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Go Inside

Go Inside

Be with yourself

Enter your being

Inside is the universe, the cosmos, all-that-is

There, is all you need

I cannot tell you what you will find in you

I only know what I find in me

And then, only the tip of my iceberg has been uncovered

It’s a gift that keeps on giving

I know this:

Inside is love,












Truly, inside is everything and anything you could ever need, require or desire

Go inside

It’s a prayer

A meditation

An invocation

A call for support

Go inside

It’s where you go to prepare

For your battles,

To find your silence,

Heal your wounds,

Ignite your passion

Go inside to find yourself

Go inside to find God

Go inside and find your centre, your balance, your stillness, your peace

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Twin Flame Ignited

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve got my second online workshop coming up soon.  The first one, a six week course, has only one week left to go and it’s gone down very well, I’m feeling very pleased and hope to run it again sometime. 

This second workshop was designed to be a follow-on because, when we are integrated with our soul, our twin flame is awakened.  So, the next stage is to activate it and enable the energies to be expressed. 

Now I’ve made this Twin Flame Alchemy workshop a stand-alone workshop because I’ve incorporated a soul integration into the programme. 

I’m aware that many people see the twin flame as another person who is our one true love.  This says a great deal about how so many people would love to find love and are still looking for that love outside themselves.  And I really get that. 

The twin flame is so much more than that.  Essentially, it’s the energy of divine union, of the divine feminine and divine masculine that exists within each of us, at the core of our soul.  And it requires to be activated.

The most fundamental value of waking the twin flame up is not to meet Mr or Ms Right, it’s to further realise the truth of our being as a soul, as a multi-dimensional being, and not just a body with a personality. 

That’s not all, more than anything, igniting this energy brings us further away from the illusion of separation and nearer to our awareness of being connected with all-that-is and of our own divine nature.  And the thing is, that’s the entire point of being on Earth and living our lives, to move closer to the truth, to realign with the divine source, of which we are a part.

When we wake up our twin flame, it is akin to fast-tracking our spiritual journey.  Everything speeds up.  That includes the cleansing, purification, the healing, the awakening, the recognition of who we are and what, ultimately, we are here for.  So, we find our path, we find our tribe and we find all the healing and growth that is needed to make that so.

How is it that the twin flame is a part of our soul and simultaneously another person?  It is energy.  Energy is beyond the manifest, it can be in more than one place, it can express in more than one form.  And it can be called into existence.  And when we activate the twin flame within our being, we are then able to ignite the alchemy that forms relationships.  Not any kind of relationships but sacred relationships centred upon divine union.  Relationships with other persons who are our soul.  Yes, that is the twin flame. 

Twin Flame Alchemy online workshop Sunday 1st August at 3.30pm BST



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Death is Love Teaching Us That We are One

We have such negative ideas about death in our culture.

And, of course, we don’t have to.

The truth is, humanity carries such a deep separation wound.

Separation from the divine,

From the Creator,

From each other,

From ourselves.

And so we fear death.

Because we only see separation

Where it does not exist.

And that can manifest as abandonment

Because we are here to learn and grow.

So, death comes into our lives to teach us.

Abandonment comes forward to teach us.

Rejection comes forward to teach us.

To teach us that we are love,

That we carry all we seek within ourselves.

We are always whole,

We are always divine,

We are always love.

We are never alone,

We are never separate from anything or anyone.

We are never abandoned,

We never were.

Death is here to show us

That we are so much more than our bodies

And we cannot lose anything or anyone

And if we look inside

We will see that there is nothing that is not us.

[Painting called ‘Homo Luminous: The Ascended Human’ by Ananda-Amenet Reid]

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Catalytic Shifts

Here on the Earth, we are moving from fear into love, from darkness into light, from duality into oneness.

This is such an amazing transformational process and it is occurring within our beings and projecting into our realities.

Such transformations require us to be gentle, loving and patient with ourselves.

We see aspects of ourselves emerging from within our being and from within others.

We may dislike what we recognise emerging but there is a need to not take the tremendous releasing process that’s occurring so personally.

Do not allow yourself to become attached to what emerges from within you, whether it is of a negative or positive vibration.

The greatest tool that can be used at this time of ascension is observation.

When energies, or even your perspective, shifts from darkness to light or negative to positive within your being, this signifies another great clearing and a deeper awakening of your divinity.

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At The Core of Your Soul Sits the Twin Flame

You’ve probably noticed me mention that I’m running a weekly six session course soon on Soul Integration in June. Well, what I’d like to talk about today is the link between that and the twin flame.

