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Go Inside!

If you’re looking for peace, go inside

If you’re looking for love, go inside

If you’re looking for healing, go inside

If you’re looking for magnificence, go inside

If you’re looking for yourself, go inside

If you’re looking for the Creator, go inside

Go inside, inside, inside!

This message is arising everywhere but what does it mean?

What is meant by ‘inside’?

Where is inside?

How do I get there?

Perhaps you’re thinking, “It won’t work for me, I’ve got nothing inside!”

What does this mean, already?!

‘Inside’ means your energy, which is your very being.

That energy centres around your body,

It integrates all your chakras, including the ones above and below your body.

Just a reminder, starting at the top; your stellar gateway, soul star, crown, causal, third eye, throat, higher heart, heart, solar plexus, sacral, root and earth star chakra.

You are the whole of your being, extending through all the energy fields that surround your body

The qualities you are looking for could be found anywhere within your energy field.

This energy is the true ‘you’ and it holds all you are, all you have ever been and all you can become.

It holds your memories, your emotional self, your consciousness.

And it is connected to all-that-is.

You connect with this energy by sitting or lying in stillness and quiet, perhaps closing your eyes, allowing your breathing to deeply relax.

Then, your focus or awareness can naturally move inside and connect with your energy body, without even trying.

The more you do this, the more qualities you will release and uncover that are waiting to be accessed.

This is called mastery and it is your birthright.

This is what they didn’t teach you at school but it’s the secret to empowerment, freedom, abundance, vitality and ascension.

You may use guided journey scripts or simply go with your own inner guidance.

Call your personal angel, guides, your soul or higher self, according to your preference, and ask them to guide you.

Maybe you will imagine yourself walking into a cave or through a doorway.

What are you seeking right now? Is it peace, love, healing, your soul purpose? Whatever it is, ask to receive what will help you find it.

When we go within, quite often, emotions will come up, they need to. Let them come.

Thoughts or images will surface, watch and let them go, don’t hang on.

Ultimately, it’s one of most enriching forms of nurture you can give yourself.

Breathe through it all. Your breathing is most important here, it’s your vehicle for moving the energy through and releasing what you are letting go of. Release with your breath.

When you find something precious, anything you wish to integrate into your totality, breathe it into your entire being and down into your earth star chakra below your feet to anchor it into your energy there.

That’s where you store your treasures and from where you can send them out into the world and into the Earth to manifest for you.

If you believe there’s nothing inside you, you may get nothing until you let go of that idea.

The more you go inside in this way, the greater the transformation you will experience.

[Image: ‘Fallen Tree After a Storm: New Forest, UK’ photograph by Amenet Drago]

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Your Amazing Super-Sensitive Healing Hand

Our body is an amazing super-sensitive instrument in ways we don’t ordinarily notice. Think of it as a mass of minute nerve endings that can detect electrical pulses and energetic vibrations. We can’t ordinarily see or hear these impulses but if we tune in, we might learn to perceive them.

Have you ever had a feeling in your body, like a tingle up your spine, and looked around to find someone looking back?

Our body’s language is so subtle, we need to really slow down and tune in to appreciate what our body can do and how it’s designed to communicate with us.

We require a silent, undisturbed environment at a time when we are at our leisure. When you find yourself in such a space just hold out a hand and move it through the air ever so slowly. Focus on the sensations and feelings you experience. Now move it really slowly towards the back of your other hand. Feel the subtle energies around your hand creating pull and resistance. Now swap hands and repeat and you’ll find that each hand responds with a different intensity. This is one way to identify which is your prominent healing hand.

One hand will be more sensitive than the other, this may alter at different times, so test it out a few times to clarify the hand that’s your most consistent sensitive tool.

Once you know your prominent hand, go for a walk in nature and whilst you are calm and relaxed, take your awareness to your prominent hand. Become tuned into the feeling of it and it will start to display sensations that are like a radar picking up energy around you.

With practice, you can ask yourself questions and the sensations will guide you, perhaps to find a special tree or to the presence of elementals or spirits. You can also use it to identify places with high vibrations or low ones where healing is needed.

By turning your hand very slowly, you can also follow the intensity of the sensations as they guide you in a specific direction. I sometimes go on guided walks in this way, asking the elemental kingdom to show where to go. It’s a great way to find yourself in some magical places and I love using my energy hand like this especially when I’m amongst trees.

