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Get Out of Your Head!

One of the most powerful lessons that has felt transformational for me in the past year or so is getting out of my own head.

For years, this was a huge bug-bear for me, I was always getting in my own way, over-thinking, messing with my own head. And for most of that time I didn’t realise it. Then, when I did, it was like witnessing a car crash, I could see it happening but seemed powerless to change course.

Recently, I realised I don’t do it much anymore and have to stop a moment and wonder, “When did that happen? How did that happen?!”

And, to be honest, I’m not sure what the answer is. I just don’t need to over-think or over-analyse my conditions and emotions anymore and if I start, I notice and say to myself, “Not going down that road, let’s just stop right there,” and in the next moment I’m reminding myself of better ways to see things, which brings me back to balance.

For me, staying out of my head is synonymous with remaining balanced and centred in myself. Maybe that’s what changed, I found my centre and just stopped doing it. I have to cite positive self-talk as my natural go-to when it starts up though, literally being my own unconditional best friend and putting myself back on track asap.

When I feel into it, I see that the kind of situations where this happened the most were the same ones that came into my life to show me how much inner child healing I needed to do. Well, I have done so much inner child healing now that a great deal has changed for me and perhaps, very likely, this is one of those changes too.

Inner child healing is like magic, it’s one of the simple techniques that gives me an instant, noticeable result. I do a twenty minute healing journey and, hey presto, the next time a trigger situation materialises, I’m not triggered, I’m not behaving, thinking, feeling from my hurt inner child, because that inner child has been healed and integrated into my being. That said, I have found that I have a lot of those healings to do because I carry a lot of lost, hurt and stuck inner children, all capable of being triggered again and again until they’re found, healed and brought to a state of wholeness in my heart. One time, I received a message from my spiritual support team that I had another forty-four inner children to heal. Yikes! I thought. And yet, even after healing the first one or two I had noticed myself being less triggered. To date, I’ve healed at least twenty-two and am feeling hugely proud of myself because it really has been a life-changer. Whenever a trigger situation comes up, I go through it again based on the situation and rescue another beautiful inner child. I use the free tools provided on YouTube by Jen Peters and can vouchsafe that they work for me. If this is something that resonates, you can find her website here.

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Letting It All Come Up

I watched a programme on TV recently, it was the story of Bijan Ebrahimi.  And as the story unfolded, the emotions welled up more and more inside me.  As I got more and more upset I remembered that what was being triggered by this story was only possible because those emotions were already inside of me.

I wondered about that, then it occurred to me that maybe this was creating an opportunity for these emotions to be brought to the surface where they can be acknowledged and released, without even having to visit their origin and dredge up my difficult past. 

All too often, and this is a fault of mine, we try to understand ourselves intellectually, to analyse, bringing our mental faculties to bear. As if nothing can be gained unless our personality understands what’s going on. It’s important, in our society, to rationalise everything. When we experience something with our emotional self or as bodily sensations, we may not know on a mental level what happened. Does it really matter?

Not so much, only to our rational self.  To our whole being, it’s not necessary.  Many have spiritual experiences, weird stuff happening, you might say, and we don’t know what’s going on.  We try to understand, to rationalise it, name it, give it a label like ‘enlightenment’ or ‘awakening’, and if it’s bad stuff we might call it psychosis or mental breakdown, but why does that label matter?  It doesn’t.

Whatever happens, it happens with or without labels and goes deep.  Deep stuff has been happening to us since we came out of the womb and before.  Stuff that we have never been conscious of, fundamental stuff that has, nevertheless, shaped ourselves and our lives.  We can pour ourselves into trying to understand it on an intellectual level, or we can save our energy and focus on increasing the love in our hearts, the love we hold for ourselves. 

It may take many years to work it all out intellectually, and the conclusion we’ll eventually come to is that we need to increase the love in our hearts for ourselves. That’s what’s always been lacking. Somehow, very early on in life, we learned to not love ourselves and that was a big mistake. We even learned it’s not done, it’s selfish and wrong. We may feel guilty and shameful about it. Well, we got to get past all that and realise we deserve it, we always did, we were always good enough, always worthy, always beautiful inside and out. We always should have been validated, heard, accepted, embraced, honoured and respected for who we were, who we are.

We can let go of the past now, understand the wounds the previous generation carried from their parents, and their parents’ parents. We can draw a line and say “Stop!” There is only one answer and it’s to become the only source of security, safety and love for ourselves that we need. So we stop looking for it outside ourselves. We become healed.

What we need to realise is that it matters entirely what each of us chooses for ourselves. It matters that each of us creates this place of self love inside because that is us returning to our natural state. That’s us returning to our personal power, our supreme liberation, our total healing and unconditional love. Stop looking outside, it’s all inside. It’s not selfish, it’s the opposite of selfish, it’s igniting our divinity, it’s bringing us together, it’s unity. And this is the only way to heal humanity and make the world the place we desire but don’t really believe is possible. Because if we did believe, deep down inside believe in this beautiful healed world, we would be there already.  

When we fill our being to the brim with unconditional self-love, we become a beacon of light that beams out love in every direction, a light in the world. A world of love and light.  

And that’s what came up when I heard a story of Biblical proportions about a man that was murdered by a mob.    

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Conversation with my Soul and Ego

Beloved Soul, please help our beloved Ego right now.
Our Ego is struggling with this situation and these conditions and needs to feel our love.
Our Ego needs to know that, together, we have got this.
Let us show our Ego that she is not alone.

Beloved Ego, please accept the help of our Soul.
Our Soul wishes to pour her divine loving presence over and through you.
She sees that you are struggling with troublesome thoughts and feelings right now.
She is ready to oversee the burden for you.

Be at peace, Ego, for we are a multi-faceted, integrated being.
We are one and you will never need to carry everything on your own again.