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House of Cards

What do you do when everything’s a mess?

Chaos does not create order

Chaos creates more chaos.

Sometimes, you just gotta pull the plug

Bring down your house of cards.

Let it fall

What you fear, the collapse,

It’s not going to be as bad as you think.

Let it come

Let the rubble fall

Let it fall until it settles

Then, have a good look around.

You are alive

You are still standing

It can’t get any worse

You have nothing to protect now

Nothing weighing on you

Nothing more to fear

Your worst fear has materialised

And now you are free

Now, you can choose differently

And rebuild anew.

From the ashes of destruction

Soars the phoenix of rebirth.

Sometimes, it’s about one little problem

Sometimes, it’s our entire life.

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Oh Dear!

Oh dear, what a difference a day makes.  Monday, somewhat past the eleventh hour, my solicitor introduced a number of troubling issues about the house I am buying.  I’m in a chain of five houses and we are in the week we were all hoping to move, seeing the week drift past as my solicitor introduces these troubling issues.  One by one, they are removed as I pay attention and address them.  Leaving one.  Apparently, my house has a deed of covenant dating from when it was built with pages and pages of clauses, several of which the present owner has breached.  That’s not so much the problem anymore, there’s now indemnity insurance in place for that.  But his solicitor was supposed to get the local authority to draw up a new deed of covenant for the exchange of sale between us, and this hasn’t been done.  The consequences?  I currently have no idea, all I know is my solicitor sent me a report and it said, due to this, I am STRONGLY advised (her capitals) not to proceed until this is resolved.  This is one big unresolved problem to slap into my lap when my buyer is waiting to exchange contracts this week, a week later than planned. 

I’m feeling a bit mad.  I’m mad at the solicitors for doing nothing to chase this up or put something in place to sort it and for not bringing this to my attention sooner and for not taking my calls or talking to me, except by email.  And I’m even a little mad with my husband who spends every five minutes shouting, yes, shouting into my ear (with the same stressy anxiety I feel too) telling me what I need to do about it. But mostly I’m mad because I’m feeling out of my depth and don’t have enough information to understand the situation right now. (Feeling a little overwhelmed here.) Actually, I’m feeling powerless and under-supported, even undermined, fairly or unfairly. 

So, I wrote an email to my solicitor and told her if this thing isn’t resolved this week, I’m pulling out of the sale.  Then, I lay down on my bed and fell into a deep sleep and had the most crazy vivid dream about a huge snake that crawled up my body.  When I woke up, I realised that pulling out of the sale is a stupid thing to do.  I knew it was emotive, reactive and a bit petulant, even so, I did intend to stand by it.  Now, I realise the cost of doing so is ridiculously high for me to follow through.  I could say something real hardcore here, but instead, I say “Oh dear”.  

I say I have no choice, but of course, we do all have choices, even when we think we don’t.  I can decide that my line has been crossed, my boundaries have been disrespected and that is more important to me than the money and the inconvenience.  I can still walk away.  And I can still see myself doing that, it’s almost as if the house has been tainted by the behaviour of others for me now.  Babies and bathwater keep springing to mind.  But I am so past fed up of being treated like a door mat, and this is not just about this situation but about me and my life and who I am and about standing up for myself, because I’m worth it.  How are we ever going to claim our sovereignty if we don’t draw that line and stand up, set our boundaries and uphold them? 

Okay, another day, and what just happened? Was that ego muscling in on my soul’s territory? I think the signs are there; personalising, feeling hurt and getting defensive, yep. Check, check and check. This morning, being Wednesday and the next day, I’ve had a little chat with my ego and we have calmed down. Now, would you believe it, my solicitor is telling me there’s nothing to worry about, excuse me? What were the capital letters all about yesterday, when nothing has actually changed?! Deep breath, letting go, moving on and moving house again.

In the dream, I was afraid the snake was going to bite me and so I tried to attack it to get it off my back.  The snake was too big to fight, it was bigger than a boa, and that didn’t work.  So, I found my balls and put my fear away.  I decided to walk out into the garden and let nature draw the snake away, and it worked.  After the snake was free from me, it transformed into a large greyhound.  Not entirely sure how this relates, although I can see some parallels, I’m hoping the greyhound represents a speedy process to move house from here on in. If anybody has any thoughts about my dream, I would be delighted to hear.   

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Celebrating the Resonance of Life

Time for my third and final post of the week on the subject of celebration (as tomorrow is Transformational Question Friday). 

