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Embracing Abundance at the Full Moon

Abundance is something I’ve looked into and worked with energetically many times over the years. I’ve been trying to connect with that energy and invite it fully into my life.

Like secretly eating donuts when you’re trying to lose weight, I’ve been working against myself, sensing deep down that the fear of lack is still underlying.

It’s a difficult one to shake. My mother grew up during rationing with a strong tendency towards frugality, carrying her own lack consciousness wounds. She portioned out every meal, sparsely and carefully, for the family and it was never acceptable to help yourself from the fridge or cupboards, take seconds or refuse to eat everything on your plate. I was the youngest in the family and always received the smallest portions.

Everything was hand-made, toys and clothes, DIY was king and it was all about make-do and mend. My clothes were sewn by my mother, my out-of-fashion school uniform made me an easy target. The sense of material lack, lack of love and lack of emotional connection were tangible in every moment throughout my childhood.

My mother often expressed, sometimes hysterically, fears that we were poor and how she couldn’t cope with it all, now I know we were not as poor as all that. As a little child it scared me and I felt a heavy burden upon me when she spoke like that, a feeling I still remember now. It’s as though my little self translated it as, “we’re going to die!” It felt like she was giving me that burden, she was and I took it.

I don’t think my childhood was that unusual, we all have experiences of lack growing up. When material things and love are both scarce, the two easily become intertwined. So it is my current wounds relate to early traumas about not feeling wanted, loved or valued. That’s the healing I’ve been working on for years.

I’ve come a long, long way. It feels like I’ve cleaned the house and now I’ve just got to hoover up the last bits of mess, left over from all that hard work. But boy, are those sticky bits of mess difficult to vacuum up. If you read my posts you will know that inner child healing has been a game-changer for me, really helping me to shift a lot of stuck patterns and heal early life traumas. And sometimes, one twenty minute healing has changed so much. But when it comes to lack consciousness, I just keep going over and over it with the healing and yet, it’s still there. There’s just so much of it, so many trauma moments from my young selves, such fixed beliefs and patterns of behaviour that it’s like wading through treacle. I know I’m making a difference, finding and healing child after child who are carrying this energy, but there are so many of them!

Lack is deep, sometimes too deep to see. It’s not being good enough, not being worthy, not receiving the love we crave, it’s never feeling full up or complete, like having a hole inside you that cannot be filled, no matter what you do.

Its presence appears in desperately seeking or craving to be loved, engaging in addictions like alcohol, drugs, food or sex. It’s a panic feeling that surfaces when there’s any kind of possibility of not getting enough of anything, whether food, time, money or attention.

Lack of love can materialise as entanglements within relationships, when we are looking for the love we crave but are matching with the wrong energy, finding someone that fits the dysfunctional energy from our past. It never works and there’s only one answer, find that love inside ourselves. But when we carry a hidden wound, it’s not easy to give up the deeply held hope and desire to find the love of our life, the one who fulfils all our dreams and doesn’t hurt us.

I fear, literally fear not getting enough to eat, even when I over-eat, fear I’ll go hungry before my next meal, when that’s simply not possible. I fear that I don’t have enough money to live off, to get me through to my state pension. I even fear that I’m wasting time, that there’s never enough time in the day and I’m not using it wisely. Of course, these fears are always there but they’re not always activated, so there are lots of times I feel huge gratitude and great abundance in my life. But deep down, there’s a part of me that can’t completely buy into that and it’s the part of me that was hurt so much by lack of love throughout childhood.

So, what am I doing about it? Well, today it’s full moon and I’ve been making it my focus all day. I’m celebrating the full moon and her beautiful energies of increase, manifestation and abundance by embracing abundance consciously all day long.

I often bless my food and give gratitude before I eat and today I’m doing this for everything that goes into my body.

I’m having a little fire ceremony to release all that no longer serves me mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, calling my guides, soul and soul group to help. This will make room for more abundance.

