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Winter Solstice 2021: The Sun Stands Still

At 15.58 UK time (GMT) today, it’s the very moment of Winter Solstice 2021.

At exactly that moment, the sun stands still between its going and coming, leaving and returning.

The word ‘solstice’ means ‘sun stands still’.

The sun stands poised at the extent of darkness, gathering itself for the reappearance of the light.

This is the moment of renewal.

We rekindle the spark of light in ourselves and each other.

We are reconnecting to the light that is within and without.

You may think, in many ways, that these are dark times for Earth and humanity

But there has never been so much light shining throughout the Earth as now.

Gifted by the divine, increased with deepest love by archangels, ascended masters and star beings who are on the journey with us.

Let your heart embrace the renewal of the light,

Now, more than ever before.

This is a time of year when many people across the globe are opening their hearts to love,

To giving and receiving,

Sending cards of loving gratitude to each other.

Gathering together in celebration with family and community.

This is the time to tune into that powerful vibration of love,

To connect with the tremendous Christ light that begins to flow down to Earth and humanity from the moment of the solstice.

So, I ask you now,

At the moment of solstice at 15.58 GMT today,

Draw all the light into your being and send it to the leaders of the world, those who are visible and those who are invisible,

The ones that shape the future, they can create peace.

Together, we will open their hearts and minds.

Together, we will seed love,

Together, we will transcend fear.

Together, we will change the world.

My blessings to you this festive season,

May love pour into your heart,

May your heart open to receive the loving light that’s waiting to enter,

May the infinite blessings of the divine source pour over and through your being, cleansing, healing and enriching you.

My gratitude is with you, thank you for being present in my life,

Amenet Drago

(Image: “The Green Bough of Renewal” by Amenet Drago)

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Shamanic Trance Intensive

As a shamanic practitioner, I wish to understand trance and look to history for inspiration.  I look towards those ancestors who lived before agriculture, the hunter gatherers.  A time when shamanism was synonymous with everyday life.  For thousands and thousands of years, humans have appreciated that there’s another state, another experience available within the human sphere, beyond our physical expression, and it happens during trance. 

Trance is a part of our lives even today, but we rationalise it as something ‘other’.  To our forebears  it was as real as what we call ‘normal’ everyday life.  They saw how powerful this state of consciousness is, they understood the possibilities and embraced it.

I’m especially interested in learning how to intensify the trance state in today’s world without the aid of hallucinogens.  I’ve realised there are numerous ways we can go deep into trance, especially when we layer the methods. 

Breathing is a hugely fundamental tool, as is repetitive percussive sound at about four beats per second.  These are my usual techniques when I’m doing shamanic work.  Another layer is sensory deprivation, wearing gear that renders us unable to see or hear.  Of course, if we are free-floating in a large tank of salt water in the dark, that’s going to do it, but that’s too impractical for the most part, so I’ll give that a miss since my bath isn’t big enough.

The shamanic trance intensive retreat kicks off with a vision quest, a powerful way to induce trance in itself.  One of the ways it does this is to induce a state of fear.  The idea is spending anything from a night to five days and nights alone, without human contact, with little or no food and only water to drink, with no comforts and staying awake the whole time, in a state of meditation and contemplation.  Staying with ourselves.  And that’s the scariest bit, having nothing to distract us from ourselves.  We live in a world where there’s so much to fill us up so that we’re not having to be with ourselves, TV, radio, music, books, phone, computer, social life, activities, food, alcohol.  We keep ourselves engaged to avoid having too much emptiness when who-knows-what can emerge from within us.  Vision quest is all about being with ourselves good and proper.  And that’s something that can take us into trance.  Some crazy things happened to me on my first vision quest, things like hearing the rain make melodious music and feeling a lot of presences with me. 

Sweatlodge is all about breathing and heat and fire.  Sweatlodge is ceremonial.  Ritual and ceremony are also trance-inducing through the power of repetition, focus and  building the intensity of the energy.  Sweatlodge is a purifying experience but also brings us into a deeper state of consciousness.  Like vision quest, sweatlodge induces increased levels of fear because it can be difficult to breathe and manage the heat and one can feel trapped in a small space.  The heat can be challenging and along with possible dehydration, it’s easy to find oneself becoming dizzy and light-headed.  Trance-invoking percussive sound and chanting are also used during sweatlodge.