And today I am celebrating Life!  Let’s go big or go home, as they say.  I don’t know about you, but for me life can sometimes be a bit of a roller-coaster, full of up days and down days and boy, do I get dizzy with it all sometimes.  And yet, even when I’m in the thick of a rough, tough week I know that so much of that problematic stuff, those thoughts and emotions, are coming from inside me.  Or are they? 

I spend a lot of time looking at life from the point of view of being energy.  We know that everything is energy, I do believe those science bods have decided this is definitely the case.  So, we are energy, everything is energy and that’s all there is.  It’s not easy to think of our solid, flesh and blood selves as energy, I admit, but hold that idea for a moment and let’s see where we can go with it. 

We also know that energy is vibration.  Everything is vibration.  When we are experiencing something that has the same or similar vibration level as us, it resonates with us.  The more something or someone resonates, the nearer the match to our own vibration.  When there is a mis-match, we get a sense of dissonance, it feels out of synch with us and we feel uncomfortable.  We learn to recognise the feeling of being uncomfortable and that’s life giving us a chance to make different choices.  

So, what can lead us to feel dissonance?  Anything that is of a lower vibration to us.  What if we are at a low vibration ourselves?  Then, other low vibration energies are a fit and we resonate with them rather than feeling dissonance. When we are at a low vibration and we come into contact with low vibrational situations, thoughts, actions, people, events, then they feel comfortable to us because we match them. We don’t get the signal to stay away because there is no dissonance. So, if you are feeling dissonance, going through times when you are out of synch, then you are resonating higher.  

It’s only when we are at a higher level of vibration than the dissonance that we detect its presence and know that something is out of alignment.  This is a gift, and it means that the low dissonance is not inside of us, it’s not a part of us, we are the high vibration and we remain the high vibration. We may choose to focus on and own that dissonance, but it is not us and we haven’t lost our own vibration, we remain at that same high level.

Life is amazing, life is looking after us all the time.  Just by being energy, being vibration, life ensures we are kept informed of our needs, whether or not we pay attention.  It also means that when we detect dissonance, when we are brought into contact with the vibration of a situation, event, thought or object that is not resonating for us, we are learning to understand that we are not that feeling, we can refuse to own that dissonance.  Just let it be there, respect it as a guest that has come to show us something, don’t fight it and don’t own it. Continue to vibrate at the same high level.  If we are wise, we learn to move away from whatever is bringing this lower vibe into our life. When we can’t move away, know the dissonance will pass, the dissonance is a teacher and a gift.  Life is a teacher and a gift.  Well worth celebrating, I’d say.        

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Truth is the Soul of the Sun

I have a huge affinity with all things ancient Egyptian, especially that pertaining to the magical.  I have had recall of a past life related to ancient Egypt with a remarkable degree of clarity.  I even remembered a name which allowed me to research the life of the person in question, which verified my recalled information, much to my amazement. The name I remembered was the name of my sister, Henutawy. My name was Meritamen. 

When I read books about ancient Egypt, it’s as though I already know it, I want to shout out, “Yes!  I know this!” with every new piece of information.  It feels like I’m waking up deep memories rather than learning new facts.

One of the most fascinating deities to me is Maat.  She is a Goddess, also a principle, a force, a concept of justice, truth and balance.  And truth is my subject of the week, so it seems reasonable to explore a little of what Maat has to teach.

In the ancient Egyptian world, everyone is a part of the cosmos.  As living beings, we have the ability to receive solar energy through the heart, to transform it and send it back out again.  One of the main ways people emit solar energy is through speech.  The ancient Egyptians believed that a harmonious flow of solar energy, when transformed into words, creates growth on many levels; inner growth and happiness and outer growth through physical and material prosperity.  They also believed that an obstruction of this flow of energy would mean a crisis; destruction, illness, misery and even death.  

Disease is a symptom of an imbalance in the life force energy, a substance produced by internal processes, created by the relationship between the individual’s Ba (personality/ego) and its Ka (soul), in other words by how freely the life energy called Maat enters and leaves the heart.  From the heart extend channels that link all the parts of the body.  Good health depends on the free flow of Maat and disease results from a blockage, whatever the cause.

The ancient Egyptians, like other ancient peoples, understood the importance of the proper flow of thought.  They also understood how physical, as well as non-physical exchanges bring wealth into our lives, in every sense of our being and energies.     

