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Exploring Gender

I’m interested in gender and the constructive nature of the genders we embody.

We know that from the moment we are born, we’re conditioned to conform with the gender our body represents.

Before birth, we all began with female physicality and some stay that way whilst others develop a male body.

Does a newborn baby know what gender it is?

Is gender purely physical or is it defined by a number of different factors, such as cognitive, emotional, spiritual and energetic frameworks?

It’s clear that humans usually place the defining factor on the body.

Over time, males and females learn to walk differently, speak differently, act, think and believe from different parameters.

We dress differently, arrange our appearance in different ways and live life in different roles.

Everything around us supports this; culture, family, society, media, religion, politics, education, law, business.

We are living at a time when people are breaking through these parameters but it’s still not easy and neither is it safe for many.

I identify as a woman but feel masculine too. It’s not either-or, I feel I contain both within the totality of my being.

We are all performers in our daily lives but we’re not aware of the fact that we’re performing. There’s the person we are when we’re asking the bank manager for a loan, the person we are when we’re talking to young children, we’re someone else when we’re dancing with our friends. We have all these different behaviours and all of it is a performance.

Who we are depends on what we decide to take upon ourselves and become.

I believe that if we explore gender as a part of our truth, we open up to healing and awaken positive qualities that are suppressed within us when we limit our truth. We can understand ourselves and each other so much better if we embrace ourselves as beings that embody both feminine and masculine energies.

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Twin Flame Ignited

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve got my second online workshop coming up soon.  The first one, a six week course, has only one week left to go and it’s gone down very well, I’m feeling very pleased and hope to run it again sometime. 

This second workshop was designed to be a follow-on because, when we are integrated with our soul, our twin flame is awakened.  So, the next stage is to activate it and enable the energies to be expressed. 

Now I’ve made this Twin Flame Alchemy workshop a stand-alone workshop because I’ve incorporated a soul integration into the programme. 

I’m aware that many people see the twin flame as another person who is our one true love.  This says a great deal about how so many people would love to find love and are still looking for that love outside themselves.  And I really get that. 

The twin flame is so much more than that.  Essentially, it’s the energy of divine union, of the divine feminine and divine masculine that exists within each of us, at the core of our soul.  And it requires to be activated.

The most fundamental value of waking the twin flame up is not to meet Mr or Ms Right, it’s to further realise the truth of our being as a soul, as a multi-dimensional being, and not just a body with a personality. 

That’s not all, more than anything, igniting this energy brings us further away from the illusion of separation and nearer to our awareness of being connected with all-that-is and of our own divine nature.  And the thing is, that’s the entire point of being on Earth and living our lives, to move closer to the truth, to realign with the divine source, of which we are a part.

When we wake up our twin flame, it is akin to fast-tracking our spiritual journey.  Everything speeds up.  That includes the cleansing, purification, the healing, the awakening, the recognition of who we are and what, ultimately, we are here for.  So, we find our path, we find our tribe and we find all the healing and growth that is needed to make that so.

How is it that the twin flame is a part of our soul and simultaneously another person?  It is energy.  Energy is beyond the manifest, it can be in more than one place, it can express in more than one form.  And it can be called into existence.  And when we activate the twin flame within our being, we are then able to ignite the alchemy that forms relationships.  Not any kind of relationships but sacred relationships centred upon divine union.  Relationships with other persons who are our soul.  Yes, that is the twin flame. 

Twin Flame Alchemy online workshop Sunday 1st August at 3.30pm BST



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Twin Flame Alchemy

The new Twin Flame Alchemy workshop is now booking.

This online workshop is a one-off event and it dove-tails nicely as a follow-on from the Soul Integration workshop that is now running. Originally, it was going to be exclusively for those people who did the Soul Integration. The reason for that is because it is by experiencing the sacred soul integration that one’s twin flame is awakened. The Soul Integration workshop focuses on greater understanding and connection with one’s soul, so it seems like an obvious follow-on to return to the twin flame and support further exploration of its energies, especially as it has so much to offer.

No longer is the Twin Flame Alchemy workshop only for Soul Integration participants, it’s just so wonderful an opportunity to bring this powerful workshop to you that I had to build in a soul integration so that everybody can experience this amazing energy.

