chosen for me.       

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Love In Action

Is love your goal?

Are you focused on the embodiment and expression of love?

Are you making love your foundation?

When love becomes our foundation

It is the bedrock of all that we are.

We recognise the magic that is within us.

We recognise the magic in everything.

When love is our foundation,

We have progressed beyond the conscious expression of  

The embodiment of our love.

We recognise that we are love in action.

I love that phrase – love in action.

Nobody can be love in action all the time,

There are times we feel the opposite of love.

And that’s a healing and a releasing process,

Let’s recognise it as such,

Because it’s not a reflection on how well we’re doing on our spiritual journey.

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Granma Wisdom at the Beach

“Sweetie, look at that ray of sunshine coming down through that cloud there, straight as an arrow.  Look at how it’s lighting up the drops of water coming off the waves.”

“Oh, yes Granma, I see it!  And those drops look like diamonds!”

“Yes, beautiful, aren’t they, the way they sparkle.  I would say that’s magic.  That’s the magic of the elementals, that’s what happens when the fire elementals in the ray of light play with the water elementals in the droplets.  Sweetie, we’re lucky to see this magic today, what a gift!  Not many people will notice such a moment as this.”


“Look about the beach, look at the people, how many do you think have noticed?”

“Ummm… most people are playing on the beach and not looking out to sea…oh look, Granma!  There’s a lady over there, she’s looking out to sea, maybe she can see the diamonds!”

“Yes, and she’s got a lovely, peaceful smile on her face, maybe she can.”

“Granma, what do you think it’s like to be a water droplet coming off a wave?”

“Well, I expect it might be exhilarating.”

“What does that mean?”

“Let me see, it’s a word that packs in a lot of meaning.  It means exciting, perhaps breathtaking, thrilling, something that’s inspiring.  And also, I think it might feel a bit scary, you know, being so high and away from the sea, their home.  See the way they spin high up into the air and then freefall back into the sea?  For a few moments, it’s as though they’re getting a separate life of their own, not being part of the sea anymore.  Just like you.”

“What do you mean, Granma, I’m not the sea.”

“Well dear, just like the water droplets, we belong to something so vast that we are not even aware we’re a part of it.  And we’re experiencing the same exhilarating separation as the droplets when we live our lives.”

“Granma, I don’t know what you mean…?”

“Do you remember when we talked about how you’re mostly energy, and that you’re really like a pillar of light?  And that you’ve chosen to become the person you are to live the life you’re experiencing?”

“Yes, I remember, you said I’m a divine being.  So, you mean that living my life as a person is like being a droplet of water separated from the sea?”

“Yes!  Exactly so!  You got it, sweetheart.  Think of it this way, do you ever feel like the you that exists inside yourself can ever truly express all of itself to anyone else?”

“I know what you mean, Granma!  It’s like, nobody can understand how many thoughts I have and how many feelings I have and how much fun and happiness  I can feel or how much hurt or sadness I can feel, that stuff just is impossible to explain properly, I’ve tried.  You have to keep it to yourself.  And I thought that, probably, everybody else must feel like that too.  Probably, everybody is experiencing that same powerful feeling about themselves and we all don’t get to share very much of ourselves, really, do we, Granma?”

“Sweetie, you are wise for your years and I always said so. You are right. We’re all experiencing a deep and powerful involvement with ourselves inside. We simply can’t share that with anybody else, not to the depth that we feel it within ourselves. And that feeling is our ocean. That’s our divine nature. It just simply cannot be explained in words, so we can’t talk about it.”

“I’m confused, Granma, are you saying that we are the sea?”

“Our sea is the vastness that is the Creator, the divine source.  It’s who we really are, just like the droplet of water’s a single droplet that’s really the vast sea.  Look inside that droplet and what do you find?”


“Yes, water, exactly the same as the sea.”

“Granma, do you think the droplet is sad when it goes back in the sea and isn’t a droplet anymore?”

“Goodness, no!  How could it possibly be sad to be home, to be the truth of itself?  To be never feeling that sense of fear or separation.  I like to think that droplet loves its moment in the air but is never happier than when its at home, being the sea.

But you gotta remember, sweetie, like us, that droplet is always only ever the sea anyway.”          

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Your Magic Wand

I am so excited today to share some wonderful information and understanding that came my way whilst the 8/8 and Lionsgate portal energy was streaming through the ether yesterday.

I opened an email that came through from Master Djwhal Khul, channelled by Natalie Glasson.

And this is Divine MAGIC!

Have you ever wished you had a magic wand to make all your problems go away?

What if I told you, you already have one?!  Sounds too good to be true, how often has something come by your radar and made your heart soar with hope, only to come crashing down when you realise the limitations of what you found?  I know, I’ve been there too.  There are no limitations this time, this is rock-solid gold.