Maat is the divine force or energy that manifests through the sun and flows through the world.  Maat is the spirit of beauty and order.  Maat also represents truth and justice when, through people, she becomes the conscious exercise of faith in the transcendent creative power embodied in the solar disc.  Because Maat breathes life into everything, the more someone opens their heart, the healthier and happier they are as circumstances seem to magically to favour them. 

If a person suffers a head wound in a car collision, for example, the damage may be too great for their body to survive, which is different from illnesses caused by imbalance.  Stress created by fear has stopped many a heart that refused to listen to the calming reassurances of its soul.  And remember, fear is anything that isn’t love. 

Life, health and strength depends upon the unobstructed flow of Maat through the heart.  The heart receives cosmic energy and returns it in a mysteriously enhanced form to its divine source through the breath of enlightened speech.  That’s why it’s so important to know one’s truth and speak one’s truth.  People who are true of voice are healthier than those who lie, thereby blocking the circulation of Maat through their hearts and, as a result, through the world.  We may think we know when we are lying, but is that always so?  Much of the time, we are lying to ourselves in every sense, about who we are, who everybody else is and what the world is.  We are simply so oblivious of the fact, we think we live in truth when we don’t, and then are unable to account for all our ailments, misery and misfortune.  To live in truth is to live in love, there is no fear, no doubt, no worry, nothing but love.  We are love, that is our true nature, that is our truth.   

When Hatshepsut became Pharoah, she chose for herself her Royal name, as was the custom.  She chose the name Maatkare.  This name means ‘Truth is the Soul of the Sun’.  The information about Maat written above is taken from a wonderful book, one of my favourites.  By Maria Isobel Pita, it’s about Hatshepsut and called ‘Truth is the Soul of the Sun’.   

This beautiful image of Maat, with her symbol, the single ostrich feather tied to her head with a simple leather cord, is photographed by Sandro Vannini, Getty Images.     

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Integrity and Truth

I’ve noticed that I’ve been writing a lot recently about integrity and truth.  Without actually using the word ‘integrity’, it’s been there, nonetheless.  I’ve noticed that truth is always personal, that it can only be understood from one’s own perspective, truth is in an intimate relationship with integrity.  We need to find our integrity to find our truth, and we need to find our truth to find our integrity.  I was wondering how I do that for myself?

I guess, for me, it’s a feeling of being comfortable or uncomfortable with myself, that’s how I tell whether I’m being truthful and coming from my integrity.  I’m talking here about being truthful to myself and about myself to others, not about conscious telling of lies or fibs.  I’m talking about being honest about who I am and stepping up to live that truth.

That filter of being comfortable or uncomfortable is getting stronger, clearer, more reliable.  In the past, and sometimes now, it is deadened by habit, fixed thinking and behaviours that come from not thinking it through.  Doing things that have always been done, thinking from my automatic thought processes.  These are kept alive by the kind of internal self-talk that keeps me in my story, and my story isn’t true, it’s an overlay.  Just like my persona isn’t true, it’s also an overlay. 

The power of my persona is what keeps me furthest from my true self in social situations, around people I’m not completely comfortable with, which is most social contact, because my persona helps me to survive in these situations.  I automatically go back to all the lies of myself when I’m socialising, I shrink into the fear inside of me, that says I’m not enough, that I have nothing to say, that I won’t be liked, that I can’t trust people to not hurt me, all those things also tell me how much inner child healing I still have to do and it makes my heart heavy. 

I always have that uncomfortable feeling in those kind of situations too, telling me I’m not in my integrity, not in my truth.  Those uncomfortable feelings are my salvation, they show me where there is a need for change.  I know how to do that now, how to let go and surrender to myself.  I only need notice the uncomfortable feeling and surrender my persona, my fear, my habits and automatic responses.  To stop and breathe.  To go to my heart and find my true self.  To focus there and let the love that is my truth flow out.   

What kind of situations bring forth your uncomfortable feeling that tells you that you’re not in your truth?  When you are being honest with yourself and stepping up to live your truth, what are you like?   

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Speaking Our Truth

Today, I am bringing to mind speaking our truth, opening our voice and not swallowing our words.  This subject seems pertinent because last night, the Oprah interview with Harry and Meghan was broadcast in the UK on International Women’s Day, which seemed relevant.  It brought to my mind a number of key issues about the enormity of speaking our truth, how fundamentally difficult that can be and how many fear factors can be stacked up against us, and sometimes the fear factors include that if we don’t speak the truth, new fears are going to be realised.  So, it’s a big issue.

