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House of Cards

What do you do when everything’s a mess?

Chaos does not create order

Chaos creates more chaos.

Sometimes, you just gotta pull the plug

Bring down your house of cards.

Let it fall

What you fear, the collapse,

It’s not going to be as bad as you think.

Let it come

Let the rubble fall

Let it fall until it settles

Then, have a good look around.

You are alive

You are still standing

It can’t get any worse

You have nothing to protect now

Nothing weighing on you

Nothing more to fear

Your worst fear has materialised

And now you are free

Now, you can choose differently

And rebuild anew.

From the ashes of destruction

Soars the phoenix of rebirth.

Sometimes, it’s about one little problem

Sometimes, it’s our entire life.

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Your Story

We all have a story. Some of us were born to live it and then to tell it. Some of us may never choose to share. But it’s there.

For some, it’s an anchor, defining us. Perhaps, limiting us, and yet, should we expand beyond it, it becomes a testament to our growth, our healing and fulfilment.

Don’t be your story, don’t get stuck there.

By telling your story, whether publicly or privately, you can free the energy, then move forward anew.

It has played a part in creating you, and yet, your truth is so far beyond it to make it irrelevant.

Allow your truth to find you and then look back at your unique journey and story with a knowing smile.

Knowing that’s not you anymore, knowing your story no longer defines you. Knowing how far you’ve come.

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Your Magic Wand

I am so excited today to share some wonderful information and understanding that came my way whilst the 8/8 and Lionsgate portal energy was streaming through the ether yesterday.

I opened an email that came through from Master Djwhal Khul, channelled by Natalie Glasson.

And this is Divine MAGIC!

Have you ever wished you had a magic wand to make all your problems go away?

What if I told you, you already have one?!  Sounds too good to be true, how often has something come by your radar and made your heart soar with hope, only to come crashing down when you realise the limitations of what you found?  I know, I’ve been there too.  There are no limitations this time, this is rock-solid gold.

So, what does your magic wand work for?  What does it do?

You know all those habits you really don’t want to be doing anymore because you know they don’t serve you, but you keep finding yourself doing them, nonetheless?  Well, it banishes those for a start.

All those thoughts that won’t go away, the ones that bring you down, make you second-guess yourself, limit yourself, all those repetitive, unwanted thoughts?  Gone!

Feelings that hit you, like sadness, loneliness, feelings that feel like a stab to your heart?  Never again.

All those situations that are no longer serving you, they are toast.  I know you’ve tried and tried to extricate yourself and even come to accept it’s not even possible, but now you can be free.

In fact, any situation that is causing you distress, any dissonance in your life at all.

Yep, you can believe it, you have a simple, fast and sure-fire way to freedom and PEACE!

Now, when you hear about this, I know you’re going to say, “Is that it?  Is that all?  Well, that won’t work!”  Believe me, the simplicity of it is a foil against its power and effectiveness.  Don’t be fooled.  Open your heart, try it, what have you got to lose?  Actually, you’ve got a lot to lose, all the stress, distress, chaos and worry in your life, for starters.  You don’t WANT to hold on to those now, do you?

Okay, this is what came through.  Before we were born, we each made an agreement, every single one of us.  We agreed that we would cultivate inner peace for ourselves and others.  And our soul, soul group and guides (we’ve all got a spiritual support team), they all agreed to send us a surge of inner peace every time we ask.  This is called our Inner Peace Agreement.

So, how does it work?  Simple!  The moment you notice dissonance, notice those pesky thoughts or feelings, notice you are focusing on a problem, redirect your attention towards your inner peace.  Just actively choose to focus on inner peace, easily and effortlessly.  Invoke the agreement, simply say, silently or aloud; “I am activating my Inner Peace Agreement” and you WILL receive support.

Then, just breathe it in, breathe inner peace into your being and breathe inner peace out.  If there’s a situation or problem, simply send your inner peace to that situation when you breathe out.  You will be amazed how peaceful you suddenly feel.  You will notice all those thoughts, feelings, issues and problems just drop away as you are bathed in such blissful peace.  And please understand, it’s not just escapism, every time you do this, you are dissolving the thoughts, feelings, patterns, behaviours, problems at source.  For good.  Just keep doing it.  It’s so easy, so simple, so quick to do and quick to act. 