So, what does your magic wand work for?  What does it do?

You know all those habits you really don’t want to be doing anymore because you know they don’t serve you, but you keep finding yourself doing them, nonetheless?  Well, it banishes those for a start.

All those thoughts that won’t go away, the ones that bring you down, make you second-guess yourself, limit yourself, all those repetitive, unwanted thoughts?  Gone!

Feelings that hit you, like sadness, loneliness, feelings that feel like a stab to your heart?  Never again.

All those situations that are no longer serving you, they are toast.  I know you’ve tried and tried to extricate yourself and even come to accept it’s not even possible, but now you can be free.

In fact, any situation that is causing you distress, any dissonance in your life at all.

Yep, you can believe it, you have a simple, fast and sure-fire way to freedom and PEACE!

Now, when you hear about this, I know you’re going to say, “Is that it?  Is that all?  Well, that won’t work!”  Believe me, the simplicity of it is a foil against its power and effectiveness.  Don’t be fooled.  Open your heart, try it, what have you got to lose?  Actually, you’ve got a lot to lose, all the stress, distress, chaos and worry in your life, for starters.  You don’t WANT to hold on to those now, do you?

Okay, this is what came through.  Before we were born, we each made an agreement, every single one of us.  We agreed that we would cultivate inner peace for ourselves and others.  And our soul, soul group and guides (we’ve all got a spiritual support team), they all agreed to send us a surge of inner peace every time we ask.  This is called our Inner Peace Agreement.

So, how does it work?  Simple!  The moment you notice dissonance, notice those pesky thoughts or feelings, notice you are focusing on a problem, redirect your attention towards your inner peace.  Just actively choose to focus on inner peace, easily and effortlessly.  Invoke the agreement, simply say, silently or aloud; “I am activating my Inner Peace Agreement” and you WILL receive support.

Then, just breathe it in, breathe inner peace into your being and breathe inner peace out.  If there’s a situation or problem, simply send your inner peace to that situation when you breathe out.  You will be amazed how peaceful you suddenly feel.  You will notice all those thoughts, feelings, issues and problems just drop away as you are bathed in such blissful peace.  And please understand, it’s not just escapism, every time you do this, you are dissolving the thoughts, feelings, patterns, behaviours, problems at source.  For good.  Just keep doing it.  It’s so easy, so simple, so quick to do and quick to act. 

And remember that agreement you made?  It was to bring yourself and others inner peace?  Well, every time you activate it for yourself, you automatically ARE bringing it to others too.  And if you know somebody who’s having problems, somebody you know could do with activating their inner peace, share this with them.  And if you don’t think they will be open to it, simply ask their soul, their soul group and their guides to activate inner peace for them. 

When you invite inner peace to flood through your body, you are allowing the divine source and the highest energies of enlightenment to course through your being.  Don’t engage with your stuff, don’t try to work things out, just breathe in and out your inner peace.  Magic!  Inner peace dissolves confusion and opens your intuition.  You will find solutions you had never before dreamed of to problems you thought were insurmountable.  And imagine what kind of a world we make when everyone is radiating their inner peace, for themselves and others, right alongside you. You can bet I’m with you, my sisters and brothers.             

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Magic Night Fire

Last night, I sat in my back garden and christened my crucible. It was a night for connecting with the energies belonging to the place where I live, on the side of a Welsh mountain, above a river estuary, overlooking the sea.

It was a night of tremendous power, I could feel it growing within me all day, even to the point of that uncomfortable feeling when we begin to feel overwhelmed, when we know it’s time to send that energy into the Earth through our feet, to ground and anchor it and relieve the building pressure on ourselves.

It was a night with owls calling as I made magic with the elements. The cracklings of the fire were my soundtrack above the calling fox, swaying trees and the owls.

I sipped a spiced rum which I shared with the fire, the trees and earth around me as an offering of love and gratitude, even as I aligned myself with the upper and lower worlds.

I made a deep healing journey for some of my inner children, those still carrying the abandonment wound.

I received a channelled message from my beloved soul group, the Andromedans about manifestation and how it is the belief, trust and confidence we feel that gets in our way, not the practical skills, which are in-built, we are manifesting in every moment, after all. And whether that’s for our betterment or not is down to our mastery, which is led by our self-belief.

I centred my being and showered love and gratitude on the many blessings in my life, not forgetting to acknowledge and send love and gratitude to my self, my soul and all the expressions that I am in this life.

Eventually, the glowing embers dimmed, the clouds grew thin and one by one, diamonds appeared in the vast canopy overhead.

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Soul Mastery Alchemy

Things are moving forwards with purpose as far as the workshops are concerned.