There is so much out there about the twin flame. Almost all of it about finding one’s dream partner. And that is simply focusing in on the aspect that appeals to the lonely and heart-broken brothers and sisters, maybe romantic souls who are searching for their ‘one and only’ true loves.

And yet, that’s the opposite of what the twin flame is, since the twin flame is divinity in union. And yet again, it is exactly what those dear ones, lonely, looking for love, it is what is most needed. For you, dear ones, igniting the twin flame is going to change everything.

This is for you if you are not yet loving yourself above all others, even though you have heard you will never find love until you learn to love yourself first. Your twin flame will heal you.

This is for you if are struggling to make connections, find your soul tribe, your kindred souls, struggling to meet anybody who resonates with you in a world that seems to have closed down almost all physical contact. Your twin flame will connect you.

This is for you if you are ready to fall in love, but know you still hold wounds and patterns that make you pick the wrong partner. And yet, you are feeling so tired, so weary of doing the work and never finding your true love. Your twin flame will help you.

This is for you if you sometimes wonder if there is anybody who could really love you, totally see you, absolutely embrace you in a sacred union of your soul. Your twin flame will show you.

Let’s get this straight, this isn’t just about finding love. It’s about being healed so that you are ready for the most ultimate love of all, soul love, divine love.

This isn’t just about romantic love, it could just as easily be about friendship at soul level or companionship at soul level, if that’s what you prefer.

This isn’t just about one person, with your twin flame ignited, you can call in as many soul sisters and soul brothers as you wish.

This isn’t about finding somebody you have never met, yes, of course you can, but if you are already in a committed relationship and wish to enhance that relationship with your twin flame, you can.

And if you have met someone and it’s just not happening yet, see what your twin flame can bring forth. Whatever your situation, you can choose to make a relationship that’s a deep, sacred relationship of the soul.

And yet, the most wonderful gifts that your twin flame has to offer are those that it brings to enhance your personal soul journey. Such wisdom, such consciousness, such love, such healing, such understanding. Your twin flame is here to activate divine union and accelerate your spiritual journey to a whole new level.

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Welcoming The Goddess Energies

Recently, I’ve entered into training with the Fellowship of Isis, Goddess training that will take me a year to complete, so I predict some majorly Goddess inspired posts appearing from time to time.

And indeed, even though the course itself doesn’t start until July, I have already entered into conversation and exploration with fellow students about the goddess energies. 

And that got me pondering about the way the Goddess vibe has really never not been in my life.  I can’t speak for the cradle, but from being a little girl I had the deepest relationship with this energy that was both the land and also a kind of body-less consciousness of a feminine nature.   

This was my most nurturing relationship throughout childhood. I had a difficult childhood and the active emotional response I experienced towards my adopted mother was fear. My sense of self was soon diminished in early life, well before the age of seven, and I didn’t make friends. So, taking the family dog walking in my wild backyard twice a day was my salvation. That time with the dog and the land saved me. I connected to this loving, gentle energy that I eventually identified as Mother Earth. She was everywhere but most of all, she was felt when I was in the landscape, on my own, with or without the dog. Then, I felt loved and held. And rooted and free.

So, it’s not surprising that the Goddess has been a huge focus throughout my adult life. My mother may have invoked fear but she also modelled how empowered women can be. Nobody was more powerful than she was in our family, in my little girl world.

It’s understandable that we pick up our ideas of Goddess and God from early relationships with our personal mother-figure and father-figure, whoever they are.

The Goddess vibration is a consciousness, one that splits into a myriad of facets. And I do believe that there are women who walked on Earth in physical bodies, women who embodied feminine divine energy and eventually came to hold the vibration of the Goddess Consciousness in their being. They now exist in the energetic world as Goddess beings. I speak of Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Lady Quan Yin, to name but a few.

I take this understanding to the myths and legends, and I am a mythology nerd. There, Goddesses abound. Not only Greek and Roman pantheons, but Norse, Celtic, Hindu, Native American, you can go anywhere and find Goddesses. There are many stories that represent her and yet, do not name her, like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White. She is everywhere. All these are her many aspects, her qualities and energies.

The more I explore the Goddess energies, the more is revealed and yet, I’ll never get to the bottom of it all. And, of course I won’t, I never could. That’s as it should be. There’s a point when you’ve just got to stop trying to understand and simply absorb all that you are given to hold.

