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Messages In Time

Lately, there’s been a lot of inner planes work going on at night whilst my body sleeps.

I’m in a period of very intense dream journeying, ‘travelling’ to different dimensions throughout the inner planes, being supported by the elders and masters who teach and support us from the other side.

I believe this is common for many of us, maybe all of us. I sometimes meet other souls who are visiting in their dreams and maybe you’re one of them.

Are you aware of your dreams? If so, do you sometimes wake up from a dream feeling that you’ve learnt or been told something profoundly important? Maybe you remember a character from the dream that seemed more than just a dream construct, like they were a guide or a teacher for you. Maybe you simply wake up feeling like you’ve been busy, hard at work all night long, studying or helping others.

When I have a night like this, I wake up and it’s as though I come up for air, and then go back down again.

When I come up, lying on my side, the clock is usually in my line of sight.

The other night, first time I saw 3:33 (a regular one), then 4:44, then 6:06 and then 7:17.

I knew these numbers were messages. Sometimes, they’re just numbers but this night, I knew they were purposeful.

The first number told me that there’s an ascended master with me.

The second number revealed that a host of angels are encouraging me and bathing me in a blanket of peace.

The next number let me know that the angels heard my prayer and what I asked for is being manifested.

And the final number is most encouraging of all.

It says I’m on the right path, in the right place, doing the right things.

It let me know that my spiritual support team are celebrating, they are reaffirming my path and reminding me to put doubt aside.

What kind of messages do you receive from the invisible realms?

[Image: ‘You Are Seen And It’s A Celebration’ art by Amenet Drago]

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Holding Me in Arms of Love

It’s only recently that I’ve begun to understand the extent of the trauma created during my childhood years. At the age of sixty, it’s taken me a long time to get there because part of me has diminished what happened.

I suppose I never completely accepted it was that bad. Many people have a hard life, much worse than me, so I thought I should pull myself together and get on with it, and this attitude simply invalidated my childhood experiences.

Suddenly, I seem to have reached a place where it’s safe for it all to be revealed and I can finally hold it for myself without breaking down. There have been times over the years when I did break down, not realising what was underlying the emotional pain.

I’ve never shirked from facing, head on, what I call my personal development.  But I’ve been scratching the surface all this time.  For any of you out there who are facing a total mess coming up from inside, or even seemingly being brought about by life and circumstances around you, which is the same thing because of the law of attraction, you may know what I mean. 

It can feel like going backwards, like “what the…?!” It can feel like being broken, wondering what’s going on and what’s wrong with us. Well, there’s nothing wrong with us, we’re not special (except we are, we all are, but we’re not especially special for being messed up). We are finally finding ourselves in a place where we can begin to comprehend just how hurt we became. And not because anyone meant to hurt us, but because they were hurt themselves. And hurt people hurt others.

So much of the trauma has been stuck inside for such a long time and had nowhere to go, we haven’t got time for it, we need to get on with daily life. Therefore, a lot of that emotional wounding has no option but to manifest as physical conditions.

I am aware just how much our physical ailments are manifestations of the emotional wounds we carry. Emotional wounds need to be treated at the subconscious level because that’s where they exist. We grope about, trying to find physical solutions to our physical symptoms, the symptoms come and go like moods and what we thought was helping, suddenly isn’t anymore. Because the underlying original source is still untreated.

I’m more together now than I could have imagined. I’ve got a long way on my own merit. I’ve changed my life and brought a considerable degree of stability. And yet, that’s also allowed deeper layers to come to the surface and brought me to the awareness of just how damaged my childhood self really was.

So, I’ve decided to call in an expert in the field and get some help to clear it at this point. It pays to have somebody who can be objective and get a broader view of what’s there.

I’m really excited, I’m going to be working one on one with Jen Peters, and she’s one of the most amazing experts in the field of inner child healing. Someone who has the skills and tools, who can really validate and hold space. Someone who totally gets it because not only has she been there herself, she’s heard the same stories from others, over and over again. And she knows exactly what’s needed and how to deliver it.

I’m not alone and it makes a world of difference. Right now, it almost feels like I’m a child again and I’m being held safely in truly loving arms.

