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Giving Up and Embracing

These, I am giving up

Speculation, opinions, assumptions

Expectations, judgements, gossip

Deflection, manipulation, resistance

Control, perfection, intolerance

These, I am embracing

Acceptance, patience, stillness

Trust, candor, silence

Compassion, composure, peace

Allowance, openness, love.

In every way

Towards myself and others

In each moment

Let this be my stance

Let it be effortless

So let it be

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Stuff happens,

It’s just stuff.

But then we judge it….

Now, there’s good stuff and bad stuff,

And this is the bad stuff.

Now, it’s a problem,

Now, there are tears,

And life has become a fight.

It wasn’t stuff that changed,

It was the judgement we took to it.

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Different Kinds of Values

It is the case that in some shamanic cultures, those people believed to be ear-marked to work with spirit are the ones that the Western world quite often marginalises. 

People who are a balance between feminine and masculine energy, perhaps a feminine male or masculine female, sometimes they are called ‘Two-Spirits’. In Western countries, such people are quite often painted as abominations against God (hilarious idea, what are people thinking? God is love, not hate). In certain tribal societies across the world, these people are special, honoured, gifted, understood to be the most balanced of us all, perhaps even nearest to the nature of the divine source, and they make the most powerful of shamans.

People who have differences from the norm, the kind of differences Western medical professionals would medicate and treat, and certainly they used to be institutionalised for. Such people are seen as gifted with spirit senses, with a natural ability to cross the veil and walk with spirits.  They are held in high esteem and their ‘illness’ is valued, as it marks them as healers and wise souls.

People who experience illness or events that take them to the brink where life and death meet, perhaps they even cross over into the spirit realm briefly, those folks are changed from that moment.  Nobody knows what to make of that kind of event in the West, but in some cultures it is believed they have been selected by the spirit world as worthy to face such a deep and profound transformation, one that means they will never be the same again.  From that moment, they are called to service, perhaps having a healer’s touch or a psychic’s vision, a medium’s senses, a shaman’s power.

Interesting, is it not, the way we choose to value people, or not value them.  So different across the rainbow cultures of the world.  Is it random or do some cultures know something the other cultures don’t?          

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Speaking Our Truth

Today, I am bringing to mind speaking our truth, opening our voice and not swallowing our words.  This subject seems pertinent because last night, the Oprah interview with Harry and Meghan was broadcast in the UK on International Women’s Day, which seemed relevant.  It brought to my mind a number of key issues about the enormity of speaking our truth, how fundamentally difficult that can be and how many fear factors can be stacked up against us, and sometimes the fear factors include that if we don’t speak the truth, new fears are going to be realised.  So, it’s a big issue.

For me personally, it’s only in the last few years that I have found myself able to recognise who I am, enough to know what my truth is and what is the truth of my words.  Partly, I have stuffed it down so deeply in terms of my childhood wounds and traumas that I haven’t been able to value myself enough to even know who I am or what my truth is.  Part of that has been that I haven’t had the permission, as a child, to have a truth, or have a ‘self’, even.  And it’s taken a lot of my adult life to come to the point where I’ve been able to understand and access my truth and find out who I am. 

There have been times when I haven’t been truthful about my boundaries, my needs or myself, because of my fears of other people’s judgements, of what others will say, that I would be incapable of managing the assumed or perceived rejection and the assumed or perceived criticism or judgment. 

Criticism and rejection have been two of the biggest themes of my childhood, into my adult life, because I’ve continued to be held hostage by those traumas and their underlying beliefs, developed at a very young age, including the behaviours I adopted or sought refuge with because of them.  So, knowing what my truth is and speaking my truth has been a big issue for me. 

These days, it’s not a problem, I have now voiced many truths that have been huge in my world and would have previously been impossible, but now they are said with freedom and power.  Some recent examples have been changing my name, telling my mother about my tattoo, something I would have previously hidden rather than face the judgement and criticism.  Another situation is deciding to leave my husband, a big one that I wouldn’t previously have been able to follow through.  All sorts of truths are surfacing in my life now because I have a completely different attitude about who I am.  I haven’t set out to increase the personal power that has given me the strength to uncover and declare my truth, it’s more that it’s unfolded as a part of my spiritual journey, a journey that’s another testament to stepping into my truth and speaking from it. 

I do feel that what Harry and Meghan have unleashed through their interview is to model for many the power of speaking one’s truth and how the value of doing so is much greater than all of the fears and consequences.  For them in particular, they are public figures, they are a part of the British monarchy which some might say is notoriously stuffed down in its truth. 

It’s never wise  to sit on our truth or be more concerned about the look of things, how we will be perceived and judged, those are not the kind of values we should be living by.  Meghan and Harry have blown that out of the water.  They have made themselves targets for being judged, everybody feels they now have a right to have an opinion about all they’ve said.  Personally, I don’t feel inclined towards an opinion, or to judge or question whether or not their words are ‘The Truth’, I don’t think there is a ‘The Truth’ in this or any situation because we’re humans, we all have a filter, every single one of us has a filter and therefore, we can only ever experience our truth, only ever represent our truth, only ever validate our truth, and not the truth.

