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Let the Sun Come into Your Life

Have you ever woken up in time to see the sun rise and been in awe of the new day? Just to see the sun being rebirthed anew each morning, it’s a miracle, it’s magic, it’s divine magic. I know it happens every day and we expect it so we get complacent, but just stop a moment, because it’s momentous.

The day is such an amazing gift, without the sun, we are in the dark. There’s nothing wrong with the dark, the dark is extra specially mystical and magical. The dark brings mystery and power. I love stepping out of my house at night and just standing in the chill night air, feeling the stillness, the silence, the scents of wood smoke and maybe hearing a distant fox bark or nearby owl. Maybe you have a dog and go for walks in the dark first thing or in the evening, because right now in the UK, you would have to be walking in the dark before working hours or after you get home, we are losing the light at those times right now.

And that’s another magical gift, the changing seasons and their relationship with light and dark. Such a profound influence on our lives, as we adjust to dark evenings that used to stay light until 9.30pm and be bright before 6am. Now, it’s a different matter and it makes me feel cosier somehow, wrapped up by the dark. But I love the light, I love the heights of summer and the desire to be outside so late and up so early to enjoy the long days. I love to go for a swim in the nearby sea at dusk or dawn, my two most favourite times for swimming in the sea, you usually get the beach all to yourself and it’s so still.

Even the most dark and dismal day is so much lighter than the night. From my home, I see days that are nothing but thick misty fog. The view disappears and everything is swathed in purple tinted mist-grey softness. As I write this, it’s the middle of the night, I can hear a determined wind outside. I am already thinking about tomorrow, I shall go into town. I can plan, confident that the sun will come up, no matter what the weather brings, and I hear my little neck of the woods is expecting severe flooding from 6am tomorrow morning, or I should say this morning, since it’s after midnight. But the sun will come up and I am not taking it for granted. I am offering up my gratitude to Grandfather Sun and sending my love for such consistency. For the warmth and the light and the joy that the sun brings us each and every day.

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Embracing Abundance at the Full Moon

Abundance is something I’ve looked into and worked with energetically many times over the years. I’ve been trying to connect with that energy and invite it fully into my life.

Like secretly eating donuts when you’re trying to lose weight, I’ve been working against myself, sensing deep down that the fear of lack is still underlying.

It’s a difficult one to shake. My mother grew up during rationing with a strong tendency towards frugality, carrying her own lack consciousness wounds. She portioned out every meal, sparsely and carefully, for the family and it was never acceptable to help yourself from the fridge or cupboards, take seconds or refuse to eat everything on your plate. I was the youngest in the family and always received the smallest portions.

Everything was hand-made, toys and clothes, DIY was king and it was all about make-do and mend. My clothes were sewn by my mother, my out-of-fashion school uniform made me an easy target. The sense of material lack, lack of love and lack of emotional connection were tangible in every moment throughout my childhood.

My mother often expressed, sometimes hysterically, fears that we were poor and how she couldn’t cope with it all, now I know we were not as poor as all that. As a little child it scared me and I felt a heavy burden upon me when she spoke like that, a feeling I still remember now. It’s as though my little self translated it as, “we’re going to die!” It felt like she was giving me that burden, she was and I took it.

I don’t think my childhood was that unusual, we all have experiences of lack growing up. When material things and love are both scarce, the two easily become intertwined. So it is my current wounds relate to early traumas about not feeling wanted, loved or valued. That’s the healing I’ve been working on for years.

I’ve come a long, long way. It feels like I’ve cleaned the house and now I’ve just got to hoover up the last bits of mess, left over from all that hard work. But boy, are those sticky bits of mess difficult to vacuum up. If you read my posts you will know that inner child healing has been a game-changer for me, really helping me to shift a lot of stuck patterns and heal early life traumas. And sometimes, one twenty minute healing has changed so much. But when it comes to lack consciousness, I just keep going over and over it with the healing and yet, it’s still there. There’s just so much of it, so many trauma moments from my young selves, such fixed beliefs and patterns of behaviour that it’s like wading through treacle. I know I’m making a difference, finding and healing child after child who are carrying this energy, but there are so many of them!