The Twin Flame Alchemy online workshop has changed date, it’s now going to be running on Friday 13th August at 3.30pm for 2 hours.  Go here to learn more. 

This, like all my courses, will be guided meditations, information given at a deeply received level of consciousness and several activations that empower and activate the energies of divine union.

Then, the Soul Integration course, which was very well received, will run again.  You can find out all about it here. This time, instead of 45 minutes over 6 sessions, it’s going to be one hour over four sessions, although the content is just the same.  Here’s some feedback I received from the participants about the course:-

“I am blown away by the Soul Integration workshop, it is powerful, affirming and comforting to feel that sense of connection so strongly.  Gathering together with that shared intention is very powerful.  The energy is strong and loving.  I feel full up with a beautiful light.  Ananda’s presence is so loving, calming and reassuring.  I feel completely safe in that sacred space.”

“The Soul Integration course was illuminating and satisfying. I feel that I was given tools which will enrich me and that the course is a catalyst, like ripples in a pond when a stone is dropped into it. Ananda’s voice is so soothing and calming and quickly puts one into a meditative state.”

I recently received some powerful insights for future courses. They are going in the direction of magic and nature, working with the elements and elementals and utilising shamanic skills. The Soul Integration course is an essential foundation for all the new courses. So, with the exception of the Twin Flame Alchemy workshop, all participants require the Soul Integration course in order to access further workshops and courses. The Soul Integration course is now a foundation course and will run every other month.

The Soul Integration course integrates your being with your soul. You become your soul and that’s powerful and makes everything different. To be able to incorporate that vast change into your life means you then bring that embodiment with you into every other workshop and course. You come to each course as a whole, complete, integrated soul , a being of love, tooled up with all the skills and wisdom that your soul holds, and your soul holds masses and masses.

The ideas for future courses are still materialising, they involve working with magic and manifestation. We will be creating strong personal protection through making a range of amulets. So many people would benefit from knowing how to create strong protective devices for themselves, their friends and family, and the principles you will learn have limitless applications.

Another area we will be exploring is communicating with the elements, elementals and nature, understanding and working with the consciousness in plants, insects, animals, trees and earth, air, water and fire.

These courses are going to be more practical than those I’ve done so far, and it’s going to be a challenge as I work out how to do that really well online.

I am picking up a huge surge in the deep connection with nature that people are feeling on all sorts of levels. I am wishing to dive into that Earth energy with you and explore tools and abilities to plug into the energy. We will all uncover so much more in the way of magic and meaning through these new, exciting courses.

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Ffion is Coming!

I have made a new friend who makes my heart sing. We met online and our connection was obvious at first encounter, although I should say, even though we both resonated towards each other, it was she who chose to activate our relationship.

Her name is Ffion and she is a mystical, magical, powerful, serene, active and direct Welsh lass. She’s breathtakingly beautiful with long wavy red hair, freckled face and beatific smile.

She’s a witch, heavily into crystals and herbalism and has a cat called Cheetah. Like me, she’s in alignment with the elemental kingdom and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re the ones responsible for us coming together. She’s decisive, persistent and determined, just as the warrior goddess trains herself to be. And she’s coming to visit me next week, not just to visit, but to stay!

I am so excited, the moment we made a connection, the magic began to flow.  She is a master of transformation and that energy immediately came into my life.  She is going to help me with my own magical work, with my painting and channelling, with creating and facilitating my workshops.  She is going to be present, from now on, in every aspect of my life.

Don’t worry, I will introduce you to her, so stay tuned to meet my wonderful new friend, Ffion.

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This is the First amenet drago: Soul Mastery | Shamanic Nature Monthly Newsletter



Saturday 12th June – 17th July:


Runs on Saturdays for six weeks.

A powerful ONLINE course where you will learn everything you need to know about your soul, where your soul came from, what your soul is.

You will understand the reasons we need to activate an integration with our soul.

A sacred soul initiation will take place for you on the inner planes.

You will be introduced to the sacred sanctuary of your soul, a place you can go to anytime.

You will see your soul from the perspective of the divine source, an experience that is deep and profound.

You will meet your soul family, all the beings who support, love and guide your soul.

You will learn your soul’s name and symbol.

You will find out and explore your soul’s purpose on the Earth.

Still booking: Here
Choose between 10.30am or 7pm BST for 45 minute session
£45 for the six session course


Saturday 31st July:


A powerful ONLINE workshop for people who have received their sacred soul initiation.

It is possible to do this workshop without having done the Soul Integration course because there’s a soul merging activation in the Twin Flame workshop.

However, the Twin Flame workshop is a continuation from the Soul Integration workshop and the energetic downloads will be more powerful and fulfilling if both are attended.

You will find out and understand just what your twin flame is.