What Harry and Meghan have done is validated their truth.  It doesn’t mean that the Royal Institution or other members of their family who may wish to have a say in the truth that Harry and Meghan have expressed, that they would or wouldn’t agree with it, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is it’s the truth as they perceive it, and therefore it’s validated, and that’s the case for all of us. 

When we express our truth, it doesn’t matter whether anybody judges or has a different view of the situation, they will do, we all see things from our own perspective and we’re probably never going to be able to fix an objective ‘Truth’, even though that’s what’s attempted in courts of law, I don’t think it’s ever really achieved.  We don’t have to do that, we can just acknowledge each other’s truth, even when it’s different from our own.  In family situations where resolution is taking place, if we uncover, by speaking our truth, that other members of the family see things from a different view, that truth can be accepted, allowed for and encompassed into the whole.  Bringing everything out into the open, speaking from each person’s perspective and viewing the full picture can be illuminating and healing.  To get to that healing place, it first has to come out, even though that can be terrifying. Let’s not be fearful of speaking from our true voice.

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Lord Vishnu Speaks About Equality and Divinity

“It is with blessings, that I, Lord Vishnu, wish to speak to you.  Blessings and love pour over and through you all, for my light streams into alignment with you now, with your beings which are beauteous to behold. 

We, upon the inner planes, are ever grateful to all the souls upon the Earth who have chosen to come forward and participate in the loving extension of truth and divinity that is expressing from the cosmic levels, from within the Earth through the energies of Mother Earth herself.  All of this is extending to you, my beloved souls, you are receiving this energy, this light, this awakening, because your soul chose to be present upon the Earth at this time.  The Earth is moving with deliberation and unfolding a path towards divine union.  The energies that support this journey, this unfolding, are increasing.  One of these energies that I wish to speak about today is an energy you may call equality.  Equality is expressed simply as ‘That which I do to you, I do to myself.  That which I do to you, I do to myself.’

Imagine that.  Take a moment to look deeply into that simple phrase.  If you applied that philosophy in every word you spoke, in every thought that crossed your mind, in every action that you made, how would your life change, how would you change, how would that look different for you? 

You have already come across the concept of karma.  Now, from the physical perspective, karma is a complicated energetic process.  It is complicated because to understand it from the perspective of the physical vibration only, from which your consciousness, your energies are now expressing upon the Earth, is only to touch the tip of its meaning.  Karma is an energy that exists beyond time and space, and your expression of being exists far beyond your current personality.  So, your karma exists far beyond your current personality, and yet you may not be conscious, at least not fully conscious of any of your other expressions.  Even though your other expressions are vast, are many more than perhaps you can even imagine.  And time is not a part of that.  So, whatever you express as soul energy within what you would term as past, present and future, it is all a part of your karma and every single interaction with any other energy that plays out during all of those many expressions of your existence is a part of your karma.  You can imagine that must weave a most complicated pattern.  The straight, linear thinking that comes with expressing through a personality upon the Earth can have a very limited grasp of the true and full concept of karma.

From the grasp that you have upon this concept, you sense that, to use another expression, ‘what goes around, comes around’ or ‘what you sow, you reap’.  And yet, how often does that stop you from snapping at a friend, at a loved one, getting frustrated or angry and expressing whatever you express?  And please understand, there is no judgement, for none of these expressions are wrong or to be judged, none are there to be stopped or for you to avoid.  They are expressions of your personality, they exist in your realities for a reason and the reason is a teaching and opportunity to enhance your fulfilment.  It is a part of karma’s play, playing out for you.

As you express yourself and connect with others, you may find that the phrase ‘That which I do to you, I do to myself’ is a helpful one because it provides you with a reminder of your equality as souls and even as personalities.  You are creating in every way, in every moment and this is an important understanding.  When the simple understanding of that phrase is encompassed and embraced, then, you are on your way towards divine union, which means embracing the divinity within you and within every single human being, without judgement and without preference, for there is only love.  Only love comes forth towards each and every being that you encounter. 

These are the enfoldments that are expressing amongst the energies upon Earth for you to connect with.  This is something to open your heart to and allow the energy to begin to seep into your being because that is all you need do, that is your route towards embracing the energy of equality, or any other energies that you wish to embrace, by opening your heart and letting them in, so that they are free to be experienced and expressed whenever your interactions occur.  And if they are not forthcoming, then perhaps you may notice and become more conscious of them.  In time, the energies of equality and divinity will extend because they are already within you, waiting to be awakened, waiting to be expressed, waiting to extend into your life.  This is because you are divine beings. 

I am Lord Vishnu and I extend my loving light throughout your being and throughout all your realities.”