And remember that agreement you made?  It was to bring yourself and others inner peace?  Well, every time you activate it for yourself, you automatically ARE bringing it to others too.  And if you know somebody who’s having problems, somebody you know could do with activating their inner peace, share this with them.  And if you don’t think they will be open to it, simply ask their soul, their soul group and their guides to activate inner peace for them. 

When you invite inner peace to flood through your body, you are allowing the divine source and the highest energies of enlightenment to course through your being.  Don’t engage with your stuff, don’t try to work things out, just breathe in and out your inner peace.  Magic!  Inner peace dissolves confusion and opens your intuition.  You will find solutions you had never before dreamed of to problems you thought were insurmountable.  And imagine what kind of a world we make when everyone is radiating their inner peace, for themselves and others, right alongside you. You can bet I’m with you, my sisters and brothers.             

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What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name?

Do you like your name?

Does it resonate with you?

You probably didn’t choose it, but it’s the most personal thing about you.

Some of us get our names changed as we go through life; nicknames, adoption, marriage, but we rarely get a say in what we’re called.

Unless we decide to change our name.

Changing our name isn’t easy. Often, other people find it challenging to accept, family and friends may struggle to use our new name and may be judgemental about our changing it. When we are in our power, when we embody sovereignty, we no longer go to others for permission when it comes to our sense of self. I spent most of my life limiting myself because of the perceived judgments of others and yet, when it came to it, when I said, “This is me and this is my new name, please use it”, the response was so much more accepting than I expected. I had found the personal power, not only to claim my own name but to be respected for who I am.

If we change our name, we can end up with a name we actually like, that fits who we are, who we’ve become. A name whose energy resonates for us and as us. It surprises me that more people don’t do it, it’s a wonderful way to claim our power, our truth, ourselves. We can be creative, colourful, expressing our personality and values. We utilise our clothes, hair, car, home, so many elements of our life when identifying ourselves, surely our foremost personal identification is our name.

Early last year, I went from Amanda, a name I never felt was really mine, to Ananda. Amanda means ‘love’ and Ananda means ‘blissful love’, it felt like levelling up. I didn’t get to choose my new name, I received it from my teacher and guide, personally, I would have gone for something more exotic and less like my old name. I use a number of goddessy name options as avatars in various places online, I expect we all do something similar, Ananda was not amongst them nor a name that had occurred to me. To be honest, my new name sometimes causes confusion, people mis-hear or mis-read it and end up still calling me Amanda and I correct them.

I also removed my second name which was Jayne and pretty much redundant, adding a second first name, Amenet. I received this name during my soul initiation with the knowing that it’s the name of my soul. Over the past year, I have found myself identifying with the name Amenet more and more as I integrate with my soul.

Three days after I finished painting my shamanic drum, I received a new name through my channel. I had already painted this very name on the side of my drum without realising the significance. The new name was revealed as my complete soul name, Amenet Drago.

I’m not going to change my name legally again yet, but I know it’s coming. In the meantime, I will start using Amenet Drago as I set up my new service, so you will see my name change on this site when the time is right. This name is not of my choosing either but feels so deeply personal and empowering. When I say it as my name, I seem to momentarily sense the ancient expression of my soul. Words contain power and names even more so. I feel like I am finally becoming the truth of my being and my name is an outward expression of that truth.

Do you like your name? Do you identify with it? Have you changed your name? If you were to change your name, what would you choose? If you’re thinking about it, what’s stopping you?

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Dancing To Your Own Rhythm

How do you live your daily life?  Do you eat at the same time every day, go to bed at the same time, get up at the same time, keep to rigid systems?  You do?  Does it suit you?  It does?  Then, this post is not for you.

This is for the wild ones who live to their own rhythm.  If you are one of those, you eat when you are hungry, you sleep when you are tired, you don’t care for society’s expectations or those of your friends and family.  You don’t listen to other people telling you what to do or when to do it. You are your own person and you know how to live in your power and personal liberty. 

Each of us has our own unique inner rhythm and it drives us through life, it is the life force.  Let it speak, let it express as it chooses, don’t fight it and you will know freedom and joy. 

