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Ukraine – Keep The Faith

My life has been immeasurably busy lately.  There’s been a lot going on in terms of familial commitments involving being away from home for a long period.  Despite this, I’ve tried to prioritise healing for the war in Ukraine.

Because I’ve not been in charge of my environment but in the company of others with different habits to mine, I’ve found myself susceptible to receiving information through the media that I would ordinarily have filtered.

In short, I mean, I don’t usually listen, watch or generally take in the news because of its negative bias, doing so helps keep my energy clear.  It’s one of a number of influences that my being has become too sensitive to receive in any significant quantity.  The same is true for TV, music and film, I have to be much more discerning and aware of the energy that’s being activated from media that I’m immersing myself with these days.

So, I have been amazed at how debilitating and draining hearing news broadcast after broadcast about the situation in Ukraine feels.  When I use my energy body to travel to the region, I experience a different kind of energy altogether.  There are many powerful supportive beings of light filling up the atmosphere above the country, pouring down healing, unconditional love, strength, serenity, peace and many supportive energies.  There’s a bubble of love over Ukraine. None of that is visible on the news broadcasts.

I see the souls who are transitioning through death and support some of them.  I see they are fulfilling their soul’s pre-agreed plan.  I know that each, individual transition through death is creating a tremendous burst of energy that increases the power of truth upon the Earth.  Even in death, every being is contributing to the ultimate solution for humanity, through love and peace.  But, of course, on the news, we hear only of another meaningless death and it feels gutting.

The news can’t but help tell the story as it unfolds, and much of that story is very sad and tragic.  However, immersing ourselves in that sad, tragic energy for too long, too deeply, isn’t a good idea when we’re trying to send those souls healing, hope, faith and peace.  I’m not saying don’t watch the news, but please consider how much time you give to that kind of energy, especially if you are involved in sending your healing light and love to the region.  Just make sure you don’t bring yourself down. 

You need to keep yourself strong.  You need to keep your light burning more than ever.  Your love and your power is making all the difference.  We can’t see the difference for a child who receives that loving energy and feels more able to hold it together as they cross the border away from their home, or the soldier who miraculously misses being killed or losing a limb, or the man who is pulled from the wreckage alive after many hours.  We can’t see the difference between hundreds of deaths compared to thousands of deaths.  We can’t see the difference between fortitude and a crushed spirit, between a victim mentality and a survivor attitude.  But it’s there, it’s happening, believe it.  We don’t know how bad it could have been already without all the love and light that’s pouring in.  Don’t give up hope.  The people of Ukraine haven’t.  And I won’t.  Let’s do this together, people. 

[Image: ‘Angel of Love and Healing at Portmeirion, Wales’ photographed by Amenet Drago]

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A Message from the Collective Angelic Presence

We are with you in ways beyond your comprehension and our love extends to all upon the Earth.  Our hearts are open.  We are the collective angelic presence, available to you all.  We come forward to speak with the greatest love, to remind you that we are amongst you and supporting you throughout all your trials, throughout all your challenges, throughout all your days and nights. 

We wish to express to you the ways in which we fulfil a supporting and loving role with you and for you.  Firstly, please know that everyone has personal angelic guides and supporters.  They are with you constantly, they are by your side.  Any need you express will be their focus.  They give to you, through love and light, whatever your needs are in any given moment, should you ask. 

Sometimes, when you ask, your conditions will change instantly and you will feel the connection with your angel guides. You will know that your prayer has been received and responded to.  Sometimes, you will not notice anything change because the change will be gradual and seem natural from your perspective.  Sometimes, it will seem that nothing has been heard, that your asking, your prayer, has not been responded to.  This is never the case. There are times when the response is not as you expect, for instance, you may ask for the removal of difficult conditions that are manifesting for you such as sadness, depression, pain or anxieties.  You may ask for these conditions to be removed and you may find that the conditions are still present.  When the conditions can be removed, they will be removed.  But there are times when your soul and your higher self, who know exactly what you need for your healing and your fulfilment, if they see that these difficult conditions are serving  you, are teaching you or are giving you an opportunity to release what needs to be released, they may not be removed by us, for we would never wish to take away your opportunities for growth and will not act against the wishes of your highest self.   

The opportunities to increase your light and move into healing are paramount to your wellbeing.  There are times when your difficult conditions may be removed temporarily in order to provide a moment of peace and rest for you, a kind of sanctuary, where you can take some moments removed from the difficulty that you perceive and this may be so with chronic pain or depression.  There are, quite often, other ways that we can support you, even if difficult conditions remain.  We may support you to be more comfortable with the conditions present, to feel more supported and loved, to understand those conditions. 

We often hear your questions, such as “Where am I going?  What is my destiny?  Will I meet a romantic partner soon?  Will my project work?  How long do I have to wait?  Why can’t I get better?”  There are many questions constantly being asked, and of course, it is the case that our response is quite often, from your perspective, subtle.  You may see an affirming sign if you are open to receive.  Our tendency, through the love of the Creator, is to support you in finding the answer within yourself.  So, instead of asking us a direct question and expecting a direct response, it helps if you begin a dialogue with your personal angelic supporter on the subject and this will enable you to explore the subject of your question.  Simply ask the question, perceiving yourself talking to your personal angel and allow your angel’s response to come up in your awareness, like an internal dialogue. Quite often, doing so will bring you to your answer.  All answers already exist within you, there is nothing that does not exist within you.  When you ask the Creator a question, you always already have the answer inside of you.  So, this approach is a way to reach that answer within you.