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Being A Psychic Medium

Our light shines like a beacon across the cosmos.  We are like fireflies in the night.  Each insect is going about its own business, seeing only the little world in front of its nose, assuming fireflies have noses.  When you see a landscape at night covered in fireflies, it’s magical to perceive such beauty, little tiny lights, dipping, blinking on and off, sending signals of love into the night sky.

Wouldn’t it be marvellous if we could see our light bodies?  Fireflies we are.  And we can fly, not only are we fire, we are flying fire, beings of light that are not tethered to the Earth. 

For myself, I fly in my imagination, I can fly everywhere and anywhere in my imagination.  We can enter a deep state of meditation, an altered state of consciousness and move through the frequencies of our brainwaves to something that is so expansive that imagination and reality merge.  We are entering a world of divine magic and have the potential to travel with our energy to another place.  When that happens, we may find it difficult to tell the difference between what’s fancy, what we imagine, and what is a ‘real’ experience on some level. 

Have you ever heard of remote viewing?  Some people can use their minds to travel to locations and perceive what is there whilst sitting in a room hundreds of miles away.  They recall events that took place, objects they saw.  There’s well documented information about remote viewing experiments carried out by the US military.  They gave individuals co-ordinates where nothing is marked on a map, co-ordinates of secret military installations.  For a person to be able to describe that installation would be impossible unless there was something really going on.

I equate the remote viewing phenomenon as a parallel to what happens for me when I’m doing energy healing.  I connect to the energy of a person through their name, essentially.  Sometimes it helps to have a photo, but it’s not necessary.  The essential part is my connecting in with my guides, my soul and soul group and aligning with the Divine Source and Mother Earth.

I ask my spiritual support team to take me to the person, and they know where we are going ahead of time.  I find myself experiencing the energy of that person, sometimes I feel myself travel, other times it just happens that there they are in front of me. 

I don’t believe that I’m visiting their physical body, I’m visiting their energy body or light body.  We all have an energy body and it’s free to move about and travel.  My energy body is visiting their energy body.  Our energy bodies are integrally linked to our complete selves, which includes our physical selves.  When I’m having an experience with their energy body, their physical self and conscious self isn’t present so they aren’t necessarily going to pick up on what is going on, although I’ve noticed sometimes people report feeling warm and blissful at the time, also becoming sleepy is common. When people meditate and deliberately tune in during my healing, especially the shamanic intensive, they can receive all sorts of insights, sometimes we receive the same images at the same time. 

Whatever I provide for that energy body, such as cleansing, purification and downloading of healing templates, all that energy is received by the physical person because I ground the energy to be experienced in the life of the physical person as well as at every other level. 

Twice, I’ve been doing healing with a person and arrived with my energy body to find that their soul was passing into the light.  You might say, “well, your healing isn’t very good then, is it?” Quite often, people ask me to do healing at the point at which somebody is seriously ill, and there are times when there’s nothing I can do to make them better because it’s their time to go.  But it is a blessing to be there at that moment because there’s so much one can do in the energetic to support their soul during the process of leaving their body.

I have found myself in a situation where somebody was transitioning to the spirit realms and there were angelic presences and loved ones in spirit present.  My presence, as a living person, meant I had the capacity to offer something that the non-living energies couldn’t, to pray, to appeal for the absolution of the soul.  We have the capacity, as living humans, to ‘ask and you shall receive’.  That’s a part of the free will of humanity.  Because we have free will, it’s only when we ask that spirit intercedes.  So, as a psychopomp, a person that helps soul transition, I am able to act on behalf of the transitioning soul by carrying out prayers and providing absolution for the soul, which means clearing karma and updating soul contracts, calling for support and making it possible for that person to have a beautiful, peaceful and loving passing into the light.  Also, to ensure that their loved ones in spirit are called in, if that hasn’t naturally happened. 

Sometimes, It also involves working with the living relatives, visiting their energetic bodies to support them with the process, clearing emotions that might be holding back their loved one from passing, supporting them in understanding what’s happening with their loved one, having a conversation between the loved one and their relatives.  There’s literally a conversation that sometimes needs to happen, which the relatives are not able to perceive consciously but the soul of the person passing can communicate with me, and this happens with animals too.  I can find out where they’re at and what they’re going through, receive any messages to pass on.  Then, I can travel to the family members and share that information with them energetically.  This is received at an unconscious level and translated into physical reality as a state of peace or acceptance, to some degree, so that they feel ready to let go of their loved one.  That change can be witnessed.  For instance, quite often I am called in by one member of the family, but most family members don’t know that I’m involved.  They are likely not aware of what a psychopomp is or what they can do.  When it comes to connecting with their energy body, since I don’t have their conscious permission, I ask for the permission of their soul.  They don’t know we had a conversation about their grief or that I shared with them the comforting words of their departing loved one.  Despite this, I have been told by the family member who engaged me that the feelings and behaviours of the other family members changed after my visit, becoming more peaceful and accepting. 