For me personally, it’s only in the last few years that I have found myself able to recognise who I am, enough to know what my truth is and what is the truth of my words.  Partly, I have stuffed it down so deeply in terms of my childhood wounds and traumas that I haven’t been able to value myself enough to even know who I am or what my truth is.  Part of that has been that I haven’t had the permission, as a child, to have a truth, or have a ‘self’, even.  And it’s taken a lot of my adult life to come to the point where I’ve been able to understand and access my truth and find out who I am. 

There have been times when I haven’t been truthful about my boundaries, my needs or myself, because of my fears of other people’s judgements, of what others will say, that I would be incapable of managing the assumed or perceived rejection and the assumed or perceived criticism or judgment. 

Criticism and rejection have been two of the biggest themes of my childhood, into my adult life, because I’ve continued to be held hostage by those traumas and their underlying beliefs, developed at a very young age, including the behaviours I adopted or sought refuge with because of them.  So, knowing what my truth is and speaking my truth has been a big issue for me. 

These days, it’s not a problem, I have now voiced many truths that have been huge in my world and would have previously been impossible, but now they are said with freedom and power.  Some recent examples have been changing my name, telling my mother about my tattoo, something I would have previously hidden rather than face the judgement and criticism.  Another situation is deciding to leave my husband, a big one that I wouldn’t previously have been able to follow through.  All sorts of truths are surfacing in my life now because I have a completely different attitude about who I am.  I haven’t set out to increase the personal power that has given me the strength to uncover and declare my truth, it’s more that it’s unfolded as a part of my spiritual journey, a journey that’s another testament to stepping into my truth and speaking from it. 

I do feel that what Harry and Meghan have unleashed through their interview is to model for many the power of speaking one’s truth and how the value of doing so is much greater than all of the fears and consequences.  For them in particular, they are public figures, they are a part of the British monarchy which some might say is notoriously stuffed down in its truth. 

It’s never wise  to sit on our truth or be more concerned about the look of things, how we will be perceived and judged, those are not the kind of values we should be living by.  Meghan and Harry have blown that out of the water.  They have made themselves targets for being judged, everybody feels they now have a right to have an opinion about all they’ve said.  Personally, I don’t feel inclined towards an opinion, or to judge or question whether or not their words are ‘The Truth’, I don’t think there is a ‘The Truth’ in this or any situation because we’re humans, we all have a filter, every single one of us has a filter and therefore, we can only ever experience our truth, only ever represent our truth, only ever validate our truth, and not the truth.

What Harry and Meghan have done is validated their truth.  It doesn’t mean that the Royal Institution or other members of their family who may wish to have a say in the truth that Harry and Meghan have expressed, that they would or wouldn’t agree with it, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is it’s the truth as they perceive it, and therefore it’s validated, and that’s the case for all of us. 

When we express our truth, it doesn’t matter whether anybody judges or has a different view of the situation, they will do, we all see things from our own perspective and we’re probably never going to be able to fix an objective ‘Truth’, even though that’s what’s attempted in courts of law, I don’t think it’s ever really achieved.  We don’t have to do that, we can just acknowledge each other’s truth, even when it’s different from our own.  In family situations where resolution is taking place, if we uncover, by speaking our truth, that other members of the family see things from a different view, that truth can be accepted, allowed for and encompassed into the whole.  Bringing everything out into the open, speaking from each person’s perspective and viewing the full picture can be illuminating and healing.  To get to that healing place, it first has to come out, even though that can be terrifying. Let’s not be fearful of speaking from our true voice.

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Letting Go And New Beginnings

I’m a bit of a control freak and so are my mother and husband, the two key influences of my life.  I realise we are all control freaks with different focuses.  My mother is a master control freak in many ways but specialises in controlling people and situations.  My husband can sure give her a run for her money, but his specialities are processes and systems.  For myself, I have tried to control anything that triggers feeling overloaded, attacked or rejected.  I realise we are all trying to avoid our triggers, the triggers that fire off our childhood wounds and traumas and that’s what our controlling ways are all about.  Most people feel out of control as a child, in one way or another, we are not the ones in the driving seat of our lives at that time. We don’t necessarily realise that those childhood fears are still driving us.           

Letting go is the opposite of being in control.  Letting go is relaxing, relinquishing the need for control because we have opened to trust. Don’t you just yearn to relax, to let go? Doesn’t that possibility sound so releasing, healing, loving and nurturing? We can learn to trust others, the world and ourselves, learn to trust life. To do so, all we need to do is choose it and keep on choosing it. 