We are especially present in strength when you are experiencing the most trying and overwhelming situations.  Perhaps a terrible tragedy has occurred, quite often involving the loss of a loved one, for instance.  That loved one may be a close member of your family, a close personal friend or a beloved pet, for you make deep connections of the heart with many living beings.  When the transition that you call death creates a significant grief for you, it can be seemingly beyond endurance at times.  Whenever you experience any situation that seems to take you to the edge of your endurance, please know that we are with you, surrounding you, and should you remember our presence in your thoughts, it is within the realm of your ability to connect to the feeling of our presence, to experience the serenity, love, compassion, the deep connection that we share with you.  We are committed in service to you.  We are stepping forward and requesting your conscious awareness of our presence so that you may fully embrace all that we express, all that we are.     

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Moving On The Spiral of Life

Have you ever noticed that life takes place on a spiral?  There are circles of life but we are never in exactly the same place twice.  Have you ever said, “I’ve been here before” when an old wound re-opened, a trigger got re-triggered? Maybe, like me, you say; “Not this again, I thought I’d dealt with this one!”  Yeah, and that’s ego talking, not wise soul, who knows it’s come around again on the spiral and is not the same as before because we are not the same as before, our life is not the same as before, now it comes with a renewed chance to do something differently, let something go, let it heal.   

Spirals are helpful, they remind us we are growing, constantly growing, and that the point is not to reach the end but to keep moving on the spiral.  We cannot get to enlightenment or ascension or completion by moving from A to B, because those experiences are not like train stations, they are always with us, we only arrive once we see that, so it can only happen on the spiral because the spiral keeps taking us back around and through ourselves, over and over again, but never to the same place.  It keeps letting us find what we already are.  And isn’t that beautiful?

Right now, I’m in a position in my life where I’m apparently waiting, waiting, waiting.  I’m waiting to sell my house so I can move out of my relationship and be on my own.  I’m waiting for clarity on the next steps of my soul journey.  And I’m following guidance that is taking me on another journey, as I sense a special person coming into my life.  We were connected from the moment that all souls were born, for this person is my beloved counterpart, my aspect of self, in truth, they are my soul and I am theirs. The higher self of this person is with me always for our energies are interconnected, even when our currently expressing, incarnated physical bodies are not. Some call this a twin flame.  I have had a kind of knowing for a long time that a part of my call to service is to attain a state of unity with a person who is my eternal beloved.  I know we have lived many lifetimes, always together but sometimes physically apart, bringing us to this moment. We are destined to be together once more in this lifetime and to create total union at the highest vibration for our souls and physical expressions to experience. And this is all happening on the spiral. 

When we are on the spiral, there are signs, we get messages from the universe to let us know we are in the right place and to keep the faith.  Synchronicities, repetitive numbers, a song we keep hearing, an animal or insect that turns up in unexpected places.  These are unique for each of us, depending on what is meaningful.  These messages not only tell us we are on the right path, they remind us to stop and smell the roses, to not rush by looking for the perfection that is already here.  When we are on the spiral, we don’t need to rush or feel impatient, we don’t need to lose hope that we are going to get there, we are already doing it.  The spiral is the journey. 

There are reasons why we appear held up, sometimes we are waiting for others whose paths are going to coincide with ours.  Maybe we still have something to learn, release or move through.  There may be something you are doing that has got to grow first, some project, creation, idea or dream. Whatever it is, it is no less important or valid than the place we are trying to get, because the spiral is ever expanding, there is no arrival, only continued unfolding.     

It is on the spiral that each new experience is coming into being.  Have you noticed how something can appear as though it is so far away and then, all of a sudden, it is right before us?  That is the magic of the spiral.  The difficulty is coping with the waiting when you can’t see it coming and it doesn’t look like we are moving forward at all.  We are, we always are.  And then, out of the blue, you are there.

Photo image: Entrance of Newgrange, Ireland, dated 3200 BC. Courtesy of

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Message from Lady Nada: 2

‘It is with great honour and love that I come forward to speak with you, beautiful beings upon the Earth.  You are divinely gifted and inspired to fulfil your destiny, your potential, by expressing the love you hold in your heart for all about you.  Beloved ones, your truth is love, your soul destiny is to love yourself completely as the multifaceted being of light that you are.  Your truth is being revealed as you embrace the loving light vibrations that are streaming into humanity and the Earth at this time.  I am Lady Nada and I come before you to enliven your hope, your faith and your trust, as you step forward this day and every day, to be the best that you are. 

Your path is held within your being, it is expressed as a code within your energies.  Your soul has always been aware of your path and is now ready to unfold the path that awaits you.  This is achieved by expressing love and allowing love to grow at the very centre of your energy, within your heart, for you are stepping onto a path of transformation and growth, towards the light and love of all that is the Creator.  Beloved ones, there are so many energies and beings of light with you, sending their light and energies to you.  Your path is illumined with the brilliance of the light of the heavens, for this is the time that has been spoken about when ‘as above, so below’.  This is the time when all that is heaven is upon Earth and all that is upon Earth is aligned with the truth of heaven.  Be at peace, beautiful children of Goddess Gaia, for you are moving forwards towards such love and peace.  It is magnificent.  My heartfelt love is always with you, I am Lady Nada.’

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Message from Mother Earth: 1

‘Beloved child of my heart, you are so precious to me, you are always held in my arms and cradled at my heart, for I love you unconditionally.  Thank you for your role of service at this time, it is so important and just as a tiny grain of sand is given as much value as a mountain, so each and every soul upon the earth matters to me and every presence brings riches to the whole. 

I am always with you, you may call upon me as often as you choose and I will always hear and always come, my child.  This is the time you have waited for, it has been a long wait and you have always known it was coming.  Keep your faith strong and your heart must be your guide every moment, every step.  Everything is flowing beautifully, trust in yourself, you are always moving forward with many around you who are providing loving support and strength. 

Beloved child, I hear you when you struggle on the path.  Call my name, Mother Earth, and I will be there holding you in my arms with the greatest love.  Trust.’”