[Image: ‘Sun Breaking Through The Clouds, Isle of Wight’ photograph taken by my soul sister, Emma Bartlett]       

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Take Time in Stillness and Silence and Rejoice

May you be lifted up by these words, for there is great rejoicing in the hearts of many, whose souls step forward to be servants of love.

It is written in our history that this time would come and it is a natural process, a movement through all the universal spheres that is occurring.  There is so much love and support available to us all during this time.

We are all waking up and it is beautiful to behold. 

Let your heart sing.

Be aware of the special qualities of the Earth that are available to you. 

The fluid qualities of the new elements that are now becoming available to you. 

They will lift you up and free you from the density that has been and is holding you down. 

It is such a beautiful planet, incredibly beautiful. 

And the answer to all that distracts you is within. 

Be still.  Be silent. 

You do not allow enough of these moments in your days, when you are still and silent and you go within, activating your inner peace and allowing yourself to sit with stillness.

For, it is then that you will hear the inner voice and know the truth of your being. 

Even now, you can hardly comprehend the truth of your being, for the expansive nature of your being is magnificent and the world around you is wonderful to behold when you are in your centre and activating the truth within you. 

When you have found your light within, stepped into the light, holding the light, being the light, shining the light for others, then, you will understand your truth. 

You will know the incredible truth of being a soul upon the Earth. 

And this is your due, it is your journey and it is within your grasp. 

So, take time to find that stillness, take moments within each day when you stop and go within, in peace. 

[Image: “The Mist Hangs Low Over Kidwelly: View of the town, castle, estuary and Pembrey Estate as seen from the garden” photograph by Amenet Drago]

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The Path of No Resistance

I wish to let you know, we do not need to suffer anymore.

And that’s a big statement that needs some serious quantifying, so I had better get onto it.

The Ascended Masters and Archangels are telling me we don’t have to suffer anymore, all our suffering has been released and has been freed from our karma.  And yet, we clearly are still suffering.

There’s a dissonance between what they mean and what we are realising and that gap needs filling.

What they mean is we have all the skills at our disposal to remove or bypass suffering.

We have the ability to remove our own suffering at will.

Suffering used to be necessary for growth and karma but is no longer necessary.

We can choose to grow without it, we have been released of all our karma, all our past lives and the life we’re living now have been cleansed and integrated for us.

That’s what they mean.

But we are still suffering because we think we have to.

We are still suffering because either we don’t realise or don’t remember to use the tools we possess as human beings that can release or remove our suffering.

We are still suffering because we believe that suffering is a part of our lot, a part of our sacred journey.

It’s not.  Do you really think the Creator wishes you to suffer if you don’t have to?  The Creator is the most incredible source of indescribable unconditional love that can exist.  I know the Buddha talked about the need for suffering, how the path of Earth is one of suffering, but that was then and this is now.  The path of Earth is one of fulfilment, to experience fulfilment constantly, eternally, and we are all deserving of this. A lot has changed and suffering is no longer needed.

We can choose not to suffer.  But if we don’t believe that or don’t choose to energise the pathway of not-suffering, we stay stuck with suffering.  Maybe we don’t believe there’s no need for suffering.  Maybe we believe we are not worthy to be free of suffering.  A lot of us are carrying guilt, remorse, confusion, low self-worth.  A lot of us are carrying the energy of suffering because we don’t realise that we simply need to choose to let it go and no longer energise that pathway.  No longer persist in holding onto it. 

We no longer need to carry guilt, remorse, confusion, low self-worth, lack consciousness, whether lack of love or anything else.  We don’t need to carry any of those burdens, but we are.  Because when they come up to be released, we are not letting them go. 

And it’s not easy to let go.  We are letting them go one minute and then calling them back the next, like old frenemies, bad habits we are used to.  Goddess knows, I’ve got my struggles with this and I presume you’ve got yours.  It’s not simple and I am not saying it’s easy.  But I am saying it could be.

So, first of all, please know, you don’t need to be carrying those energies anymore, please don’t think suffering is a given. People on the journey, whether spiritual or not, people going through their shit, they think they have to try, to work hard at it, to make an effort. It’s the opposite. Stop trying, stop processing, stop looking for answers. Stop. You need do nothing, just let go, once you do that, everything can happen naturally. Get out of the way and let the Universe help you, it will do the work for you and you can sit back and receive. Stop fighting the Universal flow, really, it’s on your side and you are the one getting in the way.