But what I’ve come to pondering is why am I splitting the divine into Goddess and God, when we are embracing oneness? Why am I focusing on the Goddess now? What does that do to my relationship with the Creator? Which is paramount to me.

The Goddess Consciousness is the embodiment of the divine feminine, which is rising now towards unity, and the Creator is the embodiment of all-that-is, the embodiment of oneness. How do I reflect the divine feminine and divine masculine within me?

What’s your relationship with the Goddess like? Do you see past the personality of ‘Goddess’? Do you sense the energy, vibration, the consciousness of the divine feminine? Do you find the Goddess within you?

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The Crone

It is she who does not give a damn about what anyone thinks of her.

It is she who says what she means and means what she says.

It is she who is the perfect mirror in any situation, for she carries no agenda other than delivering the truth.

The crone is a woman who has suffered and from her suffering has come to know her wisdom.

She does not try to placate, assuage or please.  Her only desire is to be herself in every situation.

The crone is the one who we call upon when we feel insecure and unsure.  When we feel afraid that our own truth will alienate us or will cause others to criticize or condemn.

The crone speaks like a whip, her words come in a single crack, a sting but no reverberating pain.

She does not intend to judge or hurt or compare.  She only intends to reveal the truth.

Hence, she does not linger in resentment or confusion.

The crone’s wisdom is hard-earned.  She has travelled over and over into the darkness.

She knows that comfort only comes through discomfort, and that liberation only comes from within.

The crone is an archetype that has been ostracized and forgotten.

She is pushed into the cellars of our collective unconscious.

If a woman is old, then she is worthless.  If she is wrinkled, she is invisible.

Only the maiden, voluptuous, cream-skinned, thick-haired, is valued in her power.

But the maiden’s power is only skin deep.

She does not know yet how to love herself.

She does not know yet how to express her full truth.

She does not know yet how to access those parts of herself that are indestructible, tempered by birth, old age, sickness, and death.

Only the crone can do this.

The crone is the witch, the wise woman, the shamanka, the sorceress.

It is she who lived in the woods or at the edge of the village.

Those who are on the brink of life and death, birthing mothers, diseased elders, broken hearted warriors, seek her out.

The crone can see every situation for exactly what it is.

She can deliver the medicine, even if it burns or causes more suffering before the healing can begin.

The patriarchy fears the crone, for she represents a completely different kind of power than we see alive in the world today.

Her power is mysterious, internal, intuitive, and fierce.

It is rare to find a crone now and every community needs one.

Crones do not live outside of us, they live within us.

In women and men.  In the young and the old.

 You can be eighty and still not be a crone.

You can be twenty-five and be deeply in touch with her.

Your inner crone reflects your relationship to your inner life.

A rich inner life cultivates wisdom and courage.

The crone is the gatekeeper of these.

We need to access the crone, when we are afraid to speak what is on our minds, or cannot find our truth or feel our power.

If we have a hard time making a decision we need to call on her.

She exists in quiet moments.

She is the voice of clarity that rings through the confusion when we turn inwards and listen.

Her voice gets stronger and louder the more we trust and confide in her.

She likes to cackle and poke fun.  She likes to be trickster and cause a spectacle.

She does not settle for anything other than naked truth in any situation.

These are not my words, they are words I came across many years ago and found again whilst clearing my stuff out, I had kept it on an old USB. I don’t remember where it came from, so cannot credit the author, despite a bit of searching the web. But I love this and wished to share it with you. Especially if you feel an affinity with her energy.

This is her time I feel, she is rising. This is our time to greet and embrace her, become her, as the patriarchy diminishes and the era of unity and oneness becomes. Men, if you are feeling uncomfortable with an uprising of feminine energies, it is only so that equilibrium can be reached. Let your own feminine energies rise up, don’t deny them. Every one of us is, and always has been, a blend of masculine and feminine energy. And now we are coming together as one.

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Twin Flames

When I started my twin flame journey, it was difficult to find much information about twin flames, it was as if everybody was copying the same small content.  Most sources describe there being another person who is one’s twin flame and how much difficulty we can expect to experience in the twin flame relationship.