I’m making a candle spell for increase of all harmonious energies in my life, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

I’m creating full moon water and drinking it with intention to receive the moon’s blessings of increase and abundance.

I’m drawing down all that is ready to come into my life now and calling in all that my heart is choosing.

I’m working with inner child healing, looking for wound energy trapped within my body related to that little inner child who carried the burdens of lack from her mother.

I’m spending time with my shadow self, my cosmic double who holds all the unresolved energies and offering to transform energies of lack into abundance.

I’m being conscious of abundance all day, starting and ending the day with prayers of gratitude and really feeling the power of gratitude. I’m taking my time, feeling no pressure, putting aside thoughts or feelings that I need to be doing something else.

And I’m sending you many blessings this full moon!

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Levelling Up and Coming into Alignment

I’ve recently finished a four part webinar on working with energy templates.  Oh boy!  This work is marvellous and I can see I’m going to be working with this for some time.

I called forth the energy template that is my soul’s fulfilment and asked what needs to be acknowledged.  Two energies came forward.  The first was lack consciousness and secondly, a concern with what others expect or say of me.

I need to address these energies and integrate them into my being so that they move from disharmony to harmony.  So that lack moves to abundance and I am claiming my truth rather than giving my power away.

As I worked with the templates, I saw a vertical and horizontal line connected in the middle like a cross.

The vertical line of the cross represents alignment.  I may wobble on this line and move out of alignment instead of remaining in harmony and centredness.  Sometimes, I feel abundant and am less in fear of lack in my life.  Sometimes, I am in my power and truth and less focused on what others think.  And sometimes, I wobble offline.

The horizontal line of the cross is levelling.  Unresolved issues are trauma from the past and they look for opportunities to find what is missing to achieve levelling. For me, that’s always been love. It’s like water flowing in and filling up to the required level.  Lack consciousness and concerning myself with what others think are there because of unresolved issues that are still teaching me what I need to acknowledge and integrate in order to heal. 

This healing is a horizontal and vertical experience. As we heal, we level up (fill up with love) and achieve alignment with the divine source. We become lined up as well as levelled up.

Even though I’ve been working on this issue for years, there’s still a deep part of me that’s trying to find love outside of me.  That part created and feeds lack consciousness deep within me.  It also created a need to read and respond to my perceived expectations of others.  By recognising this and acknowledging it, I can heal.  I come into alignment and find my level because I’m filled up with the love that I felt was missing and this time it’s coming from myself.  In working with the energy templates, I call forth the energy of abundance.  I call forth the energies of truth and personal power that exist within me.  

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The Power of the I Am Presence

Within each soul and extending from the divine source, the I Am presence energy exists.

Integrate with your I Am presence through the power of positive self-talk.  Bring this transformative tool into your meditation time and into your everyday life. 

I Am statements are activations that allow us to connect with purer aspects of ourselves, aid our spiritual awakening and enable the most beautiful inspiring, loving and healing vibrations.

I Am statements are what we already are, although we have not fully realised or embodied them yet. With I Am statements, we are waking ourselves up, we are inviting those energies to come to the fore. We are sending out a prayer for what we wish to embrace from within ourselves.

Here are the empowering I Am statements that came through for me during my most recent vision quest:

I am ready.
I am completely claiming my full power.
I am accepting and embracing my potency.
I am channelling the light of the Creator into the Earth for humanity.
I am energised.
I am me.
I am listening to my heart.
I am recognising my insights and intuitions as the truth and wisdom they are.
I am humble before the greatness of the Universe.
I am ready to be taken apart and put back together again.
I am trusting myself completely.
I am incomparable.
I am healed from all past limiting beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
I am healed.
I am spirited.
I am my healed and integrated inner children.
I am my inner crone.
I am a force.
I am the raging storm and the still peace at its core.
I am one who sweeps through the world surrounded by a vortex of supreme energy.
I am my best self.
I am my truth.
I am following the path laid before me by my soul.
I am walking boldly through the deepest night.
I am playful.
I am creative.
I am harmony.
I am a shining light.
I am a blazing fire.
I am seeing with eyes of enhanced love.
I am expressing the gifts of my heart.
I am listening to my heart.
I am acting from my heart.
I am walking meditation.
I am divine abundance.
I am bliss.
I am serenity.
I am light. I am love. I am truth. I am my power.
I am one with my soul.
I am one with the Creator.
I am complete.
I am gifting myself to all.
I am letting go.
I am carrying the secrets of my ancestors within.
I am the I Am presence.
I am one with all.
I am eternally now.
I am my best self.
I am ready to embrace the truth of my being when I am low and my days are a struggle, when my energy and creativity is not flowing.
I am ready to embrace the truth of my being when I am filled to overflowing with the love and light of the divine.
I am ready.

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Earth Star Chakra

Something that’s come up a few times recently is the importance of our Earth Star Chakra.

This has got to be the single most important chakra we have and yet, many people don’t even know about it.

We all know the usual ones, starting from the top; crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root. There are several others but the ones I want to talk about are the Earth Star chakra and it’s partner, the Soul Star chakra.

The Earth Star chakra is located about a foot (30 cm) below your feet. So, when you are on the ground, it’s inside the Earth. But in any case, even in a top floor building, it’s still connecting you into the Earth, so you don’t need to worry about that, it’s all happening in the energetic.

The Earth Star chakra is always activated in conjunction with the Soul Star chakra, activate one and the other is also activated. So, I had better tell you about them both.

The Soul Star chakra is located about a foot (30 cm) above the top of your head. It is the chakra where your soul is focused and where you can connect most deeply with your soul.

The Earth Star chakra is vital for grounding and manifestation. When we are manifesting anything into physical reality, if we send the energy of our intention down through the soles of our feet and into our Earth Star chakra, we can anchor that energy into the Earth and it is the most powerful and fastest way to bring anything we choose to create into physical reality.

Imagine the energy is filling up a vessel or a chamber at your Earth Star chakra, personally, I envision a cauldron filling up with light until it overflows and flows out into the Earth in all directions. You may also see it as rays of light that shine out from your Earth Star chakra in all directions.

Not only for manifesting, but also for grounding. We need to ground ourselves any time we feel out of alignment or overcome with too much energy, maybe we are experiencing powerful spiritual energy coursing into our being or are having experiences that we don’t feel totally in control of. Perhaps you are feeling light-headed, spacey and out of this world. Maybe you feel disconnected from your reality. Any of these kind of situations can be improved by grounding yourself and the best way to do this is to use your Earth Star chakra.

Simply sit or stand with your back straight, your head level and your feet on the ground. Send the excess energy down through your feet and into your Earth Star chakra. See, sense, acknowledge that your Earth Star chakra is filling up to overflowing with the energy and the energy is then spreading out in all directions. Your intent is in anchoring it and gifting it to Mother Earth.

That’s it, it takes a moment or two, that’s all, so easy and so very critical for ourselves to remain balanced and in manifesting all we wish to create and call into being.

Your Earth Star chakra is also the place in your energy field where your merkaba is located, from where you activate this vehicle to enable your energy body to travel at will. Simply take your awareness into your Earth Star chakra and see, sense, acknowledge yourself sitting or standing inside your merkaba. In doing this, your Soul Star chakra comes into alignment with your Earth Star chakra creating a circuit around you, from above your head to below your feet and this is your vehicle.

To picture a merkaba, imagine a pyramid with a triangular base. Now imagine there are two of them. Place one inside the other, so that one is pointing upwards and the other is pointing down and they share the same central point. What you get is a kind of chunky, three dimensional star with eight points. The geometry of this form activates and amplifies energies that open up space-time portals and allows dimensional journeying. The body can fit in this form, either in the middle sitting in lotus, or standing with head in the upper point and feet in the lower point. Once activated, you simply use your intention to travel to any place you wish, leaving your earthly body behind.