Suffering can be a teacher, it shows where there’s something out of alignment, something causing dissonance in our lives.  So, it’s like having an early warning alarm system built in.  But then, we can notice, adjust and reset the alarm so that the suffering is gone.  But only if we know how. 

We need a bag of spiritual energetic tools that enable us to do this and more.  And that’s where my next online workshop comes in.  I’m creating a 101 course on energetic tools and gifts that we all have access to.   They will deliver to you:-

Instant inner peace

Instant grounding

Instant protection from all unwelcome dissonant energies

Instant boosting of your energy and vitality

Instant fulfilment and so much more.

You will have a directory of energetic solutions to every situation that you need help and support with. You will know how to express your life as an energy being, which you truly are.

And when it comes to letting go of suffering, it’s hard because our relationship with suffering goes deep, it’s been within us a long time, not just us personally but us as humanity, as a collective.  It’s a huge part of our psyche.  And so much is coming to the surface to be cleared now, so suffering is coming to the surface.  Many things that trigger suffering are coming to the surface.  If we don’t know how to clear that dissonant energy, we suffer more, not less as it’s meant to be. 

Whatever comes up from the past doesn’t need to be engaged with, just let it come up and move through. Whatever is coming up, it’s coming up to be released with love, not to be held onto, not to be engaged with, not to be intellectualised or processed, not to be energised, not to cause us suffering.  When we choose to no longer energise a pathway, we are recognising the trust, the strength and power that exists within our being, which is always present.  And most importantly it’s about recognising that we are a beacon of love.  When we can recognise the power of our love, and the love that is gifted to us and flows through us, we will recognise that anything is possible.  And, of course, what is also needed is a deeper connection with our soul.    

[This post goes out for you, Lorraine.  I see you, I hear you.  You are a being of love and love is at your core.  Always]  

[Painting above is by myself, Ananda Amenet Reid and is protected by copyright and cannot be reproduced]  

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Your Magic Wand

I am so excited today to share some wonderful information and understanding that came my way whilst the 8/8 and Lionsgate portal energy was streaming through the ether yesterday.

I opened an email that came through from Master Djwhal Khul, channelled by Natalie Glasson.

And this is Divine MAGIC!

Have you ever wished you had a magic wand to make all your problems go away?

What if I told you, you already have one?!  Sounds too good to be true, how often has something come by your radar and made your heart soar with hope, only to come crashing down when you realise the limitations of what you found?  I know, I’ve been there too.  There are no limitations this time, this is rock-solid gold.

So, what does your magic wand work for?  What does it do?

You know all those habits you really don’t want to be doing anymore because you know they don’t serve you, but you keep finding yourself doing them, nonetheless?  Well, it banishes those for a start.

All those thoughts that won’t go away, the ones that bring you down, make you second-guess yourself, limit yourself, all those repetitive, unwanted thoughts?  Gone!

Feelings that hit you, like sadness, loneliness, feelings that feel like a stab to your heart?  Never again.

All those situations that are no longer serving you, they are toast.  I know you’ve tried and tried to extricate yourself and even come to accept it’s not even possible, but now you can be free.

In fact, any situation that is causing you distress, any dissonance in your life at all.

Yep, you can believe it, you have a simple, fast and sure-fire way to freedom and PEACE!

Now, when you hear about this, I know you’re going to say, “Is that it?  Is that all?  Well, that won’t work!”  Believe me, the simplicity of it is a foil against its power and effectiveness.  Don’t be fooled.  Open your heart, try it, what have you got to lose?  Actually, you’ve got a lot to lose, all the stress, distress, chaos and worry in your life, for starters.  You don’t WANT to hold on to those now, do you?

Okay, this is what came through.  Before we were born, we each made an agreement, every single one of us.  We agreed that we would cultivate inner peace for ourselves and others.  And our soul, soul group and guides (we’ve all got a spiritual support team), they all agreed to send us a surge of inner peace every time we ask.  This is called our Inner Peace Agreement.