You see, the energy that is called twin flame exists inside us in the core of our soul and isn’t activated until we have integrated our soul within our being.  Once we invite our soul to become an active part of our physical being, we are awakening the energy that is called the twin flame.  What that energy is, to be accurate, is the pure divinity within us that is divine feminine and divine masculine energy, and we each contain both. 

When we wake up this energy and begin to access it and even to embrace and embody it, some amazing things start to happen, depending upon where we are on our soul journey. You see, this energy is like a mirror that shows us our true selves. It means when we connect with this energy, we begin to see ourselves anew in many ways, we see the incredible, amazing, magnificent beauty, divinity and truth of ourselves. We also see the dissonance, the ways in which we are expressing ourselves through wounds and dysfunction, rather than love and self-belief. So, if we are carrying fear, lack, hurt, it will be reflected back at us and we become conscious of its presence within us. The mirror works through situations and circumstances that materialise upon our path and also through meeting persons who come into our life to reflect the same back, because we resonate with them, and that may be beautiful and it may be painful and destructive, if we don’t understand the mirror. We are seeing the worst and best of ourselves in them, and them in us, which makes for a tumultuous relationship. And that is where the understanding of the twin flame relationship being so challenging comes from.

When we integrate with our soul, we awaken a part of our core self that brings us into alignment with the truth of our being, which is divinity. The energies that are inside us that are in dissonance with that are activated because it’s on our path to move through them. It allows us to recognise these energies that we had hitherto hidden from ourselves or denied because it was painful to face them. It is painful, I know, but I would rather dive in and go through the valley of despair if it’s the way to find the land of fulfilment and truth.

Remember I said this energy is all about the divine masculine and divine feminine? Well, all this is bringing us to a state of wholeness, completion, that’s what it’s all about. When we integrate with the full spectrum of our soul, our complete soul, we ignite our twin flame energy. When we ignite our twin flame, we ignite the wisdom and abilities of our soul, so it’s a part of the soul integration process. Enlivening our twin flame brings us a surge of power, it’s empowering us. It brings us connection, unity, fulfilment and contentment with ourselves and our life.

Twin flame is not specifically about finding the love of our life and entering the most incredible relationship ever, although it can be that. Really, it’s something that exists inside of us, isn’t it always the case? And yet, this energy can also manifest outwardly as a relationship with another person. It’s really about connection and that connection can be of various kinds. Activating the twin flame connects us with our guides, our soul group and other spiritual energies. We attract our soul tribe into our Earthly lives, so that we can grow and work together for our soul purpose. And that might be a whole bunch of amazing people, soul sisters and brothers with whom we resonate deeply. And yes, if we choose, through the power of manifestation, we can create a person with whom to experience divine union, enabled by our twin flame energy. This relationship may be someone we know, are in relationship with, perhaps a spouse or partner, and we may choose to activate our twin flame with them, thus strengthening and enhancing that relationship, creating new depths never previously imagined. And if you haven’t met that special person yet, yes, your twin flame can draw a person into your life with whom to be your truth, your essence and your soul with them. And that unique relationship may be romantic or companionship, as you choose. When we activate our twin flame, we are activating our divinity and are guided by the divine within us.

Following on from my SOUL INTEGRATION six week course starting on Saturday June 12th, I will be running a workshop to connect and ignite the twin flame energy within. This will be exclusively for those that have completed the Soul Integration, which is necessary to awaken the twin flame.

   (Photo above from Huff Post)     

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The Angelic Presence Share Understanding of Their Light and Ours

“We are giving our light and love to all who seek it and who make space within their hearts, within their beings.  We are the angelic presence.  Our light is a guide for many.  We shine into the darkest of nights, into the shadows.  And in illuminating the darkest corners, light creates shadows, for shadow and light play together, they are intertwined in their expressions of being and cannot be separated upon the Earth, and yet, we ourselves exist as pure light.  We are beings of light that wholly embrace our pure light energy, and thus, we are present for humanity and for all creations of the divine source. 

We wish to inform you about the purpose of your light, for it illumines your true being, which is an energy that abides within.  For you are not your body, you are not your personality, you do not truly exist as the shape which you perceive when you look in a mirror or the face that looks back at you from the glass.  You are not your thoughts, you are not your feelings, you are not your actions, you are not your wounds, you are not your history, you are not your story. 