There are many gnostic wisdoms hidden in the merkaba, for instance, “As above, so below”, a phrase that can be unpacked in an entire book by itself. The merkaba brings that which is of the Creator and that which is of Earth together as one, which reminds me of the prayer Master Jeshua taught in his life as Jesus, “May thy kingdom come on Earth, as it is in heaven”. The merkaba represents this very concept and is the reason it’s coming to the fore now, it’s a vital part of the ascension process to have activated merkabas, because ascension is the kingdom of the Creator being manifest upon Earth. It means that our free will is the same as the divine will and plan of the Creator, and when we choose that, it’s our awakening.

It was at the age of fourteen that I started to actively and regularly engage with my merkaba, although spontaneous travel of this nature happened randomly from earlier in my childhood. I credit the intensity and strength I possess in journeying and performing shamanic and energy healing today with these early experiences, especially when I’m supporting souls transitioning through the death of the physical body. I also use my merkaba to travel the timelines, past and future, for healing purposes and for creating positive outcomes.

I’ve found it is not necessary to understand the merkaba intellectually for it to work, it’s there and it happens, whether or not we understand, it’s one of the energetic tools we possess that has always been present. It can switch itself on or be activated. With years of regular practice you may eventually manifest your being solidly at a new location. This is an achievement of great mastery but it can be done.

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Celebrating the Resonance of Life

Time for my third and final post of the week on the subject of celebration (as tomorrow is Transformational Question Friday). 

And today I am celebrating Life!  Let’s go big or go home, as they say.  I don’t know about you, but for me life can sometimes be a bit of a roller-coaster, full of up days and down days and boy, do I get dizzy with it all sometimes.  And yet, even when I’m in the thick of a rough, tough week I know that so much of that problematic stuff, those thoughts and emotions, are coming from inside me.  Or are they? 

I spend a lot of time looking at life from the point of view of being energy.  We know that everything is energy, I do believe those science bods have decided this is definitely the case.  So, we are energy, everything is energy and that’s all there is.  It’s not easy to think of our solid, flesh and blood selves as energy, I admit, but hold that idea for a moment and let’s see where we can go with it. 

We also know that energy is vibration.  Everything is vibration.  When we are experiencing something that has the same or similar vibration level as us, it resonates with us.  The more something or someone resonates, the nearer the match to our own vibration.  When there is a mis-match, we get a sense of dissonance, it feels out of synch with us and we feel uncomfortable.  We learn to recognise the feeling of being uncomfortable and that’s life giving us a chance to make different choices.  

So, what can lead us to feel dissonance?  Anything that is of a lower vibration to us.  What if we are at a low vibration ourselves?  Then, other low vibration energies are a fit and we resonate with them rather than feeling dissonance. When we are at a low vibration and we come into contact with low vibrational situations, thoughts, actions, people, events, then they feel comfortable to us because we match them. We don’t get the signal to stay away because there is no dissonance. So, if you are feeling dissonance, going through times when you are out of synch, then you are resonating higher.  

It’s only when we are at a higher level of vibration than the dissonance that we detect its presence and know that something is out of alignment.  This is a gift, and it means that the low dissonance is not inside of us, it’s not a part of us, we are the high vibration and we remain the high vibration. We may choose to focus on and own that dissonance, but it is not us and we haven’t lost our own vibration, we remain at that same high level.

Life is amazing, life is looking after us all the time.  Just by being energy, being vibration, life ensures we are kept informed of our needs, whether or not we pay attention.  It also means that when we detect dissonance, when we are brought into contact with the vibration of a situation, event, thought or object that is not resonating for us, we are learning to understand that we are not that feeling, we can refuse to own that dissonance.  Just let it be there, respect it as a guest that has come to show us something, don’t fight it and don’t own it. Continue to vibrate at the same high level.  If we are wise, we learn to move away from whatever is bringing this lower vibe into our life. When we can’t move away, know the dissonance will pass, the dissonance is a teacher and a gift.  Life is a teacher and a gift.  Well worth celebrating, I’d say.        