Over the past three years, my guides and soul have been teaching me about letting go.  They use a number of key words; accept, allow and surrender.  And trust.  They have been preparing me for a future that’s about to unfold. 

It hasn’t been easy, I still sometimes notice my controlling ways being triggered. I can also allow, accept and surrender in many ways too. It materialises in little, everyday ways as well as the attitude I bring to my life, to let go and surrender where I’m going, what I’m doing, who I am.

Right now, I’m selling my house, leaving my husband and stepping out into an unknown future with relatively little to live on.  I have no idea where I’m going to live or how I’m going to survive.  On paper, it looks a bit dodgy, in reality, it’s perfectly fine.  All I need do is keep the fear that comes with the details out of my head and hold my mission of service to life itself in my heart.   

I’ve been alive 59 years and have never lived on my own before, never stood on my own two feet without someone else there who thought their mission was to look after me, and it’s been nice, being looked after, up to a point.  But that point meant relinquishing myself, pleasing others, not knowing who I was or living my own life and that no longer is a part of my path.

I find I’m not terrified, actually, I can’t wait. I am excited to see what comes, to make my own decisions, to feel a sense of personal freedom I have never known. I trust the universe to provide what I need. I know this is my path and that I am being held by invisible hands. I am ready.

Whatever 2021 has in store for you, I hope you find the trust in yourself to let go of your fears. We are at a time when letting go of our fears is being experienced in every way, individually and en masse. When fears are released, they first have to be expressed, they come to the surface and manifest in our lives and that can be terrifying, like coronavirus.

Fears come up anyway from time to time, when triggered, and we cannot go through life controlling things so that they are not released, no matter how hard we try. So, next time, when your fears come up, sit with them, don’t fight against them. Listen to what they have to say but don’t judge, just listen. Accept, allow the feelings and the thoughts to happen because they probably have something to teach you, then say; “I release you with love in my heart.” And let go.

May this New Year bring a magical and healing new beginning for you, full of unconditional love for yourself, dear and beautiful soul.
Love and blessings, Ananda Amenet x

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Diving For The Light

Like many others, I’ve had the kind of life where I lived in darkness a lot of the time.  A difficult childhood that felt lonely and full of fear.  An adulthood marked by dysfunction, trauma and wounding; from my childhood, the family legacy of generational abuse and probably trauma from past lives as well.  Such a lot to process and this is a part of the reason I didn’t have children, I knew deep down I needed to clear myself of all these burdens and their disruptive patterns so that I didn’t pass them on anymore and it took way longer than my child-bearing years to do it.  For the most part, I did good.  And I learnt how to dive for the light.

We usually say ‘reach for the light’, don’t we?  Reach for the stars.  Diving for the light is different, diving for the light means going down into the dark to get to the light.

Imagine you are treading water in a deep mountain lake in the middle of a moonless night.  The only way you have any sense of where you are is because the bottom half of your body is in water and the top part is in air.  Now, imagine taking a great, deep breath and diving down. 

There was a day when I nearly watched my husband drown. He was in the sea and there were others on the beach and in the sea. The tide was coming in and there was a sand bar. The sand bar made the waves bigger and rougher, they looked playful but what was not visible was the rip tide under the surface. My husband and a young girl became caught in the rip tide, they were desperately trying to swim to shore, touch their feet on the bottom, but as much as they tried, they didn’t move an inch. I watched and saw them both get tired. I screamed to him to grab the girl and swim out to sea, to break away from the rip tide, not fight against it, but he couldn’t hear me above the sound of the waves and the noise of people playing all around. Nobody else seemed to notice them, so I screamed louder at everybody around me, I screamed out and pointed that my husband and the girl were drowning, because they were. They were both rescued but not before they each accepted that their life was going to end there and then, they had nothing left to fight with. It hadn’t occurred to my husband to swim out to sea, it seemed completely contrary to common sense, he continued striving for the shore and was going to die trying to reach it.

Sometimes, we have to do the opposite to what our instinct says in order to find what we need to survive.  And that’s what it means to dive for the light.  We dive into the darkness because that is where light is born.  It means being able to accept the darkness, being able to love the darkness.  It means we don’t get upset with the hard days of pain or sadness, we embrace them.  We don’t feel like victims but like survivors.  We don’t feed our story of trauma but allow it to unfold.  We don’t hide our wounds but celebrate them. We don’t stay in the dark, because we know how to find the light in it.   