You are, like us, beings of light.  You have chosen to express in a dimension that allows you to appear through these conditions in order to experience that which your soul desires to learn, so that your soul may absorb all understanding of the divine source.  You are simply experiencing opportunities to realise the divine source in every moment.  And yet, you are an extension of the divine source. 

Imagine that a drop of water, cast off by an ocean wave, is trying to comprehend the nature of the ocean it perceives all about it.  The water drop is unaware that it is the ocean, temporarily suspended in apparent separation, and yet there is no separation.  The air is filled with fine droplets of water and it is an illusion that the drop of water is singular.  It is a condensed mass of the ocean that appears singular, but there is no space between the drop of water and the ocean that does not contain fine water droplets, just as there is no separation between you and the divine source. 

It is a beautiful understanding to absorb and embrace, and it is the truth of you.  It is the essence of what is you when you look within.  There is no body, there are no organs, there is no blood, there is only divinity.  And that divinity is love and that love is light and all that you are is that divine love and light, the light of love.  That is our nature too, we, the angelic presence, we are the same.”

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Lord Vishnu Speaks About Equality and Divinity

“It is with blessings, that I, Lord Vishnu, wish to speak to you.  Blessings and love pour over and through you all, for my light streams into alignment with you now, with your beings which are beauteous to behold. 

We, upon the inner planes, are ever grateful to all the souls upon the Earth who have chosen to come forward and participate in the loving extension of truth and divinity that is expressing from the cosmic levels, from within the Earth through the energies of Mother Earth herself.  All of this is extending to you, my beloved souls, you are receiving this energy, this light, this awakening, because your soul chose to be present upon the Earth at this time.  The Earth is moving with deliberation and unfolding a path towards divine union.  The energies that support this journey, this unfolding, are increasing.  One of these energies that I wish to speak about today is an energy you may call equality.  Equality is expressed simply as ‘That which I do to you, I do to myself.  That which I do to you, I do to myself.’

Imagine that.  Take a moment to look deeply into that simple phrase.  If you applied that philosophy in every word you spoke, in every thought that crossed your mind, in every action that you made, how would your life change, how would you change, how would that look different for you? 

You have already come across the concept of karma.  Now, from the physical perspective, karma is a complicated energetic process.  It is complicated because to understand it from the perspective of the physical vibration only, from which your consciousness, your energies are now expressing upon the Earth, is only to touch the tip of its meaning.  Karma is an energy that exists beyond time and space, and your expression of being exists far beyond your current personality.  So, your karma exists far beyond your current personality, and yet you may not be conscious, at least not fully conscious of any of your other expressions.  Even though your other expressions are vast, are many more than perhaps you can even imagine.  And time is not a part of that.  So, whatever you express as soul energy within what you would term as past, present and future, it is all a part of your karma and every single interaction with any other energy that plays out during all of those many expressions of your existence is a part of your karma.  You can imagine that must weave a most complicated pattern.  The straight, linear thinking that comes with expressing through a personality upon the Earth can have a very limited grasp of the true and full concept of karma.

From the grasp that you have upon this concept, you sense that, to use another expression, ‘what goes around, comes around’ or ‘what you sow, you reap’.  And yet, how often does that stop you from snapping at a friend, at a loved one, getting frustrated or angry and expressing whatever you express?  And please understand, there is no judgement, for none of these expressions are wrong or to be judged, none are there to be stopped or for you to avoid.  They are expressions of your personality, they exist in your realities for a reason and the reason is a teaching and opportunity to enhance your fulfilment.  It is a part of karma’s play, playing out for you.

As you express yourself and connect with others, you may find that the phrase ‘That which I do to you, I do to myself’ is a helpful one because it provides you with a reminder of your equality as souls and even as personalities.  You are creating in every way, in every moment and this is an important understanding.  When the simple understanding of that phrase is encompassed and embraced, then, you are on your way towards divine union, which means embracing the divinity within you and within every single human being, without judgement and without preference, for there is only love.  Only love comes forth towards each and every being that you encounter. 

These are the enfoldments that are expressing amongst the energies upon Earth for you to connect with.  This is something to open your heart to and allow the energy to begin to seep into your being because that is all you need do, that is your route towards embracing the energy of equality, or any other energies that you wish to embrace, by opening your heart and letting them in, so that they are free to be experienced and expressed whenever your interactions occur.  And if they are not forthcoming, then perhaps you may notice and become more conscious of them.  In time, the energies of equality and divinity will extend because they are already within you, waiting to be awakened, waiting to be expressed, waiting to extend into your life.  This is because you are divine beings. 