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“If You Are Holding Chronic Pain In Your Body, What Are You Suppressing Emotionally?”

Our Friday Feature, the transformational question for today, may seem a little strange, maybe judgemental, maybe assumptive. That we are holding in emotions if we have pain in our body. Well, yes, it is saying that. Those suppressed feelings, emotions, have got to come out somehow and quite often, chronic pain and fatigue are due to suppressing emotions in our body. Our body is trying to help by releasing the emotions and that alerts us, if we know how to interpret the language of our body. If we ignore it, it gets worse. If we start changing our conditions and doing the healthy thing, it can ease off, if we didn’t see that there was a connection between our pain and our behaviour, it comes and goes and we don’t have a clue what made it better or worse. One thing’s for sure, it won’t go away altogether until we address it at source, that is, the deep-seated subconscious wound from which those emotions are being expressed.

I have a returning pain in my knees, my physio has given me a name for it, it’s called patella femoral pain syndrome.  It’s a thing, so it’s just my bad luck and I can’t do a thing about it, right?  My physio says I can reduce it with exercises, which I can, but it isn’t going to go away for good.  Right.  That’s because those exercises aren’t treating the underlying cause of my problem, the subconscious suppressed emotions.  The pain comes and goes, I don’t know why, I don’t see patterns, I’m not using the exercises, so it’s not that. 

So, I’m going to treat it differently.  I’m going to visit this place in my body and ask my body what’s there, what’s being suppressed.  I’m going to go deep and right to the source and understand it from the point of view of energy.  Everything is energy, right?  We are all made up of atoms and are apparently mostly space, mostly energy, according to science.  The emotions that I’m suppressing or are trapped in my body are energy.  My body is releasing them as pain, which is energy, pain doesn’t have a form, isn’t solid, but it is real, so it’s energy, like thoughts and memories that are also not solid but they are real, they are energy too.

I get myself nice and relaxed, meditative, breathing deep and slow.  I focus on that part of my body where the pain is.  I imagine taking my awareness into my body at that place and speak;  “Hello.  I’ve come to find out what’s trapped here, what is causing this pain here?”  Now, I listen.     

Try it, if your pain is everywhere, go to one place where you feel drawn to go first, or where it’s concentrated.  When you get your consciousness into your body, allow yourself to be open to your intuition, that’s your heart and soul talking to you, they will speak to you if you open a space and listen.  Start a conversation and just go with it.  Let that conversation guide you.  Invite in your soul and guides to support you.  Maybe the conversation will reveal the healing for you. Listen to everything your body tells you and respond from your loving heart.  When you have heard, bring to mind a violet light and flood the area with that healing light, it will dissolve your pain and the wounds that are bringing up the emotions.  It will remove it all at source.  The important thing is to let your body, your pain be heard from a place of love and compassion, then use the violet light to dissolve it all away.

Repeat the exercise if you find the pain is still there, sometimes, we need to do these things more than once.

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Being A Psychic Medium

Our light shines like a beacon across the cosmos.  We are like fireflies in the night.  Each insect is going about its own business, seeing only the little world in front of its nose, assuming fireflies have noses.  When you see a landscape at night covered in fireflies, it’s magical to perceive such beauty, little tiny lights, dipping, blinking on and off, sending signals of love into the night sky.

Wouldn’t it be marvellous if we could see our light bodies?  Fireflies we are.  And we can fly, not only are we fire, we are flying fire, beings of light that are not tethered to the Earth. 

For myself, I fly in my imagination, I can fly everywhere and anywhere in my imagination.  We can enter a deep state of meditation, an altered state of consciousness and move through the frequencies of our brainwaves to something that is so expansive that imagination and reality merge.  We are entering a world of divine magic and have the potential to travel with our energy to another place.  When that happens, we may find it difficult to tell the difference between what’s fancy, what we imagine, and what is a ‘real’ experience on some level. 

