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Getting To Know the Inner Planes

Do you know somebody who’s a fan of dragons?

Do you know someone who loves unicorns?

What about fairies?

Now, you’re either with me or you’re thinking, “oh dear, what kind of rubbish is this?”

Have you heard of the inner planes?  I talk about them from time to time.  Some might refer to them as the spirit world. 

We live on the physical plane.  Imagine an upside-down pyramid, one that stands on its tip.  Imagine that the tip of the pyramid is the physical plane.  As I understand it, the physical plane, upon which we reside, is the smallest part of reality.  It holds a great deal of opportunities for understanding the nature of our beings through the laws of separation, and it brings a lot of limitations.  In other words, there’s a lot to overcome and yet, it’s like fast-tracking the soul journey.  And the sensory experience here is unique so a lot of souls are queuing up to come.

Maybe you’ve heard of 5-D? We live as physical beings at 3-D or three dimensions on Earth. Then, there’s four, five and more dimensions as you travel up the pyramid and physicality becomes less and less apparent as expression manifests through emotional, mental and spiritual levels, and to us, that’s energy, because we, as physical beings, are a combination of all of them.

When you live on the inner planes, where it’s no longer physical expression, it’s a different kind of experience.  Things visually are not so sharp or seen with such clarity, a bit like existing in a soft, fine white mist.  Everything is soft.  That’s why, as a psychic medium, when I’m seeing things in my energy body, things are not seen like when we’re living day to day, they are visually vague and yet through the third eye, they are clear due to a certainty of knowing emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  And because the laws of physicality are not present, the possibilities of the higher dimensions, including the 5-D we are moving to here on Earth, become available.  It’s possible to travel in one’s energy body instantly to anywhere, and even possible to be in two or more places at the same time.

Where do dragons, unicorns and fairies come into it?  Well, many people have been looking for aliens from a physical perspective, whereas the beings that come from other stars and galaxies are existing beyond the physical dimension.  The inner planes are inhabited by many beings and energies that exist within our psyche, including dragons, unicorns, fairies and a whole heap more.  They are free to be present with us and many of us have, on a soul level, a longstanding relationship with some of these energies. 

Fairies exist in the energetic within the very energy field of our planet, the Earth, they are nature spirits and it is possible to see them or sense them.  Dragons have been on Earth in the physical dimension in the past and they chose to move into the inner, energy planes.  From there, they have been helping humanity for aeons and many dragons have a strong kinship with souls that are existing as people upon the Earth now, they are walking amongst us again, albeit, not in three dimensions.  Unicorns are ascended horses, and even the horses manifested upon the Earth hold a soul level purpose as healers, so when they are unicorns, their horn is a focused light energy that is used for healing.  They are so powerful as healers, very much akin to angelic beings, and they offer a great deal of support to anyone who asks them for support. 

If you wish to draw any of these energies into your life, all you need do is ask, and then engage.  Invite them in and let them be with you.              

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Here Be Dragons

Do you believe in dragons?  Because, you know what, it appears they might be waking up.

You know that shot in ‘The Hobbit’ film where Bilbo Baggins is trying to creep past Smaug the Dragon?  What happens next is the dragon’s eye snaps open and a golden globe of unblinking fire is staring directly at the terrified hobbit.  Yikes! 

In an ancient stone mine in Lancashire, Northern Britain, this giant dragon’s eye feature was discovered.  It turns out it’s really a flat wall, the curved eyeball was created by a fisheye lens.  Nevertheless, it set me off on a search for more dragon features that are naturally occurring in the landscape and I found a couple.  I find them intriguing and very beautiful.

Vermillion Cliff, Arizona, USA

I love that nature creates features that bring a kind of magical energy into our lives.  Every time I go to Snowdonia in North Wales, I imagine there are dragons sleeping in the landscape.  I imagine they are so huge that we cannot really see them because their spiny backs are the rocky outcrops and ridges of the mountains.  I love the idea that there are dragons sleeping in the land.  And I think there are, in a way, because according to some traditions, the energy that flows through the landscape is known as dragon lines, also called ley lines. 

Uttakleiv Beach Lofoten, Norway

It is interesting that so many cultures have ancient stories about dragons.  Some say they are distorted memories of dinosaurs, which is difficult to understand since humans weren’t around at the time and it wasn’t until Darwin that fossils were understood, so maybe something else is going on, something to do with the etheric world, the energetic world beyond the veil where unicorns and mermaids live, there we might find our dragon.

Dragons are commonly associated with the landscape and with the elements air, fire, earth and water.  In some cultures, like South America, Australia and Japan, they are long, sinuous and serpent-like.  In other places, like my native Wales, they are four-legged fire breathing beasts with wings.  Some say they are good luck, maybe that’s because they are known to sit on a mound of treasure, only good luck if you find the treasure when they are out, I suspect.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

If I told you they were real, but that they exist on a different plane, not in the physical, and you can see them if you have the sight, you might think I had lost it.  They are a big part of the human psyche, they are loved and adored by many, quite a few people are obsessed with them, just as others are with unicorns and I, for one, am not going to say either of these don’t exist, maybe it’s more a question about what is existence.  If we empower them with our imaginations and bring them into our lives, then they surely do exist and bring their special magical energy to become a part of our reality too.      

What do you think?  Do you like dragons?  Do you like to imagine they are out there, waking up?

  • Lancashire dragon’s eye – courtesy of Pinterest
  • Arizona Vermillion Cliff dragon’s eye – courtesy of Pinterest
  • Norway dragon’s eye – courtesy of Reddit
  • Arizona Antelope Canyon dragon’s eye – courtesy of