Lack is deep, sometimes too deep to see. It’s not being good enough, not being worthy, not receiving the love we crave, it’s never feeling full up or complete, like having a hole inside you that cannot be filled, no matter what you do.

Its presence appears in desperately seeking or craving to be loved, engaging in addictions like alcohol, drugs, food or sex. It’s a panic feeling that surfaces when there’s any kind of possibility of not getting enough of anything, whether food, time, money or attention.

Lack of love can materialise as entanglements within relationships, when we are looking for the love we crave but are matching with the wrong energy, finding someone that fits the dysfunctional energy from our past. It never works and there’s only one answer, find that love inside ourselves. But when we carry a hidden wound, it’s not easy to give up the deeply held hope and desire to find the love of our life, the one who fulfils all our dreams and doesn’t hurt us.

I fear, literally fear not getting enough to eat, even when I over-eat, fear I’ll go hungry before my next meal, when that’s simply not possible. I fear that I don’t have enough money to live off, to get me through to my state pension. I even fear that I’m wasting time, that there’s never enough time in the day and I’m not using it wisely. Of course, these fears are always there but they’re not always activated, so there are lots of times I feel huge gratitude and great abundance in my life. But deep down, there’s a part of me that can’t completely buy into that and it’s the part of me that was hurt so much by lack of love throughout childhood.

So, what am I doing about it? Well, today it’s full moon and I’ve been making it my focus all day. I’m celebrating the full moon and her beautiful energies of increase, manifestation and abundance by embracing abundance consciously all day long.

I often bless my food and give gratitude before I eat and today I’m doing this for everything that goes into my body.

I’m having a little fire ceremony to release all that no longer serves me mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, calling my guides, soul and soul group to help. This will make room for more abundance.

I’m making a candle spell for increase of all harmonious energies in my life, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

I’m creating full moon water and drinking it with intention to receive the moon’s blessings of increase and abundance.

I’m drawing down all that is ready to come into my life now and calling in all that my heart is choosing.

I’m working with inner child healing, looking for wound energy trapped within my body related to that little inner child who carried the burdens of lack from her mother.

I’m spending time with my shadow self, my cosmic double who holds all the unresolved energies and offering to transform energies of lack into abundance.

I’m being conscious of abundance all day, starting and ending the day with prayers of gratitude and really feeling the power of gratitude. I’m taking my time, feeling no pressure, putting aside thoughts or feelings that I need to be doing something else.

And I’m sending you many blessings this full moon!

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The Angelic Presence Speaks About Our Birthright

“Where there is love, there is hope, for we are beyond your understanding in our perfection, and yet, we are your servants of the light, for our source is the same.  We come through the ether to connect with you now.  We are the most loving and devoted Angelic Presence.  We send our deepest, most profound and unlimited love to you.

Sisters and brothers of humanity, it is our wish to inform you of your birthright, for even though you are children of the Earth, even though you have created a deep and abiding relationship with the energies of Goddess Gaia, you are star children of light.  You are pure, perfect love and your vibration is capable of rising to harmonise with ours and with the divine source.  For you are an expression of the divine source manifested within the physical dimensions upon Earth.  Beloved children, sisters and brothers within the light, how grateful we are for all those who feel, sense, acknowledge and connect with our vibration, creating harmonies and peace, healing and truth upon the Earthly plane.  There are those of you who can hold our energies within your consciousness and express them throughout the Earth for your brothers and sisters of humanity.  You may express through creativity in the physical, through painting, writing, through movement, singing, music.  You may use crystals to support the energy.  You may use other physical forms.  You may place our loving energy into many forms, it can be stirred into substances that are eaten or drunk. 