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Fear in Balance with Love

A while ago, I wrote about darkness and light and how we consist of a mixture of both.  I talked about how important it is to embrace our dark side as a valid and essential part of who we are, about the imbalance we experience when we embrace our light side and ignore or avoid the dark part of our nature. 

At the time and since, I have felt some unease about how we might use the light to transform the dark, which is essentially lack of love, otherwise known as fear.  On one hand, I’m saying embrace fear, I’m also saying heal and transform fear with light.  But if darkness is okay to accept, why do we want to heal it with light?

I’ve been sitting with this and asking for clarity.  Clarity has been forthcoming and now I see that fear is a bit like stress.

Have you heard that there’s good stress and bad stress?  For instance, some stress gives us an edge that makes us better people, physically stronger, sharper vision, clearer perception and senses, generally a bit nearer to having the attributes of a super-human.  When we are in crisis situations, some people fall apart and some come into their own.  When we perform on stage in front of a crowd, some freeze but most raise their game.  When we are caught in a life or death situation, we lift that tree trunk and save our beloved as the water rises.  That’s stress and it makes us super-heroes.  When stress is greater than the resources and skills we feel we possess, it builds up until something breaks and that’s the kind of stress we don’t want.

Turns out, fear is like stress.  Some fear is healthy, a good thing, it helps and protects us.  But if we feed our fear, constantly telling ourselves “what if?” and assuming the worst, then that kind of fear takes over and we think, feel and act according to limitations and restrictions that are not healthy.  Our goal is not to remove fear altogether but to not empower it, something we’re in the habit of doing every day.  

Let’s stop a moment and think of all the ways life gives us either an opportunity to empower fear, or a choice to not empower it.  The Covid situation is a good one.  There are those that are empowering the fear of severe illness or death.  There are those empowering the fear that the situation is a political strategy to control humanity.  There are those who are paying little attention to any of it, wearing their masks but essentially getting on with their lives whilst accepting the situation as it is. What I’m trying to say is that none of this is about what is going on outside, it’s all about what happens inside of us, the way we feel, the emotions and thoughts we feed.

So, what happens when love and fear come together?  When we recognise fear and blend it with love the two energies enter a state of natural balance.  In most circumstances, there is either love or fear, a predominance of one over the other, but when we bring them together and blend them as one, we get balance.  All we need do is recognise fear in ourselves when it arises and then bring in love.  Call in the energies of love and recognise them permeating through you, recognise that there is love even in the fear itself.  Ask the energies to blend as one and see it happen inside you and around you, send it out into the world.  When we do this, we create equilibrium within our being.  This is the same as a return to our natural essence.  We need balance on the earth right now, more than anything else, because with it, the energy transforms and shifts. It opens us up to releasing all that needs to be released, to experience a greater freedom and liberation.

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Message from Mother Earth: 3

‘I am Mother Earth and I come forward with love, gratitude and great hope for all my children.  We are journeying together towards a new expression of love.  I undergo the same processes of incarnation and expansion, as my energies evolve, as you do.  We each have a soul, your soul is moving into your body space at this time and you have not experienced such closeness and connection with your soul than is available to you now.  My soul is called Goddess Gaia.  Goddess Gaia is the eternal being of light at the centre of my earthly body.  She is overseeing the ascension process that impacts us all.  Goddess Gaia is holding the love and light and the template of our new expression, which is magnificent.  We are becoming a planet of love and you, my beautiful children of light, you are beings of light that emanate from a foundation of love.  This is always your reality and now you are losing the fog of confusion, of fear and illusion that has surrounded your consciousness for many generations.  Now you are waking up and learning to see what is true, in terms of yourselves and myself.  

We share beautiful loving light that is at the heart of us all.  I share my loving light with you in every moment.  We have agreed together, you and I, to ascend at this time, waiting for this momentous experience that is now unfolding.  There is nothing to fear, there is only hope and love.  What unfolds will depend upon what you choose, for you are one with the Creator, you are creative expressions capable of manifesting anything you choose.  We are beginning a journey to create paradise on Earth, for the truth is, this reality has always existed and as the energies of darkness, the fog of confusion, the illusion of the mind, the fears within the hearts of many, as these dissolve away and are replaced by light and love, so you will see that the incredible paradise you have always yearned for is around you now and always.  Beloved child, be at peace and know all is well, we are walking together and if I am not walking beside you then it is because I am holding you in my arms.  Be the light that you are.  I am Mother Earth and I am with you.’