Trance dancing and drumming in a repetitive rhythm around a fire is a powerful experience, especially at night.  Group shamanic trance dances always induce deep and profound trance states and are ideal for undergoing shamanic journeys. 

Finally, I’m learning currently about postures and what they contribute towards shamanic trance experience.  It was back in 2018 at a London workshop that I first found myself working with movement during meditations, activations and journeys.  I’ve found correlations from a number of sources that endorse either body movements or postures during meditation or journeying to create a potent focus and energetic alignment for a particular purpose.  This work can create powerful and intensive trance states and I intend to write a more detailed post on the subject in the future.

The intention of trance is to achieve as deep a state of consciousness as possible, in order to open oneself up to the non-physical world.  In doing so, it’s possible to really boost one’s capacity to experience otherworld reality and beings.  An even stronger connection with ones’ spirit guides is reached.  That’s why the trance intensive retreat spends several days creating deep trance states, so that participants can intensify their connection with elemental and nature beings such as tree and plant spirits, landscape guardians and the energies of earth, air, fire and water.  These beings don’t exist at a physical level and therefore we can’t communicate with them that way.  They exist at the emotional energy level and by inducing a non-physical energy stance, we are able to experience and communicate with these and other beings.  Nature beings and elementals are teachers and have gifts to give.  Where plants are concerned, this is paramount for healing.  Where elementals are concerned this is a way to achieve healing, balance and harmony for humanity and planet Earth.       

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What Are You Choosing Now?

The world is dreaming you as you dream the world into being.

What are you choosing?

I keep coming back to this question, what are you choosing now?

Because this is a big question for us all.

Everything we are, everything we choose. Everything that the world is, we chose it. We are always constantly choosing what is. Individually and collectively.

All the mess in the world, it exists because we dreamed it up, we chose it and we keep on choosing it. All the mess in our lives, the same. We are far too worrisome, too anxious, too negative and too fearful to be choosing peace, love, calmness at this stage in our evolution as humanity.

We are sad, angry, frustrated, hurt, despairing, tired, unfulfilled, doubting, distrusting.

We are not living everyday joyous, abundant, compassionate, serene, loving, peaceful, calm, trusting lives. We would love to be doing so, but we’re not.

So, we really need to keep asking ourselves this question, “what am I choosing in this moment?” and make conscious choices.

We can choose peace, love, serenity, fulfilment, beauty, abundance. And we can keep choosing those powerful energies.

Even the most conscientious of people who really wish for all those things for themselves and the world are still choosing fear, doubt, distrust, they are upset with the state of the world. They are fearful for the future. They are hurt by the stories in the news and despairing for their children. What they don’t seem to realise is that their energy is the energy of negativity and dissonance and the fact that they are sending it out IS as much the problem as anything else. One of the energies they feel is blame. They blame the politicians, the powers that be, the industries, the corporations, the uneducated masses, the ignorant, the pharma, the consumer culture, they blame themselves, another energy is guilt. In sending out the energy of blame and guilt, WHO is sending out the energy of acceptance? Love? Peace? Balance? Trust? Who is holding these key energies for the Earth and us all every day? WHO?

The people who care, the peacemakers and activists, their kind of care is a problem, they look at the world, at their lives and see lack, hate, power-over, they see destruction of the planet, consumerism, greed, death. They send our their energies of fear, worry, sadness, anger, lack, guilt, blame, mistrust, and they action their thoughts and feelings by sending out the dissonance of conflict and opposition.

Don’t you see? If this is how we view the world, this is the world we create, this is the world we made.

The solution is inside us.