By the same token, you know when to act and when to wait.  You know when to speak and when to remain silent.  And if you don’t, you are not listening to your inner voice.  You know when to bring out your cheeky monkey and when it is time to be serious.  You know when to play and when to work.  You know when to dance and when to sit in stillness and silence.  You know what your body needs to eat as well as when to eat it.  You listen to your body because it knows and is talking to you all the time.  You don’t try to fight against your natural rhythms.   

To be this person, you are open to trusting yourself.  You are intuitive and able to tap into your animalistic instinct.  You are empowered and choose your life, your way.  You know how to love yourself.  You know that to do so is the only way to honour yourself.  

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Fear in Balance with Love

A while ago, I wrote about darkness and light and how we consist of a mixture of both.  I talked about how important it is to embrace our dark side as a valid and essential part of who we are, about the imbalance we experience when we embrace our light side and ignore or avoid the dark part of our nature. 

At the time and since, I have felt some unease about how we might use the light to transform the dark, which is essentially lack of love, otherwise known as fear.  On one hand, I’m saying embrace fear, I’m also saying heal and transform fear with light.  But if darkness is okay to accept, why do we want to heal it with light?

I’ve been sitting with this and asking for clarity.  Clarity has been forthcoming and now I see that fear is a bit like stress.

Have you heard that there’s good stress and bad stress?  For instance, some stress gives us an edge that makes us better people, physically stronger, sharper vision, clearer perception and senses, generally a bit nearer to having the attributes of a super-human.  When we are in crisis situations, some people fall apart and some come into their own.  When we perform on stage in front of a crowd, some freeze but most raise their game.  When we are caught in a life or death situation, we lift that tree trunk and save our beloved as the water rises.  That’s stress and it makes us super-heroes.  When stress is greater than the resources and skills we feel we possess, it builds up until something breaks and that’s the kind of stress we don’t want.

Turns out, fear is like stress.  Some fear is healthy, a good thing, it helps and protects us.  But if we feed our fear, constantly telling ourselves “what if?” and assuming the worst, then that kind of fear takes over and we think, feel and act according to limitations and restrictions that are not healthy.  Our goal is not to remove fear altogether but to not empower it, something we’re in the habit of doing every day.  

Let’s stop a moment and think of all the ways life gives us either an opportunity to empower fear, or a choice to not empower it.  The Covid situation is a good one.  There are those that are empowering the fear of severe illness or death.  There are those empowering the fear that the situation is a political strategy to control humanity.  There are those who are paying little attention to any of it, wearing their masks but essentially getting on with their lives whilst accepting the situation as it is. What I’m trying to say is that none of this is about what is going on outside, it’s all about what happens inside of us, the way we feel, the emotions and thoughts we feed.

So, what happens when love and fear come together?  When we recognise fear and blend it with love the two energies enter a state of natural balance.  In most circumstances, there is either love or fear, a predominance of one over the other, but when we bring them together and blend them as one, we get balance.  All we need do is recognise fear in ourselves when it arises and then bring in love.  Call in the energies of love and recognise them permeating through you, recognise that there is love even in the fear itself.  Ask the energies to blend as one and see it happen inside you and around you, send it out into the world.  When we do this, we create equilibrium within our being.  This is the same as a return to our natural essence.  We need balance on the earth right now, more than anything else, because with it, the energy transforms and shifts. It opens us up to releasing all that needs to be released, to experience a greater freedom and liberation.

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Free Will

I find myself pondering these three questions today, feel free to join me…

What is my free will?

What does it mean to have free will?

How can I interact with and use my free will in the ascension process and everyday life?

How did it go for you?
For me, today I feel that my free will is the gift of divine creation, divine magic. It means I can choose. I can choose love, for myself and everything, I can choose freedom to express that love, I can choose service to humanity and the divine plan. With my free will, I choose to be an expression of the Creator and since I already always am that, because we all are, I choose to use and express it. Today, using my free will, I make this affirmation, “I am a direct connection with my soul, my soul group, my guides, Mother Earth, the Elemental Kingdom and the Creator.”

This painting is a very personal one, it’s called ‘Soul Water’. I made it based on a vision I received as a healing gift from my soul during a difficult night of emotional and physical struggle. The golden mandala is one I had also visualised in my heart space. The figure in the middle represents my soul as she appeared to me during my soul initiation.