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Stuff happens,

It’s just stuff.

But then we judge it….

Now, there’s good stuff and bad stuff,

And this is the bad stuff.

Now, it’s a problem,

Now, there are tears,

And life has become a fight.

It wasn’t stuff that changed,

It was the judgement we took to it.

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“Who Loves Ya Baby?”

Busy life? Not enough time to look in the mirror? Life in the fast lane. Look around and take note, who really loves you? When it seems everyone is needing something, remember who’s always been there for you.

Who really loves you? Who’s always been on your side, morning and night? Who’s gonna see to it that you’re treated right?

You have got the world at your feet and that’s not always easy,
All those people caring yet you’re still alone.
I understand what’s behind the feelings,
I think I know you better than anyone.

I believe in you, yes!

Don’t ever get swept away by something not real
‘Cause the way I feel, oh I will always feel that way.
Who has always loved you?

I’ve always been on your side, morning and night.

I really love ya baby.

I remember this question, ‘Who loves ya baby?’ from Telly Savalas, yes, I’m of that age.  But when I checked it out I found these lyrics from an album called ‘Electric Love’ by Debbie Gibson and they are so apt.  When you read it, is it coming from another person, saying that they love you?  Read it again, this time as though your inner self is talking to you, as though this is about self-love.

The lyrics say that our inner self has always got our backs, has always been there and quite often, the opposite seems to be the case.  We can be our biggest critic.  We can put ourselves down more than anyone.  We can be very self-critical.  But if we are, we learned to do that from our most important care giver(s) when we were little children.  We learned this was an expression of love.  Indeed, our ego, our inner critic, our inner judge, all those parts of us are attempting to do what they believe is in our best interests, even as they do the opposite.       
When we grow up, we get a chance to see things clearly, eventually.  We get a chance to notice that our attitude towards ourselves is self-destructive.  Trouble is, it’s been hard-wired into us since we were little and it’s difficult to break the circuit now.  But it can be done. Who do you love the most?  Let it be yourself.  If that’s a hard thing to do or accept, then, it needs some working on.  If it feels wrong, then you need to know it’s the only way to the kind of love with others we are all longing for.  Let that go and focus on you, the longing is getting in your way. When we find everything we need inside ourselves, when we don’t need anything from outside of us, it is only then we are ready for loving anybody else.

We come from a place of love for ourselves, first and foremost, and it’s only then we truly have what we need to hold others in the kind of open, healthy, trusting and unconditional love we have always been searching for.  It starts with ourselves.  So, if you haven’t made your love life about loving yourself as your priority and starting point, it’s time to change your tune.