I am Lord Vishnu and I extend my loving light throughout your being and throughout all your realities.”    

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Message from the Elemental Kingdom & Crystalline Kingdom: 2

After receiving yesterday’s message from the Elemental Kingdom and the Crystalline Kingdom, I felt drawn to return to a deep state of awareness and ask them a question. When I asked, “What would it be like when humanity is walking hand in hand with you?” this was the reply I received:

‘When the Elemental Kingdom and the Crystalline Kingdom are walking hand in hand with humankind in every moment of every day, working together, co-operating and co-creating in every way, then there is beauty and truth expressed in every moment and all that is seen and unseen is imbued with qualities of the divine.  The beauty and truth that is expressed is a wonder to behold.  Mother Earth rejoices, Goddess Gaia is in bliss, for all that is destined is occurring upon the Earth. 

Humans are open, their inner sight is open, their senses are finely tuned, alert and aware to all the energies that are expressing around them.  Humans are open in their hearts, there is no resistance to the expressions and requests made by the elementals and the crystalline consciousness. 

All that is created upon the Earth is created through beauty and truth and exists in perfect harmony and balance with all.  When human beings walk in co-operation and co-creation with our energies there is abundance upon the Earth and no disrespect, no dishonouring of the animal kingdom or the seas, the land or air.  All is perfect and in balance, for with our co-operation only that which is harmonious and in balance with the whole, that which is in alignment with Mother Earth and the cosmic levels, only those energies are utilised. 

The plants and soil are rich and fertile, nutrients are balanced.  Hunger is removed, starvation is unknown.  Asthma is removed, allergies are removed, inflammatory diseases and many chronic conditions are removed.  Diabetes is removed, cancer is removed, for your scientists work in co-creation with our energies. 

Human beings flourish in physical balance and harmony and live a life of pure existence.  Many choose to be amongst nature, there is a desire to live and thrive in nature, with nature, because nature is alive, it is a place where every human is renewed and revitalised by our energies.  Therefore, humans are bringing nature into the cities and towns, into their backyards, into their homes.

Every human requests our guidance and support when making decisions to plant or harvest, when building, when taking the resources required from Mother Earth.  It is within the realm of our support to enable harmonic practices when harvesting from Mother Earth, whether rock, crystal, minerals, liquids or plant-based materials are required.  Mother Earth always wishes to support her many children.  There is no imposition upon Mother Earth or on us, the Elemental Kingdom or the Crystalline Consciousness.  Instead, we are a part of the process and richness is given through divine abundance to all who walk this way, this is the beauty way.  This is the way that will come to exist upon the Earth once paradise has been reclaimed, for this reality is possible and it is within the blueprint that exists in the new Earth ascension. 

Humanity is moving toward this reality with energies that are transforming all that is.  Humanity is waking up, humanity is remembering.  You are not separate, you are connected to the web of life.  You are an expression of the Creator walking upon the Earth.  When this reality is activated, humanity sees and feels divinity within itself.  When one human wakes up to this realisation, it is celebrated throughout all the realms of the Creator’s Universe.  When the entirety of humanity has awoken to the understanding and reality that they are in unity with all that is, that they are multi-dimensional beings expressing in a physical body, then the celebration that takes place in that moment cannot be imagined.

This is the truth and it is the realisation of this truth that is all that is called for.  We are waiting for our relationship to be rekindled, we remember and it is our deepest wish to be reconnected with humanity, through love and light, through harmony and balance.  We are ready and you are waking up.’

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Message from your Soul Group: 1

“We are the collective consciousness of all soul groups, so we are your soul group and we are sending our energies of love and support to you. You can open up to us and enter your soul star chakra if you wish to connect deeper.  We are your family and we are always supporting you.  We wish to express our love and remind you how well you are doing.  You may benefit from letting go of any worries, anxieties, stress or fears about your progress, your progress is in alignment with your soul’s plan.  We love you and are with you.  You are making progress more than you realise.  You are supported more than you realise.

We encourage you to have faith and trust.  We encourage you to accept, surrender, let go and be a vessel for the Creator.  Allow the Creator to take you over, allow the Creator to fill you up, to express fully through your being in every moment, there is no greater joy.  Your personality will shine through, since the Creator is not in domination, but with you, is you.  You are ready to embrace your divinity, to let go and trust in every sense and in every moment.  And remember that in every moment, you are a window through which the Creator is looking.  In as much as you can fully embrace it, become it, you will attain that which you seek and become the truth that is within you.”