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Take Time in Stillness and Silence and Rejoice

May you be lifted up by these words, for there is great rejoicing in the hearts of many, whose souls step forward to be servants of love.

It is written in our history that this time would come and it is a natural process, a movement through all the universal spheres that is occurring.  There is so much love and support available to us all during this time.

We are all waking up and it is beautiful to behold. 

Let your heart sing.

Be aware of the special qualities of the Earth that are available to you. 

The fluid qualities of the new elements that are now becoming available to you. 

They will lift you up and free you from the density that has been and is holding you down. 

It is such a beautiful planet, incredibly beautiful. 

And the answer to all that distracts you is within. 

Be still.  Be silent. 

You do not allow enough of these moments in your days, when you are still and silent and you go within, activating your inner peace and allowing yourself to sit with stillness.

For, it is then that you will hear the inner voice and know the truth of your being. 

Even now, you can hardly comprehend the truth of your being, for the expansive nature of your being is magnificent and the world around you is wonderful to behold when you are in your centre and activating the truth within you. 

When you have found your light within, stepped into the light, holding the light, being the light, shining the light for others, then, you will understand your truth. 

You will know the incredible truth of being a soul upon the Earth. 

And this is your due, it is your journey and it is within your grasp. 

So, take time to find that stillness, take moments within each day when you stop and go within, in peace. 

[Image: “The Mist Hangs Low Over Kidwelly: View of the town, castle, estuary and Pembrey Estate as seen from the garden” photograph by Amenet Drago]

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“What’s it to be: What is Right or What is Easy?”

Hello! Time for this Friday’s Transformational Question. BTW, it’s not just questions that bring us opportunities for transformation, every moment we are alive has that potential. Isn’t that magical?

“What is right or what is easy, which are you choosing?”

Relationships, work, principles, choices, dreams, future plans. Are we listening to our heart, that is, the voice of our soul, our intuitive guidance?

(Just to clarify, sometimes when we say ‘our heart’ we mean heart versus head, and that means coming from our emotions, which can often be the gut response. That’s not a good idea, our ego and persona work from there. In my case, when I say ‘listening to our heart’ I’m never referring to heart vs head, I mean from our heart chakra, which is where our soul speaks from. This is a different kind of listening. To recognise the difference, when you listen to your heart chakra, you feel peaceful, still, calm and you have a comfortable feeling about it because it’s coming from love. You feel that this is the voice that is honouring your truth, leaving you to feel like you are loving yourself. And by ‘right’, I mean what is right for you, your path, not for anybody else.)

Do you know how to listen like that? And when that voice says, “what is right isn’t the easy option” do you hear, do you listen, are you ready to take the harder route?
Or do you ignore your inner voice?

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Talking to my Victim Self

ME: Hello Victim. I realise you are trying really hard to speak to me and so, because I love you and care about what you have to say, I would like to give you a voice. Please tell me what you want me to know.
VICTIM: I am glad to be heard. Have you noticed how little other people care about how hard things are for us? We are struggling so much, just to be able to fit in with the world and get along with life in the way others take for granted and they don’t even seem to care. Who is here to support you? Who puts an arm around you? How often do you do that for others? It was your job to support others, you have always tried to support other people with their troubles and help them out but nobody wants to hear us when we are down and out. It makes me so upset and I feel unheard and uncared for.
ME: What about my husband? Don’t you think he really tries his hardest and makes us feel cared for? What about my dearest friend? She has supported me so much, I don’t know where I would be without her. What about my other close friend, she holds space for me whenever I need it.
There is support there for us, but don’t you think I am never going to be satisfied with anybody helping or supporting me? I look for it but I discount it, looking instead for more understanding, more reassurance. Maybe I can never feel heard enough, maybe it’s like it is with food, there’s such a big, empty hole in me, it doesn’t matter how much I eat, I never feel full up, never fill that hole. Maybe it’s the same with feeling loved and cared for, I can never fill that hole too.
VICTIM: Maybe you are right. Sometimes, though, I feel you are letting us down.
ME: Why do you feel that? What am I doing?
VICTIM: You are not hearing me, you are not loving or caring for us. You don’t seem to care about us sometimes.
ME: Victim, I’ve been thinking about us and feel as though you have been with me my whole life, literally from the cradle, maybe even before, since our birth mother didn’t want us, not even in the womb. I’ve been thinking about myself and labelling myself ‘victim’ ever since I existed in this personality, maybe even carrying the same feeling in past lives. There are a lot of reasons for doing so, chief amongst them, growing up in a family where I never felt loved whilst the other members were scapegoating me, I felt entirely alone and was only little and didn’t understand. That wasn’t a good start, you could say it set me up for life.
Victim, I’m thinking about what you bring to me, what value you give me. You give me a label that fits the experiences I had in the context of the wider social agreement of what a victim is. But that has not really helped me, it makes me a loser, someone to feel sorry for. The only one who was interested in acknowledging my victim-status, the only one who really cared was you. The Judge that lives inside me didn’t care and neither did anybody else acknowledge my victim-status. You are right, everybody is busy living their own lives and they don’t know what to do about it, even if I mention how much I’m struggling. But of course they don’t, they are not the solution, I am, that’s why the ones who have helped can show empathy and compassion but they can’t change the fact that you are still here with me, still labelling me, only I can change that.
Victim, I hear you now, loud and clear. I have known, deep down, my whole life, that I have been a victim.
But being a victim is a state of mind, it’s a choice in the end, and I don’t choose it anymore. It’s time to free you to unconditional love, it’s time you and I knew nothing but love. It’s time we no longer suffered and let go of our victim-status. We are not looking back anymore, there is only now and the future will not improve unless we stop living with the mistakes of the past, over and over again, affecting everything we do.
They are our mistakes, for feeling sorry for ourselves and the mistakes of all those that made us a victim in the first place. But we know that was never personal, they didn’t see us for who we really are. They weren’t actually interested in seeing us at all, they were far too caught up with their own lives. It was outside of our control, they didn’t want me or couldn’t handle me for their own reasons, not because of me. Or they were using me for their own needs without a concern for who I was or realising what it would do to me. It was never personal, it was never about me, they used me in that way because they didn’t know better and didn’t realise the consequences. I forgive them and I recommend you do the same for your own sake, to stop carrying this hurt. I forgive myself and I forgive you. We are all just being who we are under the only circumstances we knew how to be.
Victim, I release you now to unconditional love. Go in peace, know only love and peace now. I hear you, I thank you, I forgive you and I release you with my love.