There is nothing wrong with Mother Earth, she is doing fine, she is not suffering, that is the illusion we project on her but really, it’s our suffering. She is the most powerful thing on the planet, heck, she IS the planet! There has always been change, there has always been extinction, that is not down to us and Mother Earth is not at threat, not even by us. Mother Earth is trying to help us though, because we are her children. We are family and she loves us. Mother Earth has solutions to everything we do, she can deal with plastic, in her timeframe, too massive for us to imagine, she can lock it up in the Earth. She is raising her core temperature herself, as she has many times before, she can rewild the concrete jungle and reforest the world in a few short years. She is not afraid to shake things up, hurricanes, volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, fire and flood are moods to Mother Earth and she embraces death and life equally. She understands death better than we ever will, whilst living in our physical forms. She doesn’t equate death as a problem, like we do, she doesn’t judge.

We are the only species on this planet who needs to get with the programme. There is only one way to do that, only one solution, we each find it inside ourselves. It is not outside, but inside.

If we each turn inward and focus on the love in our hearts, we are already winning. Not only that, but the key is that what we focus on loving is not our soul mate, family, humanity or Mother Earth, it’s ourselves. We cannot truly love anybody or anything else authentically unless we have found that authentic love inside ourselves, for ourselves, first. It has to match, resonate with our inner truth, then, something magical sparks to life. And when each person does that and then turns outwards from that place within, they can choose to create the world, the life, that keeps eluding us. A world of harmonious resonance, loving, trusting, peaceful, accepting, affirming, fulfilling and alive.

Go inside and choose beauty, love and abundance. Choose acceptance. Start with yourself and work outwards. Don’t come outside yourself and try to change the world until you have changed yourself first. Yes, we need everybody, we all have different roles, we need activists and peacemakers, we need voices raised loud and strong, but they need to come from souls who have found the love inside themselves, who can access those pure, resonant energies of love and peace whilst putting to bed fear and distrust, as they change the world together.

Make yourself the supreme, independent authority and source of all the love you receive.

Seek and find within yourself, for it is certainly there, all the love, confidence, peace, nurturing, acceptance, approval, security, validation, power, beauty and the abundance that you could ever imagine, all coming from yourself, to yourself.

You are the sole source of all that.

Now, imagine a world where everybody is doing just that, and yet, at the same time, don’t trouble yourself with what anybody else is doing, just do you, beautifully.

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Meditation for Awakening from The 144

As I understand it, the 144 are a collective consciousness, including some who have lived upon the Earth, that exist on the inner planes and hold and express the 144 vibration, which is the frequency of absolute oneness. They also hold the vibration of ‘Christ Consciousness’ which is energy of the highest and purest form of love possible, that of the Creator’s soul.

This channelled message from The 144 is a meditation and activation. I advise that you read it as such and ground the energy in the physical at the end by sending it through the soles of your feet into the core of the Earth to anchor. Ask Mother Earth to receive it and send it out as a gift for the Earth and humanity.

“We are beloved of your beauty and truth, for we know that you are so much more than you perceive yourselves to be.  We wish to come forward and share with you the beautiful truth of our gift, which is the greatest love that can exist and to know that this incredible, magnificent love exists within you now, it always has and it always will.  We, the 144, wish to support you in accessing the power of your love through our gift to you. 

So, we ask you now, please be still in this moment and sit in meditation or relaxation, and in doing so, let your breathing become slow and natural, as you sit with your spine straight. 

We come before you now, please call us forward, we the 144, and we shall surround you with our energies.  We wish to share our beautiful energies with you now and gift you the highest of all love energies, which is the energy of the soul of the Creator, the divine source, and which is within yourselves, now and always.

You are a being whose natural state, whose natural aspect is of love, of this deep, pure love, and you are also containing the energy of infinity.  You are infinite beings of light whose nature is of the highest vibration of love.  As we are in your presence, we project to you the golden liquid light which is like golden light water flowing through all that you are. All of your being, all of your energies are receiving this liquid stream of golden light, the golden stream of awakening.  This energy is a blending of the highest love of the Creator’s soul and infinity.  And you may say, as you receive this energy and feel, sense or acknowledge the energy cascading through your being now;

“I am the synthesis of love and infinity. 
I am the synthesis of love and infinity.”

And as you receive this beautiful energy that flows throughout your being in this moment, please take a moment to consider what you wish to unfold from your being in this moment.  What do you wish to unfold in your realities in this moment, when love and infinity are your nature? 

