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5 Reasons Why Grounding Will Change Your Life

You are an energy being.  You are always holding energy in your being, your body. 

When you move through the supermarket, the busy street, the café, bar or just a busy house full of happenings, you are picking up energy.  Some of that energy is enriching, some is nourishing and acting as wonderful fuel that fills up your chalice with love.

Much of it is surplus to requirements and some is not servicing you at all.

Energy can leave you spaced out.

Energy can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

It can change your core body temperature and make you over-heated.

It can express suddenly and unexpectedly as intense emotions such as sadness or anger that aren’t your own.

It can make you unstable, unbalanced and uncentred.

It can make you agitated.

It can manifest as physical sensations and symptoms of illness.

You may have thoughts that are not your own, perhaps unsettling ones.

It can make you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually out of alignment.

Many people suffer unnecessarily because they don’t know how to ground or how important it is to do so.

Grounding is like dumping the excess energies that you pick up and that don’t nourish or enrich you.

Grounding is like taking your trash out so that you don’t have an unhealthy and unsanitary being and environment.

Grounding is anchoring your energy so that you are stable and balanced and centred.

Grounding connects you with Mother Earth and enriches your relationship with her.

Grounding is the means by which you can manifest all your heartfelt intentions into your life, when you send those intentions down into your Earth Star chakra to anchor.

It is the most simple thing to ground your energy at any time or place.  Simply take a moment to notice the energy in your body, you don’t have to do more than just be vaguely conscious of it and then send it down into the Earth.  You can do this by pushing it through the soles of your feet or your root chakra. 

Send it into the Earth to your Earth Star chakra, which is about 30 cm below your feet.  If you’re lying down, picture yourself standing and see yourself sending it down below your feet. 

That’s it.  If you want to make it more complicated, you can see your Earth Star chakra filling up with the energy to overflowing and then the energy flowing into the Earth in all directions.  Use your breath, as you breathe in, connect to the energy in your being, as you breathe out, push it down into your Earth Star chakra and into the Earth.  And you can also send it further down and give it to Mother Earth who will take it for you and transform it into love and light.

This is how you keep yourself centred and balanced.  This is how you keep yourself healthy and stable.

Do this daily or as often as you feel the need, it takes a couple of seconds.   

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Stuff happens,

It’s just stuff.

But then we judge it….

Now, there’s good stuff and bad stuff,

And this is the bad stuff.

Now, it’s a problem,

Now, there are tears,

And life has become a fight.

It wasn’t stuff that changed,

It was the judgement we took to it.

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Don’t Avoid You

You have issues that need addressing.

You know you do.

There’s healing from the past that you need to attend to.

Why are you avoiding it?

Why do you keep putting it off?


Putting it on the back burner.

And then, bemoaning the difficulties that keep surfacing in your life?

You’re good at dealing with this stuff,

The emotions and the problems,

You’re good at giving advice, unpicking the knots,

You do it for everyone else,

Family and friends,

But you wantonly ignore yourself.

What’s that about?

And then, when things become really hard

You start to cast your eyes about

Looking for solutions outside of yourself

Looking for a substance, a product, a service, a person to help.

And maybe it gets better for a while, but never for long

Because only you can fix what’s inside.

Maybe you don’t think it’s down to you,

After all, so much is not of your making,

Life throwing stones on your path.

And you are the victim.

But you are the one calling it in,

You are choosing all that comes your way,

Even when you don’t realise it.

Maybe it’s because, deep down,

You don’t believe you deserve better.

And maybe that truth is so deep

You can’t see it.

Maybe you fear to visit the past

To open up your own Pandora’s box?

But you don’t need to visit the past,

You don’t need to bring up the hurt.

You don’t need to face it at all.

You are healing what is happening now,

When the triggers are active.

You can do all the healing inside you

And not visit the past at all.

No need to face down all those demons,

Just heal the now with your love.

It’s time, my friend.

Stop avoiding yourself.

Stop looking for solutions outside of you.

Do the work.


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Make Space For The New

What is it all about when everything is going wrong?  Problems everywhere. 

You’re moving through life, and it’s maybe through a storm or a lull, and maybe you’ve finally got past all the moves you needed to make in order to bring yourself into the right stream.

And yet, everything is going wrong.  Or maybe just one thing is going wrong but it’s a fundamental thing that affects everything.

What’s that about?

If you were aware that your soul is constantly helping you to align with the divine source, talking to you, showing you the way to go, how would you see things differently?

Maybe you would.  Maybe you would stop and sense where you are forcing things through instead of letting them flow.  Maybe you would begin to notice where you are holding resistance to change.  Maybe your soul is saying, “Let’s not do that anymore, it really isn’t serving us” and yet, you really feel like THAT’S not going to happen. 

A part of you is just not ready to give that up, to change that behaviour or belief.  But let’s face it, you know, deep down, that’s not serving you anymore. You know that the reasons you are stuck doing this are not coming from your highest good. So, the universal energies keep putting obstacles on your path, especially around that particular thing, because eventually, you will get it. 

And if we don’t, if we persist, we get ill.  We begin to internalise the dissonance, the energy that’s going against our divine nature, going against the flow.  It goes into our being, into our body, and our body carries it, so we can keep doing whatever it is that isn’t serving us but that we can’t let go.

Let it go.  It’s that simple. 

It’s time to make space for your new life, your new you. The one you’ve been waiting for, hoping for. It’s here, so don’t fight it now. You’ve levelled up, you can’t continue doing that other stuff anymore. Now, you really need to listen to the flow of life, constantly placing you where you need to be, doing what you need to do, to stay with your fulfilment. It’s time to make space for the new.