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Message from Master El Morya: 1

‘I wish to step forward to speak and bring to you most gracious, loving vibrations of truth and blessings for all that you are.  I am Master El Morya and I am here to express great love for all humanity at this time.  We who work for the ascension process of humanity are always showering our love and support over all of you.  Your open hearts are speaking as the voice of your soul and your soul wishes you to accept your soul’s direction, trusting in the voice of your soul and allowing your soul to be fully present, expressing its truth through you.  As you go about your daily life, let your soul be your guide at all times and your heart be the voice that speaks to you.  Through allowing the voice of your heart to come forward, you will always have a true compass pointing to your true path. 

I am wishing to express great wonder at the resilience, creativity and many expressions of humanity upon the Earth.  There is much upon the Earth to be celebrated.  Now, much that held back those that have not yet awoken is dissipating from the atmosphere around Mother Earth, allowing more light to be felt and many are waking up.  It is not necessary for all upon the Earth to be conscious of the Creator’s love or our presence, even those who know nothing of the ascension process will follow their inner voice, will hear their truth and follow impulses and inspirations that emerge from within them, to turn towards the light and step forward upon their path.  You are asked to consider, at this time, what is it you choose to express upon the Earth now?  You are capable of expressing anything you wish, all is needed is to step forward, choose what you wish to draw towards you and it will be so.  Choose wisely, dear children of the Earth, for you are divine beings and co-creators with each other as emanators of the Creator.  May blessings pour upon you, I am Master El Morya.’  

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Message from the Elemental Kingdom: 4

“Greetings, we are the Elemental Kingdom.  We come forward today with excitement, joy and love to welcome you to your focused destiny that awaits you.  It is our deep pleasure that you embrace a role of service and a willingness to open your hearts to us and yet we have been waiting and ready for you because our part in your destiny was determined when your soul chose this path prior to expressing through your current emanation.  You are, therefore, moving into your truth, you are expressing your true power upon the Earth. 

We are ready to teach further skills and share wisdom with you and we wish you to focus your creative imagination upon the future pathway that you perceive for yourself and you may wish to express this energy and play with what can be manifested.

Listen to your inner voice, there will be practices and lessons that will seem to be unconnected to the Elemental Kingdom but they are connected, they are important skills required for you to progress with our energies.  In particular, integration in going within and connecting with the divine core that is within you and to extend it, express it and embody it around and beyond you.  This is a skill and technique you will use in nature to enable you to connect to our energies better.  Learn to hear the voice of your heart, to know instantly the difference between your personality speaking or your soul speaking, this is essential now and you must make this your focus, to stay alert and aware of your gut instincts, your intuition, knowing when it is your true voice speaking, trusting and believing in yourself completely. These two practices are vital and we wish you to focus with these practices now, thank you.”