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The Doorway to the Temple

Take a moment to consider your mouth, an entrance into the body along with certain other openings.  What we put in our body in the form of liquids, food, medicine is absorbed and distributed throughout the body.  Everything that enters our body has an impact at every level, not only physically but emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Our body is the temple of our soul and the mouth and other bodily openings are doorways into the temple. 

Nothing should go through those doorways and enter our inner sanctum without considering it’s worth and sacredness. We wouldn’t leave the door of our house wide open and let just anyone walk in, would we? That would be reckless, unsafe and unwise. But we seem willing to pop all sorts of crap into our mouths. Let nothing go inside unless it’s worthy of your divine essence. Let nothing become a part of your energy, by entering through your holy doorways to be absorbed into your temple unless it is a sacrament to your divinity.

Imagine considering every bite, every sip, every substance, every penetration that enters your holy gateways, in terms of their worthiness to enter your body. That would require holding yourself in the highest esteem and valuing your purity. You would become aware of the energy with which they enrich your being, sensing how each act of receiving into your being fulfils you, not in terms of instant gratification and momentary desire, but nourishing you on every level as the divine being you are.

It changes our relationship with food, with the substances we have addictions to, dysfunctional relationships, as is the case with alcohol and drugs. It makes us see ourselves differently. When I stopped and considered all this, I was drinking a mug of black coffee. I had to look down at that coffee, really think about what I was putting in my body, really see my mouth as the doorway to the holy temple that houses my sacred soul. I struggled with the desire to keep drinking, but in the end, I poured it away.

Our lifestyles have got so we can hardly avoid substances that are not kind to us, sugar, coffee, alcohol, additives, they are everywhere. My body has started fighting back, it gives me physical reactions like diarrhoea, indigestion, nausea, fatigue and lethargy and all because I eat things my body is telling me not to put in my mouth anymore. My body is telling me it’s time to radically change my relationship to what I put in my holy temple. This requires the restructure of a complicated relationship. My relationship with food is hugely emotional and that’s where I need to make the first change.

I am restructuring my relationship with food through working with the energy templates that encompass my attitude towards food and towards my body. I feel sad for my body. I’ve abused it so badly and it’s time to put things right.

What I’ve come to realise is that I’ve been programmed to be a human dustbin. This body of mine has been treated like a dustbin, not a temple. I am moving forward one step at a time, embracing a higher energy because I know I am worthy of caring for myself from a place of love and respect.

Image: “The Doorway to the Temple” by Ananda Amenet Reid

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Allowing Life To Be

How often have I found that the problems, symptoms, troubles surrounding me always dissipate when I get out of the way.

When I stop fighting.

When I take the road less travelled, the path of least resistance.

When I stop energising the pathways of dissatisfaction, of not being enough, of having to be a fighter or martyr.

When I think that something needs fixing…

It doesn’t.

When we choose to not oppose our conditions, we take away the energy of resistance.

When we remove the energy of resistance, we move from dissonance to resonance.

When we move from dissonance to resonance, we let go of fear and find love.

When we find love, we find our inner peace.

When we find our inner peace, we find our centre, our truth, our integrity and authenticity, we are home.

Do less, trust more, allow, allow, allow.

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The Elemental Kingdom Speak of Abundance

“We are here bringing through the love of our united countenance, which is beyond all that is known through the medium of a physical Earthly existence.  We are delighted to be present, we are energies that wish to be expressed and we are the consciousness in nature, known to you as the Elemental Kingdom. 

And this is a time of great abundance.  The energies of abundance are all around you.  And we wish to bring your attention to the process of drawing those energies from nature into your being, for you are abundance, you are a living part of all that is the Earth, of all that is upon the Earth.  You are the beloved children of Mother Earth, and your heritage, your inheritance upon the Earth is to express and create from a place of richness, diversity, beauty and abundance. 

Those qualities exist always within your being, they are who you are, they are every cell of your being.  And yet, it is the case that many upon the Earth do not recognise this, do not embrace and embody this truth.  When you are with nature, a rich, diverse and abundant nature, such as is experienced in the Springtime when there is such growth, the separateness that you perceive which is not the truth of you, or of nature, prevents you from knowing that this is who you are too. 

And you may easily gather this energy into your being simply by sitting under the warm sun, the cool breeze, the rain, the clouds, the frosts, the storms, the pleasant sunny days, in the fields, the hills, the mountains.  In the valleys, the woods, the beaches.  Upon the rocks, the earth, upon the grasses, the flowers, under trees, with your feet in streams, or pools or the sea.  In any place of nature, you may draw into your being, through your breathing and intent, abundance, the energies of our abundance in nature, to enliven the abundance that you already are, that exists in every cell of your being, for it is your truth.  To enliven that truth.  To ignite and activate that truth through our energies, for this is our love expressed to you, this is our gift to you.  Let it be received.”            

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What Can’t You Stop?

This Friday’s Transformational Question is somewhat challenging, assuming we choose to take the challenge.  If not, the seed has still been sown if there’s something our soul wishes us to learn here.