You are embodying, awakening, accepting that this is your reality, this is your truth more than any other understanding or expression of your reality that you may perceive.  You may feel that your physical day to day life is your reality, and yet, in this moment, as you experience the flow of the golden stream of awakening, the flow of liquid love and light from the Creator’s soul and the energy of infinity of which you are made, with these energies now being received fully, through our gift to you, you may begin to perceive that this is your truth, this is your natural state of being.  This is more true than your day to day physical reality. 

You can connect with this energy and embodiment at any time, simply by calling us forth, the 144, and requesting the gift of the golden stream of awakening to flow through your being.  Envision the golden light, like a stream, like a waterfall or rain, washing through your energies.  And envision embodying it as it goes through not only your being, but all of the moments of your day, whether it is activities you engage in or the realities that you are experiencing, the environment that you step into, such as your home.  All that you express, all that you give, all that you receive, all that you are, all that you say, all that you do.  Let the golden liquid light flow through it all.    

And as you experience this beautiful energy unfolding, you may repeat;

“I am the synthesis of love and infinity. 
I am the synthesis of love and infinity.”

“I unlock the power of my love. 
I unlock the power of my love.”

You are calling forth what you wish to embody within your being, awakening to receive this, calling forth what you wish to embody and unfold in your realities. 

Stay with the energy for as long as you wish, enjoy the incredible beauty and truth that is being brought to you.  Repeat this experience as often as you feel called, to bathe in the energy.  Let it come, let it be expressed and accepted. 

We wish to extend our most devoted, loving presence to you.  We are the 144.”

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Message from the Elemental Kingdom: 11

‘Greetings beloved souls of the Earth, you are with us in our hearts at all times, we are working towards your expressions, our love wraps around you.  We are forming a great alliance, working with the love of the Creator and the truth of the new Earth as she ascends towards a most wonderful new beginning, for herself and humanity.  We are the Elemental Kingdom, we come forward today to remind you we are with you.  You are not forgotten, you are always in our hearts.  We ask you to step forward now with your strength and love for us as though you are a warrior, a green warrior for nature, a champion for the energies, the invisible energies of nature. 

We wish your voice to be expressed throughout the world with the love vibration that you can bring through, for your heart is open to us.  We wish to plant a seed, a green seed inside your heart now.  We place this seed into your heart chakra in this moment and we send our energies of love and light to nurture this beautiful seed which grows within your heart and is now bringing forth your destiny as a warrior of nature and our ambassador of love and co-creation. 

Please be aware, there are many waiting for your contact and connection on the Earth, those like yourself and those who are working with our energies in the way you will begin to do.  We are ready to move forward with our plan towards your unified role of service, in the name of the Creator, and will express this through working with our energies. 

Beloved children of Mother Earth, as your future unfolds, know that the land holds you in its heart, Mother Earth expresses her eternal love for you and wishes you to feel wholly rooted, through your soul and root chakra, aligned with Mother Earth.  And we wish to remind you to activate this alignment with Mother Earth and with the Creator, keeping your energy channels open and flowing.  This is important for your ability to work with our energies. 

We are gratified that you are opening up to our purpose in connecting with humanity now.  We wish you to know that through your willing service, there is a method of expressing our message to humanity and there will come many further expressions.  Our love remains with you always.  Thank you from the Elemental Kingdom.’  

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Message from Mother Earth: 1

‘Beloved child of my heart, you are so precious to me, you are always held in my arms and cradled at my heart, for I love you unconditionally.  Thank you for your role of service at this time, it is so important and just as a tiny grain of sand is given as much value as a mountain, so each and every soul upon the earth matters to me and every presence brings riches to the whole. 

I am always with you, you may call upon me as often as you choose and I will always hear and always come, my child.  This is the time you have waited for, it has been a long wait and you have always known it was coming.  Keep your faith strong and your heart must be your guide every moment, every step.  Everything is flowing beautifully, trust in yourself, you are always moving forward with many around you who are providing loving support and strength. 

Beloved child, I hear you when you struggle on the path.  Call my name, Mother Earth, and I will be there holding you in my arms with the greatest love.  Trust.’”