Have you ever heard of remote viewing?  Some people can use their minds to travel to locations and perceive what is there whilst sitting in a room hundreds of miles away.  They recall events that took place, objects they saw.  There’s well documented information about remote viewing experiments carried out by the US military.  They gave individuals co-ordinates where nothing is marked on a map, co-ordinates of secret military installations.  For a person to be able to describe that installation would be impossible unless there was something really going on.

I equate the remote viewing phenomenon as a parallel to what happens for me when I’m doing energy healing.  I connect to the energy of a person through their name, essentially.  Sometimes it helps to have a photo, but it’s not necessary.  The essential part is my connecting in with my guides, my soul and soul group and aligning with the Divine Source and Mother Earth.

I ask my spiritual support team to take me to the person, and they know where we are going ahead of time.  I find myself experiencing the energy of that person, sometimes I feel myself travel, other times it just happens that there they are in front of me. 

I don’t believe that I’m visiting their physical body, I’m visiting their energy body or light body.  We all have an energy body and it’s free to move about and travel.  My energy body is visiting their energy body.  Our energy bodies are integrally linked to our complete selves, which includes our physical selves.  When I’m having an experience with their energy body, their physical self and conscious self isn’t present so they aren’t necessarily going to pick up on what is going on, although I’ve noticed sometimes people report feeling warm and blissful at the time, also becoming sleepy is common. When people meditate and deliberately tune in during my healing, especially the shamanic intensive, they can receive all sorts of insights, sometimes we receive the same images at the same time. 

Whatever I provide for that energy body, such as cleansing, purification and downloading of healing templates, all that energy is received by the physical person because I ground the energy to be experienced in the life of the physical person as well as at every other level. 

Twice, I’ve been doing healing with a person and arrived with my energy body to find that their soul was passing into the light.  You might say, “well, your healing isn’t very good then, is it?” Quite often, people ask me to do healing at the point at which somebody is seriously ill, and there are times when there’s nothing I can do to make them better because it’s their time to go.  But it is a blessing to be there at that moment because there’s so much one can do in the energetic to support their soul during the process of leaving their body.

I have found myself in a situation where somebody was transitioning to the spirit realms and there were angelic presences and loved ones in spirit present.  My presence, as a living person, meant I had the capacity to offer something that the non-living energies couldn’t, to pray, to appeal for the absolution of the soul.  We have the capacity, as living humans, to ‘ask and you shall receive’.  That’s a part of the free will of humanity.  Because we have free will, it’s only when we ask that spirit intercedes.  So, as a psychopomp, a person that helps soul transition, I am able to act on behalf of the transitioning soul by carrying out prayers and providing absolution for the soul, which means clearing karma and updating soul contracts, calling for support and making it possible for that person to have a beautiful, peaceful and loving passing into the light.  Also, to ensure that their loved ones in spirit are called in, if that hasn’t naturally happened. 

Sometimes, It also involves working with the living relatives, visiting their energetic bodies to support them with the process, clearing emotions that might be holding back their loved one from passing, supporting them in understanding what’s happening with their loved one, having a conversation between the loved one and their relatives.  There’s literally a conversation that sometimes needs to happen, which the relatives are not able to perceive consciously but the soul of the person passing can communicate with me, and this happens with animals too.  I can find out where they’re at and what they’re going through, receive any messages to pass on.  Then, I can travel to the family members and share that information with them energetically.  This is received at an unconscious level and translated into physical reality as a state of peace or acceptance, to some degree, so that they feel ready to let go of their loved one.  That change can be witnessed.  For instance, quite often I am called in by one member of the family, but most family members don’t know that I’m involved.  They are likely not aware of what a psychopomp is or what they can do.  When it comes to connecting with their energy body, since I don’t have their conscious permission, I ask for the permission of their soul.  They don’t know we had a conversation about their grief or that I shared with them the comforting words of their departing loved one.  Despite this, I have been told by the family member who engaged me that the feelings and behaviours of the other family members changed after my visit, becoming more peaceful and accepting. 