When I started researching, this is what I thought it was all about too, but something didn’t feel right. I felt that some people may feel desperate to find their perfect partner, their one true love, and maybe that could mean dependency, neediness, even vulnerability which didn’t sit right with the higher concept of the twin flame. I also noticed that there were people talking about how their twin flame relationship caused tremendous chaos in their life. Were they possibly just desperately in love with totally the wrong person, one who was triggering their deepest childhood traumas and wounds of rejection, loss or feeling unlovable? The more I looked into it, the more of a minefield it seemed. I needed to find my understanding from a different source. With guidance from the Inner Planes, I did, and can now offer a different kind of understanding of the twin flame.

The twin flame is an energy that exists within our soul and holds the divine feminine and divine masculine energy.  The twin flame energy is a mirror of ourselves, and when we connect with the twin flame within us, we recognise qualities that we haven’t seen in ourselves clearly yet.  Connecting with our twin flame ignites new awakenings and aligns us with our divine nature.  It opens us to our ascension process and this is a reason why so many of us feel called to connect to our twin flame energy now.  This is the purpose of the twin flame, to quicken our ascension and allow us to recognise energies within our being that we had not recognised before.

Opening up to our twin flame can initiate a powerful cleansing and healing process.  When we call on this energy that represents divine union, it allows us to delve deeper and deeper into our being, into our knowledge, wisdom, love, compassion and healing.  Our twin flame is always within us but needs to be activated.  As an aspect of our being, it can both exist within us and also in another physical being.  It is energy born within our soul which can manifest into a physical expression as a body, usually of the opposite gender to ourselves, but not exclusively so, since we are each both feminine and masculine energy.  When we integrate it into ourselves, we are awakening our truth into our being. 

When we reconnect with the twin flame energy within our being, we recognise the wholeness and completeness within our soul.  Our soul extends from our soul group and expands into twelve aspects.  In this lifetime and all the lifetimes that we have experienced as a consciousness, we have been one of the twelve aspects of our soul.  When integrated, we are all of our soul, all twelve aspects and every incarnation ever expressed by the entirety of our soul.  As an aspect of our soul, we are not complete until we merge with the eleven other aspects.  Then, we are our complete soul and within the energy of our complete soul, our twin flame exists. Since I underwent a soul integration in 2018, this explains why I’ve been feeling connected to my twin flame energy ever since, the integration process must have ‘switched’ it on.

I would thoroughly recommend having a soul integration, it’s something I feel passionately about because it is so life-changing in the best ways possible. It has changed my life and that is why I started to support others to integrate their souls. I have stopped focusing on this recently but feel called to return to the important process of healing and spiritual evolution through soul integration. I’m looking into ways to offer soul integration and twin flame support to many through this website and hope to tell you more about that in the near future. 

As we ignite our twin flame, we are igniting new wisdom, consciousness and new abilities of our soul.  This then flows forth into our lives making us stronger, more expansive, more able to deal with our reality, more sensitive spiritually.  It is a surge of light, an empowerment, it brings forward all that we need and require to assist our journey on the Earth, at this time.  Some of us are feeling lost and lonely on the Earth now but when we activate our twin flame energy, this loneliness can dissolve as we feel more connected to the source, more fulfilled and content. 

Activating the twin flame allows the soul to fully ground into our being which increases the love and compassion from our soul and the healing energy and radiance of our soul.  Activating our twin flame makes it easier to connect with others, with making soul connections on Earth, connecting with our guides and other spiritual energies.  If we desire to experience a romantic relationship or a spiritual companionship, activating our twin flame enables this too, should we choose it. It will ground and heal within our being all that is needed for such a relationship to exist and then draw the right person to us naturally.  If we are already in a relationship of this kind, activating the twin flame will enhance and bring new depths to our relationships.  It allows us to exist in a space where we give our truth, our essence, our soul to others, especially in romantic relationships.  When we activate our twin flame, we activate our divine self and are therefore supported and guided by the divine within our self.

I have selected my painting entitled ‘Homo Luminous: The Ascended Human’ to accompany this post, avoiding images of couples entwined, because the twin flame is about what we find inside ourselves and it’s a reminder of this. In this painting, an ascended, gender-vague figure stands in the light with the kundalini energy expressed in the form of a serpent, rising from root to crown. There is a personal elemental being of the Earth, representing our Earth nature, standing to the side and the divine child, representing our inner child and Cosmic nature, on the other side.