You will be led through an activation to merge your soul aspects and ignite your twin flame.

You will be able to choose to activate your twin flame as a relationship with another human being, either one you have not yet met or by enhancing a relationship you are already in.

You will visit activation chambers on the inner planes to embody your twin flame energy and activate the divine union that your twin flame enables.

Booking page not yet available, watch the website for developments or wait for next months’ newsletter.
£10 for the TWIN FLAME ALCHEMY workshop


Saturday 28th August:

First monthly Zoom workshop: ‘LOVE: A SKILL FOR LIFE’

Dive in deep to the love vibe and find out how to combine breathwork, finding your inner peace and activating the power of your imagination whilst bringing in the energy vibe of love fully into your being, for yourself and others.

Find out just what you can achieve when these skills are powerfully combined.

There will be a regular online Zoom workshop taking place at the end of each month, each time on a different subject.

Each workshop will take place in the energetic, will utilise channelled information from ascended masters and archangels and take place in a state of deeper consciousness to consolidate the energy within you.

Booking page not yet available, watch the website for developments or wait for next months’ newsletter.
Monthly ONLINE workshops are all £10 per session.


Don’t forget, there are free audio meditation tools available here.

You will find a selection of meditations and activations, including simple tools for soul integration and twin flame activation.

There’s a meditation from Lord Merlin that increases self-love and works with the energies of abundance.

There’s a cleansing and purifying activation if you’re feeling a little sluggish or just feel you need to clean up your energies. This comes from my soul group, the Andromedans, using their amazing light technology.

The basic meditation techniques were devised from channelled information from Lord Buddha, and you can’t get a better meditation teacher than that.



There are no Shamanic Nature Trance Intensive Retreats going on during this Summer because of the issues presented with running a five day retreat with three facilitators and up to nine attendees during Covid restrictions in the UK and because such a lot of change has been going on for me personally.

I hope very much to get this transformative retreat up and running at the first possible window of opportunity.



I am actively engaged in providing shamanic healing, energy extractions, soul retrieval and psychopomp work and you simply need contact me personally from my contact page to discuss this.

I will communicate with you via email to ascertain what you are looking for, then I will make an enquiring journey to my guides to ascertain if I’m the right person to help you and whether this is the right time for you to receive shamanic healing. If it is, they usually tell me what you need me to do.

I will report back to you and we will decide if you wish to go ahead and agree payment. It’s not easy to give set costs up front as the needs required are varied and personal. But you are never obliged to go ahead until we have agreed together.

We will be in personal communication throughout, so we can discuss the details of your healing and what will happen as we go along. You will be supported for up to two weeks after the healing.

I work at a distance usually. When we have fixed a date, then I will send you a payment request via Paypal.

You will receive a recording of your healing, giving you a full account taken in real time. You will also receive a crystal holding the energy of your healing, if you wish to provide an address for postage.


It’s been quite a year so far, I left Ceredigion and moved home to live in neighbouring Carmarthenshire in mid May.

Now, I live in a village called Mynyddygarreg, which is quite a mouthful, it’s right next to Kidwelly, known for its picturesque castle.

Kidwelly is an ancient place on an estuary, established as a borough in 1115 and occupied long before that. Kidwelly is the place where Princess Gwenllian died. She is a heroine of Welsh historic legend, somewhat akin to Boudicca. Gwenllian was a warrior princess with fiery passion in her heart. Her story is amazing and will have your eyes streaming for sure, if you ever wish to check it out.

From my house, I have a view of the sea in the distance and can see the tide coming in and going out through the estuary. It’s lovely to know what the tide’s doing every time I look out of the window. The view below is one taken from the balcony in my garden. You can see Kidwelly castle with the estuary and sea behind it.

The picture above is taken from the same spot, looking north instead of west. The early morning mist is nestling in the valley bottom and you can see the way my house and garden are raised and surrounded by trees in such a way that I feel like I live in a tree-house, which is lovely.

The nearby town of Carmarthen (Welsh: Caermyrddyn) translates as ‘Merlin’s Stronghold’ and is the acclaimed birthplace of the famous magician. I am tickled pink to be living here because Lord Merlin, whose energy exists on the inner planes, is my primary spirit guide and frequently communicates through my channel. On one occasion, he appeared before me and I touched and felt his hand before he de-materialised it. And, yeah, it was a bit spooky but not scary because his energy is so loving. Lord Merlin has a close affinity with Nature and his speciality is Divine Magic, a subject I intend to run an online workshop on soon, with his help, of course.

A huge ‘thank you’ from my heart to yours, to all who are following this blog and supporting me in any way. Thank you for letting me know when my posts are of interest or value to you, it really makes a difference to have such a connection with you.

Your presence is my reason for being here.

Love and blessings,