There are many upon the Earth who use food and cooking to express a beautiful and sacred, deep love.  You are aware that it is in the process, the process of painting, the process of writing, the process of making food together, perhaps with the young ones in the family group.  The process of playing, the process of sharing music and dance, the process of drumming together.  Whatever you are doing, when you connect with our light and send it out through your thoughts, words and actions, you will feel the divine magic.   There are many ways and the most sacred harmonies and vibrations come through when all that is done comes from the heart and from a foundation of love and gratitude.  Gratitude for life, for each other, for yourself.  Gratitude for the abundance and blessings that are constantly flowing to all those who have opened to accept such limitless bounty.”

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Saying “Thank You”

What if every time we hit a shitty day, we said “thank you” to the day?

What if every time we bumped up against a challenge, we said “thank you” for that challenge?

What if every time our life went pear-shaped, we said “thank you” to life?

What if every time we felt like we were immersed in darkness, we said “thank you for this gift”?

What would it mean if we did that? 

That we recognised the gift of suffering?

That we understood that we choose everything?

That we realised that all circumstances are nudging us forward on our soul path, towards our destiny?

That perfection can be found in suffering and pain?

That we can embrace our place on the web of life where all suffering is a part of the beautiful interplay between life and death?

That every challenge, every shitty day, every moment of pain, every piece of bad luck, every misfortune out of our control is a blessing?

When we start saying “thank you” to the Universe every day for our suffering, something magical happens.  Our life transforms.  We start seeing the beauty in what was previously a misalignment in our life.  We are miraculously aligned with the divine source in every moment. 

There are no more bad days, there are no more difficult moments.

Being with the way it is, rather than the way we think it should be, allows for the gift of presence.

Acceptance of ‘what is so’ gives us full permission to truly make a difference. 

There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, there is only love.  Dark or light, good or bad, it’s all love.

Surrender, stop struggling, stop choosing to be disconnected from the source, we are one.   

When we embrace our suffering, we can access its source, then, we align with our healing.

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Transforming the Burdens of your Shadow Self

I feel a compulsion to talk about our shadow self, it feels important at this time, not only for me but for all of us.  Our shadow self isn’t our evil twin, the one who holds our negative and nasty side, we are not talking about a dark and dangerous version of ourselves.  When I talk to people about journeying to meet their shadow self, some are scared or wary.  They shouldn’t be.  Our shadow selves are in pain, they need our love and support.  They’ve been holding all the stuff we could not face whilst living our day to day life and it’s time to take some of those burdens away and transform the energy into unconditional love. 

Our shadow self exists to hold all the things we have done that we don’t feel good about, in this life and other lives.  All those transgressions, things we’re not proud of, whether actions, thoughts or feelings.  Our shadow self is also holding all the hurt and damage that others have given us, things we could not manage whilst trying to live in this world.  Maybe we were bullied, criticised, abused, traumatised.  Do you ever think, “If I look back at my life and the things I’ve been through, it’s surprising I’m as sane and healed as I am”?  Well, that’s down to your shadow self.

Today, I felt like crying and with that feeling came the thought of my shadow self, so I sat and called her, visualising her sitting back to back with me and asked her if she had any burdens she was ready to let go of.  She gave me an energy and I passed it through my entire being, not missing a molecule.  Then, I brought it in front of my face and confronted it fully.  I found that this energy was hatred and disgust for myself.  I was shocked, I had no idea that I held hatred and disgust for myself, she was holding it for me and I didn’t know.  But it was there, a part of who I am and she was carrying it, my beloved redeemer. When I thought about it later, I could see how this energy was the voice of significant others, one in particular, a voice I had let in and energised. Whether they had really felt those feelings towards me or I had assumed them, I knew I had let this energy in.  

So, I summoned the vortex of transformation and change, placed the energy inside the vortex and watched it twist and turn, doing somersaults until a heart came flying out, filled with love, which I brought into my heart chakra.  Each time I put something into that vortex, a different form of beauty and love emerges. 

I’ve got more business with my shadow self, I know she is holding a few things that I can relieve her of right now and I love her so much for all that she is, I am so grateful to her for all that she does, it’s down to me to take these burdens off her and transform them into love.