When I do a healing and find that a person is going through the transition we call death, after I return from supporting their soul, I think, “Oh my goodness, wow, that was an incredible experience but was that coming from me or did that really happen?” and then I’m waiting to hear from the relative who engaged me.  I’m not going to go to a relative and say, “Hey, I just visited your mother, aunt, uncle, and guess what, they’re actually dying right now.”  I’m not going to do that, that would be irresponsible.  So, I wait and in every case the relative has come to me and told me that their loved one just passed away.  That kind of confirmation feels very much like the same kind of experience one might have with remote viewing.  I can tell you, when this stuff happens, I’m probably more shocked about it than anybody, it never ceases to amaze me. I trust it now, but it still amazes me, every time.  

When you do distance healing for people, when what shouldn’t work evidently does, you have a choice, accept it or walk away.  I have done my fair share of being sceptical, questioning, denying, being embarrassed about it, hiding it and generally feeling like a wacko, and now I cannot deny it any longer and don’t need to justify it to myself or anybody else.  Working with souls as they pass over, whether human or animal, is one of the biggest blessings of the work I do.  It feels like such privileged and important work to be involved with.

This information is shared because I didn’t come across much information about what psychic mediums feel, sense and do when I was learning to interpret my early psychic experiences. I hope it’s helpful and affirming to hear this if you are on the path too. What I say here doesn’t say anything about anybody else’s experience, only mine. I truly believe that what I do is something anybody can do, if we choose it.  

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Healing At Source

When we need healing, when there is something inside of us that is a wound from the past, something that keeps disturbing our peace and hijacking our life, it surfaces in one or two ways.  One way is through our body as physical symptoms and especially when we and our doctor struggle to understand what is wrong.  The other way our wounds and traumas surface are in our relationships.  This is because other people act as a mirror that allow us to see ourselves.  Other people create the kind of situations which trigger our patterns and beliefs.  The worst case scenario is that we find ourselves in toxic relationships, whether familial, intimate or platonic.

When we become ill with chronic pain and fatigue, explained or unexplained symptoms, when we are suffering an emotional rollercoaster of torment and blame in our relationships, we need to do something about it, otherwise, we go around and around in circles.  If we leave the relationship, we just end up in another similar situation.  If we successfully treat the symptoms and conditions of our illness, we just end up with another illness a short way down the road.  That stuff has to come out somehow, but it doesn’t get rid of it until we remove the energy at source.

Does any of this sound familiar?  If so, what is the answer?  There is only one answer and that is to treat the underlying problem at source.  If we treat only the surface appearance of it, the symptoms, it is not gone and it just keeps coming back.  This means we have to treat the problem at a deeper level, at a subconscious level.  That means energetically as well as physically because the wound or trauma isn’t just a physical manifestation, it’s emotional energy, it’s memory, it’s a trapped moment from our past when an energy blockage was created, a wound.  A wound is a powerful emotional energy that is frozen in time, stuck with a deep-set belief that doesn’t work for us, never did.  A belief like “I’m not good enough” or “I’m unlovable” or “Everyone abandons me”.  There are so many possible beliefs based around rejection, loss, lack of self-worth, lack of self-love.  Essentially, these wounds are stopping us from loving ourselves and that is desperately what we need to be able to do, to embrace ourselves, become ourselves, love ourselves. 

How do we remove the wound?  When we treat conditions with conventional medicine we are usually using chemicals in the form of drugs to mask or remove the symptoms but not the dis-ease, conventional medicine is rarely holistic.  But if we treat our needs using a treatment that targets the energy that is forming the wound, the feelings and pain, the frozen blockage, then we are able to dissolve that wound away to nothing and change the beliefs from impossible ones to healthy ones, removing the patterns and behaviours so they no longer trigger pain and suffering for us.