Have a look at this list.  What can’t you stop doing?

Drinking coffee


Wearing make-up

Eating junk food

Checking your phone

Using social media

Writing posts

Taking selfies

Drinking alcohol

You get the picture, maybe you can think of your own compulsions, we all have them and they all have something to teach us about ourselves.  There’s nothing wrong with doing any of these things, the issue here is who is in control? When it feels like something we can’t do without, that’s not freedom. 

What if we were to pick just one activity that we feel resistant towards giving up and choose to stop doing it for 30 days. For me, it’s got to be coffee, I’m definitely shackled to coffee. Give it up? Eeek! Not going to happen?

Then, consider this.  The next time we do it, we do it mindfully, completely aware that we are choosing this.  As we do, we consider how it makes us feel.  What is it doing for us?  What would it be like to not do it anymore?  What is our attitude to this activity teaching us about ourselves? Going deeper, what is underlying? Stay mindful and reflective with just one behaviour for a while and watch your relationship to it start to change, loosen.

If we keep consciously working with the energy, we will change our relationship with our addictions and compulsions, they are patterns of behaviour associated with our inner healing, coming from wounds and traumas in our early years. They are ways we manage our feelings and we no longer need them in our lives when we are opening up to self love. These must-do activities are shackling us, self love is our supreme liberation.  

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Truth is the Soul of the Sun

I have a huge affinity with all things ancient Egyptian, especially that pertaining to the magical.  I have had recall of a past life related to ancient Egypt with a remarkable degree of clarity.  I even remembered a name which allowed me to research the life of the person in question, which verified my recalled information, much to my amazement. The name I remembered was the name of my sister, Henutawy. My name was Meritamen. 

When I read books about ancient Egypt, it’s as though I already know it, I want to shout out, “Yes!  I know this!” with every new piece of information.  It feels like I’m waking up deep memories rather than learning new facts.

One of the most fascinating deities to me is Maat.  She is a Goddess, also a principle, a force, a concept of justice, truth and balance.  And truth is my subject of the week, so it seems reasonable to explore a little of what Maat has to teach.

In the ancient Egyptian world, everyone is a part of the cosmos.  As living beings, we have the ability to receive solar energy through the heart, to transform it and send it back out again.  One of the main ways people emit solar energy is through speech.  The ancient Egyptians believed that a harmonious flow of solar energy, when transformed into words, creates growth on many levels; inner growth and happiness and outer growth through physical and material prosperity.  They also believed that an obstruction of this flow of energy would mean a crisis; destruction, illness, misery and even death.  

Disease is a symptom of an imbalance in the life force energy, a substance produced by internal processes, created by the relationship between the individual’s Ba (personality/ego) and its Ka (soul), in other words by how freely the life energy called Maat enters and leaves the heart.  From the heart extend channels that link all the parts of the body.  Good health depends on the free flow of Maat and disease results from a blockage, whatever the cause.

The ancient Egyptians, like other ancient peoples, understood the importance of the proper flow of thought.  They also understood how physical, as well as non-physical exchanges bring wealth into our lives, in every sense of our being and energies.     

Maat is the divine force or energy that manifests through the sun and flows through the world.  Maat is the spirit of beauty and order.  Maat also represents truth and justice when, through people, she becomes the conscious exercise of faith in the transcendent creative power embodied in the solar disc.  Because Maat breathes life into everything, the more someone opens their heart, the healthier and happier they are as circumstances seem to magically to favour them. 

If a person suffers a head wound in a car collision, for example, the damage may be too great for their body to survive, which is different from illnesses caused by imbalance.  Stress created by fear has stopped many a heart that refused to listen to the calming reassurances of its soul.  And remember, fear is anything that isn’t love. 

Life, health and strength depends upon the unobstructed flow of Maat through the heart.  The heart receives cosmic energy and returns it in a mysteriously enhanced form to its divine source through the breath of enlightened speech.  That’s why it’s so important to know one’s truth and speak one’s truth.  People who are true of voice are healthier than those who lie, thereby blocking the circulation of Maat through their hearts and, as a result, through the world.  We may think we know when we are lying, but is that always so?  Much of the time, we are lying to ourselves in every sense, about who we are, who everybody else is and what the world is.  We are simply so oblivious of the fact, we think we live in truth when we don’t, and then are unable to account for all our ailments, misery and misfortune.  To live in truth is to live in love, there is no fear, no doubt, no worry, nothing but love.  We are love, that is our true nature, that is our truth.   

When Hatshepsut became Pharoah, she chose for herself her Royal name, as was the custom.  She chose the name Maatkare.  This name means ‘Truth is the Soul of the Sun’.  The information about Maat written above is taken from a wonderful book, one of my favourites.  By Maria Isobel Pita, it’s about Hatshepsut and called ‘Truth is the Soul of the Sun’.   

This beautiful image of Maat, with her symbol, the single ostrich feather tied to her head with a simple leather cord, is photographed by Sandro Vannini, Getty Images.