When I do a healing and find that a person is going through the transition we call death, after I return from supporting their soul, I think, “Oh my goodness, wow, that was an incredible experience but was that coming from me or did that really happen?” and then I’m waiting to hear from the relative who engaged me.  I’m not going to go to a relative and say, “Hey, I just visited your mother, aunt, uncle, and guess what, they’re actually dying right now.”  I’m not going to do that, that would be irresponsible.  So, I wait and in every case the relative has come to me and told me that their loved one just passed away.  That kind of confirmation feels very much like the same kind of experience one might have with remote viewing.  I can tell you, when this stuff happens, I’m probably more shocked about it than anybody, it never ceases to amaze me. I trust it now, but it still amazes me, every time.  

When you do distance healing for people, when what shouldn’t work evidently does, you have a choice, accept it or walk away.  I have done my fair share of being sceptical, questioning, denying, being embarrassed about it, hiding it and generally feeling like a wacko, and now I cannot deny it any longer and don’t need to justify it to myself or anybody else.  Working with souls as they pass over, whether human or animal, is one of the biggest blessings of the work I do.  It feels like such privileged and important work to be involved with.

This information is shared because I didn’t come across much information about what psychic mediums feel, sense and do when I was learning to interpret my early psychic experiences. I hope it’s helpful and affirming to hear this if you are on the path too. What I say here doesn’t say anything about anybody else’s experience, only mine. I truly believe that what I do is something anybody can do, if we choose it.  

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We Are Energy Beings

As a being, we are both a light body and a physical presence. Our physical presence consists of a solid form which houses a number of energetic expressions that make up our sense of self. Those energetic forms include our feelings, thoughts, personality-ego, our consciousness and the awareness that comes with being human. None of these are physical, none can be seen, they are energy, and yet, they are who we think of as being ourselves. We are more energy than we are physical, even though we think of ourselves as physical beings.

It is only the body with all it’s functions that is manifest in physical form, and that is so little of the sum total of what we are. If we ever find ourselves face to face with a human body that is without its occupant, when the persons’ spirit has departed, leaving the body as an empty shell, only then can we realise how truly minimal and insignificant our physicality is, in expressing us.

Imagine a white room, imagine you go through a door and enter a room which is like being inside a white cube, a ceiling, floor, four white walls and a door set in one of the walls. You enter and are in your physical form. In that form, you are constrained by the capacity of your physical body. Imagine yourself, within that room, moving, expressing and creating in as many ways as you can. How do you move? What sounds do you make? How do you fulfil your potential of expression within that space, through your physical body? Let yourself continue doing this for a while, as you explore the extensions and expressions of your body that are possible for you.

Now, leave the room through the door. You enter a space that is a nowhere place, an in-between space, however that may appear for you. Your light being self is waiting for you here, your awareness moves out from within your physical body and enters your light being or energy body.

As your energy body, you leave your physical body behind and re-enter the white room. You are nothing but frequency, vibration, light. In this state, begin to freely express and create in any way you choose. Enjoy the freedom to explore the many ways that you can explore and create through this expression of yourself. Notice the difference between the possibilities and methods available to you in your physical body compared to your light body. When you have fully explored your energetic potential, go back to the door and leave the room.

Your light body and consciousness now move back into your physical body space. As a combined being, both physical and light body together, re-enter the white room. You are in the full function, the full spectrum of all that your energy body and physical body contains. In this integrated state, explore the space and all the creativity that you can express within it. Take your time and enjoy playing and exploring this combined form of yourself within the room.

This is our truth as we exist upon the Earth. We are mostly energy, we are our thoughts, our feelings, our will, our consciousness, our awareness, our personality-ego. All of these fundamental parts of ourselves are not physical, they are energy and we project ourselves through them. We can create and manifest through them. And yet, we are also more, we are our soul, our etheric body, our higher self. All of these energetic embodiments are always with us and we may not yet be using them to their fullest extent.