So, how does it work?  Simple!  The moment you notice dissonance, notice those pesky thoughts or feelings, notice you are focusing on a problem, redirect your attention towards your inner peace.  Just actively choose to focus on inner peace, easily and effortlessly.  Invoke the agreement, simply say, silently or aloud; “I am activating my Inner Peace Agreement” and you WILL receive support.

Then, just breathe it in, breathe inner peace into your being and breathe inner peace out.  If there’s a situation or problem, simply send your inner peace to that situation when you breathe out.  You will be amazed how peaceful you suddenly feel.  You will notice all those thoughts, feelings, issues and problems just drop away as you are bathed in such blissful peace.  And please understand, it’s not just escapism, every time you do this, you are dissolving the thoughts, feelings, patterns, behaviours, problems at source.  For good.  Just keep doing it.  It’s so easy, so simple, so quick to do and quick to act. 

And remember that agreement you made?  It was to bring yourself and others inner peace?  Well, every time you activate it for yourself, you automatically ARE bringing it to others too.  And if you know somebody who’s having problems, somebody you know could do with activating their inner peace, share this with them.  And if you don’t think they will be open to it, simply ask their soul, their soul group and their guides to activate inner peace for them. 

When you invite inner peace to flood through your body, you are allowing the divine source and the highest energies of enlightenment to course through your being.  Don’t engage with your stuff, don’t try to work things out, just breathe in and out your inner peace.  Magic!  Inner peace dissolves confusion and opens your intuition.  You will find solutions you had never before dreamed of to problems you thought were insurmountable.  And imagine what kind of a world we make when everyone is radiating their inner peace, for themselves and others, right alongside you. You can bet I’m with you, my sisters and brothers.             

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Love: Fourth Skill for Life

You might wonder why we didn’t start this mini-series of Skills for Life with love, and you’d be right to think that.  Love comes first, love is the foundation upon which everything sits.  I bring it in now because when conscious breathing, finding our inner peace and focussing our imagination are in place, then love blossoms.  And wow, how it blossoms. 

Individually, these skills are mighty, combined, they are incredibly powerful.  Using them, all that we are can be fully expressed throughout our physical beings.  With conscious breathing, we calm our mind and body, we enter a deeper, more healed and expansive state of awareness.  Through the breath, we are utilising the focus, control and mastery required for manifestation, realisation and enlightenment.  When we enter our place of inner peace, we become still, balanced, aligned.  We open to love in the grandest of senses, the all-encompassing, unconditional kind of love.  When we bring in our imagination, visualising what we are choosing, when everything is together and coming from that place of love, well, can you imagine it?  There is nothing like it. 

From this place, there are no bad days because bad days are welcomed as teachers.  There are no difficult situations because we allow them.  There are no opponents, even our most difficult opponent is overcome.  And do you know who that is?  Yes, we are our most difficult opponent.  Nobody judges us as harshly as we judge ourselves, nobody puts us down and calls us names as shamelessly as we do to ourselves.  Nobody kicks us when we are down as much as we kick ourselves.  The kind of love we need most of all is love for ourselves.  That’s the foundation, that’s where it starts.  Love yourself first.  Don’t fight yourself.

Right now, in this moment, let your breathing become relaxed and slow.  Now, go to the place of inner peace that exists inside you and feel the serenity, let it permeate your entire being.  Peace is the complete absence of fear and fear is every emotion that isn’t love, whether it manifests as anger, frustration, shame, guilt, worry, anxiety, stress, depression, loneliness, doubt, hate, bitterness, sadness, all of it is an expression of fear.  When you find peace, only love exists there.  There is nothing wrong with these emotions, they all bring their gifts, they are all guests to welcome, but you can have a break, you can find the peace and love inside you.    

Open your imagination to love, let love blossom throughout your being.  Using your imagination, see love in whatever form it appears for you.  Let it unfold as you focus on yourself.  Send yourself some loving thoughts, notice the loving feelings welling up for yourself.  Using your intent and will, send it all flowing into your heart chakra.  Fill yourself up every morning and then let your day begin.

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Finding Your Inner Peace: Second Skill for Life

Once we are adept at conscious breathing, finding our inner peace is possible.  This ability is essential to serenity and sometimes survival.  Imagine how precious it is to have your very own sanctuary or ashram to go and sit in any time you need a moment’s peace.  You do, it’s waiting, it’s inside you. 

