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The Doorway to the Temple

Take a moment to consider your mouth, an entrance into the body along with certain other openings.  What we put in our body in the form of liquids, food, medicine is absorbed and distributed throughout the body.  Everything that enters our body has an impact at every level, not only physically but emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Our body is the temple of our soul and the mouth and other bodily openings are doorways into the temple. 

Nothing should go through those doorways and enter our inner sanctum without considering it’s worth and sacredness. We wouldn’t leave the door of our house wide open and let just anyone walk in, would we? That would be reckless, unsafe and unwise. But we seem willing to pop all sorts of crap into our mouths. Let nothing go inside unless it’s worthy of your divine essence. Let nothing become a part of your energy, by entering through your holy doorways to be absorbed into your temple unless it is a sacrament to your divinity.

Imagine considering every bite, every sip, every substance, every penetration that enters your holy gateways, in terms of their worthiness to enter your body. That would require holding yourself in the highest esteem and valuing your purity. You would become aware of the energy with which they enrich your being, sensing how each act of receiving into your being fulfils you, not in terms of instant gratification and momentary desire, but nourishing you on every level as the divine being you are.

It changes our relationship with food, with the substances we have addictions to, dysfunctional relationships, as is the case with alcohol and drugs. It makes us see ourselves differently. When I stopped and considered all this, I was drinking a mug of black coffee. I had to look down at that coffee, really think about what I was putting in my body, really see my mouth as the doorway to the holy temple that houses my sacred soul. I struggled with the desire to keep drinking, but in the end, I poured it away.

Our lifestyles have got so we can hardly avoid substances that are not kind to us, sugar, coffee, alcohol, additives, they are everywhere. My body has started fighting back, it gives me physical reactions like diarrhoea, indigestion, nausea, fatigue and lethargy and all because I eat things my body is telling me not to put in my mouth anymore. My body is telling me it’s time to radically change my relationship to what I put in my holy temple. This requires the restructure of a complicated relationship. My relationship with food is hugely emotional and that’s where I need to make the first change.

I am restructuring my relationship with food through working with the energy templates that encompass my attitude towards food and towards my body. I feel sad for my body. I’ve abused it so badly and it’s time to put things right.

What I’ve come to realise is that I’ve been programmed to be a human dustbin. This body of mine has been treated like a dustbin, not a temple. I am moving forward one step at a time, embracing a higher energy because I know I am worthy of caring for myself from a place of love and respect.

Image: “The Doorway to the Temple” by Ananda Amenet Reid

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Body Fantastic






These are the needs our body craves, in equal measure.

Listen to your body and it will guide you.

Respect your body.

Your body is your most loving life-time companion

And if you treat it right, your body will initiate a self-reset

To its original blueprint, your best physical self.

Trust your body.

Love your body.

You are not your body, you are more ‘not’ your body than you are your body.

You are energy, you are soul, you are consciousness, you are personality, you are emotions, you are thoughts, you are memory, none of those are physical.

The only part of you that exists in physical reality is your body.

With your body, it takes time to manifest change.

But your body is amazing.  It’s talking to you all the time, notice the bodily sensations that tell you what to eat, when to move, how long to sleep, when to stop, when to go within. 

Your body is capable of so much more than you can imagine.    

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Embracing a Purer Existence

For some time, moving towards a purer existence has been encouraged by my guides and soul.  A pure existence can mean a number of things and will not be the same for each person.  It means what I put in my body in terms of eating and drinking.  It means the kind of energy that I surround myself with, the people I interact with, the activities I choose to engage with, the music I listen to, reducing the mind-numbing use of my laptop and phone, the kind of TV programmes and films I watch.  It can even mean the colours I choose to wear, white being my favourite for purity.  It means taking walks in nature, being amongst the woodland trees and visiting the coast.  It means spending time with the cats.  It means making every moment mindful, every moment a state of meditation.  It means listening to my body and giving myself what I need when I need it, sleep, movement, singing, a break, alone time, social time.  It means loving myself.

When it comes to food and drink, my body has been reacting for some time, in a detrimental manner, to certain substances.  These are things that my body cannot tolerate and they affect me detrimentally on every level; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  They make me sick, cause my mood to drop and deplete my energy, both in terms of vitality and my ability to connect to spirit.  I simply don’t have a choice about it and it has been a fight sometimes.  These substances have to be removed or at least diminished in my life.  They include alcohol, wheat, caffeine, cooking oils and meat.  But the truth is, it’s not about a list of dietary requirements, it’s about attitude, embracing a state of love and appreciation for myself, for my body, listening to my body with respect and acting in love and gratitude. 

For years, I have struggled with an eating disorder leading to over-eating and obesity.  Like many people, I have tried all sorts of ways to change this, diets and restrictions of eating.  Now, I am finding the most radical and unrealistic approach of all is coming into the light for me. 

Have you heard the word ‘breatharian’?  Also known as living off light, it refers to people who don’t need to eat anymore because they have reprogrammed their beings, body, mind and spirit, to find all its nourishment from the light we are naturally breathing in.  They go through a process of changing their body’s access to the fuel it needs, which is pretty challenging, and then use breathing to feed their body’s needs.  As soon as I heard about it, I was intrigued.  Since then, I have researched it.  I know that I’m not yet ready to go through such a profound process of change but that I am moving towards it.  Now, my entire attitude to food is coming from an awareness of this being the reality I am moving to.

So, what’s different?  Now, I enjoy the experience of seeing how long it takes before my body tells me it’s time to eat, instead of eating at mealtimes.  Yesterday, it wasn’t until 4.30pm. 

I am no longer running to the fridge the moment my tummy rumbles, in fact, I can sit and enjoy the feeling of being empty for a while and realise it’s okay.

When I eat, I am learning to be amazed at how little I actually need to feel satisfied.  I’m a lot more comfortable that way than when I take more food.

I am eating a lot more fruit, in fact, the majority of my diet is raw food.  I am eating purer food, not out of a packet or tin.  I am taking an attitude of curiosity to food, trying different things and finding new combinations.  I am liking things I used to avoid and happily avoiding things I used to like.

I am drinking a pint of water and a mug of warm water with organic apple cider vinegar and half a lemon upon waking.  Then, I wait at least an hour before eating.  I have water with me all day long. 

The upshot is I eat a lot less and feel better for it.  I eat a lot more healthily and enjoy it.  I am getting on with things and food is not taking the front focus it was.  Of course, I couldn’t have got here at all without first having healed my inner child enough to overcome my trigger behaviour of comfort eating.  My warped relationship with food has always been about lack consciousness.  Lack of love, fear of going without, fear of starving.  This is about my learning to love myself from within, about my inner child feeling loved, about my inner child feeling reassured that the old fears are not there anymore.  This is all about self-love.