Peace is that moment when you stop everything; you breathe, let go and just be.  It’s stopping time, stopping the world.  It’s entering your inner self.  It’s wonderful.  Peace can be a key towards really connecting to the energies of nature.  To approach a tree energetically, we first find our inner peace and express it to the tree, along with our love.  To stand in nature, soaking in the landscape, breathing in the air, feeling the breeze and the sun’s warmth and connected to our place of peace within has got to be the best thing ever.  But we don’t need to be in nature, we can be anywhere because this perfect place is already inside of us.  We could be in hospital, prison, lost, alone, in pain.  If we know how to find our inner peace, everything can change in an instant.

The way to our inner peace is different for each of us, some find it as easy as breathing, some struggle for years and never seem to find it.  There are so many different methods that it’s impossible to state them all here.  I wrote a post on November 20th entitled ‘Finding Peace, Simplicity and Truth’ which involved calling on Archangel Michael and asking him to bathe you in his blue and white light, this is one easy and beautiful way to find peace.  Another way is to make a meditative visualisation.  Breathe consciously and enter a state of deep relaxation.  Then, ask to go to your centre of peace.  Your awareness will enter a place inside your being that you feel pulled to. You can also ask you guides to help you with this.  Once you have found your centre of peace, you know you can go there any time you need.  I have two such places inside me, one is deep in my abdomen, in the cradle of my pelvis, the other is accessed by entering my Soul Star chakra above my head, where I enter the ashram of my soul. 

Enjoy the wonderful tranquility and peace it brings.  Go there lots and lots because each time you do, you are creating an energetic pathway that will grow stronger and stronger the more you use it.  Eventually, you’ll be able to enter this state instantly and remember it’s there every time you need it.  You will be able to stay calm in the face of adversity and cope with all kinds of difficulties. 

Imagine if you had been taught conscious breathing and how to find your inner peace as a small child.  How much easier do you think your life might have been?  Do you know a little one who might benefit from learning these things from you?

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Conscious Breathing: First Skill for Life

I’ve decided to begin a mini-series of posts which cover the fundamental skills, tools and practices that enable us to move forward as multidimensional beings.

Today, it’s conscious breathing, something most of us use and I hope many children are getting to learn this basic but powerful practice, because it does so much for us and is the backbone of so many spiritual techniques.

Breathing is the only bodily system that can either be consciously or unconsciously operated.  When we focus on our breathing, we can use it to take us into a state of calm, even to a state of altered consciousness that enables our entry into realms beyond everyday reality.  So, when we do this and then call our guides, our soul, soul group, angels, or whichever kind of support we choose, we are open and more receptive because of it.    

The key to conscious breathing is the speed at which we breathe, not the depth or amount of breath we take in.  If we slow our breathing down as much as we can whilst remaining relaxed and comfortable, then we will automatically trigger a natural bodily system that makes us calm and peaceful, even when we are anxious, stressed or emotional.  It’s like having a magic switch.  And we only need do this for a short number of breaths before we experience improved physical body sensations, emotions and thoughts.  Thoughts can be the last and more difficult to achieve but once the body starts to calm down, the mind will soon follow, especially if we back up the breathing with some affirming statements like “I am now existing at the centre of my inner peace”.

I recommend using slow conscious breathing many times a day until your body gets so used to it that it becomes unconscious.   Try a counting technique, breathing in over a count of five seconds, holding the breath for a count of five and breathing out over a count of six seconds.  If that’s too much of a stretch to start, use a lower count that works for you and work up to it.  Do this little and often throughout the day to keep your body and mind calm and relaxed.  Use it in the evenings to ease yourself into a sleep-state.  Just a few rounds of this kind of breathing at a time will make the world of difference.  I have known people using this technique to find it a real blessing, making a difference in their ability to cope with pain, whether emotional or physical, over-thinking and worry, anxiety and depression, the list goes on.  People say it empowers them.  Try it and see what it does for you.     

Conscious breathing is easily coupled with visualisation, prayer, activations, invocation, healing and shamanic journeying, to name but a few methods of expanding our energy whilst receiving and sending love and light.  It’s a personal tool for improved wellbeing as well as the first fundamental skill of the spiritual warrior, lightworker, healer and all who are on their soul journey.